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Rhythm of the Night
Published: February 5, 2011

You head for the dance floor as DJ Link plays some of the current hits everyone wants to dance to.

I know that if your score in certain games is unusually high, TNT will hold the score for review. This has been happening a lot to me lately, for a score of 300 in Fashion Fever many times, as well as a score of 500 in Dubloon Disaster (scores which hardly warrant this action). By the time I get my Neopoints, the NP ratio has gone down and I get less Neopoints than before. This has been happening to me all the time, and my scores aren't that high! What do you suggest I do? Should I just sit tight and suck it up? ~ anonymous
Perhaps you're getting these scores too quickly for the system's liking? Oh bother, that seems rather odd. I would send in a bug report with a detailed account of the occurrences. Hopefully they can fix everything so you get what you deserve, or tell you what's going on!

*DISCLAIMER* Here is just a general tip when submitting a bug report: Give them TONS of detail (when you were playing, how long you were playing for, if you were playing one game at a time or multiple games at the same time). Give them every angle, from screenshots to the exact words of an error message. Everything helps in the long run.

How much do Draik Eggs restock for at Merifoods? ~ bellabean_1234
Oh Draiks! I LOVE Draiks! Depends on the egg really. For basic coloured ones, 100,000 to 160,000 NP should cover it. The more popular colours start going beyond 1 million. To be on the safe side, I would bring at least 2 million Neopoints.

You're going to hatch me, right? Right?!?

I was playing the Wheel of Mediocrity and won a petpet. I was just wondering if it was possible to win a Krawk petpet there? Thanks! ~ Panini_puff
Although the Krawk, in its original form, is a Tyrannian petpet, the wheels seem to have a rarity limit, so it's doubtful you'll win one. Saving up to buy one from the Trading Post is probably better/quicker.

Is someone currently working on a petpage for the magma pool? I wanted to compile some information about it, maybe try to figure out how to pass the guard (while he's awake), but I figured it would go faster if I collaborated with someone who has already started. Thanks :) ~ anonymous
We have a hot guide for the Magma Pool ourselves ya know! I'm sure there are others who are working on it, you might be able to find collaborators on the Neoboards! Good luck!

Tell me your secrets!

Let's say your Neopet has a high enough level for a great faerie ability from a bottled faerie, like level 20 or something. If somehow your pet loses a few levels, like through Deadly Dice or the Lab Ray, do they also lose that ability? Thanks~ ~ peabigmane
My lab rat can attest that you do not lose those abilities. Wouldn't it be a grand pain if all that money you spent on the faeries just went do the drain because of a gamble with fate?

*runs in with a large bomb* Oh, hello, I'm the Bucketman! You'll have to excuse me in a few seconds, I'll have to dispose of this, but before I do, a question: I was quite impressed with the fake banner ads in, and I was wondering if you were planning on making any more some time in the future, for either the Image Emporium or Jellyneo itself. (Maybe one could feature everyone's favourite Pail Knight...) Anyway, thank you and goodbye! *runs off* ~ Bucketman
Ah yes those fake banner ads, splendid pieces of work they are, but here's the dealio: while we know people love them, they won't be made out of habit, meaning we won't make them for everywhere and keep adding new ones all the time, because we may have a few disgruntled graphic designers.

Hey, Jellyneo! So my Habitarium is pumped to the best I think I can possibly make it and now I don't really want to spend so much time on it anymore. Since everyday the structures decay a little, can I just put my structures inside my inventory to prevent decay? And if so, if I put my Storage into my inventory, will the resources disappear?! Thank you! ~ Belue_Esteem
You can put structures into your inventory for now, to protect them. After some handy dandy research into my own rocking Habitarium I found that if you do this, the resources will not disappear entirely, but they will be deducted from the totals at the bottom of the screen until you put the storage back on the field (might need to refresh to see the changes)! Celebration!


