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14th Edition
Published: November 3, 2007

Wow, 14 editorials already!?

Dear JN, First of all, I just LOVE your website! It's awesome! Okay, here's my question: Are the Altador Games (Yooyuball, Slushie Slinger, etc.)still open even if the Altador Cup is closed? Because I can't find the link to the games anymore, and I really want to keep on playing them! ~ blahblahblah091
Unfortunately, the games are no longer available. :( Perhaps you'll be able to play them again next year if there is another Altador Cup.

Is there a limit to how many neopoints you can have in the bank? ~ Waterbender5754
Yes, you can have only 5 NP in your bank account!

Haha, no, just kidding. The sky's the limit when it comes to how much NP you can have in the bank. Theoretically, though, you can only have the total amount of NP that is actually in existance (which is an absurdly high number). So, there's a theoretical cap, but it's impossible to ever obtain.

What kind of pet is the Shenkuu Warrior. She looks like a Kyrii but I am not sure because of the ears... Please let me know, since I am a Kyrii NUT... Best pet ever. ~ gunnely
THE SHENKUU WARRIOR PRINCESS IS A GNORBU!!! TNT has even said it is a Gnorbu. Not an Ogrin, not a Kyrii.

Sorry, but everyone is telling us it's an Ogrin/Kyrii/Not Gnorbu. :P

PLEASE! I'm a Gnorbu!!

Nuu. I want to be the answer to life, the universe and everything. =( Anyway, this time I have an actual QUESTION. Did the Attack Leaf exist in Y4, like the Neopets News would suggest? You ANVIL, Jn! ~ fortytwo200
Nope. TNT was just talking nonsense, as usual. :P Now, if only TNT would release the Attack Leaf (along with the 500 other items they've missed...)

Hmmmm.... If neo is so taboo againts Jelly World...Why is there a link to it in the toolbar? Hmmmmm.... Hmmmmm indead... ~ chanceeastham
Jelly World!? There's no such place! TNT must have put in a false link so all of those crazy Neoboarders will starting shouting "It must be a new plot!!!!11!11"

will you make a sidebar theme of meepits?i love those critters! ~ bmicons360
We don't have any plans for one for the main site... but there is a secret one for the portal! Can you find it?

Hi Jellyneo, you guys rock! Well I actually have two questions which are really ridiculous, but all the same I couldn't resist putting them on. :D So the first one, is how come you guys prefer Jellyneo instead of JellyNeo, and the second one is, how much Meepits could a Meepit meep if a Meepit could meep Meepits? lol ~ blahblahblah091
We don't really like JellyNeo because it looks pretty strange. o__o Jellyneo is preferred. :D (Though you can still call us JN!)

And we're sure a meepit could meep a whole pile of meep if it could meep meep. It is a Meepit, afterall.

Do you guys have any girls on your staff at Jellyneo? ~ mysyrn
Yes, in fact. We have a few girls.

Why does the book in the gallery of evil, when hovered over, show a guy eating pikachu from pokemon? ~ nickjames912
Because Pikachu is the root of all evil?

What happened to that Dailies thing? Couldn't you make it a bit easier to get to? Also, Meepits will rule Neopia! Muahahahaha! ~ Meepitman
That's become a forgotten project. :( You can still find it here (and through your services portal), but there hasn't been much development since August. We'll get there eventually! (We have some really cool ideas to implement. If only there was more time in the day...)

If the jelly blobs in jelly blobs of doom are hungry, why don't they eat they other jellies when they cross them on the screen? ~ mzblondebaby
Because that would be cannibalism! If you're hungry, do you go around eating other humans that you see!?

Apple: Hey, you're lookin' pretty yummy.
Omelette: o__0

How do you get a marshmallow grundo??!! ~ Shimmyshoga
A visit (or many, never-ending visits) to the Lab Ray will give you a chance at having your Grundo's color transformed to Mallow.

do u use listerine? ~ asiangirl2006100
Of course! It cleans your teeth, and kills lots of bad bacteria. (It's especially good to use when you're sick or when others around you start to get the winterly plague.)

Can Dave drive? ~ Filtch
Yes, I can. I am in need of a car though. Anyone want to buy me one? :P (I'm partial to Honda Civics.)

You guys said that 42 was the answer to life, the universe and everyting. Then I looked at the user 'fourtytwo' and there in the description said: Life, the universe and everything. I know they didnt get it from you because it says 'last spotted: A long, long time ago.' I'm confused! ~ mitchellenium
42 is a reference to the inaccurately named trilogy, a Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. ;)

Okay, I submitted this question the Neopian Times and never got a reply, so I'll be asking you today. *prods Terry with a pointy stick* Anyway, I was chatting on the neoboards a few weeks ago with some friends and one of them said they saw a scammer alert about me! This shocked me so much that my heart almost stopped (kidding :P) and I imediately asked who had made that board. (I had never scammed ANYTHING from anyone) A couple other people remembered the board, but no one remembered the username of th person who made it. If I see another board about me, can I report the person for harrassment? ~ bananafaerie99
Yea, if you didn't really scam anyone, then you can report them, as defaming your name is definitely harassment.

