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Issue 13
Published: October 27, 2007

It's the unlucky issue! This issue is brought to you by both Dave and Terry!

Hey JellyNeo! Do you think you can tell me what font typeface that TNT used on the Neopets Logo? ~ _theusername_
That would be Heffaklump. ;)

when you go to buy some clothing at the Uni clothes shop is there a way to tell what clothes are wearable? I have bought some things that I thought my pet could wear but you cannot do anything with the item. ~ harriot_porter
Unfortunately, TNT hasn't put any indicators in shops that an item is wearable. The only way to tell is if you buy the item yourself first! (Or, you can look it up our Item DB. :P)

How often do you publish an Editorial issue? ~ asiangirl2006100
We *try* to get one out every Saturday, but there's this thing called "life", and it creeps up and rears its ugly head sometimes, preventing us from doing so. :( *grumbles about Terry missing his editorial last week*

Can you tell me all the ways to change your pets gender?Thanks! ~ adodob2
Hmm, alright.

  1. Using the Lab Ray
  2. Battle the Lab Ray Scientist
  3. Strange Potion
  4. Apparently, using the Cape of the Sun

Boy, I AM a Strange Potion...

How do you snipe auctions SUCCESSFULLY. I mean sure i can find them on the first page and then bid but when i click the link to see the new bid list im always second or third and by the time i click the link to put the next bid the auction is closed. I missed a Magical Golden Nerkmid for 34,000np like this. What am I doing wrong? ~ marko_the_assasin
I usually bid on one auction and see how fast people outbid me. Then I increase my bid so that I can outbid others. Also, keep a tab on the 41-60 page. Look for items that you want to bid on so you'll be prepared to jump on it once it hits 1-20. (Also, you can hit F5 to refresh, if you didn't know that.) Hope that helps!

Would you say that Neopets is more of a children's website, or more of a teen/young adult website? ~ samschelfhout2
I feel like it's becoming a children's website. There are activities for teens/young adults/adults (Yes, adults.) to do, such as restock, auction snipe, the Stock Market, etc. But then there are also all these games with fun eye-catching graphics and the sponsor games from Nickelodeon as well as other sponsors that target the kids.

There's also customisation for both the kids and the adults. Kids can make their pets look nice (sort of like Barbies in a way.) through NeoPoints, adults can use their money to buy NeoCash to get clothes for their pets if they wish. But it's definitely more of a children's website than a teen/young adult/adult website. (And I think my response got muddled up in all that typing. Oh well. :P)

hi there my AmAzInG JN, your site truly helps a lot not only me but all other neopet users as well... just wondering, do you think Neopets will release or make neoQuestIII, a sequel to NQI and NQII? (not the NQ3D in meridell). big thanks for all your help. happy playing. ~ gieopetzkyi
Honestly, I think NeoQuest 3D might just be NeoQuest III. (There are images for the game buttons and stuff.) Or, you know, NeoQuest III might never exist and will be thrown out in favor of more flash games. (Maybe NeoQuest 3D might be thrown out too...) Who knows? :P

Who knows? I do! *zaps NeoQuest III into a Pile of Soot*

Why you guys do not want to put a guide about all of the neopets theme? ~ lord_of_grass
Wuh? If you mean Site Themes, the guide's located here. (Yes, I have to fix up the guide a bit. Hang on! :P) If you mean Random Theme Days, the guide is located here. o_O

You just don't like me! :(

Is the blue Grundo plushie in Faerieland there for any reason? Is it a sentient being of ultimate doom? Will it bring our downfall?! D: ~ sephyangel184
Nope, there's no reason really. It was possibly going to be used with the cancelled Guildmaster's Logic Puzzle... but since it was cancelled, we'll never know. We do like your reason for its existance, though.

Can Paint Brush Clothes Still Be Used When You Paint Your Pet Again? ~ michiah11
Why, yes they can! All paintbrush clothes are kept in your closet after your pet has received them from a new paint job! (So you could potentially have... a lot of clothes for your pets. :P)

You can keep me forever!

What is your favorite jelly to put on toast? ~ Mysterious Prince of Toast
Raspberry. Mmm....

Jellyneo rocks. :P Anyway, my question is about MSP Poogles. You said that they couldn't come from the Rainbow Pool, but what about the Rainbow Fountain? ~ fortunecookiegirl
Whoops, that was a typo. You can't paint Poogles MSP nor can you get them from the Rainbow Fountain. :P Sorry!

I'm Lab Ray Exclusive!

