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Jen & Kata's Plain Editorial
Published: June 13, 2010

Jen and Kata volunteered to do an editorial and were sure they were going to have some sort of theme. As things worked out, though, they actually didn't ever find a theme that worked, so this editorial is a bit plain. Vanilla, one might say, because vanilla is a plain flavour.

Flavour of what? Soy milk? No, no! Of ice cream. Speaking of ice cream, you should buy us some. Well, maybe not Jen, I imagine it's a bit cooler in New Zealand, but maybe she likes cold things when it's cold. Anyway, ice cream, you should buy it for us. Poor Nynex and Mike never did get their ice cream from oh-so-long-ago. What's that? You didn't come here for an essay on ice cream? Oh, well then, while I get my head on straight, Jen had best start the editorial.

Meekins, spoon, ice cream!
Figure 1: Artist rendition of something else that happens to fit what Kata would do to a sundae right now.
Image provided courtesy of Dr. Sloth's Image Emporium, not to be confused with Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium.

I had Neopets Premium up until last week. I was paying monthly through my debit card, except I lost my card and had to get a new one. Well I forgot to tell Neopets and when they couldn't get their money they canceled my service. At least I think that's what happened. So if I am paying monthly do I still have to renew my subscription? I cant sign up for the trial because my name is already in the system. So should I call or what should I do? I want my Premium back! Thank you. ~ ladymarie2007
Jen: Yes, it sounds like Neopets stopped your Premium subscription because they were unable to bill your account due to the change in your debit card number. Because your service has now run out, you will need to contact Premium Technical Support to update your billing information. It shouldn't be too difficult and you'll have your perks back in no time! :D

Hey JN I loved your Negg Hunt, it rocked!! Anyway, a week ago, give or take, TNT sent me a Neomail saying that my NC had expired and that they would send me stuff worth the amount, but I haven't received anything yet. Should I report or should I keep on waiting? ~ sofita103
Kata: I would first check to make sure your NC has expired, and that it wasn't just a warning telling you that you had until a specified date to spend your NC. If you're sure it's expired, and haven't received anything, I would recommend contacting TNT using the NC Mall contact form.

Hey JN. I saw a topic about this on the Altador Cup Neoboard and it really got me thinking. You know the Mystery Island logo in the AC? Is that white part a bone piercing in the nose or is it a smile? A lot of people are saying it's a piercing, but I see a smile, though an odd one. What IS it? ~ daburro
Jen: I see what you mean! I have to admit, it looks like a bone piercing to me at first glance, similar to the island Kyrii. The mouth looks like the beige triangle bit underneath the white part. But I am sufficiently confused because you can see the pointy bits coming out from the nose above the white part. This would be the nose piercing. You can see it a little clearer on the Magic Tiki Mask item! Judging the logo by this item, I'd say the white part was a mouth. Perhaps the artist is out to confuse us ;)

*sob* Did yours hurt as much as mine?

Can a random event happen to non-active Neopets? For example, my active pet is a Blue Scorchio and I have a Royal Tonu as a non-active pet. Could a random event happen to the Tonu? Thanks. ~ iatk21
Kata: Some random events affect all your pets, like the Ghost Lupe growling and healing your pets. However, there are single pet events, like Boochi turning your pet Baby, that will only affect your active pet. If you want to avoid any unfortunate colour changes through random events, keep your prized pets as non-active ones and make sure they're happy. There are several old editorial responses on this topic, which you can find in our editorial database. Searching for "active pet" yields these results. :)

Hiya, Jellyneo! Awhile ago, we celebrated Gelert Day in Neopia. I owned a Gelert, so I decided to have him trained for free. But when I got there, a one dubloon coin was asked of me. I thought there was free training? ~ Blazifay921
Jen: Ah, yes, there is free training on the special Neopet species days, starting from midnight NST and going until 11:59:59pm NST the same day. Gelert Day fell on March 6th, a Saturday. In the past, if a pet day fell on a weekend or a special holiday, free training was available for all of that weekend. However, recently we've noticed that free training only exists on the actual pet day, no more, no less.

