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Happy Birthday, Jellyneo!
Published: August 21, 2010

Dear avid editorial reader,

Tomorrow marks a special day in the Jellyneo calendar--our birthday! We're one year older, making for a whopping six years total. We suddenly feel a lot older, now that we need a second hand on which to count our age. We've grown a lot over the years, from our humble beginnings of a lone Fountain Faerie Quest guide and some Neopets news, to where we are now, with an Item Database, a character encyclopedia, an index of nearly 90,000 Neopets images, over 1,500 pages of content, and a huge community of users that rely on us to bring them the best Neopets help possible.

It may be our birthday, but we should really be celebrating you, the user, since you're the one that has brought us to where we are today. If it weren't for the kind comments and dozens of "thank yous" we receive day in and day out, JN probably would not have been the success that it is today. So, thank you guys for sticking with Jellyneo over our six long years and for making us your first destination for all of your Neopets needs! We promise to continue what we're doing to keep you up to date and informed of all things Neopets and to bring you the top quality features you've come to expect.

Here's to another great year of Jellyneo!

- Dave, Nynex, Terry, Suzuka, and the JN Staff

Now, on to a sorta Jellyneo themed editorial!

Why do you need a Red Bouncy Ball as an ingredient for soda? I had to find information about it for Step 2 of Soda Wars. Good job on that, by the way! ~ Nightingale
To make it bounce, I suppose?

*boing boing boing...*

Hey JN staff! I'd just like to compliment you all on your event-making skills. Soda Wars was an ingenious idea, getting users to use the Item DB and to become familiar with the important pages of the site while having fun at the same time! I'd also like to commend you guys on your promptness and reliability; whenever you've given us JN users a date or a time when something will be released, it is always released on time. As for my question(s): who comes up with the ideas for JN events? Who actually executes them? I'm sure it's a group effort to create an event, but which specific staffers contributed the most to the development of JN events, specifically Soda Wars? Thanks! ~ schroeder_john_327
Ahhh, you're catching on to us! D: We almost always slip in some content that we'd like you all to check out, and putting an event step on top of it is perfect for that purpose. :P And yes, we try our hardest to get things out on time. You should have seen Kata, Rosie and Illy the night before Phase 3 was due. I think we slipped a bit time wise for that release, but they were literally working up to the last minute.

Now, for your question: all staffers can contribute to our events. Most of them have become yearly now, such as our Negg Hunt, Costume Contest, and AC Staff Tourney. Soda Wars was the only event we planned (so far) this year that wasn't already assumed to be happening. It was suggested in an ancient project ideas topic by Illy, but was jump started by Kata a few months ago. He, Rosie, and Illy planned and refined the entire event. Lots of other staffers provided input along the way and many of them tested the phases before they were released to the public. JN sodas, though, have always been a staple of the JN staff culture. We've had a soda machine in our staff lounge for almost as long as I can remember, and it's been dispensing cans of Dr. Dave, Pekkasi, Diet Terry, Sierra Stephen, and more for quite some years now. (There has also been a movement to get Nexy Cola officially added to the soda machine... but no results thus far.)

In more general terms, though, anything Flash related that goes into our events is done by Rosie, our resident Flash and artist guru. Kata was also a major contributor of code for our Negg Hunt this past year. Before that, Dave was usually in charge of events, and is still in charge of the yearly AC Tourneys and Costume Contests that we put on.

What do you think sets JN apart from all other help sites? For me, it's the fact that you have all you need in one place. ~ tyrannianjazleigh
We think that's one of our most attractive features as well. The awful part is... we still have so much we want to add!

Honestly, though, I think we have a good fanbase because we're a great source of Neopets information. Whether you're a new staff member, a loyal user, or a casual visitor, the JN community welcomes you! :)

Hey JN! I was wondering if it's possible to delete or edit your custom dailies? I've been wanting to delete and edit some of my dailies for a while. Thanks! ~ elementdragongirl
Absolutely! Just visit the Add New Custom Dailies page and scroll down to the bottom portion labelled "Edit/Delete Custom Dailies."

YOU WIN: 1,000,000 NP and 10 Super Attack Peas!

Hey JN! I thought the fonts section was super neat! I wanted to know if I could contribute a font or two. I don't want to join the staff since I don't know if I could be dependable, but I love making fonts and wanted to know if there was any way to contribute. ~ Cookie Monster
Thanks for the compliment! :) We're glad you're enjoying the fonts. We're about to bring on some new font staffers as well, so look out for a lot more fonts soon.

As for submitting your own fonts, we currently don't accept fonts from users. We might in the future, but just not now.

