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Nick's Tasty PB&JN Editorial
Published: November 13, 2010


It's amazing how sorting through editorial questions can work up such an appetite... Perhaps there is something in the kitchen I can make for a snack, while I knock out a few of these answers.

Hmmmm... Now, what should I make? ...OOH! I know! I'll make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich!

...What? Not original enough for you? Who ever said that peanut butter and jelly sandwiches had to be boring? I've got a recipe for a deliciously autumn-themed, double-decker peanut butter and Jellyneo editorial sandwich! Come along now... I'll show you how to make it!

I've never played Petpet Park. Are there any rewards from playing this (on our actual Neopets accounts)? Or is it a 'side' thing with no Neopoints/trophies/avatars/item rewards? ~ anonymous
The items and Park Points (PP) you earn by playing Petpet Park remain in Petpet Park. There is no benefit on Neopets for users who play. It's just another fun world to explore! :)

Hi Nick! Is NeoQuest 3D actually in 3D? Or is that gibberish in the introduction tricking me into playing a game with a format my computer doesn't support? Thanks! ~ Torib1016

Start with three pieces of toast. I chose to use honey wheat bread, but you can use whatever you like best.

Hey Jelly people! Recently, my Neofriend was frozen. I have no idea what he did, how long he will be frozen, or if he will be unfrozen! Is there a way to find out? Thanks! ~ i_love_america_8
When a user is frozen, it is usually permanent unless they contact TNT and prove that they were innocent. The reason for the freezing should be displayed when he tries to log in. If he was frozen for his own safety, his account will probably be restored after contacting TNT and resolving the issue, but there is no way of knowing how long that will be. Sorry! D:

I check the Neopets news every now and then (don't worry, I check JN's every day!), and I've noticed how they are converting a lot of wearables and Neohome items, so I was wondering if there is (or could you make) a way to look at these newly converted items. That would be so awesome! Thanks! ~ bellabean_1234
If you're looking for a place showcasing just the newly converted items, then no, JN doesn't have a way of listing them at the moment. This idea is on our wearables to do list, but we're waiting until our modeling project is closer to being done first.

Not sure if you know about this, but on a related note, our very own fabulous Noileh has compiled a set of Neohome 2.0 previews for all of the currently active, non-glitched items. Simply select the item you'd like to preview from the Item Database, and you will be shown a preview of that item if there's one available.

This is the perfect place to store
my peanut collectables!

Hi Jellyneo! I have two questions for you:
1. Has anyone ever compiled a list of the funny little messages at the top of Neopets 404 pages?
2. Has anyone ever listed the top 25 funniest item descriptions? If no one has, could you get someone to? You shall be paid! In thanks. And cakes. Virtual, pixel ones. ~ crisiscalled

There are far too many items in Neopia to provide a full list of all the descriptions, and the 25 funniest ones according to one person might not be funny at all to someone else, so I can't really help you there. However, after quite a bit of refreshing, we've managed to come up with a complete list of Neopets 404 messages, which should be coming soon to a Neopian Museum near you! In the meantime, here they are. Enjoy!

  • "Alas, the case is hopeless."
  • "All your page are belong to us."
  • "But why is the page gone?"
  • "Experts agree: this page cannot be found."
  • "Give me a 4! Give me an 0! Give me another 4! What's that spell?"
  • "Hehehehehehe. Page gone!"
  • "I find your lack of page disturbing..."
  • "I see dead pages."
  • "I think this page must have blown away!"
  • "I'm sorry, Dave, I can't let you view this..."
  • "It's a 404 error. It doesn't have motivation."
  • "My browser hurts!"
  • "My mother said there are no such things as 404s, but there are, aren't there?"
  • "Neopia, we have a problem..."
  • "No more pages, Dr. Jones! No more pages!"
  • "Of all the broken links, on all the websites, in all the world, you had to walk into this one..."
  • "Oh, dear. How pathetic."
  • "Part of a healthy no-content diet."
  • "Quoth the server:" (404)
  • "Sarah, go back to your room. Play with your toys. Forget about the" (404)
  • "Sir, the possibility of this page being broken is 3,720 to 1!"
  • "Something fishy is going on here!"
  • "That's no page. That's a" (404)
  • "The 404 will be with you, always..."
  • "This is an ex-page. It has shuffled off its mortal coil."
  • "Uh-oh. Now you've done it."
  • "We only serve 404s here!"
  • "What you want is irrelevant. What you have chosen is at hand."
  • "Where did all the games go?"

