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Ian's IDB Angels!?
Published: November 27, 2010

As Ian, Emily, and Skylar get ready to answer the editorial, they start to argue about how everyone will think they're the same since all their colours are the same!

Ian: Well, I'm IDB head so I think I should stay this colour.

Emily: Purple's purty, so I guess I'll take that!

Skylar: Book of Ages blue is the most awesome colour of all, so I'm stealing that! *cackles*

Ian: On to the editorial!

After lots and lots of boards and Internet searches, I have not been able to fix my problem with playing games. On some of the games that don't let you change the size to small on Neopets, it is way too tall and I can't play very well because I have to scroll up and down to see what I am doing and it is driving me mad. Is there any clear and simple way to fix that? And also, I have a huge problem playing 200m Peanut Dash. When I use the arrow keys on that game, it moves the screen mostly and the character barely. The most points I can get on that game this way is about 10. Please help me if you can. Thanks. ~ gypsiegoddis
Emily: I have a problem with the size of games sometimes, too. The way I fix it is by zooming in or out of the entire browser window. If you click on View at the top of your browser, then click on Zoom, it gives you a couple options on how to resize the window (in Chrome, you get to it by clicking the wrench icon; in Safari, click the page icon; in Opera, click on Menu and then Page). If you have a mouse with a scrolling wheel in the middle, you can make the window bigger by holding down the control key and scrolling up, or smaller by holding control and scrolling down. For Peanut Dash, wait until the game has loaded then click anywhere on the game screen. Your arrow keys should then control the Elephante instead of scrolling horizontally. I hope this fixes your gaming problems!

I was wondering if you could tell me which shop most of the items TNT finally released (yay TNT!) are in? As a restocker, it could help to know where I can get the most of these new items. ;) ~ Penquin
Skylar: (This is an old question about the wave of MIA items TNT released at the beginning of the year.) The shop depends on the item. Most of the MIAs were grooming, food, school, and toy/instrument items, so they stock in those respective shops. Some of them have recently gotten slight rarity changes.

I (sadly) have been sucked into the addiction of stamp collecting, but I haven't an ounce of an idea where to buy stamps other than at the Post Office in Neopia Central and user shops, and user shops are always very expensive, so I need help finding real cheap stamps. Or a stamp shop in a different world. And, I would love to know if there are any Jelly World stamps. Oh wait. There is no Jelly World. Silly me! ~ anonymous
Emily: I've been sucked into stamp collecting, too! It's a horrible habit, so I'd suggest you getting out while you still can!

Album items come a few places other than user shops and the Trading Post. The Neopian shops that are album item-specific are The Post Office, Collectable Coins, and Collectable Sea Shells. The Toy Shop stocks charms. Evil Coconuts come from the Coconut Shy game.

Some of the more unconventional places you can get stamps include the Igloo Garage Sale, Wishing Well, and Key Quest.

Skylar: Oh, stamps. *Drools over the ever-so-expensive Candychan one* Don't forget that the Auction House is a great place to try and snipe some as well!

Ian: Also remember that this is a very expensive hobby, as many of the retired stamps are in the millions or tens of millions of NP, especially for the pages you can collect avatars for!

You never saw us... *shifty eyes*

I love your Item Database. I saw the Super Shop Wizard and a big message appeared and said "I don't think you belong here!" Then it said "The very angry programmer has been notified." I wasn't trying to cause any problems, I was just curious, so what makes this wizard "super"? And may I use it? ~ l337-ness
Ian: As we were told in a previous Neopets editorial, we should be terrified of angry programmers. Don't tell anyone, though, but they aren't that scary. They won't tattle on you for being somewhere you're not supposed to access; at least, not in this particular area.

