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The Truth Faerie Visits
Published: September 4, 2010

When good little Jellyneopians find a gap in their knowledge, they carefully polish the question that came out of it, and slip it underneath their pillows at night. That figure tiptoeing in the shadows when all is quiet and still may look a little bit like Dream, but when they wake up they might just find a written response under their pillow from the ✼★ Truth Faerie ★✼...

No, she doesn't bring Neopoints or avatars. Is that all you think about? Instead, have these thirty-two sparkling editorial answers, full of fun facts, thrilling trivia and illuminating information. Not as shiny as Neopoints, but much better for you!

So, I just got a truly terrifying thought. I was part of a Krawk chain lend earlier this month, and the person next on the list never logged on to accept him. I now have a Krawk for the rest the month. My question is, those random events that can turn your pets red/blue/invisible, do they only hit your active pet, or can they get the others...? ~ dragonsrneat
Take a deep breath... hold it... and relax. The events that turn your pet red or blue can happen to inactive pets, but only if they're not being taken care of; if you're keeping your pets happy and well fed, there's nothing to worry about.

The other colour changing events (Boochi, turning invisible, etc.) affect your active pet.

Inactive pets can still be altered by potions, species-changing scrolls, Neggs and magical plushies, however, so be careful what you feed your borrowed Krawk and what you give him to play with!

What is the name of the sunglasses Brucey B wears? ~ anonymous
We tried to ask Brucey B for the name of his sunglasses designer, but he just kept shouting "Cheat! Wait, no... Yes! CHEAT!" so we had to give up. Unfortunately, it would seem that Brucey's unique style just can't be bought. We thought they looked like Cool Shades, but those aren't wearable...yet. If you want some small, round-rimmed glasses, you could try the Spectacles of Perception-- they aren't tinted, but with the right accessories, they could help pull off that Brucey B look.

I saw a question in your editorial that mentioned pets losing clothes, and the Baby Gelert Collar was mentioned. Curious, I looked at my baby Gelert, and she has no collar! There's a collar on the Rainbow Pool's version of the baby Gelert... so where has mine gone? It's not in my closet. ~ thepurplishsock
If you adopted your Gelert from the Neopian Pound, she wouldn't have come with a collar, since all items other than petpets are taken away from pets at the door and returned to the former owner. :( However, if you've owned your Gelert for a while, there's a chance that her collar might be missing even if you painted her yourself. TNT have had some problems with sending out clothes to pets that were painted before the Year 9 revamp. If you think this might be your issue, send in a help ticket and I'm sure TNT will restore your collar. :)

I like marshmallow Grundos and I was wondering if you guys can make other Neopets species turn into marshmallow form. I love Usuls, Xweetoks, and marshmallows, so I thought it would be lovely if my favourite species came in marshmallow form as well. ~ faelliesRcute^-^
Unfortunately, the only pets that can currently be coloured Mallow are Grundos. It's entirely TNT's choice whether they make more pets available in this colour in the future, and we can't really change their minds on that, I'm afraid. Why not compromise and try to zap your Usul or Xweetok Chocolate instead? Chocolate goes deliciously with marshmallows, after all!

Mmmm, that's one happy, yummy Grundo...

Hey! I have a question about coding. I know the filters were changed recently and when I save information on my petpage then go back to edit it, some of it gets deleted and my images get pushed out of the typing area, and I have to search for the code and paste it all back. Is this normal? Or is there a trick to help me stablise my work? Thanks JN! ~ Anonymous
There are several coding errors that can cause this problem, but the most common is failing to close either a "div" or "text_area" tag correctly. Double-check your tags and make sure they're properly spelt, and that you haven't opened a tag anywhere and then forgotten to close it. You'd be surprised how many people getting this issue simply forgot the underscore in "text_area" (you should not be using "textarea" in your code). If this doesn't resolve your problem, you might need to break the petpage down into small chunks and add them back in one by one to see which one is triggering the error.

Hey! What happens if you're born on a leap year so you're really 5 years old? Do you have to send your consent to TNT, even though you're just born on a leap year? ~ anonymous
*Approaches with cat-like tread* I think TNT, like most people, will judge by the number of years you've lived, not the number of birthdays you have or haven't celebrated.

Zdravo JN staff (that's "hello" in Croatian!). The other day, I was looking at Donna and Adam's accounts and I was wondering if they still actively use them. One of Adam's pets was smiling but the last spotted thing always says something random. Thanks! ~ bellabean_1234
Zdravo! As far as we know, all TNT staffers have to hand in their official staff accounts (not the same as personal accounts) when they quit working for Neopets. That may seem a little sad, but it's necessary because staff accounts can do all kinds of spiffy things that ordinary users can't do, and it wouldn't be safe or fair for someone who didn't work for TNT to have those privileges. So no, Adam and Donna's staff accounts aren't active anymore. It's possible they might have made some ordinary user accounts to lurk the site, but if so, I don't think they'd ever let on!

