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Baker's Treat
Published: August 7, 2010

Rveillez-vous, mon ami!

...Cochon? It's way too early. Come back in ten hours.

Mais, I brought you a cinnamon bun...

Well, why didn't you say so? Okay, let's do this!
While I set up, let's answer some viewer questions!

Do you guys and gals have NC Mall wishlists or up for trade items on your pet pages like most of us do or do y'all just trade with each other? ~ Babylove7575657
Staff members are regular Neopets users like everyone else, so we have pet page wishlists, too, and we go on the NC Neoboards to find traders. :)

How do you open the Deluxe Crafting Tree Kit? I rushed out at about 6pm NST to get a Neocash card so I could get it, but I can't get at the contents! Please answer! ~ thisisinsane2000
When you bought the Kit from the Mall, you should've gotten Gold Twine and a Pie Pan. You will also need one Amethyst, one Carnelian, and one Ruby, which can all be mined from the different levels of the Wailing Tunnels in Knight's Keep. You need to put a Mining Pick (which can be purchased from Petpet Emporium) on your petpet in order to mine gems. Once you have all of those items in your backpack, talk to the Crafting Tree in Squippit Hollow. You'll be making the Gem Encrusted Shield.

I started playing Neopets back in 2003. I quit about two years ago but have recently started back up again. I was wondering if there is any way I can look at a history of my pet. For instance, is there any way that I can prove my mutant Grundo started out green, then Christmas, then baby? ~ toy_car97
If you didn't keep track of it yourself on a pet page or a pet's lookup, then no, there's no official page for that.

I read the JubJub Power Bounce guide and it didn't say anything about this. Are we allowed to collect the free token on our side accounts? You don't earn NP and you can't sell NC items, so it seems like this would be okay, but I'm definitely not trying it until I find an answer. Please help? ~ anonymous
Yes, it's fine, because as you said, you don't earn NP from it. You can also purchase Power Bounce token packs from the Mall on your side account(s).

Hi, I was just wondering, in the Battledome, if you steal an item from someone on 1-player (such as with a sticky hand), then withdraw, do you get to keep the item? Cheers! ~ anonymous
Nope. After the fight, you never keep the items you steal in the Battledome.

Now, we have a wide assortment of fruit to choose from today: starfruit, banana chips, papayas, gooseberries, physalises, grapes, a tomato, cherries, watermelon, and...


You wanna go with blueberries? Alright. Oh, and I have the perfect recipe for this!

On Neopets, when using Firefox, I seem to be unable to reply to any Neomails. The text field remains unclickable. Is there a solution to this? ~ anonymous
I had a similar problem when I was using Firefox 3.5.something (I don't remember the exact version). E-mails wouldn't even open properly. If you want to confirm that it is a Firefox-specific issue, you can try Neomailing using Internet Explorer or something else. My solution to this was to roll back to a stable version of Firefox 3.0. I haven't tried 3.6 yet but upgrading to the latest version might also fix it.

How do you make a web site that's connected to Neopets? Like this: http://www.neopets.com/~Something. Thanks. :P ~ Sanasalim
Every pet you have on your account gets their own pet page. The web address for it will have your pet's name in it. You can edit yours by going to My Account and then clicking on Edit Pet Page. Others can see your pet's page by going to their lookup and clicking on the Lupe icon:

If baby, mutant and Maraquan pets can't wear clothes like all the others, why is it a lot of their artwork has been updated to look like the rest of the customisable colours? Cheers in advance, and keep up with the awesome work, been coming to this site for years now and it's yet to fail me! ~ djhanky222
Because they will eventually get clothes of their own. We've already seen it with baby pets (Sweet Dreams Crib, Valentine Baby Bonnet, Valentine Baby Dummy) and Maraquan pets (Maraquan Fancy Dress). Fingers crossed that mutant clothes aren't that far away!

Many times, I've seen "Purple" in the Neopets pound, gotten excited, and then it's a Grundo. What in Neopia would make make TNT have Purple and White as basics for Grundos? Thanks! ~ oceanewolfe
Considering Grundos are extraterrestrial creatures (they come from the planet Doran), it makes sense that they have different basic skin colours from other species. So it's not exactly "what in Neopia," it's more "what in the vast galaxy." ;)

Is it possible to have a Neopet painted one colour, then have it wear an article of clothing created from another paint brush? For example, let's say I have two Kougras. I paint one of them Christmas then go to the Magma Pool and paint the other Magma. Can I put the Christmas Kougra Collar onto the Magma Kougra? Thanks! ~ anonymous
Yes, that is a common practice among customisation enthusiasts. You'll have to remove the collar from your Christmas Kougra first, so it goes into your closet and becomes available for your other Kougra to wear.

