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The Secret Adventures of Bubba and Boiler
Published: May 29, 2010


Because anything involving Ian, noileh and adventure is guaranteed to be something you don't want to miss ;)

Hey Jellyneo. So I have many theories, but none of them seem right; how do they organise the items in your Safety Deposit Box? Is there an order? ~ anonymous
noileh: Items in your SDB are sorted into two overall categories: NP items and NC items. All of your NP items are displayed first. Within each of those big categories, items are organised by item ID, which is a unique number that TNT assigns to each and every item in existence on Neopets. The oldest items (those with the smallest IDs) appear first in your SDB - for example, the Green Apple has the item ID of 1, and will always appear first in your SDB (if you have one in there).

Who is this Mr. Coconut and from whence did this "fance top" nonsense come? ~ anonymous
noileh: It's mr.coconut... none of this capitalisation nonsense. ;) As for his fance top (which is all the rage in London)... you can read about it in the Neopian Times editorial.


Help! I opened a Neopets tab, went to Tombola, opened a Jellyneo tab, opened another one, closed it, and when I went back to Neopets, everything was like zoomed in! ~ superlegion
The Shadow Usul: Firefox: View -> Zoom -> Reset
Internet Explorer: View -> Text Size -> Smaller
Opera: View -> Zoom -> 100%
Safari: View -> Make Text Smaller

Hey JN! What do you suppose the chances are of Neovia getting their own team in the Altador Cup? ~ vonscout
Ian: It's probably not a really high chance, seeing as Haunted Woods has its own team. It would be similar asking if the Deserted Fairground would have its own team as well. They're both minor areas within a larger world.

Why are you not allowed to change your avatar when you're under 13? It isn't custom content. ~ anonymous
noileh: Since users under 13 have no access to the Neoboards, they have no reason to need to be able to change their avatars. It's like a package deal!!

So, TJNT, I have two questions to ask you. The first is regarding an old account of mine that I finally got back into after forgetting the password. Um, you see, I was quite the rule breaker before I went on hiatus on Neo; I created accounts on different e-mails so TNT wouldn't get suspicious when I played games to make Neopoints on them. Well, now I've reformed, but the problem is, what do I do with the Neopoints on those accounts now? I've stopped playing games and doing dailies on them and stuff, but am I allowed to send the Neopoints to my main? Or do I just not use them? The second question: Is it true that you guys are made of Jelly? And that Jelly World- *muffle* ~ anonymous
Ian: The fact of the matter is that the NP you earned on the other accounts was not earned while following the official Terms and Conditions. If you went in and tried to transfer them, you would definitely run the risk of TNT noticing and taking action. You could ignore the other accounts or you could self-freeze them.

Hey JN! *Throws Magical Cybunny Plushie* Wait, wrong one, I meant to give you a regular one! :P Anyways, I was wondering, what's with The Lost City of Geraptiku? Why doesn't anyone live there? I am very confused. *Takes back Magical Cybunny Plushie and walks away* ~ Rosaliepetaals
noileh: Well first and foremost, it's the LOST City of Geraptiku. You'd have to find it in order to live there. Also, it seems like a pretty decrepit place to me... Why would anyone want to live there? Or maybe it has to do with the reason all those people got themselves LOST on that other island... *winks*

Ian: Oi, you can't throw us something and then give it back! D: Are we not worth a magical one?

Magical Cybunny Plushie
We accept payment in cash, cookies, joodles, Maraquan shekels and Magical Cybunny Plushies.

I was reading through your editorial database and found a question from an old Neopian Times editorial talking about the super shop wizard, and how it's limited, and then stumbled across a part saying that it was limited because of the same reason that the standard shop wizard is limited. I've never heard about the standard shop wizard being limited before. Do you know how much you can use it a day? ~ puggygirl_12
Ian: The Shop Wizard is only a single person (or Neopet?). We can't expect him to have time for us all the time! In all seriousness, though, if you do too many searches (or refresh too many times on the search results page), he will ban you from using his services for anywhere between 10 to 60 minutes. You also usually can't use the wizard when you've been given a faerie quest via a random event.