Hello, I was wondering if you are thinking of making something like your book checklist for safety deposit boxes, so you could see which items you don't already have. I'm a pack rat and have over 5,000 different items and am sometimes surprised when I find I don't have a simple 1 NP item because I don't have the patience to go through everything and check. ~ anonymous
At the moment, we don't have any plans to make something like this. The Book Checklist and Gourmet Checklist work easily since all of the books or foods your pet may have consumed is listed on one single page on Neopets. All you need to do is copy and paste the source code of just one page and let us process it to get a list. Safety deposit boxes, on the other hand, are many different pages. If you ever wanted to see what items you didn't have, you'd need to copy and paste the dozens of pages of your SDB so we could process each one and then tell you what's left. It'd be a big challenge for us to keep track of all that data as you load each page, so at the moment I don't think it's very feasible.

Hey JN! I found your hexadecimal page and tried to insert it into my Neopets page but it won't change the colour of the writing. How do you actually use it because I'm pretty sure I'm doing it wrong? ~ trini_the_almighty1
It all depends on how you want to use the colour. If you want to change the colour of all the text on your page, there's an easy way to do that with CSS:

<style type="text/css"> body { color: #000000; } </style>

If you only want to change the colour of a paragraph or two, you can use span tags to wrap around the text:
<span style="color: #000000;">All the text you want to be that colour.</span>

Simply replace the #000000 with any hex code you want.

I was on the new Dr.Sloth image site and saw an ad for the JN portal. I thought it was so cool! It was based on the Portal video game. Who thought of doing it? Thanks! ~ _savannah_65
Woo! That was the other admins. Glad you enjoyed the reference. The idea was pitched to Rylon, who made the ad banners for the DrSloth.com site. There is also a funny story behind the ad's alt text. If you hover over the ad, you will see this strange message:

You take the blue pill - the story ends, you wake up in your Neohome and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill - you stay in Neopia and I show you how deep the Cybunny-hole goes.

If this sounds more like The Matrix, it's because Dave was a little mixed up on his pop-culture references.

Jellyneo reminds you that the Hubrid Companion Cube cannot speak.
In the event that the Hubrid Companion Cube does speak, Jellyneo urges you to disregard its advice.

Hey TJNT! Does Herdy ever get lonely or overworked? The Book of Ages seems like a big project for one person to maintain. D: ~ Dr. Sloth Minion
Nope, he's quite content commanding an entire department himself. TNT doesn't really tackle the lore and characters of Neopia unless it's tied in to some site event, so it can be a lot of work during those times when new characters are introduced. But apart from that, new characters usually come from Petpet Park.

Where did all of the JN tutorials go? ~ Anonymous
We took them offline. They were all terribly old, out of date, and half of them had broken images in them. We didn't think they were worth keeping around for those reasons, so we just chucked them. You might still find them cached in Google, though, if you're really attached to tutorials for out of date programs and broken images.

On Neopets, it says that contests that have Neopoints or items are against the rules, yet you have contests that have Neopoints for prizes. So will you guys or the winners of contests get frozen? It'd be sad if they did. Thanks for making a wonderful site! ~ That Random Bunny Girl
We stopped giving out Neopoints and items as prizes to our events a long time ago. A lot of people were concerned, so we just decided to stop and instead award jnAccount trophies. We know a single trophy for a cabinet on a Neopets fansite isn't exactly the best incentive to participate in our events, but we hope you guys still join them anyway, since we put in a lot of work to release them. :)

Speaking of events... our Halloween Costume Contest is right around the corner, with trophies available for the winners, so start thinking of costumes now! :D

Dave, you can't submit this costume again!

Hm, a lot of these questions seem to have some throwing in them. *throws a question mark* I've been visiting this site since it opened, I think. 'Twas a long time ago and my memory has left me. Now, I've been curious for a while. How do you plan out your ideas? Do you just type it out in a word processor or toss around a few words and pictures in a notebook? Or do you guys even get together online and discuss things? ~ _orbit
We have many methods for planning our projects. We have a topic in our staff chat where we throw out ideas to keep in mind for the future, and we have a to-do list of sorts where we keep everything that we're definitely going to be doing.

We also rely a lot on comments and requests from you guys, because honestly, we'd rather spend time working on things that people are going to use, rather than working months on something that few people will enjoy. Take, for example, the giant survey we posted awhile back. You can see we've since released Neoboard Fonts, and we're working on a couple other things on that list. :D

My sister and I both sent in an application for the same job a couple of weeks ago. We both got rejected (sadly!) but my sister received her rejection letter earlier than me. Does this mean that I was considered for a longer time than her or was it just you guys getting through the masses of applications? Thanks! ~ anonymous
Honestly, it all depends. Sometimes we put applications through "rounds" where we pick out a group of people we think would fit, send out rejections to the rest, then pick another group and reject the leftovers, etc. etc., until we reach the number of people we want to hire. But then other times, we look through them as they come in, send out rejections, then Dave gets distracted for whatever reason and doesn't finish sending them until later.

