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The NeoQuesters
Published: December 11, 2010

Whoa, you actually "clicked here"...awesome!

So now it's on to the questions!

I've only seen that TNT doesn't allow advertising Beauty Contest entries on a different account on the Neoboards. What if the pet on your side was in the contest, and you just posted a link on your main's userlookup to vote? ~ neogirl4749
Skumby: I looked up your question in the editorial database and found this:

Hello, there! :) Just a quick question about the Beauty Contest. If we are allowed to enter on side accounts, then why can't we advertise the entry from our main account? The entry is still by the same player, and I don't see how it is cheating to advertise on your main account. I entered this week on a side and find it annoying that I have to advertise from here (my side account). On my main i can easily flit from the boards to doing my dailies, etc. and on here I can't. Thanks. :) ~dogzncatz11

For the sanity of our monitors, so they don't have to go in and check to make sure that's actually your side account and that someone else isn't advertising your entry. Good question!

It seems to me that TNT doesn't want you to post anything related to your beauty contest entry with another account. If you care about the sanity of their monitors, you should only advertise with the account the pet is actually on, no matter where you are wanting to advertise.

Hey TJNT! You rock! -throws stones at you guys- Okay, on to the question. What happens when you flee from Mastermind in NeoQuest I? Do you have to re-fight Jahbal, or will Mastermind show up? Or will Two Rings be empty and you have to restart the game? ~ a_neezles_a
Lollie: *Resists stone attack with Jeran's Battle Armour* If you are crazy enough to flee from Mastermind (or if you are defeated by him and are sent back home), he will not appear again in the Two Rings, so you will indeed have to restart the game. So yeah, don't do that...

I was reading through old Neopets editorials and noticed in Neopets Editorial Issue 13, it said:
"...[W]e are just giving special prizes to the first five people that complete [NeoQuest] on the hardest level."
Well, I was just wondering what these lucky 5 people won. ~ _blood_stained_rose_

Skumby: The first few people to complete NeoQuest I received spiffy trophies and some Xantan-themed battle equipment. It is hard to know exactly who these folks are as they are listed on the NeoQuest page according to their pets, which may have shifted accounts since NeoQuest first came out.

Plushie of DEATH!

Let's say I got a Fountain Faerie Quest, but the price of the item was way out of my means. Would I be allowed to offer the quest to someone else? They would purchase the item, I would complete it, paint a pet and then transfer it to them. I can see that there's lots of room for a scam, but if I was honest (or took screen shots of conversations, etc.), I can also see why it would be okay. I would not be gaining anything, but it would give someone else the chance for a FFQ. Thanks for helping me with this! :) ~ username removed
Lollie: As nice as the thought is, a Fountain Faerie Quest is for you and you alone. Only you are allowed to complete it. Of course, once you have completed the quest and have access to the fountain, you are free to do whatever you want with the pet, including trading it or transferring it to someone else. But in order to complete the quest, you'll have to start doing some major saving for that elusive item the Fountain Faerie wants first.

Hi. I was wondering if it would be possible for the Item Database to send you an e-mail a week or two before your wishlists need reactivating. I always seem to forget about reactivating them, and then end up having to make them all over again once they are deleted. ~ dreww355
Skumby: Unloved wishlists need to be deleted every so often (every 3 months) to make room for other content. The obvious solution to your problem is to visit Jellyneo more often! But yes, that's a good idea and we'll add that to our suggestions list. We can't promise anything at this point, though. If you have more ideas/suggestions/comments, please use this form to contact us.

Is it alright to refresh in games like Dice-a-Roo or click the attack button in NeoQuest multiple times in order to speed up the process? ~ anonymous
Lollie: Games like Dice-a-Roo and NeoQuest can get very monotonous when you have to keep clicking the same button over and over again. You can indeed speed up the process by doing some super fast clicking before the page loads, or refreshing in Dice-a-Roo. This isn't against the rules but please remember it must be you who is refreshing the page, not a strategically placed cat or any other object, for that matter!

But.. want to play. :(

In NeoQuest II, usually in the first chapter, the experience and health bars center in the middle, making it so there is white space on both sides and your progress is shown in the middle. Is this a glitch? And if it is, does it affect your gameplay? ~ linkey11
Skumby: This actually has to do with the layout change Neopets did awhile ago and Internet Explorer. Something in their layout doesn't get along with IE (surprise surprise), so the experience and health bars look weird. Oddly enough, it doesn't happen in NeoQuest I. Don't worry though, it definitely won't affect the game!

