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Noileh and the Secret Initiation Ball Pit of DOOM
Published: May 15, 2010

In which Torratz formally inducts noileh into the secret, mysterious world of Jellyneo Staffdom. Bit like a secret society, really. But with less malicious hazing and moar ball pit.

Bouncing Kad
Because ball pits are fun!!!

I've heard rumours saying that you can only clear the mist once a week for Tarla's Tour of Mystery. Is this true because I have cleared away the mist 4 times this week and it hasn't let me clear any today even though I've found her 4 times. ~ puggygirl_12
noileh: This seems to be a major point of confusion. When you're reading the rest of this answer, keep in mind that you can collect stuff from Tarla multiple times per day, but you can only successfully uncover mist once per day. The "uncover mist" option does not always show up the first time you find her, so you have to keep tracking her down.

Alright, if you started this event on Thursday, April 29th and have been keeping up regularly, your schedule would look like this:

Date(s) Action
April 29 Uncover 1 mist
April 30 Uncover 1 mist
May 1 Uncover 1 mist
May 2 Uncover 1 mist
May 3 - 5 Unable to uncover more mist
Maximum cumulative mists uncovered: 4
May 6 Uncover 1 mist
May 7 Uncover 1 mist
May 8 Uncover 1 mist
May 9 Uncover 1 mist
May 10 - 12 Unable to uncover more mist
Maximum cumulative mists uncovered: 8
May 13 Uncover 1 mist
May 14 Uncover 1 mist
May 15 Uncover 1 mist
May 16 Uncover 1 mist
May 17 - 19 Unable to uncover more mist
Maximum cumulative mists uncovered: 12
May 20 Uncover 1 mist
May 21 Uncover 1 mist
May 22 Uncover 1 mist
May 23 Uncover 1 mist
May 24 - 26 Unable to uncover more mist
Maximum cumulative mists uncovered: 16

See the pattern? That is what people mean by "4 mists per week."

However, you do not have to follow this schedule! Inevitably, some users will start late and some will fall behind. If you are one of those people, you can catch up! Simply find and have Tarla uncover mist daily...as in, every day, until you reach the maximum cumulative for the week or until the event ends.

In order to finish this event, you need to uncover 16 mists by the end of May 26th. If you do not do this but have at least 1 mist uncovered, you will get a second chance at uncovering the rest, but this will involve an unknown difficult task.

For more information about Tarla's Tour, including how to find out how many mists you've cleared, please see our guide.

HEY! Jellyneo, stop giving out my coordinates to everyone! >:( I'm trying to relax and go on vacation here, not some Neopia-wide tour of - oh wait. :/ Shoot. ~ Tarla
Torratz: Not our fault you didn't plan very well and keep dropping items and NP--if you wanted a nice, quiet holiday, all you had to do was keep to yourself. :)

On the left side where my Neopet is, his picture is showing a sad face. But when I click on him to see if he has an illness, it doesn't say anything. His mood is unhappy, but I just don't know what to do. Help? Thanks. ~ trish_ey_poo
noileh: Perhaps your Neopet needs some love. :) Try giving him a toy and letting him play with it lots of times, or taking him for a spin on the Roo Island Merry Go Round. Just because he's made of pixels doesn't mean he doesn't need love!

Hi Jellyneo! I have a question regarding side accounts. Say I bought a few scratchcards and I wanted to scratch all of them, but when I tried to scratch the sixth one it said I could only scratch 5 per day. Can I send the scratchcard that I already bought to my side account to scratch it? ~ anonymous
Torratz: That would fall under the "making Neopoints on side accounts" rule, so no. Besides, wouldn't keeping one for tomorrow be more fun? :D

I wondering if you were able to turn off the sound in Jelly Blobs of Doom? Thanks for everything you guys do! ~ iluvaaronlove
noileh: Unfortunately there is no way to turn off the sound on Jelly Blobs of Doom (if such a game were to exist in the first place). If the sound is bothersome to you, the only solution at this time is to turn off your computer's sound.

Who is the Content Beast and what does he do? Just wondering. ~ neogirl4749
Torratz: Let us not speak of the evil that lurks beneath Jellyneo, his glowing, monstrous eyes glinting up at us from his earthen cage. They say he's a hoarder: posters, plushies, and buckets abound in his little room of secrets. Only the most intrepid of explorers dare enter. Even then, not all make it out alive.

For he is the Content Beast: a reminder of the fate suffered by contenters who fall behind in their duties. The admins keep it underneath our office to try and scare more work out of us. *whispers* Don't tell anyone, but it works... *gulps*

Content Beast
Mile after mile, above, beneath / One has a smile and one has teeth
Though the man above might say hello / Expect no love from the Beast below.