Skylar: Getting to your question, the Super Shop Wizard can be used if you have Neopets Premium. Don't worry, you're not in any trouble, that's just a generic notice. But I'm sure if you gave the programmer some candy, they would be your best friend. :D

Today, I clicked on the Faerie Crossword Puzzle in my dailies and it took me to the page that said "OH NO! This area is not available, because all the Faeries of Neopia have been turned to stone! Perhaps there's some way you can help solve this mystery?" This is unusual, as I have been doing the crossword puzzle the whole time, but via the news tab at the top of Jellyneo's page. What gives? Thank you! ~ ameliaisbatwoman
Ian: Only the main page to start the puzzle is being blocked by TNT while the plot's happening. However, since TNT is still changing the puzzle every day, they probably don't have a problem with people continuing to use the crossword by bypassing the normal link. We post the correct link in the news tab as well as the jnPortal, but the dailies page requires some admin magic, so... *waits for one to come along*

Use it at your own risk!

Okay, I have looked through a ton of Neopets editorials, and I haven't found a straight answer. Is it possible to get a Draik or Krawk from the Lab Ray? Thanks! ~ Yoshi the Dino
Ian: Absolutely! You can get limited edition and restricted pet species from the Lab Ray, but the chances of a Draik or Krawk are minuscule. There are also some colours that are only available from the Ray!

If I search for something in the shop wizard (like "morphing potion"), how come he makes changes? Like, to Baby Chomby Morphing Potion? ~ superlegion
Emily: If you're using the Shop Wizard and have the "search items" field set to "containing my phrase" (the default setting), it will randomly pick an item that has your word or phrase in it and search for that. If you wanted to look for your word or phrase specifically, just change the field to "identical to my phrase." However, since there is no item named just Morphing Potion, you won't get any results.

How do I send a ticket to Neopets? ~ crzgrl3678
Ian: You'll want to visit Neopets' Help page (scroll down to the bottom of any Neopets.com page and click the "help" image). On that page, there's a link called "Submit a Ticket." Just go there, fill out all the information and send it in. :)

If you have items in the Trading Post, can they still be stolen by the Pant Devil because the items are still technically in your inventory? Thanks for answering this! And just to help you out... *throws cookies to distract the Meepits* RUN WHILE YOU STILL CAN! ~ starrdomm
Ian: Nope, all items in auctions and the trading post are safe from the Pant Devil, Grundo Leader, Meuka, and any other nasties that lurk in mean old random events. At least, they're safe until the auction ends (if it hasn't gotten any bids) or until your trade lot expires (if there's no activity after two weeks!).

What do Anti-Sea Sick Pills cure? Is it unknown at the moment? They are listed in the Medical Cures item type category... ~ Fireball2786
Skylar: Just as the description says, they cure a lot more than just 'sea sickness.' Doing some research, it's been confirmed to cure sicknesses such as Neomonia, Neopox, Blurred Vision, Shaky Flakes, Neowarts, and some others. The complete list is currently unknown, although this is something we should definitely look into...

Avast! If only we could cure scurvy...

My account that I play on is merely 5 months old, but I'm actually an oldie on a newbie account. In my user description, I stated how long I've been on Neopets overall. Could I get in trouble for that? I get the feeling that I should know, but I'm not sure. ~ CuboneGirl13
Skylar: Of course not. The truth is the truth. And the truth shall set you freeeee!~

When I try to install the Neopets toolbar, it always says Neopets toolbar 3.0.xxx isn't compatible with Firefox 3.6.xxx. Is there a way to fix it? I don't want to downgrade Firefox. :( ~ theprotectorjerdana
Emily: I think this way still works for Firefox users:

  • Install the MR Tech Toolkit add-on. Restart Firefox.
  • In the Add-Ons window, click on 'Options' for MR Tech and go to Miscellaneous and then the XPI Install Options tab. Check the box next to "Disable XPI install time delay." Apply and OK it.
  • Download and install the Neopets toolbar.
  • Installing the toolbar for Firefox will take you to an add-on window. Check the box next to "Override 'maxVersion' compatibility checking" and click Install Now. Restart Firefox.
  • In the Add-Ons window, select the Neopets Toolbar then right-click and select "Make compatible."
  • Go to View -> Toolbars -> Neopets Toolbar and make it visible.
Alternatively, if you chat a lot on the Neoboards, someone will usually post the toolbar prize link when it's available.