Why are reject Usukis (such as the magical hair one) rarer than the normal ones? ~ coco_4173
Well, think about it for a moment. If you're in charge of a production line and you notice a weird-looking, half-bald toy coming off the end, are you going to say "Excellent work! Make me another two thousand of those!"? Or are you going to do your best to make sure it doesn't happen again? I'm guessing it's the second one. Blame perfectionist factory owners next time you can't afford that reject Usuki Doll.

Bald? I'll have you know it's the latest trend, dahling.

I had 5 accounts (1 main and 4 sides). I wanted a new side, so I self-froze one of my sides and went to the "create an account" page to make another one. Then it said, "Sorry, you may only have 5 accounts." But then I checked and double checked, and my one side was self-frozen. What's wrong? Why can't I make a new account? ~ frogfrog109
If you've ever had a friend whose account got frozen, you'll know that freezing an account doesn't actually remove it from the system. The account stays on the servers for at least two years in case the freezing was due to a mistake or someone breaking into the account. So to answer your question, you can't make a new account because your e-mail is still registered as belonging to five existing ones, even though one of them is frozen. You'll have to make a new e-mail account to attach to your newest side, or ask TNT to give your old side back.

Thanks for the link to your book page! Now I can get started on reading all of the books to my pet that she hasn't read yet. But some books she just refuses to read because they are boring. Is there anything I can do about that? Thanks! ~ anonymous
Fortunately, since the only languages most Neopets know are Neopian, Tyrannian and Binary, you can easily fool your pet by switching the site's language setting at the foot of the page. Your pet may not be keen on a Waterlogged Book, but who could resist the Continental charm of a Livre Trempé?

Today's special is Livre Trempé with a side of Vieille Chaussure Gauche Pourrie... any takers?

Will I be frozen if I make a petpage about a world that doesn't seem to exist to TNT? *ahem* To be exact, Jelly World. ~ ling_zhen95
As long as it doesn't break any site rules or try to scam others ("give me 100 Neopoints if you want to know the secret of entering this fantasy world"), you're welcome to indulge in whatever flights of fantastical fiction you want on your petpage, without fear of freezing. ...Wow, that's a lot of letter Fs.

Is there any pet in Neopia that likes gross food? I always wondered what those hateful goodies are for. I haven't found a pet who likes it nor does a faerie ask for it. So if nobody likes it, why is that food still available? ~ anonymous
Gross food is the dastardly work of the Alien Aishas. They come from a faraway planet whose inhabitants have, um... somewhat different ideas about what ingredients work well together. Down on Neopia, their creations tend to be used as booby prizes by those who just can't bear to let a contestant walk away empty-pawed. As for whether any pet will ever like them, well, have you ever tried feeding a Worm Nugget to a sick Pteri?

Recently, I have been studying abroad in countries where a lot of the "bonus" features (most recently the Kraft Mac & Cheese hunt) aren't available. I didn't realise how much extra stuff I got by being in the United States until now. What's with that? Patriotism run rampant? Country bias? I mean, I know Neopets is based out of the US, but this stinks. :( ~ katpow89
In the current economic situation, I'm sure TNT would quite happily take on sponsors from every country in the world if they were offered some. The plain fact is, though, that the largest section of Neopets' audience is in the US, so American companies are more likely to sponsor the site. It's important to remember that out of the Neopians eligible to see any given sponsor advert, only a certain amount will actually bother checking it out (some won't know it's there to begin with because they don't read New Features--bad Neopians! Bad! *thwacks with mop*--, others can't stand sponsors or any form of advertising and will avoid these areas like the plague, and still others will be unable to view the area because of browser or computer compatibility issues). And even out of the Neopians who view the sponsor area successfully, only a small number are going to be interested in the product being advertised. With such a small proportion of return, it often isn't worthwhile for companies to spend money on a sponsorship deal if they believe not a lot of people in their country play Neopets. To cut a long story short, it isn't TNT's fault the US gets more sponsor areas than other countries, and it's not that they don't know we exist. It's just an unfortunate case of cost-benefit balance on the part of the advertisers. :(

If you read all of that, you *deserve* some macaroni and cheese.