First, we have to melt some butter on low heat.

While that's going, we need to prepare the dry ingredients:
Flour, baking powder, cinnamon, and salt.

Say "fromage," Cochon!

This is a theoretical question but: Say someone on the forums or something like that here on Jellyneo posted stuff that was clearly against the rules on Neopets, would JN staff intervene and report cheating of the said user to TNT, or would they turn a blind eye and do nothing? Cheers in advance! ~ djhanky222
Whether or not we can do something depends on the situation. The Neopets site and the JN site are two different things; we don't have monitor privileges on Neo and they don't have admin powers here. If someone posts something that kinda sorta sounds like they broke the rules but we don't have any on-site evidence to back that up, what could we say on the report abuse form? "Hey TNT, this person gave some vague explanation but they probably did something bad. Go off site and look here!" We don't think that'd mesh with their policies. However, if someone advertised their shop/lookup/pet page and we went there and there just happened to be a scam going on, then we'd do what any regular user would do and report it.

When trying to get the Chef Bonju avatar and you are using Neoboard pens, do you set your default avatar to the Mad About Orange one? ~ dreamstarman

Hey Illy, do you think Neopets is getting carried away with freebies? I mean, so many things are now easier to obtain then they were before. Would you consider that a good thing? ~ _bonning_
Free stuff (even if the item's old/cheap) is always a good thing. When I began playing Neopets, the best way to make NP was to play Scorchy Slots/Dice-A-Roo, and the best way to get freebies was to sign up with sponsor offers. There are many more possibilities nowadays. Even if you use the freebie items to feed your pets or as an offer on a trade, it's still useful.

Hi Illy! I was wondering if you had a before and after section with the old shopkeepers and their new looks. ~ avatar223_4_4_4
We don't have a specific article on it, but Dr. Sloth's Image Emporium has both old and new shopkeepers. They're in category 18.

I have a restocking/selling question, searched countless guides and couldn't really find an answer. So, I recently got lucky in the Attic and picked up a toy which can neither be bought via the shop wizard nor trading post (or auctions)! Now I'm wondering, for how much should I sell it, how can one find adequate prices for an unbuyable? What are usual methods to sell it for a decent price, and should I hurry up? It's r91, if that matters. Thank you. ~ anonymous
When coming up with an initial price, think about:

  • What's the type of item? Toys, grooming items, and school supplies are mostly bought by collectors, and savvy buyers will wait for the right deal. Wearables, books, stamps, and good Battledome weapons, on the other hand, are more in demand.
  • What's the rarity of the item? Generally, the higher the rarity, the more you can charge for it.
  • Is there a similar item that can help you come up with a price? (Similar in rarity, release date, item type.)
  • How quick do you want to sell it? If you put an unbuyable in your shop for 99,999 NP, it'll sell quicker, but you'd end up making less profit. Conversely, if you stick to a really high price, you might have to wait a long time for an offer.
For the type of item that you described, 200k to 300k seems like a reasonable start.

Mix together wet ingredients in another bowl.
Here we have brown sugar, milk, and one egg.

Illy, why is a French omelette made with only one egg?

I don't know, why?

Because one egg is un uf!

Oh Cochon, that was eggscrutiating.

Henyway, may I borrow another egg? I also need something to help me mix...

Sure, here you go, and I have just the person. Oh Bort! Come in here and help Cochon!
Your whisk arm is finally being put to good use.

I've seen a lot of people who say "Dear Neopets Team: I log on from lots of different computers" on their user lookups. Will I get frozen if I use a lot of different computers? I have my home computer, laptop, Wii browser, library computer, school computer, insert-public-internet-access-here computer. I also move around a lot with school/etc. Is this something I should worry about? Should I put a disclaimer on my lookup as well? ~ Anonymous
You won't get frozen for using different computers. TNT knows that you can play Neopets on your phone, on your gaming console, at school, etc.

Those disclaimers on lookups are useless. Monitors use other evidence to determine if a user's cheating or not; they don't take what you claim on your lookup at face value.

What does Tarla'd mean? ~ lost ln wonderland
It's a term given to items that have been given away by Tarla through the Neopets toolbar. Example: "Island Kacheek Table was Tarla'd on August 17th, 2008."