Wow. We're turning into the real editorial! xD

Hey Jellyneo Team! Will your Page be available in several languages? ~ gadgads
We've thought about doing multiple languages before, but it would be far too difficult to balance and manage. Just think of TNT and how delayed they are sometimes due to having Neopets in multiple languages. ;)

hello! or as i say, YELLO! Anyway, was it just a coincidence that when you type in Transmogrification Potion on the item database, 42 results come up??? O_o weird.... ~ zaqwsxed2
No coincidence at all!

Help! My petpet turned into a Jelly Meepit in the petpet lab(On a side)! What do I do?! ~ meerca1234212
Eat it! Right away! The only way to stop the wrath of a Jelly Meepit is to start consuming it so that the salivary amylase in your mouth will break up it's poly-evilness into mere di-evilnesses! Your stomach will take care of the rest.

I've seen in your archives that tnt released mutant uni , but I cant find any.My question is does mutant uni exist? ~ czarnyolek13
Nope, TNT uploaded the images for one, but then never released it! But that's okay. It was pretty ugly. :P

I'm so uglehh! :( :( :(

In a previous editorial you said there were five "Hitchhiker's" books. My dad says there are four, "The Hitchhikers' Guide to the Galaxy", "The Restaurant at the end of the Universe", "Life, the Universe and Everything", and "So long and thanks for all the fish". Who is right? ~ anonymous
There are five Hitchhiker's books. ;) Your Dad forgot the thrilling conclusion to the series: Mostly Harmless.

So what would a petpetpetpet be...other than microscopic? A Breebliette? ~ i_love_latin
A petpetpetpet would be... going too far. xD

Dear JN, i really want to get a Lutari and have no idea when they're available. I tried to get one on Lutari day, byt TNT said they would be released later. Then i waited till the Lutari i had from last year would be exactly a year old, but i still had no luck that day. Since there weren't any announcements in the new features i decided to wait some more. I've kind of lost hope now. Any ideas on when those pets were or will be released? ~ gingerfist
Lutaris are only available if you sign up for Neopets Mobile and create one on your phone. :( They'll never be available on site.

Can you still get the AAA avatar? ~ torried
Nope, you could only get it during the Daily Dare this past March. :( Perhaps TNT will re-release it when AAA returns at the end of November!

Why? ~ the_dog_god

I never had the chance of getting my question answered on the other editorial (possibly pertaining to NT). Don't fail me this time JN! Anyway, my question is... can you put a "Daily Puzzle" section in the Jellyneo Portal? THANKS! ~ bjtejada29
As of right now, the system we use for the Daily Puzzle doesn't really allow for us to include it on the portal. However, eventually we'd like to redo it so that it's more streamlined and easy for the staff to update. :)

which real life tcg decks codes give you a chance to get a mspp (tcg) ~ blades_mccoy
The base set has the card, so you have a chance to get it with codes from the base set. :) However, you also have an extremely small chance of getting one through random event, but you'd probably have a better chance of winning the lottery everyday for the rest of your life... or having your atoms align just right and result in you falling through the floor.

Everybody wants one of me!

I was wondering if the new background shop and the thrift shop had been added to any map. Do you know which world they're in? Also, has the meteor been added to Kreludor? What other Neopets pages haven't been added to maps yet? (besides purposely hidden pages) ~ im_a_evil_wizard
The background shop is in Qasala, and the Thrift Shoppe is on the Neopia Plaza. The meteor hasn't been added to Kreludor. It probably has to do with the fact that TNT is planning on redoing the maps in a new format so it's easier to update for multiple languages and such. So, instead of updating old maps now, they'll just work on the new ones.

I blessed my Lupe with three more Earth faeries, to get them to the ability "Negg", yet when I went to the battledome, the ability didn't show up! What am I doing wrong? ~ mzblondebaby
You need to activate your abilities! Simply visit Quick Ref, and under your pet, look for "» Abilities". Click it, and select your abilities.

Hey TJNT, I submitted my gallery for the Spotlight and now I'm contemplating selling most of everything to start a new theme. I haven't heard back from TNT yet on whether it's a yes or no, but I was wondering if it's like the other spotlights where they save it like it was when entered and judge based on that? Should I wait to sell and change it or does that not matter? Thank you for all you do! ~ mothergoose1977
You should wait! We aren't exactly sure if it's like the Userlookup spotlight, but we recommend not making any changes until you receive the acceptance Neomail. So, until then, if you make any changes, it may hinder your chances at winning!