Will having an Oak Wish Stick, or any other Neopian item for that matter, increase the chances of random events/luck? It was an old rumour I heard from a friend back when Neopets was still very new, and I never questioned the superstition. I have always carried an Oak Wish Stick in my inventory in case it was true. But now I want the Truth! Thanks! :D ~ kitchenyou10sull
Ack! Like Count Von Roo, this myth just keeps on coming back, no matter how often we kill it. So once more, with feeling, everyone: Wish Sticks are just pretty souvenirs. They might bring back fond memories of your holiday, or make a good toy for your Puppyblew to chase, but they don't affect random events in any way, shape or form. If you want an increased chance of REs, you'll have to come on Neopets on your birthday, be a Neopets Premium member and get a Lucky Space Faerie Charm, or add beads to your Lutari Talisman.

Is there a Juppie coloured Chia? I saw one in a video. ~ dreamsrule
There is no Juppie Chia, although a long time ago TNT did think about releasing one and even drew some artwork. You can find pictures of it, and all the other unreleased pet ideas, in our shiny new Neopets Museum! Don't delay, come visit today! *fanfare* *cheesy confetti*

Hi again, JN! (Wow, it rhymes. :P) Anyways, I read most of your content on the site, and, if you "type" your e-mail, why type it like: hiring at jellyneo dot net? I guess I saw more of those "e-mails" on more pages on the site but that's all I remember. :P Thanks! ~ ang3li3
This clever little trick stops us getting deluged with advertising mail sent by spambots! You know and I know that "at" and "@" are the same thing, but any nasty spambot reading this doesn't know that, so it'll try to send its messages to "hiringatjellyneodotnet" and get a nice little "undeliverable" message in return. Humans: 1, Robots: Nil.

We Will. Get You. Next Time. Puny Mortal. *CLANK*

Why do people asking questions seem fond of throwing things at you guys? Did you do anything wrong? ~ theprotectorjerdana
The tradition seems to have started with the Neopian Times editorial and the practice of offering imaginary cookies to TNT as a bribe to get questions answered. The fact that this has never worked hasn't stopped some people offering cookies with almost every question. Somehow, just "giving" cookies seems to have morphed into "throwing" them, and then into throwing non-cookie items in order to stand out from the crowd. I can only imagine how many protective helmets TNT get through in an average week...

Just out of curiosity, since I've been wondering for a long time, but what's up in the "Kiss the Mortog" TCG card? What's the story? It seems pretty amusing. ~ anonymous
Haven't you ever played Kiss the Mortog? The princess on the card is obviously hoping her Mortog will turn into a prince. Warning: don't check out this game if you're a member of the Petpet Protection League!

Why can't TNT just ban cookies? Somebody is on my account and it's really annoying. ~ anonymous
It's true that nobody else would be able to be on your account if TNT abolished cookies from the site... but you wouldn't be able to be on your account, either! The site needs cookies to remember who you are after you log in. If Neo didn't set any cookies on your computer at all, we'd all be logged out forever, and that wouldn't be very nice, now would it?

Remember: if you think your account has been compromised, the best thing to do is to log out, log back in again, change your password and PIN, and report what happened to TNT. You can find more information in our Safety Guide.

Why is OMG (short for Oh My God) allowed on the Neoboards when religious reference is forbidden? Just curious. ~ anonymous
OMG is commonly also used to stand for Oh My Gosh. Since there's no way of knowing which one someone is using, TNT have decided to let it slide. There's nothing especially offensive about "gosh," after all, unless you're a Victorian, in which case, pleased to meet you, and where did the Doctor park the TARDIS?

Someone said "gosh"? My, how shockingly deplorable!

How long would it take for TNT to reply to one of the help/support tickets? I still haven't gotten a reply from them. For your trouble, take these cookies. *hands you a huge bag of freshly baked assorted cookies* ~ Hprachel
Based on the questions I've had answered since the system switchover, it seems like questions are answered in order of importance and complexity, rather than on a first-come first-serve basis. Average turnaround for a non-urgent ticket seems to be anything between a week and a fortnight, but I've had tickets answered within a couple of days before. It depends how busy TNT are and whether there have been any serious glitches recently that might lead to a backlog. Basically, be patient!

Are you guys sure you're not enslaved by Meepits? A lot of my friends want to find out... ~ king_meep
We do not speak of the Meepits. It tends to make them angry. *looks over shoulder nervously*

Hi. This is something that really confused me. Here goes. My friend had a background on a petpage that blinked different colours quickly. She was told that she could be reported for the background, saying it could cause seizures. Could that really happen? She took it off just to be safe, but she wants to put it back up. Thanks. ~ The_trumpet_player_
Without having seen it, I would still advise your friend not to put the background back up. While she probably wouldn't get into trouble for having it, such backgrounds have been taken down by TNT in the past, and with good reason. The danger of causing a seizure is fairly small, but it does exist, especially since there's no way of giving a "danger: strobe lighting" warning for a web page. Making sure everyone has a happy, healthy Neopets experience is more important than keeping a background in place, however pretty it might be.

