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Rhyming Reason
Published: January 22, 2011

Reciting Krawk

Come in, please! I've got something quite special for you!
It's JN Editorial one-forty-two!
As your Mistress of Ceremonies, I've been tasked
With explaining the answers to questions you've asked.
So grab some hot borovan, pull up a seat,
And let's make your knowledge a bit more complete!

Hi TJNT! *throws cheese* Okay, I spent, like, seven hours beating Punchbag Bob, but when I got to the battle end page and then went to my userlookup, I didn't have a trophy! What went wrong? ~ fanfly
It could be a glitch (I won't say that it's not)
Or linked to the fighting in that recent plot.
But one common problem that causes this plight
Is trying to fight Punchbag Bob overnight.
Just as Cinderella, forgetting the time,
Lost her coach and her ballgown at midnight's last chime,
If you're still at war at the start of the day,
Your hopes of a trophy will vanish away!
So stick to the morning and the afternoon,
And hopefully you'll have your new trophy soon.

My first Neopets account was created in 2002, and at the time I could have sworn that Aishas were limited edition pets! Have I perhaps gone crazy? Or were they really limited edition at some point? ~ Eccthlacine
I fear I'm not certain of your sanity.
Not once has the Aisha been marked as LE
Since the day that New Features began to be listed,
Before which, it seems, no LE pets existed.
Take comfort in that you weren't far off the mark;
In Neopia's earliest ages (quite Dark)
Quite a few of the pets that we now take for granted
Were harder to get and especially wanted.
The Flotsam, the Ixi, and their Moehog brothers
Have all been LE at one point or another.

Flotsam in the dark
I was once as elusive as a thief in the night...

Hi JN! :D I have come to ask you a question... Recently, I was on the Neoboards and somebody was saying that they will loan you Neopoints, as long as you pay them back. Is this against the rules? ~ chickenlittle357
There's nothing rules-wise to say that you can't lend
An item or some Neopoints to a friend.
This is how many people get avatars which
Are based around items, or on being rich.
However, please exercise caution out there
When lending things out, and be very aware:
If a dishonest person runs off with your purse, you
Have next to no chance to have staff reimburse you.
Lend things out at your own risk, so TNT say,
So choose your friends wisely and stay safe, OK?

1. Does Illusen/Jhudora ask for items I can get from Kelp or The Golden Dubloon? 2. If TNT freezes my account, what will happen to my Neopets? They go to the pound? ~ _magdi_
Item rarity governs Jhudora's demands
And the same goes for Illusen. I understand
That Kelp's items are r101, just too rare
For the Faeries to send questers haring off there.
But The Golden Dubloon is a quite different matter.
The things that turn up on your plush pirate platter
Are "common" enough to be asked for, in theory.
And as for your other, account-freezing query,
An iced account's pets are held by TNT
In case it's been wrongly locked (as could well be).
If your frozen account was returned safe and sound
Would you want all your Neopets dumped in the Pound?
So they stay where they are, though you can't view the pets
And their petpages (tiresomely) end up reset.

Hi JN *throws the Kiko that is writing* Years ago, I got my parents to fill out a consent form and they did, therefore I was allowed to go on the boards and that sort of stuff, but a thing that's been bothering me for a while is it's very hard for me to go to the adventure place (it's not in the toolbar if it's usually there) and if I try to play a game like Double or Nothing or those sorts of games, it won't let me and I really want the avatars for them it says the games are unavailable. Is this true or something that shouldn't happen? ~ anonymous
Sad to say, Lawyerbot takes a very stern view
Of what he should permit younger users to do.
Not really his fault, any more than it's yours;
He's bound by American child safety laws.
So chance games are out, even though this frustrates
(And that holds even if you don't live in the States).
As for the "adventure place", don't look at me;
I'm not really certain just what that might be.
There's Neoadventures; is that what you mean?
Click here and they ought to appear on your screen. :)

Thrown Kiko
Don't throw meeeeeee!