What did I ever do without you? *showers with cookies and pie* ~ taysay555
Ian: Well, I am here, so you never have to worry about that. Oh, you mean JN, don't you? I think my ego is crushed. :(

noileh: *rolls eyes*

Hi Jellyneo!*Hands you a cookie and milk* Why does the Soup Faerie say that I have 5,200 NP even though I only have 2,191 NP and 0 NP in my bank account? ~ adrian13_56
noileh: *monches on a cookie* The Soup Faerie is awfully smart. Her tally of your total Neopoints includes those on hand, those in your bank account and those in your shop till. So you should check your shop, because it would seem you have a nice surprise waiting. :)

Is it possible to lower my pet's level besides using the Lab Ray? ~ anonymous
Ian: As a matter of fact, you can. Whenever you play Deadly Dice, you're wagering levels. You can read our game guide on it for more information.

Hello, TJNT! Since TNT hasn't officially given a proper label for that music that plays at the beginning of a Yooyuball game, I was just wondering what you guys there at JN call it. I always used to call it the "Altador Cup Horn." I've seen someone say it's "Altador Cup Siren" but a siren is a loud wailing sound, right? So what do you guys call it, if anything? Thanks TJNT! (And DC for the Cup! :D) ~ hyperknuckles77_tail
Ian: After a long and exhausting survey of all of the staffers, we all just call it "The Fanfare." We're all boring. Especially noileh. :(

noileh: It's true. I'm ridiculously boring. Almost as boring as Ian is!!

Was Weepit eaten by the Content Beast or something? All mentions of her have disappeared. ~ qgqg
noileh: *starts laying flowers at the entrance to the lair* Oh wait... that's not right! No no, Weepit just retired, that's all. The Content Beast only eats... naw, I'm not gonna tell you. :P It would ruin all the fun.

The lair...
Meanwhile, back at the lair... RAWWWRRRR!

This is about Key Quest: are we allowed to report people who quit right before the other player is about to win? I mean, like literally quit right as my key slides into the gate. This happens to me almost 7 times a day and it's so annoying! You guys rock! ~ bellabean_1234
noileh: While technically you can report them, I would not recommend it because you have no real knowledge of the situation. You could just be caught in a bad cycle of playing with users whose Internet connections do not behave. Unless you know for sure that these people are quitting on purpose to cause you to lose, it is unwise to report them. Quitters/people who randomly drop out are really one of the unfortunate things about the game. :s

How is Tomos a hero? I don't recall him doing anything heroic. ~ Jeran_b
Ian: Tomos is an amazing hero! If you've forgotten, you can always read the Lost Desert Plot comic.

Looks like Ian has another fan...

Hi! *throws cookies and meepits everywhere* So I downloaded the Neopets toolbar. How long does it take for Tarla to get back? ~ anonymous
noileh: Tarla comes randomly throughout the day - there is no surefire way to know when she will appear or how many times she will appear in one day. All you can do is just keep watching that toolbar!! *snags a meepit as it flies by*

Ian: *eats the Meepits and is scared by the cookies*

The Shadow Usul: By the way, I'm sure this was going to get asked if it wasn't addressed: if you want the Neopets toolbar to work in the latest version of Firefox, this petpage has instructions on how to do it.

I just noticed something. On the page before you log in, there is a banner on the left side of the page. It says "Welcome to Neopets. Sign up now. It's free!" There is a picture of a Starry Gelert, a Pirate Jubjub and a Desert Aisha. But the Desert Aisha is...purple? Is this a mistake, freedom of expression or a Purple Aisha in Desert clothes? ~ Confuzzled
noileh: *trots off to have a look* Okay, I'm a little confused about your identification of these pets. That is definitely a Purple Aisha in Desert clothing, next to a Red Jubjub in a sailor outfit and a Starry Gelert in Pirate clothing. Evidently they all went out and had a double-painting party, except the Jubjub didn't get the memo and instead just wore a costume.

Does it matter which team you join for the Altador Cup? ~ anonymous
noileh: When you join a certain team, you get their corresponding background item (for example, if you joined Virtupets you'd get the item "Altador Cup Background - Virtupets"). If you want a better user lookup trophy, you can join the team that you think will win first, second, or third place. Your Altador Cup points (that you use to redeem prizes at the end of the event) will not be affected by the team you join, but they are affected by how much you participate in the games.

Ian: It matters if you want to win... so you should join Brightvale.

AC Bobblehead
Meanwhile, Ian was fast becoming the laughing stock of the JN staff...