Dear JN, my petpet got zapped into a Blue Krawk by the ray. Will it turn into a neopet if I go to fungus caves or will it not work? ~ momin_sc
Here's the answer, courtesy of the Neopets Editorial!

Can you stand another Petpet Lab Ray question? I've asked around and gotten different answers, so I thought I'd ask the boss. ;) If your petpet is zapped into a Krawk, can you take it to the Fungus Cave and make a Krawk pet, or is it not an option for a zapped Krawk petpet?

No we can't!

Oh wait. Apparently we can. Krawk Petpets created through the Petpet Lab Ray are not able to become Krawk Neopets. That wouldn't really be fair to Krawk owners who spent millions on their pet, now would it? ;)

Hey whoever is answering this question! I heard about the JNforums and tried to sign up for it. But when I typed in what I wanted my log in name and display name to be, it came up with an alert saying something like "Only these characters can be used: a-zA-Z0-9". What does this mean? ~ dagnyandhannah
That means that you can only use uppercase and lowercase letters and the numbers 0 through 9. This means that you can't include funky letters like % or # in your username. It would create too many problems!

Hey Jellyneo ;) My question is: Why are there 'mirror games' and is it safe to play them? Is it counted as cheating to play them? Just wondering :) ~ s1gnals
By mirror games, we assume that you mean there's more than one version of a game, right? This is mostly with sponsor games, and they are safe to play. We've never heard of someone getting frozen for playing them. A mirror game is due to the fact that certain games are only meant for people in certain countries or who speak a certain language.

I've tried numerous times to get to the hidden tower, and all I get is a refreshed page of Faerieland. I've tried through links and just clicking on the spot. My mouse shows that there's something there, but I cannot access it. Can you help me? ~ warmum
Your account must be of a certain age in order to visit the Hidden Tower. This is to prevent cheaters and spammers from getting the good stuff!

Instead of all the dung, why can't we get 'n00b-eraser-rays' from Pick-Your-Own? That would actaully be something useful. ~ thedoveswing
We couldn't agree more. Luckily, there is n00b-eraser-rays on the Neoboards! It's called the report button, and clicking that button on the offending post will alert a Neopets monitor so that they can deal with it. Don't try handling n00bs yourself! Neo monitors are trained professionals and have gone through intense training!

Hiya TJNT! Where do i find the page that tells me what my average pet rating is? sangcoopa! (thats thanks in Anna-ish) ~ Annaaettully
You can find your pet's rating on their lookup! Simply visit Quick Ref and then click on your Neopet's name to visit their lookup.

Hi,do you ever go...OUTSIDE?*dundundun* ~ krawky398
Outside... what is this "outside" you speak of? We're always inside writing up editorials and creating plots.

Hey guys; hope this isn't interrupting your precious homework time! xD Do ya think you could put the editorial-answerer's name somewhere near the editorial's top each week? (I like to know these things from more than a passing mention in an answer. Yea. ~ Happypants3
There's a system. It's *mumble*. YOU SHALL NEVER KNOW! (Oh, it's Terry this time. Just don't send me emails about the Yurble Janitor's demotion to Assistant Janitor or what happened to your Neopets when they went swimming in the Rainbow Pool.)

I hate this wooden bucket! I hate mopping! I hate being Assistant Janitor! Why am I so angry?!?

Dont you guys think that it is ridiculous to have 'retired' site themes on Neopets? I mean, I signed up later and missed at least 4 cool site themes. o.0 ~ galaxy__1995
Dave is extremely upset that he missed out on the Cyodrake's Gaze theme. It was all Terry's fault. (And to make it worse, Terry GOT the theme!) He made Dave randomly guess the answers, and they were all wrong. :(

So yes, it is upsetting, but it's not *too* ridiculous. It's just a fact of life. :(

Has anyone ever gotten anything from the symol hole?? ~ galaxy__1995
You can get a variety of items from the Symol Hole. Click here for our guide!

JN boulders (that's bigger than rocks 0.-) Just wondering if anyone has figured out if making donations to the Money Tree increases the likelyhood of getting more or better Random Events. ~ jtd522
Nope. Donating to the Money Tree does not affect your chance at Random Events. However, it does affect the good feeling you feel that you've donated something to a poor Neopian (or one who has a T1 line and has been sitting at the Money Tree all day)!