How do people find such place like Jelly World, Draik Nest or Fungus Caves? I mean, they get no links to them right? ~ theprotectorjerdana
TNT may well hint at such things in the News
Or the Editorial, with links and clues.
And even if things aren't spelt out and explicit,
There'll be enough hints for the curious to visit
And see if the URLs lead somewhere new,
All based upon TNT's small published clue.
So if you don't read them, read both, starting now
(As all good Neopians should anyhow!)

Yay, a British person *high fives*! Anyway, for the Neopets storytelling competition, if you submit a story beginning, do you get a trophy? Thanks! ~ fashiongirl25
A good writer friend who's won that lofty place
Assures me quite strongly that this is the case.
But these trophies do tend to turn up slightly late,
So if you get published, you may have to wait.

I recently switched my language to Japanese (the best language ever), and I used a translator to read what everything meant. So, I was translating the big red box at the top, and it said that Japanese version of Neopets is no longer updated! Do you know why? Think of all the sad people in Tokyo who can't play Neopets! D: ~ The Nikunater (frogfrog109)
Unfortunately, right now money is tight
All over the world, and not just for this site.
The Japanese version just didn't get played
Enough to support what translators get paid.
(Translation of websites, like movies and books,
Is more complicated a job than it looks.
You can't just run websites through Google Translate;
Sense make it some might, certain, but it very not great. :P)
So TNT left the site basics translated,
But things like the News are no longer updated
In a handful of languages not often used
In Neopia. Sorry if you're left confused!

How does "Par zim kib" translate into Japanese, anyway?

Hi, I have an old account that I can't get into as I don't have access to the e-mail address anymore, I don't know the birth date and do not remember the password (nor do I really want to access it either). I currently have four active accounts (one main, 3 sides). Is it okay if I make another side account as there is no way I can get into the old account? ~ anonymous
Yes, that should be fine. TNT understand
That account management sometimes can't go as planned.
In this case, I think that it's quite safe to say
That your old account won't be back, anyway.
Just abide by the usual side account laws
And TNT won't start up any flame wars.

Hi Jelly people! *Throws Magical Plushies at your feet* HA HA! Try to resist the urge of playing with those! Anyways, if you had an unconverted pet and painted it a colour like yellow or red that an unconverted pet could be painted, would it stay unconverted? ~ stepheny101
I'm really not sure if you mean what you said,
Since there are no UC pets in yellow, nor red.
Regardless, if painted, no matter what hue,
A UC will auto-convert and look new.
Few colours and species were left as UC,
Because this decision (so say TNT)
Was only for those pets whose redraws seemed strange,
To give users time to adjust to the change.
So trying to transfer "UC-ness" won't work;
It isn't a permanent Loyal Pet Perk.
Now if you'll excuse me: YAY! SQUEE! SHINY TOY!
...I'm sorry, I now seem to look like a Koi...

Spotted Koi
Just keep writing, writing, writing...

Does the Wishing Well only give certain items? Like Snorkle Snout or Bag of Peanuts? Some people say that the Well does not give every item in Neopia. ~ anonymous
It seems that you're right, but we really don't know
What items are blocked yet, or why this is so.
Apparently Weewoos are off the Well's list,
And so's Neocash. Other rules might exist,
And if anyone reading this knows what they are,
Get in touch, and please hurry! Much thanks-- you're a star!
As for avatar items like that Snorkle Snout,
They get wished for because they're quick money, no doubt.
It's easy to sell something so in demand,
Which I'm sure is just what those Well wishers have planned!

I think the Neo shops should have a verification system like the recaptchas. Say I wanted to restock a rare book. I click on it and most likely an autobuyer has purchased it. So before you click, you have to enter like a 6 digit code, like FJG56S. Or something like that. Why doesn't Neo do that? ~ nintendoplayer1200
Ah, how quickly our history's lost in the mist...
The fact is, long ago such a thing did exist.
The Magic Code popped up in every main shop
As TNT tried to bring cheats to a stop.
But cheaters are just too persistent, confound it,
And too many people were getting around it.
The point of the Magic Code really was dead,
So now we click pet pictures quickly instead.
It's still like a CAPTCHA, but this one is better--
Pet-clicking is harder than banging out letters.