Hello! I was wondering if pets are still being released from the pound_release Neopets account, and if so, is there a way to determine how many pets are left in limbo? I remember an unconverted Plushie Draik that was very popular awhile back when the Pound closed down and wanted to see if he'd been recovered or not. Cheers! ~ obi_wan_kenobi_14
After a quick look over at Neopets, you'll find that pound_release has been disabled. All the pets that were 'owned' by this special account are still stuck in limbo, with the "The owner of this pet has been frozen!" message on each of them. Here's hoping the ongoing account/pet purge will clear some of these out, because there are a ton of good names! :O

Gone but not forgotten ;_;

Helloooo. *throws evidence of Jelly World* Why are some of the Bori faces missing from the different moods? ~ anonymous
Aha! I knew I wasn't the only one who thought Jelly World existed! Back to the question now. That's a goof made by TNT, and if customising and saving it doesn't help, hopefully they will fix it soon! It happens occasionally with others species, too (Wocky, Grundo, Ogrin, etc.).

Hey! Who turned out the lights?

Hey Link! *throws Meepits* I have an invisible Koi which is over 3000 days old. It has been traded over the years and I just wanted to know: Is there anything that I can get for having a 3000 day old Koi? ~ Chia_McBia1
Oh there you are, Gallifrey! Aurora was looking for you! Here are some things I know you can get:
~ the knowledge of having a long lasting Koi
~ bragging rights
~ the envy of the town
Just joking. In terms of pet trading, age isn't as important as the type of name (e.g., very well named, dictionary word). In terms of benefits given to you from the site, right now there isn't really anything you get from having an old pet but the enjoyment of having it!

Gallifrey is a good Meepit who likes apples!

I was wondering if there was any way to change the time zone on Neopets, as for me, midnight is at 7 o'clock and 6-7 am is like 2-3 am. It gets kind of annoying when you need to draw up a chart to find out when a certain Neopian time is. Thank you. ~ train23_1
Sorry! The time on Neopets is set to Neopian Standard Time (which is the same as Pacific Standard Time)! If your computer doesn't have a clock on your desktop screen, the best advice I can give you is to try and remember when each thing is in your head, especially midnight NST. You're not alone in the matter. Many don't live within the Neopets Office time zone.

I have about 16,000 prize points at the Faeries' Ruin prize shop. My problem? I am torn between Hanso's Jacket and the Captive Shadow Wraith and can't afford both. I was wondering if you can buy these from user shops or get them from auction. If not, can you give me some help on which to get? ~ SilentAbyssZero
No worries, you can buy them from user shops, but since the prize shop is staying open indefinitely, you can wait as long as you like for the prices to stabilise, so you don't spend too much for something not worth it.

My choice though would be Hansos Thief Jacket.

I recently attempted to play Key Quest again (I haven't touched it since shortly after the release) and, of course, I turned to JN's guide for a refresher. I was disappointed, however, that I couldn't find any maps/images of the various game boards. Maybe I'm just spoiled by all the great content on this site, but it seems that a "board" section would be a pretty useful and obvious addition to your guide, especially since the different boards can really change a player's strategy. If it's there and I just missed it, please point me in the right direction; if not, please add it. Thanks, JN, for everything! ~ kallykat_03
Good news to all! Good news! There will be maps! Yes, our resident Key Quest writer Labhaoise is working to get those up! But, a word for the excited, you have to be patient for them!

We love to hear user suggestions--if you have any others, feel free to submit them through our official ideas form.


Somebody made a board on the pound chat once and it said there is a link to change the letters of your pet's name to uppercase or lowercase. I lost the link, what is it? ~ Anonymous
The link is:

NAMEHERE is one of your pet's names, can be written with any mix of capitalisation.

However, we don't recommend using this as it might affect your daily activities. Even though you can't use it to say you own a pet that you don't, it does affect your active pet's image on the Neoboards and can confuse your friends.

If you want to change how your pet name is displayed on your user lookup, you can use the text-transform attribute. For example:

#userneopets .contentModuleTable .medText b { text-transform: uppercase; }

There is currently no way to alter your pet's name to something else entirely after you've created them.

What are all the different 404 messages for Jellyneo? ~ serpent316
Well, we do have a few of them. Instead of stretching this with all the ones that can be seen on a rare occasion on JN, I decided to list my favourites!
"Your sense of direction will alter drastically."
"You reel in your line and get... A 404!"
"This page was made out of asparagus. It's a shame Adam got to it before you could. :("
"Traumatic experience because of this 404? Call The Practice of Skeith and Wocky Today!"

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