Good morning, JN! I was wondering if you could expand on TNT's "item pooling" policy for avatar lending. For instance, my friend is looking to be lent and only has 1.2 million NP. Why can't I let her borrow my items and NP, worth 3.8 million, to make up for the rest of the full 5 million collateral? Assuming that she won't scam me, of course, as I have my full trust in her. I was told this is considered "item pooling" by TNT, but we're not earning money off of it, she is simply borrowing my things. And could you tell me how this is different from someone, say, borrowing NP to be lent for the Number 6 or Hidden Tower avatars? Thank you! ~ tropicalxflower
Lollie: There has always been a lot of confusion over TNT's "item pooling" policy, but they have kindly summed it up quite well in this editorial answer:

I saw a nice Neopian on the Avatar Chat looking to be lent 600k for the Adam avatar and I lent it to her. She also had a friend of hers lend her some Neopoints. Therefore, she had two people lending her Neopoints for the avatar. I thought I was doing a nice favor, but after I lent her the Neopoints someone came on the boards and wrote, "I do believe this is item pooling and you just broke the rules." Can you clear this up for me? This was the first time I had heard of item pooling. Can you explain to me if this is item pooling, and explain what item pooling actually is? I really thought that I was being nice; I had no clue that what I was doing could be against the rules. I'm scared now. Please explain to me; I don't want to be frozen. :( ~saphirathedragon1988

Item pooling is when multiple people pool together their resources (NP or items) in order to purchase something or attain a particular goal (like getting the Adam avatar). While it was very kind of you to help another Neopian, yes, we do have rules against pooling resources for avatars like that (but not because of nice people like you, though). :) Just like in the real world, there are nice, decent people and then there are others who would take advantage of your kindness. Luckily it sounds like the person you helped was an honest one, but unfortunately (like the poster said) we've had to make rules against lending due to some selfish Neopians who prey on the kindness of others by taking items and NP lent to them in good faith and running off with what they've gotten. In order to protect honest Neopians from scammers we've decided not to allow item / NP pooling for avatars, as we previously had a big problem with people using item / NP pooling for avatars as an opportunity to scam. Also keep in mind that you are not allowed to lend anything to another user with the expectation of getting back anything besides exactly what you lent.

It's all fun and games until someone does something they shouldn't in the pool. D:

Essentially, the rule against item pooling is there to protect honest Neopians against those undesirable people who will just take the opportunity to rip someone off. It's good that you have so much trust in your friend, but for the rule to be effective, it has to apply to everyone equally.

Item pooling is different from borrowing a set amount of NP from one other person to get an avatar because borrowing the entire amount of NP does not amount to "sharing" in the same way item pooling does. Although please bear in mind that if you do lend someone NP for an avatar, you do so at your own risk, and TNT will not intervene to return your NP if someone should run off with it. So while it is allowed, it is very much discouraged. Plus, isn't it always more fun when you save up to meet your goals?

I have my main account, and then I have three side accounts. The problem here is, I'm pretty sure that I made another side account, but I can't remember the name of the account or any pets on there. Of course, I can't retrieve it from Neopets because they're all under the same e-mail. I have four pets on the accounts that I already have, and my all time goal is about to be complete, but I need two more pets. Oh, great Jellyneo, what can I do? ~ anonymous
Skumby: You used to not be able to retrieve information like this, but with the fairly recent login changes, I tested things out and discovered that TNT will send you all of your usernames attached to the same e-mail address. On the login page, click the link that says 'Forgot Username?' and input your e-mail address. You will get a single e-mail message containing a list of usernames and passwords associated with that e-mail. It will even list frozen accounts. If you're concerned about e-mail security because of this development, make sure you have a strong password and security questions that only you can answer. Also, avoid displaying your e-mail on social media sites, forums, or blogs.

Hi!*gives NQ action figures* You're welcome. Anyways, I was wondering, about how many times have you played NQ and NQ2? ~ serpent316
Lollie: Shedloads! If I weren't mapping for Jellyneo, I would just play for fun. Since discovering NeoQuest a couple of years ago, I've completed NeoQuest I five times and NeoQuest II probably around eight times. I'm not planning on stopping yet!

Is there a way to move faster on NQ II? I just keep getting bored of moving around at an ultra slow speed. ~ DarkFenix
Skumby: If you need to go in the same direction for multiple squares, you can refresh the page. This will usually repeat the previous action, which was to move your character. However, if your motions are more complicated, you'll have to wait for the page to load and all the clicking to go through. I suggest getting faster Internet. :D

Why did my old Poogle on my side account turn into a Quiggle, but when I took off his clothes, he turned back? ~ eevee_evolution7
Lollie: There was a glitch a few months ago which made the image of your pet look different. If you haven't been on Neopets in a little while, you might come back to find your pet looks different than it is supposed to. Your actual pet didn't change, he was always a Poogle. He just looked like a Quiggle for a while. This glitch is easy to sort out by simply customising your pet (this includes backgrounds and trinkets, for those with unconverted pets). So don't worry, your Poogle is perfectly safe, but maybe a little confused.

Umm... Ribbit?

Both me and my brother play Neopets. We have separate accounts, with separate e-mails. We live in a country where NC cards are not available, so I used my PayPal to purchase some Neocash on my account. Now, the question is: could I let my brother use my PayPal to purchase Neocash on his own account (as in, I complete the transaction as he watches over my shoulder)? If this is against the rules, is there any other way I can get him Neocash for Christmas? I know he loves NC items, it would be just the perfect gift! ~ anonymous
Skumby: After digging around in the Neopets help files about Neocash, I've come to the conclusion that this is fine. Children who are not 18 years old are allowed to use their parent's PayPal account to buy Neocash so long as they have clear consent and assistance. While your case is slightly different, it falls under the same category. As an alternative, you could purchase Neocash cards on online auction sites, but you'd probably end up paying more.

