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Suzuka's Epic Non-Teenage Birthday Editorial of DOOM
Published: July 24, 2010

Welcome, welcome! Sit down, have a cookie!


There, now don't you feel better? Good! I need you in the best of spirits for this, my second annual Birthday Editorial! This year, I've turned 20, an amazingly splendiferous number... although I still seem to be younger than Dave...

Anyway! I suppose I've rambled enough, let's get on with the questions! There are 23 of them, since my birthday is on the 23rd -- enjoy!

If you have a side account that is older than your main and you can access the Elite Boutique on it, are you allowed to buy from it and send those items to your main account? ~ anonymous
You are allowed to buy from the Elite Boutique on any properly aged account, but you cannot send them to your main account. Elite Boutique items can't be gifted at all, even if the account you're gifting to is of proper age. While it's theoretically possible that TNT will allow them to be gifted in the future, they would likely only be allowed to be sent between properly aged accounts.

Do you give stuff away for free to really super duper nice people? ~ superkaren11
In an official capacity, on behalf of JN? Nope! The staff members are a group of regular Neopians, and while they're free to participate in random acts of kindness on their own accounts if they want, the JN entity itself does not give away NP or items to random users.

We have had issues in the past of people thinking putting items on their wishlists means that we'll be giving them the items, but that is simply not true! Most of us could barely afford one of those insanely expensive paint brushes you all seem to want, let alone more than that... and we'd like to spend our NP on ourselves!

Someday, paint brush, someday...

I just joined Neopets in February so I missed Atlas of the Ancients. I was trying to do it today, but I can't click on the first part, the cell with the book background. As a result, I couldn't get the map piece. I could get everything else, but not the map. Why? And is the avatar still possible to get? ~ anonymous
Except for the Altador Mini-Plot, all plots close after they conclude. Although you can still pick up some of the items involved, you can no longer fully participate, so no final prizes, trophies, or avatars are available. Sorry!

Related guide: Atlas of the Ancients coverage.

Hi Suzuka! *hands Draik shaped cookies* I know that Draiks are retired pets, but do you think that TNT actually meant to release them on 9/9/9? It would have greatly helped battle insane inflation, and saying it was an "accident" would lessen the hate mail of those players who already had Draik Eggs and were shocked to see their drop in value. I've wanted a Draik for 2 years, and maybe TNT would "accidentally" let them be created again, if this was the case. Thanks for answering! Go Shenkuu! ~ lilac1997
I think it honestly was an accident, because TNT would know very well that the feedback from their most loyal players (the ones they rely on most for things like Premium, NC cash, site hits, etc.) would be overwhelmingly negative. I would expect this never to happen again, because the oversight is likely to be much higher. On the off chance it was on purpose, they would make sure it didn't happen again to decrease suspicion. ;)

Draiks are cool, sure, but I admit to not seeing what's so great about them. xD I think my Desert Aisha, for example, is much prettier than almost any Draik or Krawk. Love the pets you have, work toward the ones you want, and be happy!

Hi Suzuka! *hands out cookie* I was thinking, has TNT (or even you, amazing Jellyneo staff) ever organised a meeting or a convention? A place where users could meet, where people could sell Neopets merchandise, or even meet the site creators? Thanks! ~ britney_spears_4ever
TNT actually did a Mall Tour several years ago (although they skipped the Mall of America ;_;), and they are at the San Diego Comic Con again this year. :) A Neo-specific convention seems unlikely at this point; JN does not plan to try creating one -- not only are JN staff all over the globe, but it wouldn't be nearly as cool as an official Neo one. :) We'd certainly try to attend if it happened, though!

Why am I not in San Diego? Why?

Can you buy stocks on your side account? ~ anonymous
Absolutely not! :O That is a game which can result in profit, and you can only play it on your main. There's a 1,000 share limit for a reason!

