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The Legend of Zelda
Published: October 2, 2010

Somewhere in the land of Hyru--err...Jellyneo--Zelda wanders along, answering questions submitted by the members of the local community.

Is it reportable if someone copies you in some way? I once used a premade lookup and filled in the description and stuff like that. Then I found out someone had the same lookup as me and filled in the same description! I asked them to change it and they did. Could I have reported them though? I also noticed some of my Neofriends have the same screenies as me and the same comments and such! It's kind of annoying but I'm not sure if it's reportable or not. ~ uppy18
Zelda: Theft of intellectual property is always reportable. When someone uses your screenies without permission or without giving credit to you, they are as much in the wrong as you would be if your lookup did not give credit to its creator. Since it's your friends, though, I'd recommend you simply talk to them before getting TNT involved.

If you have more than one category, can you enter the gallery spotlight? Because I really want to enter when I get more stuff for my Acara gallery but I have more than one category so I don't know if it's okay to enter. ~ tobbie_ah4_aa
Zelda: It is indeed possible to enter a gallery with multiple categories! While most of the galleries chosen in the past have been single-category ones, there has been at least one exception that I found in the archives, and that is the Week 395 winner. Good luck with your gallery!

I was wondering if typing "bouncybouncybouncy" in Bouncy Supreme still gives you one extra life because I haven't been able to get it to work, and was wondering if it was just me or if others weren't able to use it too. ~ puggygirl_12
Zelda: The correct phrase is "bouncebouncebounce" :) See our master cheats list for more codes!

If I just turned 13 years old, what happens? ~ b24e
Zelda: Well, lots of people wish you a happy birthday, and you get cake and presents, and...oh wait, you mean on Neopets? ;) You get access to Neomail, a system that allows you to send messages to others. You'll also be allowed on the Neoboards, which is a forum (or rather, forums) of discussion. Then there are guilds, user-created societies or clubs where you can meet people with interests like yours! There might also be some gambling games that are now available to you.

And you also have the opportunity to apply for stafferness here on JN! /shamelessplug

I'm 12 years old right now, but I'm going to be 13 very soon. I don't have a signed parental permission form, so I was wondering, when I turn 13, is there going to be... um, how to say it... a magical switch on my account? I mean, does TNT count me as 13+ on my birthday? Thank you, Jellyneo for doing this neat work. :) *gives everybody a strawberry cheesecake* ~ anonymous
Zelda: That's what it did when I turned 13. :)

Out of nowhere, Zelda is snatched away by a mysterious figure who appears to be dressed up like Dr. Sloth!

Dear Link, why are you answering this editorial when many lands with the same name (and your leading lady, Zelda) need saving? And also, why is said Zelda answering when she is supposed to be in distress? You must save Zelda and Hyrule! ~ lion from the forums
Link takes off on a quest to defeat Zelda's kidnapper, rumoured around the land of Jellyneo to be none other than Dave.

Link: I can do many things at one time! Didn't you know that? Zelda was just typing up some nice answers to her loyal subjects when Dave stormed in and captured her! I figured it would be the right thing for those loyal subjects to receive the answers to the rest of their questions!

I got a Fountain Faerie Quest! :) So exciting, right? Well, think again--the faeries are stone! I want to paint my Blumaroo baby but how can I do that with no Fountain Faerie? ~ daqueenofmusic
Link: Unfortunately, you're going to have to wait until the faeries are back! I would save them right now, but alas, I'm busy chasing down Dave!

What would Jellyneo recommend as the best cheap (below 30,000 NP) weapon? ~ Ziggo001
Link: A truly interesting question! I wonder if said item will be able to help me defeat Dave! In my opinion, it would have to be the Scarab Ring. Perfect for beginners!

If you want your Neopet to win, then put a ring on it!

(I feel the need to explain a few things before I actually ask my question.) I just helped my friend create an account. I sent him some codestones and small things to sell or keep just to get him started. I've had my own account for a long time and I'm considering giving him the majority of my items because I don't go on much and I'm thinking of just giving up my account. If I send all of these items to him, will TNT think his account is my side account or something? I don't want his account to get frozen when it's so new. ~ fluff_n_stuff247
Link: Hm. I thought long and hard on this. I'm not really sure what to say but here is what I'd do. I would give him items, but not everything. Let your friend build up his account on his own, and keep some of your stuff just in case you decide to come back. Then you will still have something to lean on!

After much searching, Link comes upon the lair of the evil Dave where Zelda is being held captive...

If you zap, paint or morph your unconverted (UC) pets, will it stay unconverted? ~ anonymous
Link: Nope. Once you change its colour or species, it will change to the current customisation art style.

Why would you want to change something as grand as me?

A lot of people on the boards keep claiming that The Neopets Team ended all Battledome plots. However, after countless minutes in your editorial database, I have yet to find TNT ever explicitly mentioning this. Is there something I am not getting here? Thanks! ~ Waterglide
Link: While some believe that battling plots are done, there has been no evidence from TNT that supports this. Who are we to say that they'll never ever make a war or battling component again? The current plot, Faeries' Ruin for all those who live under a rock, looks like it could have battling. So don't give up on wishing for BD plots yet!

Link confronts Dave, and a battle ensues...

