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The Frightfully Dull Halloween Editorial
Published: October 30, 2010

Have a Happy Halloween, everyone!

*eating candy* Om nom nom!

Well hi Aurora (and not Scout)! I saw this amazing and cool thing on JN recently. It was an image database! Can you please tell me more about it? ~ Linkster
Aurora: Of course I can! If you're looking for an image from Neopets, Dr. Sloth's Image Emporium is the place to go! It has lots of search capabilities and is always updated. Just go here!

Do you have any pictures of Neopets being painted glass or stone? I would love to see some. :) ~ Monicamsa
Scout: You can actually find what you're looking for in two different places. First, our Neopian Museum has a page that's dedicated to old and unreleased pet colours. You can find this here. Second, the old pets category of our image database has a more detailed selection of these old pet colours, including their poses and emotions. By using search prefixes and keywords such as "incat:1 glass" in the search box there, you can narrow your results down to what you're looking for.

Hi JNT! I was wondering: In NT Editorial 408, question number 2, TNT said they would be releasing a "clear your inbox" item on the following Wednesday. I, being the sort of person who is too lazy to go out and buy cardboard boxes and dung just to send them to friends, was wondering what this item was. So I, also being the expert tracker and stalker, tracked down the news of that particular NT's week. Then, I looked into all the items released on that particular Wednesday but none of them were the aforementioned "clear your inbox" item.
Did TNT ever release it, or was it a different Wednesday or does the item just not exist yet? Thanks for answering! ~ 1lalabears1

Scout: This was mentioned in a recent NT editorial as well as a previous JN editorial--the item is called Foal in Box. They did say it wouldn't be obvious until you saw the name of the item. :P

Get it? FOAL IN BOX? *laughter*

Hi Jellyneo! I think your site is awesome and I use it every day for my dailies. I have heard a lot of rumours about this. If your petpet gets zapped by the Petpet Lab Ray into, let's say a Quadrapus, could you get the Quadrapus avatar for it? Thanks for answering. ~ linkey11
Scout: If your petpet is zapped into another petpet that will get you an avatar, you will still get the avatar as long as your zapped petpet has met the requirements needed to get it.

I was wondering if there is any way to view NC items by price, or if there is a list of all NC items in order of price. I find it hard to find items that I can afford and it would be so much easier if something like this was available, thanks. ~ vegeto2012
Aurora: You can do this at our Item Database. Just pick NC Mall in the Special Category box and sort by price. Retired items will be included in your search results, though.

I now have my Magma Pool time in my head, I was just wondering if AM or PM matters. For example, your time was 3:00 pm, let's say, and you are on at 3:00 am and itching to paint a pet magma. Would the guard be asleep anyway? ~ Cearalucaya
Scout: Nope. The guard will only be asleep for ten minutes out of the entire day. If you've caught him asleep at 3:00 pm, then that's the time you'll be able to access the Magma Pool.

Hey! *Waves* First, thanks for putting so much work into this website; it is very useful. Now for my question. If you use a morphing potion, the affected pet's current paint brush clothing isn't changed, is it? For example, if you use a Red Bori Morphing Potion on a Desert Ogrin, will the clothes change into Desert Bori clothing? I'm under the impression they don't, but I wanted to make sure before I used it. ~ JuzouShades
Scout: You're correct--if you use a Red Bori Morphing potion on a Desert Ogrin, then you will get a red Bori and the Desert Ogrin clothes will go to your closet. You will not get Desert Bori clothes from that particular morphing potion.

Do you think there will ever be a Neoquest III?
Aurora: Technically, there is. It's text only, though. Just head over to Castle Meridell and click the middle flag above Kayla's Potion Shop, the one with the crown.

Hi JN! *throws a stack of excellent grade exam papers* I can use the Lab Ray, but my brother wants to use it too. Could he transfer his pets to me, then I zap them, then transfer it back to him? Oh, and he says I could use this tactic with other Neopians and charge them for my services. Is this true? Please remove my username, thanks. ~ username removed
Scout: TNT has actually stated that they prefer that you don't do this, as they feel this is an abuse of the transfer system. You are absolutely not allowed to charge people for "lab ray services," as this violates the Neopets Terms & Conditions.

Okay, TJNT, instead of bribing you with cookies and jelly, or threatening you with Meepits, I'm gonna go straight to the point. I have two questions. First, there was an epidemic a little while ago on the boards. Apparently, someone coded their signature to CG people. As I am too scared about this now to go on the boards and ask, I will ask you guys--is that whole thing over? The second question: Is it true that you guys are in cahoots with the Meepits? 'Cause I--*is bound, gagged, and dragged off by Meepits* ~ anonymous
Aurora: That particular incident is over. The code has already been disabled and there haven't been further incidents after that.

Scout: If you're still worried about this, then you can always disable the option to view font effects and NeoSignatures in your Neoboard preferences.

Aurora: As for the Meepits...

We're always watching...

Suppose I have a Skeith which eats anything! I feed it a r99 book. Will it count toward the Gourmet list? ~ nikh1996
Aurora: This will not count toward the gourmet list. Only food items will count.

How can I get into the "notable Neopet" competition? ~ crusadesforgold
Scout: The "Notable Neopet" feature on the Neopets homepage you've been seeing is actually there to display the entrants for the Customisation Spotlight. If you want your pet featured there, you have to dress up your pets and enter it into the competition. Similarly, "Notable Neohome" displays entrants to the Neohome Spotlight.

I was looking through petpet species at the petpet puddle and found a species called Farnswapt but it then says that there are no petpets found under this name. Does this mean that it's an old petpet, or a soon to be released petpet, or maybe a typo? ~ payback37
Aurora: Looks like a typo! There is a new petpet called the Farnswap that is available from Krawk Island Little Nippers.

I have noticed that Neocash items can now be discarded. Where do they go? ~ anonymous
Scout: Like all other items, Neocash items disappear from the site when they're discarded. Once they're gone, they're gone.

Gone. Just like that.

G'day, TJNT. Is it possible to win multiple Pet/Petpet Spotlights on the same account? ~ penege
Aurora: It is possible to win multiple Spotlights on a single account. Just be sure to use your own art and story!

I have a bit of a problem. I bought a Neohome 2.0 in Shenkuu with a story in mind for my pets, but then changed the story and location to Terror Mountain. Is it at all possible to sell the Neohome 2.0 so I can relocate? ~ ciami
Scout: Sorry, but once you've bought a Neohome 2.0, you can't sell it. If you really want a home in Terror Mountain for story purposes, you could always buy a classic Neohome, or if you have a side account, buy yourself a Terror Mountain home on that account (make sure the funding comes from your main account, though!).

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