How can you put painted petpets in your gallery? ~ megamorpho
Kata: In order to put a petpet into a gallery, it can't be attached to a pet. As a result, if you want one that's not its basic colour, you'll have to either paint it yourself or buy one painted. If it was zapped by the Petpet Lab Ray, it will revert back to its original colour and species when you remove it from your pet, so there's no way to get colours exclusive to the Ray into your gallery.

Petpet Ray Kookith
The Ray's effects rely on the specific pet/petpet bond... except when your petpet mysteriously disappears!

*Throws cookies and Maraquan shekels* Why is it that questions with no meaning at all get answered and not important ones, because I asked a really good question (I can't remember it :P) and when I checked the editorial when it came out, I saw questions that didn't quite make sense. So mind explaining this? *Throws Magical Cybunny Plushies as goodbye present* ~ curly987_2
Jen: Whichever staffer (or staffers!) is answering the editorial pick the questions they feel are important or can answer with enough certainty! If you asked a good question and didn't see it published immediately, it might get picked by a future editor, so there's still a chance it'll get answered.

I have to add: nice Jedi skills there, mind tricking me into answering one of those 'not important' questions! Hehe. *Hands you a cookie*

On the 31st of March, I transferred my pet to my side account, to make place for a pet that had an aged Mazzew. But when I wanted to go on that account, they asked me for my birthday, so I picked my real birthday, but they kept on saying it's the wrong birthday. Even the days after, still not the right birthday. Could TNT send you an e-mail with the real birth date if people have this problem? ~ Prizzly
Kata: You can try filling out this contact form; include as much detail about the account you're trying to access, because otherwise TNT won't know if you're the real owner or not. The longer that account has been inactive, the less likely you'll get the birthday for it, but it's still worth a try. Be prepared to wait weeks or possibly months for a reply. Or you can spend an eternity trying every date combination until you find the birthday you used. Fake birthdays just aren't worth the trouble--honesty is the best policy!

Hallo JN! So, I've been looking around and can't find a full answer to this question anywhere, only partials. My side accounts all have 'themes' for the Neopets on them, but some of the colours I want to fit into the themes are obtained only through the Lab Ray. Only one of my accounts has access to the Ray. Is it okay to create Neopets on this account, zap them until I get a desired colour, then transfer them over to the account I want them on? I hope so, 'cause I really don't want to spend all that money to get the pieces for multiple accounts! ~ anonymous
Jen: That is absolutely okay to do! You are free to move your Neopets around your accounts as you see fit, but you are constrained by the monthly pet transfer limit.

What are the most wanted items in Neopia, based on JN wishlists? :) ~ meercatristonhopets3
Kata: I had to ask Dave, but he reported that the top 5 are...

1. Royal Paint Brush
2. Baby Paint Brush
3. Faerie Paint Brush
4. Pirate Paint Brush
5. Darigan Paint Brush

Hi JN! :D I have a question about accounts. I had 5 accounts awhile back. I wanted to make a new account because 1) I hated that current username and 2) I needed it for Neopets purposes. So, I self-froze one of my accounts. Then I tried to make a new account, but it said that I already have 5 accounts, and I couldn't make a new one! I read somewhere that if you self-freeze one of your accounts, you can make a new one. But is that true? ~ Niku (frogfrog109)
Jen: First of all, two thumbs up for knowing and following the rules! Lawyerbot would be proud! Second, I'm assuming you're trying to sign up for a new account with the same e-mail address as your other 5 accounts? You will need to use another e-mail address to sign up for your new 5th account. TNT have said this is allowed. They keep all frozen (self-frozen or otherwise) accounts on record in the system for investigatory purposes. Because these remain in the system, they are still linked to the email address you used to sign them up. Therefore they count towards the maximum.

One day, my brother just decided to delete my Christmas Shoyru and make a new Neopet. Will I get all my items back like my backgrounds and stuff, because I really want them back. ~ goofballmigee12
Kata: I can only hope you mean that they put your Shoyru in the Neopian Pound, as there's no way to delete an individual pet (unless you're TNT). At any rate, when you pound a pet, anything it was wearing remains in your closet. Deluxe paint brush items (such as Christmas Shoyru Festive Hat) cannot be removed from your closet, but other wearables can.