I know TNT has a lot on their plate right now, but will they ever change up the goods in the Ever Stocked General Store? I'm getting bored of the same toys and clothes. ~ anonymous
Link: The general store is there to help newcomers on Neopets. TNT do change the items that are available there, but only after a long time. In the meantime, there are plenty of other shops that will present more of a challenge.

Dave is injured in the duel, and a magical shimmer fades to reveal the Content Beast! Evidently, it was the one who kidnapped Zelda under a disguise! Link finishes off the weakened monster and rescues Zelda.

*tosses random amount of goodies* Sometimes, the giant jelly disappears, and sometimes, the giant omelette disappears. Have they ever disappeared at the same time? ~ il_est_tres_silly
Zelda: Phew! Thanks for rescuing me, Link!

Link: It's my job!

Zelda: Goodies! :O I believe they have...In fact, I believe I have seen such an occurrence.

I was in the games room then I decided to look at the JN editorial. And then every game icon was messed up! It was all like ...in lines. The recently played games section looked like all the games there were deleted except Yooyuball until you scroll down. What's going on? Thanks! ~ superlegion
Zelda: You don't happen to use Google Chrome, do you? Because I had the same problem for a while...not sure what other browsers were also affected. Last I checked, though, the problem has been fixed. If you still find the layout broken, I'd recommend updating or switching your browser.

Don't mind us, nothing to see here...

Are we allowed to embed things from outside sites on our user pages? (Things like PokéFarm, JN, etc.) Thanks! ~ cearalucaya
Zelda: You are allowed to embed images from other sites, as long as the graphic doesn't break Neopets' rules. The restriction comes in links: you may only embed links from a Neopets domain--that is, you may only link to a page beginning with http://www.neopets.com or http://images.neopets.com.

Why does TNT take more than a month to reply a single question through the "Contact Us - Submit a Ticket" page? ~ anonymous
Link: There's a huge number of tickets submitted daily, and not all of them will be informative, readable, or about an actual problem. They can get really backed up. I'd imagine the most urgent ones (regarding programming errors) get sorted out first. Then again, Meepits could also be the problem.


I know its been mentioned in 2 previous editorials (one TNT and the other JN) that TNT doesn't punish Key Quest quitters as it's difficult to determine the circumstances. Here's my question: What if the guilty opponent confessed quite clearly in multiple Neomails that, without remorse, they quit out of spite for losing--would I be able to report them for quitting in this case? Thanks in advance for clarifying this issue. ~ feral_shade
Zelda: You could always report them, but that doesn't guarantee that TNT will do anything about it since there is that rule. If you can quote or, better yet, screenshot the messages, you might be able to get them to warn the person, but it's hard to say for sure.

Also, Key Quest players may be overjoyed to hear that the beta version of KQ now features a "player rating" of sorts that ranks everyone by how many games they have not quit. This should help alleviate situations like yours since you can just avoid poorly ranked players.

What's up with Draiks? I heard that to get a Draik, you needed a Draik Egg. Which is major bad news for me. I always thought that the only Neopet with a hard (and expensive) adoption was a Krawk. Are there any other Neopets that are difficult to get? Oh, and another thing, why do random TNT "staff members" pop up in games or anywhere else? ~ angelwing010
Link: Draiks are amazing creatures and everyone wants one! Well, not everyone. I do, though. Truth be told, it's because of their rarity. The eggs don't stock that much at Merifoods and the people who do buy them sell them for a hefty sum of Neopoints because they are also a gourmet food. As for your other question, TNT likes to put those Easter eggs in there for fun. If you worked hard on a game, you might want to stick in a cameo to celebrate the accomplishment. :)

Long live TPOSG!

Hi! *gives everyone a slice of homemade pie* I will be in the middle of a game of Cheat! and I have to go do something. I close out of the game window and when I come back on, it won't resume the game. Is this normal? If not, what can I do to make it normal? ~ sarahrox6789
Zelda: *noms the pie* *gains the freshman 15* No, that's not normal...how did you get back to the game page? Did you use a recently closed tab function of sorts? That may or may not work. What should work is if you type "cheat" into the Neopets or games room search and return to the game page to resume. There should be a button in place of where you clicked 'Click here to play Cheat!' that now says 'Continue playing Cheat!' If that's not working, I would recommend sending in a bug report to TNT.

I've been trying to get back into restocking on Neopets again. However, I've moved to the east coast and thus have 3 hours added on to my time difference with Neopets. This is making it very hard for me to restock when few people are online. My question is, do you guys know when the fewest people are on Neopets? I'd rather not have to stay up until stupid o'clock in the morning to be able to make some profit off of my old pastime. :( Oh, and one more thing...*hands you both Triforce pieces* Enjoy! ~ chicken_dancer4444
Zelda: In my experience, there's always someone on...but usually moderately early in the morning (i.e., 3:00 or 4:00am NST) is fairly slow, and of course late night at the beginning of the week is as well. *pokes Link for aid on this one*

Link: *is poked, but sees Triforce and takes it so Dave can't touch it* Sometimes you can get away with mid-day, depending on what day it is. You can check how many people are online by going to the Neopets home page and looking under the news flash image!

2:00am NST -- Players Online: 12,860!

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