Hi, I was trying to find this in your lovely editorial database and couldn't find if anyone had asked this yet. I've got a petpetpet and am trying to get it to attach. There's just one problem, it's so boring! I've checked all the guides and they say the easiest way is to refresh your inventory, but does it make any difference to the petpetpet which page you refresh? Could I, for example, get just as good results by playing a game of Neoquest II with a petpetpet in my inventory but without the added tedium? ~ pikakeet
Unfortunately, you have to be refreshing your inventory, otherwise all you're doing is increasing the risk of the petpetpet being zapped or stolen.

One of the best techniques I've seen used is acquiring multiples of the petpetpet you're trying to attach, generally between three and five. You'll get one attached quicker, and can sell the extras off. You can also occasionally find lenders on the boards, who'll loan you the petpetpet at-cost, and buy it back from you at the same price as soon as you're done. Remember, if done this way, both parties are obligated to follow through -- you must sell the petpetpet back, and they must return your collateral.

(THROWS COOKIES) I have 2 questions:
1. Are you allowed to play games on your side account but not send the score?
2. Do you have a list of loyal user perks; if not, can you make one? ~ anonymous

*Noms cookies*

1. While technically you could, I wouldn't. Eventually, you're going to get a score you want to send, or will send one by accident. You can play on your main even after sending max scores, so there's really no reason to do so on a side.

2. We do! You can find it linked on our Articles page, or here.

The Faerie Mazzew... Can I buy a Mazzew and paint it to Faerie? I love Mazzews a lot. I think they're the cutest petpet in all of Neopia. :] ~ a big mazzew fan
It's a specially released petpet so no, I don't think so. Buying the Faerie Mazzew on the Trading Post isn't so bad. It has already deflated to around 170,000 NP thanks to Save the Wheels. :P

Don'tcha wish your Mazzew was Faerie like me?

Other than the Altador plot, are there any plots which you can solve all year round, and not just at the time of their release? ~ guest_entry_pet
Nope, every other plot is time-sensitive (unless you count Petpet Park jobs). While it's possible that Neopets will release another year round one in the future, I wouldn't expect it.

Hi JN! Recently, I've been pondering opening a side account for customisation experiments. I was wondering, am I allowed to claim things from the Second Hand Shoppe on a side account? ~ 1993rap
The Second Hand Shoppe is similar to the Money Tree, so no, don't do it on a side account. You can, however, pick items up on your main account and send them over to your new side via the Trading Post. :)

How come, no matter how many times I refresh at the Almost Abandoned Attic, it never restocks? ~ ben10_ben10__24
The Almost Abandoned Attic, unlike most shops, has a set list of precise times it can restock. They're the same each week. I actually compiled a list of times on our guide, here. The Attic will not restock at every listed time, but when it does, it will always be at one of those times. If you just make sure to refresh (on the second -- those items go fast as lightning!) at those times, you'll soon get some restocks. Please note that the best times to try are when most of North America is sleeping, or really late in the NST day (just before midnight), because people will either be sleeping, or will have maxed out on the number of Attic items they can get for the day.

I looked like this when I finished up the page...

How exactly do those "Weepit was here" signs get in the games like Crisis Courier or Imperial Exam? ~ preciousgem_101
Those are Easter eggs are put in by the game programmer (in this case, Weepit the TNT staffer, not JN's former head of content). They're just fun little hidden things. :)

Also, I have no idea regarding sister advice (from your other question). My own is still annoying me after almost 17 years, so I just went and adopted noileh as my new little sister!

Hey Jellyneo! *cookies and milk?* Quick question: Is it alright to create a side account even though my main account does not have an email address attached to it? (My main was created way back when no emails were required.) ~ anonymous
Quick answer: As long as you don't go over 5 accounts total (regardless of e-mail), yes!

Someone on Neopets advertised a free Club Penguin account. I know giving Neopets accounts away is against the rules, but what about other sites? ~ anonymous
Other sites like this should not be mentioned on Neopets, period. I'm not familiar with Club Penguin's rules, but I'm guessing they don't allow users to give away their accounts either. In cases like this, the offer is almost always a scam, and you should ignore it for your own safety.