Why are some clothes not wearable while others are? I mean, if clothes are un-wearable, what's the point in having them? ~ Kaide8888
TNT's artists have a lot to work on at any one time. Making an item of clothing wearable for every species is a large amount of work, and if they were to try and do every clothing item at once it would probably take all year--and no other artwork would get done in the meantime. If you watch New Features you'll see that more and more items are being made wearable, and while we wait, unwearable clothing is still useful for Fire Faerie quests and as a cute gift for your friends.

You didn't think I wanted to *wear* all those clothes, did you?
I sit and laugh at their tastelessness. Yes. That's it.

If I find a site that's selling Neopoints, where do I go to report it? Can I report it? ~ silly51366507
Oooh, those nasty scammers! I'm sure Lawyerbot would be just delighted to bring down the long metallic arm of the law on them. At the time of writing, there's no specific report form for offsites, but you can use the regular report form and choose "Outside the Site" under "Where did this abuse occur?" Be sure to include the URL in your report. *gives you a Defenders of Neopia badge* Good work, citizen!

I was reading up on the Ice Bori. I think they are okay (looked so much better before pets got converted), but that's besides the point. My question is: If I download the toolbar right now (for example), would it be possible to create an Ice Bori? I did read up on the Ice Bori page, I'm just a little clueless. Thank you! ~ 1_doglefox
Unfortunately, that toolbar offer is long gone. Even when it was available, you had to sign up through the Neopets site itself to get credit, so just going to Yahoo's main site now and downloading their regular toolbar wouldn't get you an Ice Bori, I'm afraid to say. However, if you did download the toolbar when the offer was valid but never picked up your Ice Bori, you can still do so by going to this link.

Maybe you can try to get another type of Ice pet at the Lab Ray?

Hello JN! My question is: If one was to paint a "Christmas Pile of Soot" black, would it turn into an ordinary Pile of Soot? ~ l__ebilness__l
No, advent calendar petpets are unable to be painted. This also applies to the White Ona, Red Slorg, Christmas Arkmite and Snow Kookith.

I'm as pure as the driven snow.

I was in my guild and my friend posted a link. When I clicked on it, there was a board saying that we won't be able to edit petpages soon. Is that really true? ~ Bob shingle
I saw this rumour doing the rounds a few days ago, and I'm happy to report it's just a bit of baseless scaremongering. TNT did recently retire the Site Spotlight competition, but there was maintenance work happening on petpages just last week--who would do maintenance on a feature they were planning to scrap?

The Truth Faerie waves her wand to get your attention. You didn't know she had a wand, did you?

If you see a scary rumour like this on the boards or an offsite forum like JN, the best thing to do is to ask the person posting it where s/he found it and why s/he believes it. If s/he can't provide a link to an official part of the site (not a petpage or user lookup), or a screenshot of a quote from a TNT staff member confirming the rumour, it's 99.9% likely NOT to be true. Yes, sometimes people (including the good staff here at Jellyneo) find out information before it's officially released, but they will always have an image, link or citation to explain why they believe something is happening. Making up theories based on your own ideas is not the same as finding unreleased news.

If you win a beauty contest trophy on a side account, then transfer the winning pet to another account, does the trophy stay or vanish into nothingness? ~ thezipmiester
You've come to the right JNTer! I've won BC trophies on behalf of my foster pets before, and I can confirm that the trophy does stay with the pet when s/he is transferred. It's his or her trophy, after all, so it's only right that s/he should keep it!

So, I recently got a sponge Lupe via the pound. He comes with a zapped pink Weewoo. I love how the Weewoo is pink, but can I repaint it, even though it is zapped? ~ 1_yooyu_1
Sorry, but zapped Petpets are immune to the effects of Petpet Paint Brushes. Looks like your Weewoo will be staying pink for the foreseeable future.

Pink? Pink? Well, what's wrong with pink?
Seems like you've got a pink kink in your think!

If you were made of jelly, what would you taste like? ~ nickjames912
Raspberry. Everyone loves raspberry, right?

What is the advantage of getting a petpetpet? Can you play with it or name it like a regular petpet? Happy belated B-Day, JN! *throws knitted socks* ~ Dream's Minion in Training
A very happy un-birthday to you! Petpetpets are just cute companions for your petpets. At the moment, there is no way to name them or play with them. They look rather snazzy on your pet's lookup, though!

You hear an odd bump and a distant "owww" ...oh dear. It seems like the Truth Faerie has stubbed her toe off your bedside table in the dark. Perhaps she'd better call it a night. Hopefully you're suitably edified, enlightened, educated and other things beginning with E. Until we meet again...

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