Dear Illy: Has Dave died? His lack of appearance on the main site lately worries me. ~ cheezit
No... I saw him yesterday. He's busy with other things and I'm sure he's enjoying the summer break while it lasts (school is just a stone's throw away!).

How many Neopoints do you need in your bank for 1,000 NP interest? Thank you! ~ king_crazy44
It depends on the type of bank account you have, because they offer different interest rates. Ideally, you'd have a Millionaire Double Platinum account, because at 11.0% per annum, it'd take about 3,316,556 NP to get 1,000 NP daily in interest.

How many avatars are there? ~ allmagadon
I count 354 at the moment, but it's not possible to obtain all of them.

The butter's melted and cooled.
I'm going to save a little bit of it because we're going to make streusel topping.
The rest can be combined with the other wet ingredients.
Then we pour all of that onto the flour mixture and mix well.
The blueberries are added last and must be folded in gently.

For the streusel, I'm mixing together that leftover butter, brown sugar, cinnamon, and oats to give it texture.

Use two spoons to scoop the mixture into a greased or lined muffin tray.
Drop a spoonful of streusel on top of each one.

Ready for baking! I see you've finished with your concoction as well, Cochon.
The muffins will be done in about 25 minutes at 350F but those meringues will be done much sooner.

I have a question regarding NC. If I got 75 NC in March and then I got 300 more in July, would all my NC expire next March? Or would the 75 NC expire next March? ~ anonymous
Neocash expires one year from the date you obtained it. If you don't spend it, your 75 NC will expire next March and your 300 NC will expire next July.

The other day, I was on the Wheel of Misfortune and I had exactly 150 NP on hand (the same amount of NP used to spend on the wheel) and I lost 500 NP, but I didn't have 500 NP on hand and it said I had -500 NP. Is this possible? ~ Monicamsa
Yes, that is possible and "normal" (as in, it's not a glitch). Accountant Illy's eye would twitch at this but Jokester Illy would say that you'd need to come up with 500 NP just to be broke.

I entered the Style Showdown on July 29th. They said for entering your pet in the first round, you get a free item and 150 NC. Well, this is August 2nd. I got my free gift, but only 30 NC. I did get my 150 NC for Petpet Park. Did anybody else have this problem? ~ anonymous
Not that we know of... You're sure you didn't have any NC that expired? You didn't make any purchases? What you can do is go to the Mall, and on the left hand side, click on "NC Account" and then "Neocash Log." Look for "SSD10ENT1"--it should say that 150 NC was given to your account. If it says 30, submit a support ticket to TNT (I find it useful to attach a screenshot of the glitch to send along with my report).

Hello miss Illy. Is there a way to hide your pet's statistics on its lookup? And is it allowed? ~ Blood656
It's possible but it's not allowed. You're not supposed to hide or misrepresent information about your pet or account. Too many scams came from people doing that. :(

I have a little scenario for you: say that you have a high score of 3,000 in Turmac Roll. Then TNT comes out with an avatar for Turmac Roll that requires you to score 2,500. Would you have to play the game and score higher than the required score again, or would you automatically be rewarded the avatar, since your high score already beats the required avatar score? Thanks for your help! ~ memorysoul
You'd have to play and beat the avatar score again.

Is it unsafe to give out your date of birth on your lookup? Not that I'm considering doing it, just someone I was chatting to had theirs on their lookup and it got me thinking. ~ madtamahatta
Haha, here's where my mom would come in, flailing her arms and ranting about identity theft. xP It's actually not the end of the world if you do, but I go by the rule that if you give the month and date of your birth, don't give the year (or your age) on your lookup, and vice versa. This is because your birth date is sometimes required for you to log in to Neopets; it could also be tied to your other Internet accounts. Whatever you decide, keep in mind that the information you put on lookups will be visible to every user passing by.

Everything's ready to eat!
I got this bottle of Tropic Anna from some guy in a limousine; we can try it out.
Made you a proper breakfast, too.
...Hello? Where are you, Cochon?


Great, now what am I going to do with this food?

Stop your attack on that muffin, Pyrovile!
Don't make me use my water gun!

Geez, not you guys again.
You can stay and have the food, but one angsty monologue from you, Doctor, and one attempt to mutate the human race from you, Pyro, and you're both going back into the storage box in the basement. Got it?

Yes, Illy.

Yes, Illy.

Check out Cake Calamity
This issue brought to you by:
Cake Calamity

You can have your cake and eat it, too, as long as you help Cochon make it!