One thing for sure, though, is that we almost always send rejections before acceptance e-mails, so the longer you don't hear from us, the better your chances are of lasting through the process. :P

Your staff is very young. Some of Neopets' players are older (there are even some grannies). Is it possible for your future staffers to be one of them or will it disrupt the atmosphere? ~ catomano
There's nothing wrong with older Neopian players working for JN. :) We've had some 40+ year old staffers in the past, but they seem to usually be busier with real life stuff and just don't have enough time like kids in high school and college do.

Hey TJNT, where did the AC Record referral page go? I was about to get my third referral and the page just wasn't there anymore! Did you guys fill the beta tester list already? Or did something else happen? ~ lostdesert4thecup
We got rid of it this past year since we don't actually have anything to beta test this year. Last year, we were planning a beta of something, but it never worked out. :(

How come the Content Beast is not a staffer? He makes the content writers work on content... ~ Bobba6309
The Content Beast is not human! It was created by the long lost spirits of former content writers. We have many other non-human staffers that work on Jellyneo, including Socko, Sloth's army of Grundo Minions, Penelope, Hector, Hestia, Apollo, ...and the Meepits. *shifty eyes*


I know it was an April Fools' joke, but come on, Jellypets sounds even cooler than Neopets, you should make it! ~ anonymous
Haha... Note to self: Only do bad April Fools' jokes from now on. ;)

If you guys ever did something like the Ski Lodge Murder Mystery, who do you think would be the killer? None of you seem like robots to me... ~ superneogirl7
Hmm. If I had to guess, I'd say it'd probably be Nynex. She has "Passive Aggressive Serial Killer" written all over her. (Nah, just kidding, we love you Nynex! ;D)

Would you be able to create a category of Neopian items that move, like bobbleheads, snowglobes, or mystery capsules? ~ Godziwa
You mean animated item images? That would make a great Item Database special category. Consider it added, so take a look here! Let us know if we missed any animated items.

I was wondering if you guys could make a page for the different plot prizes where it shows how much each prize is worth and what would get the most Neopoints per plot point. ~ Lordgeovanni (not neoname)
We've considered this in the past, but I just don't think it's very feasible for us. We'd need to keep it updated constantly for months after the plot is finished, since prices usually don't stabilise until then. If you're looking for easy investments, though, wearables, books, stamps, paint brushes, and other "usable" prizes usually soar in value after holding on to them for a while. :)

Is there a page either on Neopets or JN that lists Neopets staff members? ~ piggy09
Nope, Neopets doesn't have such a list, and we don't really want to create a stalker list for everyone to use. :P

I'm just wondering, would I be at risk for selling codestones or other easy to sell items for, say, 400 NP below the wizard value? Someone might get cookie grabbed from somewhere else, then go to my shop and report me. I sell for cheap since I want the Neopoints instantly. ~ anonymous
Probably not, since TNT can easily see there's nothing malicious in your shop's HTML code. Plus, it's usually more common for scammers to price items around 1 NP, not as high as your prices.

Lu Codestone
1 in stock
Cost : 1 NP + Ur c0ok1ez!

I just watched the Christmas animation again and was wondering, was it Suzuka's choice or did Dave make her do the "...And a Dave plushie, in a Brain Tree" part? ~ Bobba6309
The original plan was to have everyone say that line together. This plan failed. Not only could we not get the timing right over a Skype chat, but with so many speaking at once, it was very unclear and messy. Suzuka was just acting silly in between attempts. In the final edited version, we decided to throw in one of her silly versions. :D

If you missed our 2008 holidays message, check it out here. If you want to hear other versions, you need to find the hidden bloopers. ;)

Hey there TJNT! *hands out store-bought cookies in a plastic bag* So, I have a question. Have you guys ever been asked a question that you put aside because you didn't know how to answer it? Bye! ~ Chiuauahk112255
I don't know about you guys, but there's just something about the cookies that supermarkets make themselves in the store that make them utterly delicious...

*cough* Anyways, why yes, we have. In fact, we have precisely 368 unanswered questions sitting here. Some of them are quite old, too, since the staffers who do the editorial usually pass over them in favour of questions they know how to answer.

I know that, for privacy reasons, some JN staff do not give out their Neopets username. I was wondering if, over the years or even currently, any of you get random items on Neopets as gifts from I guess your fans or admirers? ~ kaos7777
I don't recall anyone specific getting gifts, since most of our staffers keep a low profile. But if you've ever heard of Rosie's Restock Machine comic... well, she's gotten a lot of gifts from her adoring fans from that. :) (Go send her some dung!)

If there was a JN office, what would be happening right now? ~ Bobba6309
Organised chaos, lots of organised chaos... It is our birthday weekend, after all; we have a site event to see to and a new section of JN going live tomorrow!

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