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Torratz's Ripsnorter of an Editorial
Published: January 8, 2011

Today's Editorial will be translated with the aid of the Official Jellyneo English-Torratz Dictionary, Third Edition. Words and phrases absent from or not frequently used in other dialects of English will be highlighted and expanded so the audience may become familiar with their meaning, like so:

ripsnorter [ɹɪpsnɔ:tə] n. - something particularly good or exciting; 'it was a ripsnorter of a Christmas party'

Under 'Christmas party' in the dictionary, there's a picture of the JN office.

Are there any fictional male human characters in Neopets, other than staff members? Maybe it's time to have a male character drawn, instead of another female faerie? ~ yachtdepon
Why yes, there's one on Mystery Island - the Tiki Tack Man! Oddly, he's just about the only human left in Neopia (albeit wearing an extremely daggy shirt); Edna was once human, but has since assumed a Neopet form. Faeries are not humans, however, and the two should not be confused. ;)

daggy [dæ:gi]; rhymes with 'baggy' adj. - walking to the shops in a bad tracksuit and slippers while either thinking it's trendy or having no idea that it's not (see also dag n.); 'Hawaiian shirts are really daggy but I wear them anyway'

Tiki Tack Man
I only own one shirt.

Hey JN Staff! *gives you s'mores* What does each of the Lutari Island beads do? ~ Chuck Norris' Friend Joel
Our Lutari Talisman guide attempts to answer this question - though the data are incomplete and we don't know for sure.

Heya JN! I submitted this question into the Neopian Times about a month ago, but since there's been no reply... ah well. I submitted a comic in to the NT many months back, and have yet to receive a reply from the editors. Since it was a Valentine's Day related comic, does this mean that it's still being held over for next February, or was it simply rejected without me knowing? (In other words, when you're rejected from the NT, do you always get a rejection Neomail?) Thanks! ~ rain_e_days
As explained in Jellyneo's Neopian Times article, it is likely - though not guaranteed - that you will receive a Neomail advising you of your submission's fate. Given your particular submission was a themed one, it is probable that it was simply rejected and for some reason the Neomail wasn't sent. If your entry is being held over or accepted, you will definitely get a Neomail saying so.

G'day. The name's Kangaroo Joe. I have a question about Neopets, if you wouldn't mind. What differentiates between a plot and a mini-plot? Ta. ~ Kangaroo Joe
I am amused at your attempts to sound genuinely Australian. I can tell you right now they don't work :D

Mini-plots, like the Altador Plot and Operation: Petpet Park, have no plot points and are generally shorter. There is some debate as to whether Atlas of the Ancients falls into this category, though the latter was marketed and regarded by TNT as a full plot.

g'day [g'dæɪ] n. - greeting, usually used by country and/or older Australians and derided as an anachronism by hip young things like me; 'G'day mate, how ya goin'?'

Pseudo-Australian Shopkeeper
Contrary to public opinion, Australia is not all about boomerangs, Strine and hats.

My space bar is broken. :( Even now, I have to copy and paste (really, really annoying). What games in Neopia don't require a space bar to play? ~ anonymous
Since nearly all keyboard-based games utilise the spacebar in one form or another, you're best off looking for games that only use the mouse. The obvious answer is NeoQuest and NeoQuest II, but if you want something a little shorter then try the following games: Fetch, Jubble Bubble, Web of Vernax, The Buzzer Game and Crisis Courier.

I once heard that when your pet is a certain level, the lab ray can no longer reduce your pet to level one. Is this the case? I'm pretty sure I saw it in JN's lab ray guide but now it isn't there. Thanks. :) ~ lostdesert4thecup
The number floating around is level 40.

Who is in charge of JN? I want to know. Please. Pretty please with a cherry on top... ~ BLAAAAAAAAAAAH
Jellyneo has four admins (listed here), but the Big Cheese himself? That's him over there in the Pikachu costume, snoring off the last of the eggnog. His name is Dave. Say hi to the editorial, Dave. *snore*

Daveychu uses EGGNOG! It's super effective!

I was wondering, since avatar.starried.net has been down for quite some time and many of us doubt it will ever even come back up, have you guys considered making a Jellyneo version of a log for avatars you/others have obtained so we can see which ones we personally need, which ones our friends have, and the percentage of people who have/don't have certain avatars? If so, when can we expect to see it up and running? I think it would be a great addition to the site! ~ xx_pink_one_xx
I seem to remember answering more or less this exact question last year. Hrmm, where was it... *searches* Ah, here it is:

Since Avatarlog is closing, will you consider creating a service that will let us keep track of what avatars we have and need? ~ anonymous

Avatarlog is not closing permanently, it is going on extended hiatus. We have no plans to extend our existing avatar coverage.