Hello JN staff! I have a Royal Boy Mynci that I adopted from the pound, and he has no clothes, sadly. I have the Lab Ray Scientist as a BD challenger, so if I fight him and he changes my Mynci's gender, will he turn into a Royal Girl Mynci and then have the Royal Girl clothes? ~ Raichu_66
Having your Neopet's gender changed by fighting the Lab Ray Scientist will only turn your pet into a female Royal Boy Mynci (yes, such combinations are possible). You won't receive any clothes by battling him, nor will your pet's base coat change colours. Basically, it will be the same as what you have already, but with more glamorous looking eyelashes.

Better invest in some mascara...

So Nick, I have a question. A lot of people know of the inflation of the "Gourmet Cooking for Your Pet" book due to the solving of the infamous Bonju avatar. So my question is this: Hypothetically, if an avatar similar to Bonju was released, and required a moderately cheap item, and somebody figured it out before anyone else, would it be against the rules to stockpile a whole bunch of said item before divulging the secret? ~ anonymous
Nope, it's a perfectly good investment! However, it is against the rules if you try to get other people to help you inflate item prices just because you feel like it.

I noticed that TNT has been using some memes recently. My question is: Has TNT always done this or is it new? ~ cheiro_de_queijo
TNT has always been on top of pop culture references. The "Error 404" messages and Neopian item descriptions are just some of the places you will find common catch phrases around the site. Believe it or not, the people who work for Neopets like taking part in popular fads too!

Whilst doing all of my Neopets dailies, I like using Spotify to listen to music at the same time. However, annoyingly, some games like Kass Basher don't have a 'sound off' button, and my listening has been disturbed many times by that loud trumpeting. Is there any way of turning sound off for all of the games? ~ madtamahatta

Now we add peanut butter to two of the three slices. Crunchy or creamy, it's up to you. I used a combination of the two.

Hi there! I was wondering, for the Faeries' Ruin plot, do you get more points at the end if you do things more than once (organising books, finishing the maze, etc.)? Thank you! ~ sarah_123213sowner
This is a highly debated topic, and one that only TNT really knows the answer to... In the past, there have been steps which, when repeated, awarded more plot points. Because the areas are left open after all the achievements are obtained, it is possible that repeating these steps could award you more plot points. However, no one can really be sure. I suppose it comes down to how important the plot points are to you. Sometimes it's better to be safe than sorry, but it also might not be worth the time for something that may not pay off in the end.

Is there any other way besides redeeming a Neocash Card to get gift boxes? I have Neocash furniture that I don't really want, and I want to give it to someone else who actually wants it. ~ october
Sometimes gift boxes are given out for free to celebrate certain occasions, but they've also recently started selling some mystery capsules that will give you gift boxes if you are unable to buy the Neocash Cards. They're usually called "_____ Gift Box Mystery Capsule" and they're often only available for a limited time in the Mall. With the Christmas season coming up, I'm sure there'll be more opportunities to get boxes. Happy gifting! :)

@.@ Ooooooh... Sparkly... Oh wait, the editorial!

Is there any way I can delete/move all the NC items in my inventory at once? I have 600 or so items and I've given up trying to do them one at a time. ~ anonymous
You should be able to move items in bulk by using the Quick Stock form. It can only move a maximum of 70 items at a time, but hey, that still beats doing it one by one. If you want to discard your NC items, though, you will have to discard them one at a time from the item pop-up window. I guess this is so that you can't accidentally delete the expensive wearables you paid for with real money.

Who is Igneot? And what questions do we ask him? ~ girlsoll
Igneot is a Neopian Magic 8-Ball of sorts... Ask him any yes or no question, and he will provide you with an answer.

Suggestions include:

  • Should I continue feeding my report cards to the dog?
  • Was it a good idea to stick my laptop in the microwave?
  • Will my teacher find the pet rat I've been keeping in my desk?
  • Do you think my mom knows I've been hiding my Brussels sprouts in my underwear?
  • *Sigh* My dad just saw me type all of these... Am I likely to be ungrounded before Christmas?
If you'd like to know more about Igneot, including what role he plays for the Moltarans, you should check out his article in the Book of Ages.

So I've got a question...
Why do overlook and oversee mean opposite things?