Ah, here we go, found Club Penguin's Terms of Use:
"You shall not impersonate any person or entity or misrepresent your identity or affiliation with any person or entity, including using another person's username, password or other account information, or another person's name, likeness, voice, image or photograph."

Hey Zuka! *dumps cookies on plate and gives to you* On the history page, it says (above the neggs) that it was "Jellyneo's fourth annual Negg Hunt." But on the past contests page, there are only three Negg Hunts. Why is that? ~ anonymous
That would be because when I updated the history page, I didn't notice that we didn't have a competition in 2008! It's now been updated.

In the future, if you notice something like this, you can feel free to submit it via a bug report :D

Here... have some neggs!

Do you respond to all staff applications, and if so, how long does it usually take for you to reply to a hiring application? I submitted one a week ago, and I don't expect a response that quickly, but I was just curious as to when/if I'll find out if I get accepted. ~ anonymous
We try to respond to each staff application we receive, regardless of whether it's an acceptance or rejection. Often, the response time depends on the job you're applying for. If the job has a submission deadline, such as those for Font Makers and Minions, we tend to keep most applications until the end, at which point the admins get together and make decisions on all the applications at once. If you've applied for a position without a deadline, we generally wait to get a few together, and then respond to them all at once, so it could be over a month, or less than a week, depending on our schedules.

Hey, Suzuka! :D I saw that, in JN's scratchcard guide, there was the mention of a place called the Space Faerie Vending Machine. I saw nothing else about it, so I'm curious: What is the Space Faerie Vending Machine? ~ Dragonfur77
The Space Faerie Vending Machine is an exclusive place that Premium Members can visit, on very rare occasions (I've only gotten in once in six years!). You have to win an exclusive token from the Space Faerie Scratch Card in order to gain entry.

Hi JN! Last month, my cousin gave me her account, as she didn't play Neopets anymore. I've read your editorial, and I think this isn't allowed. But, what if I just logged in to take her NP from the account, would it be against the rules? ~ username removed
Yes, it definitely would be against them! Your cousin can donate her NP to the Money Tree or give them to others (or let it all sit in the account), but it has to be her decision and she needs to be the one to log in and do the necessary actions. You cannot "give away" your account, even if it's to a family member. If you're caught in an account that you did not create, you run the risk of having all your accounts frozen.

If I play Neoquest II on Insane difficulty, but don't get the prize I want, can I attempt to play it again for another prize? ~ kappa_otaku_122
Sorry, but no. D: You're stuck with what you get, and unfortunately, Insane will only reward you with a prize once. :( That's part of why they're so expensive!

But mummy, I wanted a Wand of Reality... not some silly sword!

For every user on Jellyneo, shouldn't there be a like some kind of user lookup for other people to see? ~ Junglespider
While we don't have any sort of user lookup feature now for jnAccounts (and we don't have any plans that I'm aware of to make any), clicking on a person's account name will lead you to their trophy cabinet. (Psst... Rosie's is special...)

If you zapped your petpet into a Pile of Soot, could you sell it? ~ jcats26
Nope! Any petpets that are zapped will revert to their original form once detached. Even if by a glitch or something, you end up with one in your inventory, it is a No Trade item, which means you can't sell it. The only way to guarantee a sellable Pile of Soot petpet is to buy the Christmas Pile of Soot, which was an Advent Calendar prize. :)

I have 4 active accounts. One I have is inactive, but I can't self-freeze it. I forgot my birthday on it and I don't remember enough about it to request my info sent to me from Neopets. Since I haven't been able to access my account for 2 years, I'm not sure if it'll be purged or not. I need the space of an active 5th account. What should I do? ~ Niku (frogfrog109)
The best course of action here would be to submit a report form, and request the deactivation of the account. Waiting on it to be purged isn't a good idea -- a very old account of mine was compromised almost 7 years ago, and it has still not been purged! TNT should be able to deactivate the account for you, and you will then be safe to create a fifth account!

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