Out of curiosity, which article on Jellyneo is the most visited? Which game guide is the most visited? ~ yaksrcewl
Skylar: According to Dave, over the past month, the Faeries' Ruin plot guide has been the most visited article (Haunted Faire guide is second), and the most visited game guide is JubJub Power Bounce, followed by Neopian Battlefield Legends, and then by Zurroball. Then again, the Games Master Challenge and the plot have really influenced our usual flow of traffic on the site. (Not that we're complaining. ;D)

What is the most expensive Neopoints item on the entire site? ~ coug_ar4life
Ian: Well, that's a bit difficult to answer, since, especially with extremely rare items, the price fluctuates so much depending on how desperate a person is to sell an item and how desperate a buyer is to purchase it. This is one of the reasons why we typically do not enter extremely high prices in our database. Currently, the highest priced item in the IDB is the Attack Pea, which sits on a pedestal at 900 million NP. However, there are other items with asking prices of well over a billion NP.

Skylar: One of the main reasons (besides Attack Peas being awesome) that the price for this item is so high is that it only stocked in Smugglers Cove. You can find out more about items that were found there by clicking here.

Is Jen from New Zealand? Just asking because of the 'Wishes Kiwis Hibernated' thing on her profile blurb. P.S. I'm a Kiwi! ~ xaain9
Ian: We're a little overloaded with Kiwis, as Jen, Dandy and Kumar are all from the lovely country. Yes, three is overloaded. Kiwis are awesome though, so it's okay.

Can I join the party, too?

Sometimes, right before a Flash game starts on Neopets, I'll see an ad with no animation but a really pretty pink princess that looks like a Bori. Do you know who the character is and where I could find the image? Thanks! You guys are awesome. :) ~ wish
Skylar: Hm, is it possible that you're talking about the nameless Bori Mage from the TCG card? The Book of Ages is a good place to search for unknown characters.

Is it possible that TNT will ever let the older users, the ones who were there since the beginning, create new things? ~ dracopire_2010
Skylar: Like new items and pet species? TNT are always open to feedback and suggestions, so if you're a Neopets veteran and have some ideas on how to improve things, by all means, write in (be polite to those overworked customer service representatives, though!). But if you want to actually draw and code stuff to be released to other Neopians, then no, we think that right now, they'd prefer to have their own employees working on the site.

So, you all know that some pets won't let you use a specific item... I mean, you give them a book but they refuse and say it's boring. What affects that? Species, colour, hunger, gender, mood, intelligence, health, stats, or perhaps name? I ask this because I'm tired of buying books when my pets won't read them. ~ rolerol
Emily: It's affected by the number of characters in your pet's name and the number of characters in the item's name. If you're having problems reading a book to a pet, try changing the language at the bottom of the page. Sometimes, pets like books in a foreign language more than English! ;) (This trick also works for food and petpet items.)

I know that TNT has said that there is a limit to the powers of the Wishing Well (that is, it cannot grant anyone a Super Attack Pea), but I was wondering if you guys have figured out the rarity limit for wishes it will grant? I've been trying my luck with different amounts of NP ever since the avatar was announced...and I'm wondering if I'm wasting my chances at a prize by continuing to type "Pirate Kacheek Morphing Potion" every time? Or would "Lutari Paint Brush" work? Thanks for all your hard work, by the way. JN is an essential resource for any devoted Neopian.
~ kittykapow925

Emily: Your best bet is to wish for something that's under rarity 90. See what kind of items others have been getting and wish for those if you like. But it doesn't matter how many Neopoints you put in!

Who owns that boot you get when you go to fish? I mean the one on Neopets. ~ thefraggle
Ian: I think the poor little fellas didn't have many friends, plus they're old, so they leaped into the water hoping you'd fish them out and be their friend.

We're quite a pair, aren't we!?

Just asking, what did pets and petpets look like a long time ago? ~ anonymous
Skylar: You can get a blast from the past by visiting Jellyneo's Neopian Museum, where there's pictures of all of the old pets. You don't even need 1.21 gigawatts or even a flux capacitor to get there. A click of your mouse will suffice.