Does TNT ever give out free Key Quest tokens? If so, how often does it happen? ~ crusaderofchaos
In addition to the one free token you are given when you start playing Key Quest, TNT has also given out four other free tokens through site events so far: AAA, Abigail, Ylana Skyfire, and the Yooyu. Each can be found on this page along with the event and year in which they were given out.

I have a question about a frozen account. Why can't you get NC Mall items after your account has been frozen, or at least a refund? ~ adventurehasnolimits
Under the Neocash Shopping Rules you are required to agree to before purchasing NC, you will find that all NC purchases are final and non-refundable. You will also find that, if your account is terminated for any reason, you forfeit all NC and NC items within that account. Better be more careful next time!

Why does everyone here seem to deny the existence of Jelly World and then threaten me with Meepits? I mean, c'mon, the site is named after jelly, and if it didn't exist where would I be getting my jelly from every day? ~ nev1kl1nk

Speaking of jelly... We won't be using any of that cheap, purple stuff. I replaced it with pumpkin butter on the slice with crunchy peanut butter, and sliced apples on the other. These ones are Fuji apples.

I'm just wondering... I accidentally found a virtual pet website in my country which uses a lot (or I should say ALL, except for the newer releases) of items and pet images from Neopets. Is this illegal? ~ theprotectorjerdana
Oh my... It most certainly is! Neopets and the Nickelodeon Virtual Worlds Group own exclusive rights to all of their intellectual property, including item images and pet images. Any website using Neopets images to create their own virtual pet site is definitely breaking the law. I would report the site to TNT immediately, and let them know what is going on. They will take care of it from there.

Hey Jellyneo! I was just wondering, is there any other way to change your Neopet's emotion to something like sad for example (to match my Neopet's background and clothes for the Customisation Spotlight)? I don't want to change its emotion by not feeding my Neopet or making it sick. ~ anonymous
Nope, even sick and hungry Neopets are given smiling, happy faces for the Customisation Spotlight, so it wouldn't really matter. After all, you wouldn't expect to win a pageant by pouting, would you?

I always look my best...
Even when I feel the worst!

I forgot my PIN, as I set it four years ago and haven't used it once. I can't find how to send it to my e-mail. Doubt that would help, though, as I set my PIN on the 'change email' page. What do I do? ~ anonymous
You can have your PIN emailed to you at the bottom of this page. However, if you no longer use or have access to the e-mail address you assigned to your account and your e-mail changes are PIN protected, you will have to contact TNT and explain the situation to them. After a bit of patience and providing them with sufficient information to prove that you're the real owner of your account, they should be able to resolve the issue.

Hi there. I have almost completed my Lutari Talisman. (Only one Green Matu Bead to go! Yay! Go me!) My question: Will there ever be any way to get the Tongi beads? The talisman just looks incomplete without the fifth bead of each colour. It looks lopsided. Thank you for answering my question. ~ Torchwood1963
Unfortunately, since referring people to Neopets Mobile was the only way to receive the last bead of each colour, and Neopets Mobile has ended its service, it seems as though these beads will no longer be possible to collect. Who knows, though? Perhaps if Lutari Island is ever released to the public, there will be a new way to finish your collection. Until then, however, we may never know.

'Cause I'm leavin' on a jet plane
Don't know when I'll be back again

On the old Terror Mountain page, at the top of the mountain, there was a pack of Poogles. If you clicked on them, they would take you to a page telling about them. With the new Terror Mountain design, what happened to the Poogles? ~ wizkid6544
Ah... The Poogle Racers. They are still around, but you will have to search for them in the Neopedia to find the article. It didn't really make much sense to have a Neopedia article linked from the map, since there are so many other Neopedia articles that don't receive such glory. I'm assuming TNT felt the same way and decided to do away with the link when they redrew the maps.

What font was used in the making of the Petpet Park logo? Was it something TNT created themselves, or a buyable font? I'm assuming it isn't a free font... ~ Sassapphras
Good question! After a bit of research and some help from the pros at WhatTheFont, I hereby present to you "ColopocleAL Regular", which actually can be downloaded for free here.