We all know Jelly World is just a myth, but does that mean that you guys don't exist either? I mean, you guys are JELLYneo... the thought of a Neopets fan site made of jelly is preposterous... ~ evilfaerie
Ian: Jelly World may be a myth, but jelly still exists, doesn't it? We're cuckoo for jelly! *noms it and throws globs of it at noileh*

noileh: *runs away while epically dodging jelly blobs... of DOOM!*

How do people first get paint brushes? For example, the Relic Paint Brush, it's not like they are sold or anything are they? ~ FrostCalibur
noileh: Below is a list of the ways you can get a paint brush; keep in mind that most of these involve a certain degree of luck, so you are not guaranteed a brush (the Hidden Tower is like a shop, though, so if you have enough NP you can buy one):

With the exception of the Tower, paint brushes are not sold in standard Neopian shops but you can find them in user shops and on the Trading Post and auctions.

My friend and fellow guild member is so confident that Darigan Citadel will win this year's Altador Cup that he has placed a bet of 3 million NPs on their victory. As tempting as it is to take him up on his offer (DC? Pfft, please. It's all about Shenkuu!), I told him that gambling like this is blatantly against the rules. He combed the T&C and said he couldn't find anything against this. Call me a wimp (and he has), but I'd rather not risk my account on this silly bet. Could you please clarify this for us so I can have some concrete proof to rub in his face? :D And please tell him he is in denial about DC. Mhmm. :P *waves "Shenkuu Forever!" flag* ~ [Peaches]
noileh: Betting NP/items is most definitely against the Neopets Terms and Conditions. It would fall under promotions. TNT cannot possibly think of and list every loophole that users come up with; the T&C is a guideline, it gives you a sense of the spirit of the rules. That's why they have phrases such as "Promotions include, but are not limited to..." and "other information that Neopets deems, in its sole discretion, to be inappropriate for this site."

Gambling is a touchy issue on Neopets, with games such as Bilge Dice being restricted to users 13+. Also, whenever you are in doubt about something, the best choice is just to not do it.

Ian is not an absent-minded fool. This is an automated message from the Ian Fanclub. ~ Leader of the Ian Fanclub/Prytariel
noileh: *deletes* [automated voice] "You have no new messages."

Ian: Boiler, was that for me?

noileh: Naw, don't worry about it, Bubba. Just telemarketers trying to sell us some dung.

Now with 20% more grossness!!!

Hey JN! *chucks some custard* What up! So I was browsing the caption contest database and I noticed that #591 and #1034 are the same scene! Why is that? Doesn't the poor soup faerie do enough? ~ bellabean_1234
noileh: Most certainly she does enough! They look like they were drawn by different artists, though... maybe great minds think alike? Or the petpets simply felt like returning for Round 2 of their shenanigans!

Ian: *snatches some custard and starts eating it*

Okay, this is a little messed up. I had a basic Neopet on a side account. I gave it to someone to zap after awhile, because I didn't have any room for it. Just tonight, I went on Neopets and suddenly remembered the pet. I searched the name and it came up alright, but then I looked up the owner. For some reason it said it still belonged to my side account! I don't know if anyone else sees the pet as mine still, but it does for me. Obviously the pet doesn't belong to me anymore and I'm very puzzled, can I get some help here? ~ lilycat5053
noileh: When you transfer pets, their pet lookups will still list you as the owner until the transfer is accepted. Once it has been 3 days since the original transfer was sent and the person still has not accepted, the pet will automatically be returned to you. If this isn't the case, then you have run into a very odd glitch and should report it to TNT so they can look into the situation.

Hi JN! The last JN editorial had a question from Prytariel, the captain for Terror Mountain in Yooyuball. Thank you for putting that in because I'm a Terror Mountain fan! THANK YOU! Also, who wrote the JN history page? Dave said he didn't write it, as stated in the article. ~ thefraggle
noileh: *blinks* You're welcome? I'm pretty sure that was submitted by the forum member. ;) As for the history page, I do believe it was a collaborative effort on the parts of... a lot of staffers. :P Dave did write some of it, but Suzuka wrote the more recent entries.

So... What happened to Joey? ~ anonymous
Ian: Sometimes real life gets busy! We should all just root for him to get on Glee. :)

*sings* I think I'll tryyyy defyyyying gravityyyy...

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