I love the Editorial Database, don't you?

I am turning thirteen in two months. Since I don't know anyone who has a fax machine and The Neopets Team don't accept e-mailed forms, I have a question. Will I receive the 13+ parts of the site on my birthday, or will I still have to fill in the consent form? Though slightly dumb, what if I fill the form, scan it, then e-mail it? Thanks in advance. ~ ardi_echevarria
When you turn 13, you should automatically gain access to all the 13+ areas of Neopets, including the Neoboards, Neomail and gambling games. If this doesn't happen, submit a ticket and it should be taken care of.

Thanks for the awesome Item Database! I use it all the time. However, I noticed that when searching for a group of items, say rainbow cupcakes for example, no results show up for "rainbow cupcake". However, there are items called "Rainbow Chomby Cupcake" and "Cupcake with Rainbow Frosting". What I mean is, the search is treating "rainbow cupcake" as if those words have to be together and in that order. It would be very useful if you could change that! ~ membot
The 'Part.' and 'Cont.' fields in the IDB search only work with one word. For example, searching for 'sand' with the 'Part.' field will bring up items with 'sand' and 'sandwich', but typing 'sand' in with the 'Cont.' field will only come up with 'sand'. (For more explanation, see the IDB Help page.)

Typing something like 'rainbow cupcake' in, whether the field is set to 'Part.' or 'Cont.' will only come up with things that have 'rainbow cupcake' in them, the number of which you have already observed is zero. It will not look for things that have 'rainbow' AND 'cupcake' in them in any order, thus it will not come up with 'Cupcake with Rainbow Frosting', as in your example. This is a limitation of the IDB's backend coding and cannot be easily remedied.

To get results where the words are not necessarily together, format your search like so: 'rainbow%cupcake'. The field must be set to 'Part.' and it will only show items where 'rainbow' comes before 'cupcake' in the item name, such as 'Rainbow Chomby Cupcake'. For 'Cupcake with Rainbow Frosting' to show up, you would need to search 'cupcake%rainbow'.

The previous answer appears courtesy of noileh. I wouldn't know, I'd make a rubbish IDBer anyway. :P

Having read JN Editorial 138 I became a little confused by the "female royal boy Mynci" question. Could you clarify this example for me? If I had a royal girl pet and changed her gender, could I go to one of the users who have free deluxe clothing (if you have the specific coloured pet) and be able to get the royal boy clothing or, since it would be a male royal girl, not be able to get anything but royal girl clothes? Thanks for the clarification. ~ Morgania1
It would be the latter. The pet's colour remains royal girl, but the gender is male. Royal girl and royal boy are two distinct colours, and the colour (not the gender) affects what paintbrush clothing can be obtained from other users.

If we use the Book of Ages to write a Neopian Times article, do we need to give credit to JN? ~ anonymous
The information in the BoA, while the product of much hard work by our intrepid team of cyan staffers (now reduced to a lonely old man in an office filled with broken printers), is entirely the property of TNT; we just collate it and put it all in one place. You don't need to give us credit, though we're pleased you find the BoA a useful resource. :)

Dave still hasn't replaced the printer, he keeps saying there's no budget. :(

Hello, lovely Jellyneo staff! I was wondering how Noileh pronounces her name. Is it NOIL-aayy (like the petpet), No-i-LEE, NOY-lay, or something else altogether? I've been wondering for quite some time now. I'm going to leave a plate of cookies here, but you can only eat them if you answer my question. ~ anonymous
You would have heard noileh introduce herself in the Christmas greeting, but I took the liberty of asking her beforehand and she replied with the following:

'It is noil-aayy [nɔɪɬæ:ɪ] but when you say it in a sentence it usually ends up sounding more like noy-lay [nɔjlæɪ]'
I don't like cookies, to be honest, so I'll give these to Suzuka. :)

It's all Ian's fault, he can't spell my name properly. :P

This question has bothered me for a while now. Neopets makes rules against Neopets marrying one another, yet in several instances, like the Lost Desert plot, and in the Darkest Faerie video game, they have their characters marrying. This just blatantly confuses me, because the whole rule is to protect younger users from all of that, yet they include it in certain content. Why can't Neopet users include it, even a small bit, in stories and such? ~ lilycat5053
Because, as we have seen time and again (a certain bouncing emote comes to mind), users simply cannot be trusted to behave appropriately and sensibly. TNT gives an inch, users take a light year.