My owner is trying to find that "limited edition" store in the NC Mall! Could you lease help him and answer? ~ Meeeeeeee5
Emily: The Elite Boutique is a loyal user perk. In order to view it in the Mall, your account has to be at least 49 months old. Once your account is old enough, you can click on a little gold star inside a red circle at the top right of the Mall (). Also, things purchased in the Elite Boutique cannot be traded, so this probably isn't a good place to go Christmas shopping for your friends!

I collect jellies. *tosses Chokato Jelly around gleefully* So, do you have a complete list of every jelly? I mean, even jellies that you can't get from the Giant Jelly (e.g., Lemon and Thornberry Jelly). Also, can I be your best friend? ~ ilovepurplegiraffe
Skylar: New best friend, yay! :D

If you would like to see all of the jelly items in Neopia, Jellyneo's Item Database is a great place to start. Simply type in what you wish to search and anything related to your topic that is in our database will appear.
Good luck!

How can your Neopet get bored of Dice-a-Roo if King Roo can't? ~ anonymous
Emily: Because our pets are picky and hard to please!

I was just wondering if Mr. Coconut is considered a mammal? I mean, he has fur, produces milk, is maintained by a hard skeleton, and, evidenced by the fire coming from his eyes, he's warm blooded. Thanks :D *gives everyone but Skylar cookies* ~ Penquin
Skylar: *Neglected* ;-;

Even without the cookie, I guess I'll be nice and give you my input. According to Noileh, he's just a fruit. You can put a Santa hat on a pea, make it fly and aid you in battle, but when push comes to shove... it's just another food on your dinner plate.

Mrs. Pea says: "GOOD MORNING!"

Nope, it doesn't have the same effect...

Sometimes, when I visit the Healing Springs (on accident, since it's closed and all), my pet's health goes down, usually by half of whatever their hit points are. Is this just an incredible coincidence, or is it because of the current plot and all that? ~ jack_skelling10
Ian: Well, this certainly shouldn't happen. You may have only noticed the health change after something else had happened, such as being blasted by the Snowager, being injured while Apple Bobbing, getting hit in the Deserted Tomb, etc.

I'm determined that I will not miss a day of the Advent Calendar this holiday season. However, I haven't ever been a consistent Neopets player in the month of December. I was wondering if you guys could provide me some fairly basic info on it, even though I am a pretty old Neopets user. Also, I was wondering when the Calendar actually starts. Is it just December 1st, or does it happen earlier on? ~ Anonymous
Emily: The Advent Calendar starts on December 1st every year and runs through December 31st. Each day during this time period, you can go here to watch a short animation and collect your prizes! The prizes are usually 2 items and some Neopoints. The Plastic Fir avatar is available annually through the Advent Calendar on December 1st. The Seasonal Attack Pea avatar will be available on a random day. If you collect from the Calendar every day from start to finish, you could also end up receiving the Winter Holiday site theme if you don't already have it.

Hello Jellyneo! Recently, I took a Christmas Crystacat from my Safety Deposit Box and placed it into my inventory next to a Sand Squash. Just minutes ago, I was checking my inventory, and poof! The space taken up by the Squash was replaced with a message saying "Christmas Crystacat eats Sand Squash!" Has this ever happened to anyone else by your knowledge? ~ neomatt200
Emily: Petpets need to eat, too! Sometimes, they get hungry and eat a food item within reach when they're in your inventory. This is what happens when you unlock the Drackonack - Hungry avatar, except with a Drackonack and cheese!

Skylar: Or if you happen to put an Emily next to cheese...

I occasionally come across items that have "(TCG)" in their name. Their rarities seem to be r107, so I just have to wonder, where do these cards come from? ~ Joshua
Skylar: TCGs, or Trading Card Game cards, are available from random events, the Hidden Tower (Fyora the Faerie Queen (TCG)), or from redeeming codes found on real life Neopets Trading Card Game Booster Packs.

How do you get a Nerkmid and why it is so hard to get one? Is it possible to get a Nerkmid from a random event? ~ leon_karl_05
Ian: Well, you can buy a Nerkmid from another user, or get lucky at the Wishing Well, but the primary way is to get one from a random event. The occurrence of these is...completely random. That's why they're called random events! XD

No wonder I'm so expensive!

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