In the new survey, how many users guessed "the big secret project" for what they would like to see next? ~ Sparrow44124
Jen: A certain Slothy minion whispered a little something in my ear that a surprising number of people have requested it! Either a) we're fantastic at anticipating our users' requests, or b) everyone secretly found out what it is. Personally, I think it's a) (*is proud*) but now that I think about it ... it might be b). I have this little niggling feeling that opening up our offices for the Negg Hunt this year was a bad idea and perhaps some classified information was found. Hmm... o:

Do shops ever sell extremely rare items? For example, could you go to the Spooky Petpet shop and find a Meowclops? Whenever I go, they are always selling the exact same things. ~ anonymous
Kata: In the case of the Meowclops, it appears to be retired, so it shouldn't restock in any of the main shops. In general, though, rare items do restock, they just rarely do (hence why they're rare), and are quickly grabbed up by restockers. Some items are cheaper to buy from other users than they are in shops, so these items are rarely bought, leading to the shops looking like they always sell the same thing. To learn more about restocking, visit our guide.

Waiting for Restock Background
You know it's bad when you can't find *anything* in stock.

Who writes the Altador Cup coverage? What team are they on? ~ stacieo2
Jen: Herdy and Zelda have been taking turns writing the daily Altador Cup coverage updates! As for what teams they are on... I'm afraid that is information I am not at liberty to divulge!

Hi JN! :D *Gives pie* On your Goodies: Old Pet Poses section, one of the colours was JuppieSwirl and I looked and none of the pets are available in that colour. I'm confused! ~ RosaliePetaals
Kata: Well, it's possible that TNT did some spring cleaning. At any rate, once upon a time there was going to be a colour of Chia known as Juppieswirl. If I remember this correctly, it never did get released, and it's possible the image has been removed. You can see one in this image, found courtesy of Dr. Sloth's Image Emporium.

I want to paint my Robot Gelert, but there's no Robot Paint Brush. Is there another way to paint her Robot? ~ anonymous
Jen: I come bearing bad news and even more bad news. Robot Neopets are a Lab Ray exclusive colour. I'm sorry to say but pretty much the only way to get a Robot Gelert is to zap one. I wish you good luck in your task! I hope it doesn't take you too long to get your dream pet. You can see our Lab Ray guide for other Lab Ray exclusive colours.

Now, I said pretty much the only way to get a Robot Neopet is with the Lab Ray because there is actually one other way to get one. This is where the 'more bad news' comes in. The top prize from the Return of Dr. Sloth Plot was the One-Use Robotification Zappermajig. This Zappermajig can turn your Neopet into a Robot... but it's a no-trade item meaning you can't buy one from another user, making it super duper rare. :( Here's hoping you participated in the plot, earned a lot of points and haven't spent them yet!

So if you read the story for the Altador plot, King Altador says, "We will soon provide you with a choice of rewards for your service to the kingdom" near the end. Is this ever going to happen? ~ reader8
Kata: Well, you don't really get a choice in the matter. When you first finish the plot you get a few prizes, after which you can come back to get a random prize off of a set list of prizes. For the full scoop on Altador Plot prizes, visit our Altador Plot guide.

Commemorative Punch Club Pie Plates
These would make a nice conversation piece... if it wasn't for the first rule of Punch Club ...things.

Can we earn an Altador Cup trophy even if we didn't play Yooyuball? Say, if we played plenty of Make Some Noise, but no YYB? By the way, you all rock. *throws a Meepit holding a sack of cookies* ~ begla
Jen: Yes you can! With every game (Yooyuball, Slushie Slinger, Make Some Noise, and Shootout Showdown) you earn points not only for your team to determine who wins that day, but for yourself to spend in the prize shop after the competition has ended. So long as you have earned yourself some points to spend in the prize shop, you will have earned yourself a trophy!

Hello JN! I wanted to ask a question that was bugging me a long time ago. Can you participate in plots or events such us the Daily Dare on your side account to get two prizes? ~ hax999
Kata: Absolutely not! Anything you do that gains you items or Neopoints is not okay to do on your side account. For a full run down on what you can and can't do on a side account, consult our guide.