The following editorial extract also outlines the reasons for this ban:

Well, I was browsing the help boards and I came across somebody asking if it was against the rules for you and your friends' Neopets to marry. I know the rules say that this is not a dating website for you or your Neopets, but is it okay to say on a Neopet's Petpage something along the lines of, "My Neopet XXXX is happily married to the Neopet XXXX"? Thank you for doing such a great job and taking the time to read this. ~mscatperson

Sorry... dating, marriage, or divorce between Neopets is not allowed on Neopets at all. It just opens up a huge can of worms and we don't welcome it. Yes, we know that Neopets in our plots occasionally marry, but these are controlled stories by staff. Basically, it's the difference between the fantasy world that is Neopets and the website players interact with. On the website, Neopets cannot have romantic relationships.

I was wondering about the Lost Desert Scratchcard Kiosk. Once, I lost and I was too lazy to click the link, so I went back a page and it brought me to a version of what looked like the Space Faerie Scratchcard! Methinks this was just a glitch though. What do you think? Also, what different countries do the JN staff come from, because I am from America (Connecticut to be exact), I turn 13 in June and I will be coming for you, Jellyneo. *Ominous laughter* ~ DayDreamyr
I've never heard of this happening - assuming you don't have Neopets Premium, you shouldn't be seeing the Space Faerie Scratchcard at all. I would chalk that down to the server being forgetful.

As for staffers, we come from all over the world. Most of us are from the United States and Canada, with a few from the British Isles, but we also have staffers from countries as far away as Finland. I'm all the way down there *points to a giant blob of a country next to New Zealand* so I'll be far out of the way when you come for me... :O

If Neopia is shaped like a globe, why does it only have one time zone?

Will you guys ever have a Habitarium guide? If so, will you be hiring new writers? ~ pizzamanzootoo
Jellyneo's all-new Habitarium guide is now out! It was a team effort between several staffers and it outlines everything there is to know about this fascinating game. We're not currently hiring for Habitarium alone. If you're interested in working for us as a general Content Writer or Petpet Park Writer, check out the Hiring page. :) *coughcontentwritersareawesomecough*

Is there a way to remove the Habitarium from showing up on my userlookup? ~ anonymous
Yep, and it's a bit spiff. :) It's along the same lines as removing one's Neohome. When editing your lookup, insert the following lines of code:

spiff(o) [spɪf(oʊ)] adj. - great, fantastic; 'That fish is pretty spiffo, eh?'

Does The Neopets Team know that there is a site such as this one? ~ sweetie_765
TNT are well aware of the existence of fansites such as Jellyneo - why, Snarkie herself even wished Dave a happy birthday!

snarkie_tnt, 12/9/2010, 12:15 am NST

I saw that the Imposter Apple avatar is obviously given out when you get the Imposter Apple from apple bobbing. What if you already got the apple this way? Do you get the avatar or not? ~ neoguy_789
Nope, avatars are not awarded retroactively. In order to get the avatar, you'll have to collect another Imposter Apple from the Apple Bobbing stand. There is another way, though. If you have an Imposter Apple in your inventory and have it stolen while apple bobbing, you'll also receive the avatar.

It can be a little annoying having to go through the same process twice; I once used a Kiko Transmogrification Potion many years ago (i.e., before avatars were even on the site) and was slightly annoyed when the Mutant avatar came out a few years later.

Hello! I just wanted to know, can I have the same type of wearable on two Neopets at the same time? ~ werewolfsfury
A particular wearable item can only be worn by one Neopet at a time. If you have more than one of that item, though, then more than one pet can wear it. :)

I was wondering, if I have two accounts totally not related (not transferring anything, not advertising things from the other, not even sending Neomails from one to the other) and I use both, can it be considered two main accounts? 'Cause I've participated the Altador Cup and the Altador Plot on this other account and I want to know if it can be frozen. ~ Anonymous
First, you're not allowed to have two main accounts (see Jellyneo's guide to multiple accounts). TNT have have various ways of determining if one player is using multiple accounts - putting things like 'Don't freeze me, TNT, multiple people use this computer' on your lookup does no good!

You are permitted to switch accounts from main to side and vice versa, but don't abuse the privilege and do it too often, otherwise it will be viewed as multiple account abuse. In your situation, as long as the account on which you completed the AC and AP is not otherwise being used as a main (ie., with a shop and playing games), you should be fine. We are not TNT, though, and any activities you undertake on multiple accounts are at your own risk.

Hey JNT! I was wondering... is there any way to view all the JN staff members, past and present? Because I really want to know a bit more about them. I've heard them mentioned in past editorials. Oh, and give Rylon and Herdy hugs for me! ~ otter
Present staff members can be viewed in all their mostly-caricatured glory here. Retired staffers have been eaten by the Content Beast and thus are not available for view.

