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Jellyneo Server Logs
Published: June 26, 2010

> frank@virtupets:~$ -u frank -p **********
Login successful... loading Jellyneo main frame.
Please wait...

********** Welcome to the Jellyneo Diet Terry Server! **********

From this console, you will be able to control all aspects
of Jellyneo and its operation. For a list of commands,
type "help".

>$ help
Loading ...

***************************** HELP! ****************************
Below is a list of available commands on Diet Terry.

"help" - Bring up this menu.
"logout" - Quit your session on the server.
"drink " - Get a refreshing drink.
"add " - Add a new page of content.
"emacs " - Open a content page to edit.
"delete " - Delete a file. [ADMIN ONLY]
"petdir list unapproved" - List pets awaiting approval.
"petdir approve " - Approve petname.
"news postnew" - Post news to JN.
"news editpost " - Edit a news post with <id>.
"news sendtweet " - Send a Tweet to the JN twitter.
"alert turmy" - Trigger the Turmy alert.
"jneditorial newissue <title>" - Make a new issue with <title> as the title.
"jneditorial list questions" - List the available questions.
"jneditorial showq " - Show the content of a question with ID.
"jneditorial answer " - Answer a question with ID.
"jneditorial publish " - Publish issue #ID.

>$ delete *ALL*
Processing... please wait...
ERROR: Could not process your command. No admin permissions.

>$ news postnew
Enter the title of your new post: _

>$ "Hello, Neopia."
Processing... please wait...
ERROR: Sorry, could not make new post. No news permissions.

>$ drink "Dr. Dave"
ERROR: Sorry, but only staffers that do work are allowed some soda!

>$ jneditorial newissue "Hello, Neopia."
Processing... please wait...
SUCCESS: Your issue has been created. You may now answer questions.

>$ jneditorial list questions
Processing... please wait...
ERROR: Too many questions to output. Please select individually.

>$ jneditorial showq 7483
Q: Since the Draik egg is a food item, is there a chance that it might be obtainable in the monthly freebies?
BY: sapphiecoco

>$ jneditorial answer 7483
Please type your answer: _
>$ As much as I believe TNT to be inferior beings, they aren't silly enough to NOT set a rarity maximum for that outrageous freebie. If it were up to me, there'd be no freebies anywhere!

>$ jneditorial showq 7536
Q: Does that window of opportunity still exist to get a trophy on the night TNT clears the high score tables?
BY: jtd522

>$ jneditorial answer 7536
Please type your answer: _
>$ Yes. It used to be that you only had a few short hours to claim the first trophies of the month, but now you have much longer. Trophies are awarded a little before midnight NST and scores are cleared on the first day of the month. Such a shame; it was amusing watching you puny Neopians stampeding to the games room before.

>$ jneditorial showq 8560
Q: When I played The Search for Princess Lunara game, it said that the green Ogrin was Lunara's little sister. Are they sure? She looks too tall to be a little sister.
BY: anonymous

>$ jneditorial answer 8560
Please type your answer: _
>$ She's actually a green Gnorbu. And younger siblings can sometimes be taller or shorter than their siblings. Not everyone is blessed with great genes, like yours truly.

>$ jneditorial showq 8437
Q: Are you making a graphics page? If so, when will it be finished?
BY: iluvrocks

>$ jneditorial answer 8437
Please type your answer: _
>$ Hah! Hahaha! Hahahahahahahaha!

What a silly question. The Jellyneo staff is 101% incapable of creating any sort of respectable graphics establishment. Might I instead direct you to my wonderfully new Image Emporium?

>$ jneditorial showq 8508
Q: Didn't used to be a mirror of Jellyneo? I remember using it last year...
BY: wicked_Avatar

>$ jneditorial answer 8508
Please type your answer: _
>$ I'm not sure where you heard these viciously false rumours. The great has always been housed on my impenetrable servers of doom. A mirror of Jellyneo? What a laughable accusation.

>$ jneditorial showq 7948
Q: What would happen if you didn't pass Sloth's mind control quiz?
BY: pinkrosecat

>$ jneditorial answer 7948
Please type your answer: _
>$ Want to find out? Just step to your left, and stand directly in the center of that red X...

>$ jneditorial showq 8426
Q: Why is it that the Book of Ages and the Petpet Park Guide actually have nicer, cleaner looking layouts than the actual JN main site? I know it depends on personal opinion, but I really think those two are a lot easier on the eyes. Can the JN main site handle a layout like that?
BY: anonymous

>$ jneditorial answer 8426
Please type your answer: _
>$ My associates and I have been pushing the ugly Jellyneo to redesign their pitiful main site for a while now. I'll announce my victory to let you know when it does get a redesign.

>$ jneditorial showq 7967
Q: Do you think JN will ever develop/release/create a Petpet Puddle similar to the (amazing) New Rainbow Pool? It would be amazing to be able to look at it that way, rather than fussing with the one on Neopets.
BY: anonymous

>$ jneditorial answer 7967
Please type your answer: _
>$ You must be aware of Jellyneo's Item Database. I may have criticism for every other poorly designed, awfully written and pathetic part of Jellyneo, but their Item Database helped me pick out my great new petpet, Pooki the Pinceron. I've heard some rumours that Jellyneo is also planning on a Neopet/Petpet matching system to let you see which petpets go with which species of Neopet.