Hey almighty TJNT! Are you allowed to add on to existing Neopet books and submit it to the Neopian Times? Since the descriptions mostly give only a vague summary or a starting sentence, could you create your own storyline? Using the Magic Paw for an example, can I continue on from 'Frika placed her paw...' thereon, create my own story with the same premise and character names, and submit it to the NT under 'The Magic Paw'? ~ Penege
Many writers have done this, since times long ago
(A browse through the archives confirms that it's so).
Books and the Neopedia often inspire
The kind of great stories that readers admire.
So please don't be worried and do go ahead,
And I hope your submission will be widely read!

About the Battledome, why is it that TNT never animated real fights in the Battledome other than the trailer? ~ superlegion
The BD was invented a long time ago,
When most people's Web access was terribly slow.
(Even slower than dial-up modems today.
It wasn't much fun browsing websites that way!)
The tortuous download speeds caused much frustration,
And anything complex like, say, animation,
Took so long to load that (please take it from me)
If you put on the kettle, there'd be time for tea.
Imagine the state of a Battledome fight
When connected sub-56k. What a fright
If every move brought up another new page
With a long animation that took half an age.
For the sake of BDers not tearing out hair,
It really was better if such things weren't there.
Of course, now that decision's a whole decade old.
But who knows what the Battledome's future might hold?

Shadow Monster
I'm waving my arms at you intimidatingly!
Not MY fault you can't see them...

Okay, so I was on my side and painted my Kougra Christmas. I took off the clothes then put them back on and it showed two Christmas Kougra hats and every time I put it on and save, it's off of my Kougra. My brother told me not to report it because they will take the pet away. Is that true? ~ Tahu09
Just where did your brother get such an idea?
I'm pretty sure you should have nothing to fear!
In the process of testing, they might take the hat,
But I'm sure TNT would then leave it at that.
You painted your Kougra yourself, fair and square;
There's no misbehaviour or rule-breaking there.
The only real reason to "take pets away"
Would be if their names broke the rules in some way,
And assuming your glitched Kougie doesn't do that,
You've nothing to lose by reporting this, stat!

My friend and I used to randomly get twice the Neopoints when playing games, even if it wasn't the featured game. This was probably two years ago. Does this still happen sometimes? ~ Griffingirl666
Were you two ever Premium members? It can't do much harm
To go check if you've got your own Space Faerie Charm.
This doubles the score on a game once per day
(You can't choose which one, so take care what you play!)
The beads on your Talisman, JN suspect,
Can also provide a score-boosting effect,
But you'd need more than one for x2, and I doubt it;
If you'd bought four beads, I think you'd know about it.
Scores also might get multiplied now and then
For special events (like the site turning ten).
I don't know which, if any, of these things is you,
But keep playing Flash games and see what they do.

Since the Meridell plots took place in the past, when we visit Meridell, are we going back in time? ~ redherochild
A hard one to answer (no less so in rhyme!)
I think it's implied that lands stranded in time
Are brought back to us as though we'd never lost them
The moment someone from our time comes across them.
The act of exploring a country long gone
Brings it back to the present so life can go on.
After all, nobody needs a TARDIS to go
To Tyrannia's jungles and rocky plateau,
And it's marked on the world map, updated this year,
So I think we can safely conclude it's now here.

Cheese Roller
If my cheese came from hundreds of years in the past, it'd be even smellier.

Since I have heard some mention of it (unless I was mistaken), are you able to give items to people who are not your Neofriends? There is a box to check that says 'items only from Neofriends'... Thanks ever so much! ~ ettevy_tnecniv
Transferring an item is easy and quick.
Find it in your inventory, give it a click,
And select "Give to Neofriend", oddly enough;
Yes, this IS the correct way of sending your stuff.
You'll see all your friends in a neat dropdown list,
But next to that's something you might well have missed:
A little white box, which you're welcome to use
To type in the name of whomever you choose.
Just type, click the button, and that's all you do;
If the person's not blocked gifts, then yours will get through.

