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Kaurevir's Issues Issue
Published: October 16, 2010

After passing the initiation exam with colours that were, perhaps, a little awkward when they flew, Kaurevir takes on the second part of becoming a member of the staff. Looks like it's editorial time!

Kaurevir: Huh, I wonder who they got to help me out...

Zafara Double Agent: Hello.

Kaurevir: Gah! Wait, what? You? Oh, man....

Z.D.A.: What? Disappointed?

Kaurevir: No, I'm a fan, actually, but don't you remember what happened the last time we let you help out?

Z.D.A.: Know what this vial of liquid is? Never speak of that again, and you won't have to find out.

Is there a page that lists all the pets which had the option to convert? Also, if your petpet has a petpetpet attached, can it still get the random event where it finds one? ~ teddy_girl95
Kaurevir: Hey, lucky for you we've got just the page you're looking for! Check out this page at Dr. Sloth's Image Emporium.

Oh, and yes, you can still get that random event. That specific one makes the petpetpet appear in your inventory.

I've been looking around Neopets user lookups (being the stalker that I am) and I noticed a lot of them have pictures in their backgrounds, unlike the white blankness on mine. How do you put a background on your user lookup? ~ hera54673249
Z.D.A.: You've come to the right Zafara! I know all about coding!

Kaurevir: Whoa, seriously?

Z.D.A.: Of course! All you have to do is insert this code:

body { background: url(http://images.neopets.com/backgrounds/zafara_day_2004.gif); }
#main, #content { background: transparent; }
</style />

Coding makes the world go round!

Does the Turmaculus Pinata ever break? Is it just a taunt or does it really have prizes inside? If so, what is inside? ~ miranda686
Kaurevir: After a little splurging market research, I have determined that yes, it does break, though it may take quite a bit of bashing before it does. When one of your pets finally does break it, you can earn several candy items, some of which are on our Items That Give More Items Page. (Most pinatas are not listed, so if any of you dear readers are thinking about breaking one, be sure to let us know what you get!)

Sticks and stones will break my bones...

I am aware of the code for custom hobbies that one pastes in a Internet Explorer address bar to get custom hobbies. But in order to select hobbies from the drop-down list, do you need to be 13? I'm 12, and I can find no drop-down list. ~ Man in the Meepit Suit
Z.D.A.: Ooh, hobbies! Let's see, mine are betrayal, double-crossing, causing confusion...

Kaurevir: Leaving Ms. Zafara Double Agent aside for a second, the answer to your question is yes, you do need to be thirteen or older to edit any aspect of your user lookup, including hobbies.

I have checked through Neopets FAQ and the editorial database and I still can't seem to find my answer. A few months ago, I entered a picture of my Gelert into the Beauty Contest. I didn't read your guide (which I wish I would have now) and didn't realize I needed to advertise a TON. I posted it in my shop and on my lookup, but that was it. Of course, I lost. So that brings me to my question... Can I re-enter my picture, seeing as I never won anything from it? ~ hotchic943
Kaurevir: Of course! That's no problem. As long as the art you enter is yours, then there is absolutely no problem with entering with the same one again if you haven't won before.

Z.D.A.: But hey, why have one fašade when you could have many? It's so much fun messing with people's minds.

Kaurevir: I think we might want to get the Hospital Gelert to check out your head...

Can I still get the Symol Hole avatar even when nothing happens? And can I keep going there a bajillion times a day to try and get it? Or can it only be randomly gotten once a day? (So sorry if that sounds a little confusing and for the multiple questions.) ~ 1_doglefox
Kaurevir: Avatars? Step aside, Zafara, I've got this one. Yes, you can get the Symol Hole avatar if you don't get a prize.

Z.D.A.: Hey, avatar-dork, do you have the Symol Hole avatar?

Kaurevir: H-hey! No taunting! That's not cool, man. A-and it's a random avatar any way! It's not my fault! *sobs*

I'll get you, my pretty! And your little dog, too!

How do people make things clickable on their pet lookup? For example, someone said "You're my best friend." and the word "you're" would lead them to a different pet. ~ anonymous
Z.D.A.: More code? I got this one, Kaurevir, you muggle. To link to another page, all you have to do is add code to your pet description. To do this, the only code you need is:

<a href="YOURLINK">Text goes here.</a>

Just replace "yourlink" with the Neopets web address you want your link to lead to (for example: http://www.neopets.com/petlookup.phtml?pet=rackatackata).

Kaurevir: *sniffle*

Z.D.A.: What... Oh... That was a low blow, I'm sorry...

Kaurevir: Just because you're a code wizard doesn't mean you can make fun of us non-magic folk!

What were some of the old Neopets, like, from 1999? Just wondering what Neopets was like in Y1. ~ mr_shah
Kaurevir: Thanks for asking! I used to wonder that too until us content writers threw together the Neopian Museum. Meander on over there to check out some old versions of various things around the Neopets site.

Z.D.A.:Hang on a second! There's a whole summary of the Battle for Meridell plot without a single mention of me? That's just not right. Spies get no credit. :/

Why do I have to prove I'm a human? But... but... I'm a centaur. And, for my real question: can we feed real Chias to our Lupes or Werelupes? 'Cause I love Lupes and hate Chias. ~ sylvannia
Kaurevir: Centaurs? Blast, not again. We need to re-program that Captcha to weed out bots and half-equestrians.
*sigh* But, no matter. I'll go alert Dolores...

Z.D.A.: To answer your question, as amusing as that would be for us Zafaras, the answer is, unfortunately, no. Neopets cannot die, so therefore, you cannot feed another pet to your pets.