Have you ever noticed that each phase on Nox's Castle (on NeoQuest II) has a different letter on it? The first one has an H-shaped wall, the second a U-shaped... and they spell HUBRID NOX. ~ megamorpho
Lollie: Well spotted, not many can handle enough of Nox's Tower to discover that little gem. That's just one of the little Easter eggs hidden around NeoQuest. For example, did you ever notice that the city of Phorofor sounds like a certain "Page not found" error message when you say it out loud? Or maybe you've been walking around Meridell and bumped into an (apparently) random circuit board. Will we ever solve the riddle of the un-openable door? Watch this space...

This seems a tad silly, but: How do you defeat Terask 2 in NQ II? He keeps murdering Velm! And Fyora's PA doesn't sell resurrection potions. :( ~ djhanky222
Skumby: Are you at the highest level? Do you have the latest armour and weapons attached? Terask is pretty hard, but definitely can be defeated. I suggest having group heal for Velm as high as it will go and using it often. If it's always just Velm that dies, you may need to have him use healing potions on himself. Then you need Rohane and Talinia set up to deal as much damage as possible. With Mipsy doing the slowing and haste magic, you should have a shiny new trophy in no time!

If you abandon a magma pet, will it still remain magma-coloured, or will it turn red? I recently pounded a magma pet, and when I looked it up a few seconds later, someone had adopted it but the pet was red instead of magma. Also, if magma pets really do turn red when they are pounded, then will they remain magma-coloured if you transfer them to a different account or something? ~ jenlin_25
Lollie: If you pound a magma pet, it will turn a basic, boring red colour. I assume this is to keep the colour "rare" and stop the pound from being flooded with magma pets. However, you'll be happy to know that magma pets that are transferred keep their dashing colour. Yay for magma!

Going to the pound makes me mad!

So, I recently came across the Canadian Burger King event. I entered each code, and since I already had 49 items in my inventory, I ended up with a total of 134 items in my inventory! So this got me thinking: Is there a limit to how many items can be in you're inventory? I know the 50 limit for the Trading Post or buying from user shops, but you can still go around the rest of Neopia with 50+ items. Thanks! ~ Niku (frogfrog109)
Skumby: Yes, you can't go past 50 items if you are purchasing items from shops, but you can surpass it if you do something like mass empty your Safety Deposit Box or shop. Then the sky's the limit! I guess you could say the 50 item limit is more of a guideline than an actual rule. It is also worth noting that you can only move up to 70 items at a time using the quick stock feature.

Every time I read the JN Editorial, I see a few questions saying they "throw" random stuff at you. I wonder... Do you guys keep those things? What do you guys do with them? Do they hit you on the head? And by the way, great site! I always get my Neo-related guides here, and love the site events. :D ~ lupe_loops841
Lollie: *stuffs a huge bag of cookies, a few rocks, some Lutari beads and a couple of old boots into her locker* Um... I have no idea what "random stuff" you are talking about! Throwing things at us doesn't tend to make us more likely to answer your question. In fact, it can be rather unpleasant, especially if your aim is bad. We'll need to start using an editorial shield soon.

I have a side account I don't use anymore, and I want to self-freeze it. However, I have four pets on there. When you self-freeze an account, what happens to the poor Neopets? Do they get dropped off into the pound? Or do they *gulp* disappear? I've checked the database and I don't think a question like this has been asked before. Thanks for reading! ~ Nightingale
Skumby: When you freeze an account (or have it frozen for you!), your pets do not automatically go to the pound. They don't just disappear either. Instead, they are forced to remain in that icy account, starving and alone. Think of it as suspended animation, although they'll continue to age. At some point, when TNT does an account purge and yours is up for deletion, the account and pets will all disappear. So if you want to self-freeze, I recommend putting your pets in the pound first... if you still care about the poor little guys.

Are there ways to get Neocash other than NC cards? While JN is awesome, I don't have the time for 135+ pages of editorial. ~ SilentAbyssZero
Lollie: You can also get NC by purchasing it online at the NC mall or through site giveaways. For example, you can win NC from Qasalan Expellibox as well as from certain events. The Advent Calendar sometimes gives out NC as well, so keep an eye on it this month.

Oh, and for future reference, there is no need to look through every editorial to find the answer to your question, not when we have a spiffy Editorial Database!

So I've looked through the database and found the answer to the "Neopets appearing as gears on lookups" problem. But what should I do if I had a pet (which I do) that is unconverted and I'd like to get rid of the "gear glitch"? Thanks in advance and keep up the awesome work. :D ~ annneonet
Skumby: Fixing an unconverted pet that appears as a gear is done the same way. These pets can be customised using trinkets or backgrounds.

Don't forget about us trinkets!

I really want to earn some game trophies on my side account. Is it alright to get game trophies and donate the Neopoints you have earned to the Money Tree? ~ anonymous
Lollie: You cannot play any games that give Neopoints/items on your side account, for any reason. Even though those sparkly trophies sure look pretty, you can only show off your super gaming skills on your main account. You might want to read this page for a run down of all the side account rules.