If you were to submit a question to your editorial, what's the chance that it will make the editorial? Right now for me, 3 out of 4 questions I asked were answered (and if this makes it, It'll be 4/5). Thanks -Whoever's answering this-, you pwn. :P ~ Niku
We tend not to pick questions out of a hat.
(There'd be more Meepit questions if we stuck to that.)
Each fortnight, JN's editorial feature
Is manned by a different man, woman or creature,
All with different areas of expertise,
And they pick the questions that suit them. But please,
If I can just offer a helpful suggestion:
Make sure everything is quite clear in your question!
Don't say "Neo's not working" or "that thing... you know"
Or onto the "later, perhaps" stack you'll go.
The most-published questions, without any doubt,
Explain from the start what they're talking about,
Ask things quite specific (this pleases the Dream!)
And don't confuse us with the Neopets Team.
Keep in mind these instructions, and check the DB,
And who needs chance and luck? That makes more sense to me!

If Sloth and the Meepits started a war, whose side would you be on? No cheating by saying both! ~ SilentAbyssZero
Well, I'd have to side with the Meepits, I think.
They're ever so cute, and they come in bright pink.
And Sloth is so evil! He's terribly mean!
A town-crushing, staff-slaying malice machine!
And then there's the fact that with conflict complete,
The Meepits would all be child's play to defeat.
I'll reclaim Neopia when the day comes
With my secret weapon... Opposable thumbs!

Cross Meepits
Curses! She's guessed our Achilles' heel!

I know. I know. I'm a idiot for forgetting. But, yes. I have forgotten the "All Important PIN number!" Is there a way for me to get it back? I can't find any "get forgotten PIN thingiedingie" Thanks! ~ anonymous
In the My Account menu, click "Preferences". Next,
Choose "PIN Preferences" and skip past all the text
To the line at the bottom, and you'll be relieved
To read that the PIN can be quickly retrieved.
If it's not showing up, check your spam folder too.
We know Neo's legit, but not all e-mail clients do.

There used to be a bug in the Habitarium game, the game wasn't loading. Neopets corrected it (at last), but all my petpetpets are dead and my buildings are completely destroyed, so I can't do anything. And as far as I know, your friends can't breed eggs for you. So I was wondering, is there anything I can do? You can't start over, can you? ~ ladyxfrostbite
If all of your P3s are sadly deceased,
Then Prof Milton should give you one Nester, at least,
To make a fresh start and build up from the ground.
It sounds like a glitch may well be what you've found.
First check in your bag-- you may be unaware,
But eggs given on level-up get stored in there.
But if you're really egg-less, it's surely a glitch
In your Habitarium, details of which
Should be put on a ticket. Now say it with me:
If your bugs are all bugged, then go bug TNT!

I've got another pet trading question, so it's gonna be a bit long and confusing... Another user and me decided for a custom trade. She will trade her Desert Xweetok for a Plushie Tonu custom. I bought the potion for 2 million Neopoints. Now I would normally create a pet with the name she wants, wait 7 days, morph and trade. However, she had a basic pet she would like to have the custom on. She pounded it, I adopted it. If I morph this pet now and trade with her, would this be okay or against the rules? On the one hand this is similar to trading a pet for a paint brush, but then the whole custom trading thing is, and technically the pet is mine now as I legally adopted it from the pound. What do you think, what would you advice me to do? Sorry for the long question, and thanks a lot if you answer! ~ anonymous
I'd give the pet back to your friend now, and rush.
You've just described trading a pet for a brush.
The fact that a Neopet's been through the Pound
Does not mean its past owner cannot be found;
TNT know full well what you're trying to do,
So I wouldn't take the risk, if I were you.