Is there any way besides donating to help around here? I would love to actually do something with my time and I want to help. ~ rainbowkitty1217
Jen: We understand that not everyone can donate money to the site and are extremely grateful to those who do! There are plenty of other ways you can help the site, though! We have the We Need You forum. There are often topics popping up where we need user input for different things like modeling items a pet can wear and finding typos and grammatical errors around the site! You could also apply for staff if you have a certain talent we're looking for, such making fonts for the Neoboards or if you're keen to be a DrSloth.com minion. Also, another great way to help the site is to spread the good news--tell all your friends about how great you think Jellyneo is and maybe they'll start using the site too! We always appreciate new visitors. :)

Hello again, JN. I was playing Meerca Chase II, then came this suspicious looking Negg which made me lose my game. :( But I was able to collect it. The Negg looked like it was half blue, half red? The upper part of it was blue. The lower part is red. The middle of it liked like thunderbolt or something. I played in hard mode so I didn't have enough time to take a screenshot. Maybe that's a Negg that only appears if you played in hard mode? Maybe it's a reward for my efforts. ~ ang3li3
Kata: That Negg is a Power Negg, and taking a peek at our wonderful guide on Meerca Chase II, one can see it is available in all difficulties, although seeing one in gameplay is quite rare.

Hi JN! *gives some muffins* I'm interested in Neopets history so which is the latest Neopet species released? ~ rolerol
Jen: The Lutari is the latest Neopet species. They were officially released on April 19th 2006. Prior to the Lutari, it was the Gnorbu, released 3 months earlier on January 6th 2006!

How do you know which number caption contest you are entering? ~ clairemily
Kata: If you view the image location (in most browsers, right click with your mouse and then click some variant of Properties or View Image), you can look at the URL (the image's web address). It will look like http://images.neopets.com/caption/caption_xxxx.gif where xxxx will be numbers saying which contest the image is for. Alternately, if you look at the Past Winners section, the last page (which happens to be the default) is the number of the previous caption contest, so you can just add one to that (i.e. if the last page is 1115, then the current contest is 1116).

TJNT rocks! When does Balthazar's Mega Faerie Giveaway Bonanza happen? ~ mollybetter
Jen: Balthazar's Mega Faerie Giveaway Bonanza occurs at 6am NST every day!

Here, little faerie, faerie, faerie.

My question is about the Magma Pool. I read somewhere that if you visit the Magma Pool and are allowed to let one of your pets in the pool, then that means that you can re-visit the pool at the same time next week and be able to have one of your pets painted Magma. In other words, every account has a certain time slot allotted for them to be able to use the Magma Pool, and once you figure out what time you're allowed to visit the pool, then every week you can come to the pool at that time and be able to use it. Is this true? ~ jenlin_25
Kata: Sure it's true! When I first had my Ixi painted Magma, the whole system was new so I didn't bother writing down the time. Last month, due to hunting for Tarla, I figured I might as well refresh at the Magma Pool and see what was what. Checking against some old records, even all these months later the time slot was the same, and now I have a Magma Ixi with the collar. So after all that, what I'm saying is yes, there is a time for each account and it is the same week to week. :)

If I transfer a pet on, let's say, May 31st, can I transfer a pet again on June 1st? Or do I have to want until June 31st? Thanks! ~ rockindawndreamx
Jen: The once a month transfer works on the calendar month so once it hits June 1st you're free to transfer a pet again!

Hi TJNT! I know the Tarla event is over now... I hope everyone finished it! But sometimes during the event, on the Neoboards, the links where Tarla was at simply would not show! I could highlight the post but the link still wouldn't show up. I know this affected other players, and I think it might be related to Firefox. Is this a glitch? Is there a way to fix it? Thanks guys! ~ shroommi
Kata: This actually happened to me for a while. The problem ended up being that I had disabled signatures, because they were driving me up the wall.

To check or change this setting, visit the Neoboard preferences page; View NeoSignatures should be enabled.

Do y'all have to type your name underneath your caption for the caption contest when you submit it? ~ teddy1997253
Jen: No, you don't need to type your name underneath your caption. When you hit that submit button your username is recorded along with the caption you entered! Just like magic!

I have a phone that I can play Neopets and other sites on, but it doesn't have Flash! I went to the explore page to change to HTML, but the little button below the map isn't there! Is there another way to switch to HTML? ~ md4me
Kata: Sorry, as far as I know, you're out of luck. The option can still be found under site preferences, and on some maps like the Meridell map, but they don't have any effect.

There's a Neopets editorial response on the subject but it's kind of long, so I'll just give you the link: here.

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