Your request for hugs has been received, categorised and passed along to the appropriate people. By which I mean absolutely anybody except me.

Come here, squishy-pops, I'll make sure you're good and hugged!

Okay, so the Neopets Terms & Conditions clearly state that parties of any kind are not allowed. However, the term seems a bit vague. I have searched through your Editorial Database (which is brilliant by the way, and has helped me find an answer to many questions!), but couldn't find anything clear. What does a party constitute? I run a Harry Potter guild, and I would like to celebrate Christmas with a Yule Ball - offering Double Housepoints, etc. However, it will not involve items or Neopoints as prizes. Is this allowed? I am trying to be very careful to stay within the rules, but there doesn't seem to be too much elaboration on this. Thanks! ~ anoymous
The term 'party' refers to Neoboard 'party boards' which were basically an excuse for debauchery. Your case would fall under the 'guild competitions and events' rule, and since you're not offering NP or items as prizes, having that event is fine. :)

I know in previous editorials, you said that you weren't going to make an avatar checklist anytime soon, but not being able to use avatarlog to do this for me is getting a little annoying. Do you guys have any plans now of making an avatar checklist? It would be really helpful. ~ carand88
I have no new information since the last time I answered this question. For those of you not paying attention, that was question 8.

Dave Says: Nope, we're still waiting patiently on Avatarlog. :)

There you go, straight from the horse's mouth. ;)

*Gently nudges staff members and hands them Christmas presents* If I have a pet Kau, and I have clothes for it, and then I transform it into a baby, do the clothes "form fit" and will they still fit on the baby Kau? Thank you! ~ Allecat1996
*Throws Christmas present at Kata and hopes it's not breakable*

Pets that are painted baby, Maraquan (excepting the Mynci) or Mutant, along with fruit and vegetable Chias, cannot wear regular clothes, but can wear trinkets and backgrounds. Baby pets can wear select items from the NC Mall, most of which have been retired (Baby Elf Hat will only be on sale for a few more days).

If, however, you morph your pet into another species without changing it to one of the aforementioned special colours, the clothes will 'form-fit' regardless of size. It's the magic of pixels spandex!

Hi, Torratz! I think you are funny. *Gives avatars* Okay, back to the question. Do I have to be 13 to make a side account? I really want maybe 7 pets or something, join an extra guild (I can't decide over Girly Guilds and Fairy Guilds), and have another gallery. Could you please tell me yes? ~ lylajeans
That's rather nice of you. :) *snaffles MSPP*

You can create side accounts no matter how old you are, but you cannot use them to try to get around COPPA and access 13+ areas of the site if you're not quite that old yet. Extra pets and gallery space is fine, guilds are not. Sorry!

snaffle [snæf(ə)ɬ]; rhymes with 'raffle' v. - to take for oneself, often deviously or mischievously; 'I snaffled someone's cinnamon bun from the staff fridge'

Do you guys (and girls) get all your images from Neopets? Because I haven't seen some of the images that are all over the site on Neopets. ~ allmagadon
A few images such as staff caricatures and Sockos (those 'weird sock-puppet things', to answer another question) are exclusive to JN, having been created by Rosie for the general amusement of JN staff and visitors. Everything relating to Neopets, however, does actually come from Neopets, or Neopets merchandise. I really don't know where else we'd get them from...

Sockos are a girl's best friend...

Hello Torratz. *Throws nothing because throwing things at people is quite rude* On your staff listings profile, I noticed that a blurb was up for rent. Just exactly how many Neopoints will this blurb cost per month? I want to use it to hold extra books. ~ Unit1337
Suzuka paid the princely sum of one (1) spork for it, so make a better offer. ;)

The official story telling competition FAQ states that only staff can begin rounds, but many of the recent rounds have been user-started. How *does* your average user get to do this? Thanks. :) ~ californicus
User-started rounds were introduced awhile ago by popular demand; to submit your story beginning, simply wait until the current story is completed (ie., the weekend) and use the same submission box as is normally used for story continuations.

So, I was looking for nice draws in the past petpet spotlight winners when I found the #10 winner. It was a species called Fat Cat. I thought it was funny (besides, I've never seen that petpet before) but I couldn't find it anywhere! Even in the Item Database! What happened with them? The Neopet still has the petpet! ~ kirael
The Fat Cat was replaced years ago with the Baraga and is no longer obtainable. If you had a Fat Cat attached to your pet back then, however, it did not change and a few Fat Cats still exist this way. Previous versions of an item are currently not searchable, but rest assured this is on our long-term to-do list. :)

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