Hello, my dear friends at Jellyneo! I have a simple question about the editorial database. If you look at the search box, it will tell you that three letters or less cannot be searched. While I understand why you put this there, what if we would like to search our friends TNT? Any response will be very helpful. Thank you, and have a nice day! ~ thekingofthewater
For a database of editorials that only answer Neopets and Petpet Park questions (besides a handful of Jellyneo questions), I can assure you that searching for "TNT" would bring up waaaaay more search results than you'd ever want to read... Especially if you include all of the questions addressed to TNT in the Neopian Times editorials. The search box is intended to help users find the answer to a specific question they might have by limiting the number of results that come up, and there's no real significant word or phrase that can be formed from just three letters.

How many times can you win the Gallery Spotlight? ~ megamorpho

Marshmallows will go well with the pumpkin butter, and I found some dulce de leche at the grocery store to complement the apples. Be careful, though! It runs!

Hi Jellyneo! I just realised that, for your news update on the sixth step of the Faeries' Ruin, you used a line from an Evanescence song. I got a few stares when I stared at the screen for a moment and then yelled, "I actually know where something on Jellyneo came from!" in the middle of my dad's office. I definitely didn't get more stares when I started singing the song in my head and dancing in my chair. *Shifty look* Anyway, my question is: Why is JN so awesome? It seems impossible that it could be that fun. ~ rainbowkitty1217
The secret is: We're all a little bit crazy. *Shifty look* However, I believe that was the work of the amazing Illy... She seems to be Jellyneo's resident lyrics guru, as she always finds a way to sneak in the perfect song references here and there. There are times I wonder if there's any song she doesn't know...

The other day, I got this random event that I'd never seen before. It said, "Congratulations, [MY USERNAME HERE], you found the Secret Mystery Island Treasure of 853 Neopoints!!!!!!!" I was just wondering, is this a new event, or is it just ridiculously rare? Thanks. ~ anonymous
It's actually a very old random event, but it doesn't seem to happen very often. Looks like it has some pretty outdated art, too.

Who is this baboon with the rocker chick hair?

In your "Limited and Restricted Neopets Guide" (, you say that Grundos are a limited/restricted species. Why, if you can adopt them easily in Virtupets Space Station? ~ tonzinho_02
Limited edition pets, such as Cybunnies and Poogles, are pets that are only released in limited amounts. Grundos, however, fall into the "restricted" category because, like Krawks and Draiks, they cannot be created through the "Create a Neopet" page. It doesn't necessarily mean that they are rare, however.

Hi, TJNT! *Hands over bandages for all those items thrown at you* In the March calendar on the Jellyneo website, what event was cancelled? I don't look at it much, so I wouldn't know. Also, do you know why it was cancelled? Thanks! ~ Chia_McBia1
It sounds like you are referring to March 3rd, which was cancelled due to lack of interest. The story behind this is that, back in 2004, TNT decided to switch from updating news for the current day to updating the news for the following day, and they had to skip a day's news in order to do this. Since news sometimes isn't released until late at night in the U.S., people in other countries would completely miss out on the free training for pet days, for example. This is why, in North America, when you check the news each day, the date posted is always a day ahead. For some reason, TNT decided to make this a permanent holiday, and continues to take the day off from posting news each year.

Please send more bandages! ;_;

I have a Kougra who is painted Cloud. My situation is that one of my lab pets got zapped into a Desert Kougra and has now been zapped into another species. The customise feature will not let my other Kougra wear the Desert clothing. Why not? ~ anonymous
When your Neopet changes species via the Lab Ray or some other means, any articles of clothing that are incompatible with its current species are removed from the image of your pet, but they are still saved to that specific pet in the customisation window. You will have to go there and save your new pet's customisation in order to free up those pieces of clothing for your other Kougra to wear.

(Forgive my cluelessness, but...) Would it be against the rules to use my Neopets side account as my Petpet Park main? ~ Goron0000
Since playing Petpet Park does not give you any Neopoints or Neopets items, it's perfectly fine to play Petpet Park using your side account's username. As TNT have said:

"You are allowed a maximum of five accounts, which work on both and Please do not create any more than that. If you create a Petpet Park account, you are also creating a account at the same time, and vice versa. If you already have the maximum five accounts allowed on, make sure that you do not create a Petpet Park account! (This would be your 6th account, which is against the rules.) Instead, log in to Petpet Park using one of your existing accounts."

Enjoy your visit to the Park!

The finished product! One very delicious peanut butter and Jellyneo editorial sandwich! Just in time, too! I'm STARVING! *Chomp*

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For approximately 230 million years, Tyrannian tar has proven itself to be the only thing more likely to stick to the roof of your Neopet's mouth than cheap white bread and peanut butter!