I was just looking at the site and I saw the Slorg left under by the normal layout. What does he have on his body?! Iewiewiewie. ~ Quino_
Fear not and don't worry! The Slorg is not sick.
In fact, electronics are what makes "him" tick.
That's a Slorg Calculator you seem to have seen,
And the "spots" on his skin are his buttons and screen!

Hello miraculous JN staffer! *Throws Pi* Try it, it's math flavoured. I have a question that I've been wondering for a while but I can't seem to find the answer to. What are all the moods that a Neopet can express? I know a few of them but I always try to keep my pets at the very least happy so I'm not sure about the negative ones. Thank you so very much! ~ Jenn the Hen
It's lovely to hear that your pet's never sad.
That's a credit to you as an owner-- not bad!
In order, ascending from worst case to best,
The nastiest mood for a pet is "depressed",
Then "very unhappy" and "miserable" next--
After which comes "unhappy" if your pet's still vexed.
But fear not, for next on the list is "content".
A few more new toys and a bit of time spent,
And "happy" and "cheerful" will soon follow suit.
Then as all your cheering-up starts to bear fruit,
You'll see "extremely happy" and "joyful". Excited?
You should be-- from there, it's one step to "delighted!"

Angry Nelly_b4v1p1Waffles
One pet was annoyed for the sake of this test.
But he got waffles later, so all's for the best.

Will accounts that are not used for a long time be deleted? Awhile ago, I forgot the password to an account of mine, and when I tried to get it sent to my e-mail, it said I had no e-mail linked to the account (no idea how that happened). Anyways, today I searched the old account (I go to it from time to time to see if I can magically remember the password) and it said: "Sorry, nothing containing '_____' was found. Please try again." Do they really just delete them? If so, how come? ~ anonymous
You don't say how long you've been in this position,
But I'll direct you to the Terms and Conditions.
You really should read them! And note that they state
(A third of the way down, at Rule Number Eight)
TNT's right to wipe your account is quite clear
If it's been eighteen months and you haven't been here.
So the moral is one all my readers should share:
Keep returning to show TNT that you care.
And if you're locked out, then it's best not to wait;
Send a ticket for access, before it's too late!

Are we allowed to talk about celebrities on the boards and display images of them? If so, are we also allowed to talk about their husband/wife/children and display pictures of them as well? ~ Dark
By the rules TNT drew up, for what they're worth,
Events, things and people found only on Earth
Have nothing to do with Neopia, so
The chat boards aren't really where such things should go.
Believe it or not, Neo's boards were created
For talking about all things Neo-related;
We don't want them off-topic, dull and spam-filled,
So keep this stuff offsite, or at least in your guild.

If I used a morphing potion to morph my pet into a different species, will my pet's weight and height changes or remain the same? Thanks for your help and hard work. ~ coolman233312
Although to a human this may seem quite strange,
The size of a morphed Neopet doesn't change.
So when walking around in Neopia, please
Be careful and watch out for Eyrie-sized peas.


Um, yes, when did the Neocash system first take place? Was there a beta system before the official one? ~ unit1337
Not long after the Day of the Meepit of Peace,
The glittering Neocash Mall was released.
It couldn't come out quite as soon as the rest
Of the new things because of the need for long tests.
The NC Mall had to be safe and secure;
You wouldn't want bugs in this feature, I'm sure!
So once beta tests had made sure it was fine,
The Mall graced the scene in July of Year Nine.

Dream, you're one of the newest staff members. How is it working at JN? ~ jdb1984
My job at JN's all I hoped for, and more;
I'm excited for what the New Year has in store.
With great colleagues like Torratz, Suzuka and Dave,
I write some of the content JN readers crave.
I feel like the "new girl" still now and again,
But that's bound to get better -- though I don't know when.
The idea that readers from here to Peru
Will see what I've written (and learn from it, too)
And my articles might be relied on for ages
Is something you don't get with blogs or petpages.
The most tedious part, if you swear you won't tell?
Learning how to write pages in HTML.

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Oh, the places you'll visit! The things that you'll see!
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