What is the most commom Pet Colour in Neopia? ~ neohaze
Dave guesses Blue or Red or Yellow or Green. In our Pet Directory (By the way, you all should go submit your pets. :P), we have 1333 Blue Neopets, 833 Red Neopets, 759 Baby Neopets, 701 Green Neopets and 611 Yellow Neopets. Dave also said that he thought there was a flaw in the data because Baby was before Green and Yellow, which I have to agree with. (And he also says that people are more inclined to add their colored pets rather than their plain old basic pets. :P) *nod* So there you have it! Blue rules all.

We're the hottest pets in Neopia! Yea!

i was just wondering if there was a place on Jellyneo where you can look at all the petpet colors, even the ones not shown at the Petpet Puddle? if not, would it be possible to direct me to one? thanks so much! Jellyneo ROCKS! =] ~ puddlewonderfulangel
You can use our Item Database if you know the name of the petpet, or the category that the petpet is in. However, we don't have anything for petpets that is like our New Rainbow Pool for pets.

Hi all! It's always referred to on the site and there's even an expansion set for the Trading Card Game based on it, but where on the Neopets site can you read the full story of Dr. Sloth VS Cylara and Gorix? Was - is - there a comic for the adventure? The impression I get is that this was a major event in Neopets history, and yet there's no detailed coverage of it on the site. Thanks for your help! ~ kevinlarkin
*sob* Unfortunately, TNT decided to cancel the *sniffle* Return of Dr. Sloth plot. *breaks down crying* It was nothing more than a TCG expansion pack. If only the next plot could be centered around our Master's glorious return. :( :( :(

The lutari pant brush is out, right? Because I saw it on the trading post, but are there any pets that can be painted lutari? ~ pheonixpaw
Unfortunately, the Lutari Paint Brush is not able to be used, just like the unusable Glass and Stone PBs. TNT may activate it some day, but for now, it's just an expensive souvenir from Lutari Island.

You Guys Rock ;),How Do You Get Limited Edition Pets On There Pet Day? ~ Michiah11_2(Username)
Simply visit the Create a Pet page and the option to create a limited edition pet will be there... as long as there are some available!

I have the item Tropical Swim Trunks and the description is 'Just in time to go swimming in the ... snow? This was given out by the July Advent Calendar.' What is the July Advent Calendar? ~ three_strangers
The July Advent Calendar was a special day in July two summers ago where TNT had created a "Blizzard in July", and that included activating the Advent Calendar for that one day. ;)

I noticed that the El Picklesaur Brand Wrestling Items (three of them) are all rarity 101. Where do/did they come from (a plot, game, random event)? ~ boomboomaj
All of the El Picklesuar Brand Wrestling Items came from the Movie Mountain Sponsor shoppe. (Unfortunately, it's closed now. But at least you can still have Super Fun El Picklesaur Brand Wrestling Fun Goodness!)

Hey Jellyneo! Can you earn trophies from all of the Neopets games? ~ catgirl_212
If the game has a High Score Table, then yes, you can earn trophies from it. ;) There are only a couple games in which you can earn trophies from by not getting a high score. (Such as Snow Wars, Cellblock, Cheat, Neoquest, and basically all of the other games Dave has trophies for. :P)

What is the brand new item the "Featured Game Ticket" used for? ~ pleasefillin50
According to the Item Description of the Featured Game Ticket, it allows you to change the Featured Game of the Day to some other game of your choosing (from a list TNT created). When it is used, you have a 24 Hour window to use it, meaning that if you get your timing right, you can get six game plays of the game you chose. Any more questions, click here for TNT's FAQ responses.

I can be used for up to six game plays! w00t!

Hey,Jellyneo,I was wondering if you guys have a guide for fonts for the neoboards.I have a great idea for one for Halloween,but I dont know how to put it up.I know it can be done,I've seen many people doing it.They put half their siggy above their post and half below it.Do you guys know how to?Or do you guys know any guides to the font?Please help! ~ Jodiea86
At the moment, we do not have anything about Neoboard fonts. However, we have plans in the very distant future that involves something like this. :)

Remember back a long time ago when we got the April Fools pets? Well, some of them were made into petpets. Is there a list of them somewhere? I think that these were them: Soreen Carmariller Slymook Calabat Duocorn Were there more? ~ toreva_no_totoro
The following were made into petpets (click their names to see them in our Item DB): Soreen, Carmariller, Duocorn, Gwalla, Urchull, Petoot, Calabat, and Slymook.

How did you put the avatars onto your avatar solutions? ~ ray112893
Our Avatar Solutions page runs on PHP and MySQL. :) We also use a caching system to prevent a MySQL overload!