>$ jneditorial showq 8131
Q: What is (are) the rarest and most expensive item(s) on Neopets? And how were the obtained?
BY: millionare_wana_be

>$ jneditorial answer 8131
Please type your answer: _
>$ That would be Sloth Approved Hair Gel. It came from my bathroom cabinet.

>$ jneditorial showq 7786
Q: Hiya, JN! Is having a Neopets-related sidebar gadget (Windows Vista) with quick links to your inventory and new features considered to be against the rules?
BY: Anonymous

>$ jneditorial answer 7786
Please type your answer: _
>$ No.

>$ jneditorial showq 7699
Q: Does having a Symol increase the chances of getting an item from the Symol Hole?
BY: anonymous

>$ jneditorial answer 7699
Please type your answer: _
>$ No, any odd petpet will do. Might I recommend a Diddler? Or how about a Screwtop?

>$ jneditorial showq 8554
Q: I've seen people on the Neoboards with their signature on top of their post and under it too! How did they do this?
BY: anonymous

>$ jneditorial answer 8554
Please type your answer: _
>$ Easy. They put their signature code into the neoHTML code box.

----- EXAMPLE -----

Enter your NeoHTML here: [center][fontc=#3F4F29]*sloth*[br][b]The great and powerful Sloth says:[/b][/font][br][br][fontc=#000000]neoHTML[/font][/center][

Enter your NeoSignature here: ][br][center][fontc=#3F4F29][b]Bwahaha![/b][br]*dung*[/font][/center]

You don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure that out. Which, by the way, if you're not a rocket scientist, I hear Jellyneo is hiring font makers. If you are a rocket scientist, please speak with me privately.

>$ jneditorial showq 8037
Q: Do you think TNT will ever make all of the old clothes wearable? Like the Tombola T-shirt?
BY: Ducky555999

>$ jneditorial answer 8037
Please type your answer: _
>$ Probably not all of them, but some little by little. Look no further than the overpriced and stupidly pink Faerie Queen Wings.

>$ jneditorial showq 8555
Q: Hey! Just a question about that new emotions needed page thingy-ma-bob doohickey. I can't give away my e-mail just like that, so how can we be contacted to know that our pet has been used?
BY: Bmwsu

>$ jneditorial answer 8555
Please type your answer: _
>$ You can leave your Neopets username, but those staff members still prefer e-mail. Bah, Sloth-mail is quicker. And, I think that is all I can take of these endless questions.
>$ logout
===========SESSION ENDED===========


How can you put a painted petpet into a gallery? ~ megamorpho
Have it in your inventory, click on it, and select "Put into your Gallery." Or use quick stock. Of course, you have to have a gallery in the first place for this to work.

I know this might not be answered but what were Terry's ice cream essays? ~ thefraggle
Here and here.

Other noteworthy ice cream ramblings by Terry: Uno | Dos

Hi JN! Is there any way to see how many prize shop points you have during the AC? (Before the prize shop is open.) ~ rolerol
No, but if you're All-Star (or close to it) then you know you'll be able to get the rarer and more expensive prizes.

What is a Juppie swirl? I know it is an unreleased fruit colour for Chias but if it's a fruit colour, is it actually a real fruit? Because I've never heard of that fruit or vegetable in my life. ~ blazewolf101
These are different varieties of Juppies:

What is a "Juppie swirl"? The answer is in the description of the Juppie Swirl Chia Pop.
"Blue Juppies and super rich cream are blended together..."

There is no Blue Juppie item yet.

Do you have to have to have the exact number of dubloons for Krawk Island training? Because I have only 10 and 20 dubloon coins to train my level 18 Eyrie. ~ blazewolf101
Yes, you must pay with the exact dubloon coin shown.

I was just wondering how do you self freeze your account? ~ neo_flaom1
By going to the remove account page.

Is it against the rules to sell a glass or stone paint brush at a really high price and not tell people that they no longer work, because my friend bought a glass paint brush for 123,000NP and then tried to use it on her Aisha and it didn't work. Now the person won't give back the NP she spent! ~ The Master of Cybunnys shall NEVER reveal her name!!
While it would be nice, sellers are not obligated to say that the paint brush doesn't work when they put it up for sale/trade. I'm confused as to why your friend bought the brush for such a high price when it is buyable on the shop wizard. In addition, the description of the brush clearly says "This Paint Brush is retired and cannot be used any more. Sorry!" If your friend simply made a bad purchase because they didn't know or bother to check the description or the shop wizard then the seller isn't obligated to give a refund.

If the seller said the brush still worked or made other false claims then that would be cause for reporting them. Otherwise, your friend can recoup some of their loss by reselling the brush.

I went to the JN Book Checklist to see what my pet needed to read. It listed "The Neovian Chronicle" as one of them. I bought it for her, then went to the drop down list to have her read it and I couldn't because there wasn't any listing to read it to your pet. Is this a glitch? Thanks! ~ anonymous
TNT seems to have forgotten to make it readable. The Neovian Chronicle should no longer show up on the book checklist.

Hello! How do you enter the magma pool? The guard is not letting me in. ~ fluffy_1__2___3
*cough *cough*

What's the name of the user whose Lupe defeated the Monoceraptor? ~ joaomarcosvelez
Gotenx84. He left Neopets a long time ago.

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