How come some Baby Lupes have bandanas and some (including mine) don't? It's not fair! ~ the4104
Kaurevir: If you got your Baby Lupe through the pound, this is normal. When a pet is put in the pound, all of that pet's clothing stays with the pounding user.

Now, if you had a Lupe that you painted baby, and you never got its super-spifftastic bandana, you should contact TNT. It is possible that a glitch occurred and you were never given one to begin with.

Hah! I'm just playing hide-and-seek!

Say you use an Island Aisha Morphing Potion on a pet, and then paint it another colour. Would you keep the island clothes like you would if you had used a paint brush? Thanks! ~ tatertotlili
Kaurevir: Yes indeedy. No matter what colour-changing process you use (Lab Ray, Morphing Potion, Paint Brush, Fountain Faerie Quest, etc...), any pet that has had its colour changed multiple times will keep whatever clothes came with each colour.

Hey Jellyneo! *munches on Meepits* I've been looking around and seen people collecting Shiny Obsidian... Why would anyone want to collect that? ~ Anonymous
Z.D.A.: Whoa, whoa, whoa! Paws off the Meepits, pal. Those guys are important. They protect Neopia! Or maybe destroy it... Eh, who can keep track of these things?

Kaurevir: Hypocrite... Well, a lot of Neopians like to collect a lot of one particular item as a hobby. It's almost like collecting bottles of sand, or piles of dung. Not to mention that Shiny Obsidian can be used at Tangor's Workshop to create other items.

I have a question about something very old. The old Dr. Death, Ms. Worley, had something purple on her face. What the heck was that? Did people at the pound give her a purple popsicle? Or was purple a fad in the old days? ~ thefraggle
Kaurevir: Eeegh. That looks like purple lipstick to me! She must've been trying to colour coordinate with her purple eyeshadow and purple shirt. It's not that pretty, though, is it?

Let's say I wanted to put an image on my user lookup. If that image is from Wordle, is there a way that I could still put it up? I want to show it off, but I need to know how first. ~ kittykat30916896
Kaurevir: After some super-quick extensive research, I have found that putting an image from Wordle up on your user lookup is absolutely a-okay. However, you should always give "attribution" (or credit) to the original source. An easy way to do this is by placing a small line of text on the image. This lets any viewers of the image know that it came from a source other than you.

Z.D.A.: And, of course, if you're just talking about finding the source of your image, there's that handy little code box on Wordle that will give you the address of the image. All you would need to do is get rid of the "a href" part, since you are not allowed to link to off sites.

I heard a rumour on the Help Boards that someone attempted getting the Meepit Juice Break avatar through Zen Mode, and apparently it took him about 23 hours! Do you really think it would take that long to score enough for the avatar?! ~ peabigmane
Kaurevir: Well, in Zen mode, you can't lose any lives, but you also only go up by one point every time you feed a Meepit. So, 1 point times 3500 points times a minimum of twenty seconds per Meepit... Actually... That sounds about right. Zen mode is very, very slow.

Z.D.A.: Normal mode or Zen mode? Who could ever decide?

I know you guys don't answer percentages of the possibility of receiving an item, but do you guys at least know what level I need to be with fishing to receive certain items? I'm mostly interested in the Flask of Clear, Odourless Liquid and Flask of Rainbow Fountain Water. I'm at level 102 in fishing now, just wondering how long I have to do this before I can expect even a chance to get those. ~ polishedsand
Z.D.A.: I have it on good authority that you only need to be skill level 87 in order to have a chance at getting a Flask of Rainbow Fountain Water. So you'd be able to get one of those now. But, you would need a skill level of 244 to get a Flask of Clear, Odorless Liquid. Remember that fishing is random, so there's no guarantee you'll get an item at a certain level. Ah, the chaos. It sort of gives you a tingly, happy feeling, doesn't it?

Kaurevir: I don't know about that, but maybe I should go bug a content writer about listing that information somewhere.
Oh. Wait...

I sometimes see in the Trading Post people putting expensive items on trade for "safekeeping." Is this even allowed? ~ Chia_McBia1
Z.D.A.: Although there is no specific, written rule against it, it is frowned upon by most of Neopia because the SAFEst way to "safekeep" an item is by using your SAFEty Deposit Box.

Kaurevir: You're the best.

Z.D.A.: I do try. Most of the time.

I was wondering, can you put up a list of staff members so I know who exactly I'm talking to? I'm really new to this site, and I was wondering who was who. Thanks. ~ anonymous
Kaurevir: Whaaaat? You don't know about the fantabulous and all-inclusive Staff Listing page? Well, I guess it is a little small on the sidebar over there. I'll admit that our Staff Listing page isn't "all inclusive," but you can read some fun little blurbs about most of the Jellyneo Team there. Maybe you can guess our item theme while you're at it! ;P

Hey, JN! I'm a huge fan! *tosses Chokato TCG* So, I know that TNT is really strict about the "no contests" thing in the guilds, but my guild makes our own currency and items. Since they're of no value on Neopets, would it still be against the rules? Thanks a bunch! ~ aluminum_chicken
Kaurevir: Chokato TCG? Score! *runs off to get avatar*

Z.D.A.: Well, since she's off trying to get an avatar with a non-existent item, let me take this one. If you want to reward your guildmates with little graphics or points that have nothing to do with Neopets items or Neopoints, then that is okay. You cannot use guilds to increase your Neopian wealth.

The "Welcome to Level Six Cake"--what is this referring to? Thanks in advance. :) ~ mariav13
Kaurevir: Er... hrm, that's a good one. If I had to take a guess, I would probably pin the reference to the video game "Portal." Although, the promised cake in that game only comes after level 19, not 6. We may never know what TNT was thinking, those guys do some crazy stuff sometimes.

Z.D.A.: *hums* This was a triumph...

The cake is a- Oh, you know.

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