*Is munching on socks* *Offers some* Anywhoozle, what colours can't you obtain from the Rainbow Fountain? If I ever get one, I'm planning on painting a Chia pea-coloured in hopes of increasing my chances for that wonderful avatar. But I want to make sure first that this is possible! ~ thepurplishsock
noileh: *takes socks and puts them on* You'll be glad to know that the Fountain Faerie will gladly paint your Chia pea if you get and complete her quest. As for which colours she cannot do, check out our handy guide - here.
Oh wait, the colours aren't listed there... *swats Dave* What a lame guide.

Torratz: *fixes guide*

The "Project: Sloth" on the Coming Soon page... would that have anything to do with the "Dr. Sloth Minion" staff trophy? :O ~ anonymous
Evil Sloth Clone #177: Perhaps it does! You would do well not to poke into Our Master's business, however, lest he sees fit to banish you to the outer echelons of the Neogalaxy!

Torratz: ...Well, I'm not quite sure what happened there. Dave, is this your idea of a hazing prank? O_o

Hi! About 6 years ago, I made my first account on Neopets. About two years ago, I couldn't get on the computer at all and during that time I forgot my password. When I clicked "Forgotten your Password?" and typed in my username, it said there was no email for that account. Is there any way to obtain my password and/or my account back? Thanks! ~ Shadowclan_ftw
noileh: What happened is that TNT did not store the e-mail addresses attached to accounts created in the good ol' early days of Neopets. Thus, when you try to retrieve your password, the system has no e-mail address registered to send it to. Well this creates a dilemma, because how else can you obtain the proper information? Really the only option you have at this point is to file an account retrieval form with TNT and hope that you have enough information to prove that the account belongs to you. More likely than not, you will not end up receiving the account back because it has been inactive for a long time, but that doesn't mean it isn't worth a try!

Hi JN! I have this problem. You see, I just got the high score for Meepit vs. Feepit, but I had already sent my score 3 times that day. So when I sent my score, it said "You have already sent your score 3 times today, and besides you have no outstanding challenges for this game." So then after that, no trophy, and no place on the high score table. Why? ~ tyuio_k50
Torratz: Well, you pretty much answered your own question there, mate. If you've already sent your score three times, then you're just playing for fun and any score you do achieve will not result in Neopoints or a place on the high-score table. Sometimes Neopets will hold special events and allow you to send scores more than three times per day, though.

What am I supposed to do with the "Homemade Polarchuck Costume" that was erroneously given out during Daily Dare 2010? Should I discard/donate/keep/use it? ~ shinchan_00
Torratz: The Homemade Polarchuck Costume was a Snowmuncher prize from last year which was mistakenly given out during the 2010 Daily Dare for an unrelated game. Technically, it was fairly awarded by TNT (i.e., anyone who received the item earned it fair and square), so you're free to keep it if you wish.

noileh: I would use it. After all, aren't costumes meant to be worn? Just look how attractive it is!

Ice Bori with Polarchuck Costume

I have a question about restocking and I've already checked the editorial database as well as the restock guide! Someone recommended that instead of manually typing in numbers to do a restock for the Chocolate Avatar, to simply paste a number near 5000NP. Another player thought this was against the rules. So I come to you great Jellyneo Team and ask that you answer this (almost) timeless question: Is it against the restocking rules to use CTRL+V instead of typing in the numbers? ~ shroommi
noileh: My rule of thumb is that if you are questioning the legality of an action, it's best not to do it. To answer your question, though, it is against the rules to use CTRL+V when restocking as it gives you an unfair advantage over other users who manually type in offers.

I have 2 side accounts. I kept playing with them every day--that is, I didn't know the rules about side accounts back then. Now that I have read them, I was just wondering, am I allowed to play each account using a different computer? My main on computer A, side account #1 on computer B, and side account #2 on computer C. I just want to clear this up because I play with my accounts by using different computers to avoid suspicion. Thanks. ~ 3il3gna
Torratz: As long as you're following the side account rules, there's nothing wrong with using your main and sides on the same computer, or different computers. If you're not following the rules, then expect to get frozen.

Hello Noileh and Torratz! *hugs Torratz* This is a question for Noileh: Doctor Who is taking over the brains of my friends. What do I do? ~ Prytariel
noileh: *epically crashtackles Prytariel*

Torratz: *sprays with hug-be-gone*

noileh: Sorry about that, Torratz is averse to hugging. Anyways, to your question, I'm sorry to inform you that there is nothing to be done. I assume you are asking me because that's what has happened to half of the forums... personally I'm going to succumb, just don't tell Torratz.

Random Dalek: This human does not appreciate the wonders of British sci-fi! She must be EXTERMINATED!

Hi Jellyneo! *throws cream filled cookies* I was looking through the Neopian Notices for paint brushes. Then I suddenly noticed why 2 types of a paintbrush in 1 are cheaper. For example, Island Paint Brush Plushie, it's much cheaper than the Island Paint Brush or the Plushie Paint Brush. Could you please answer my question so that I won't have any regrets when I buy a paint brush? ~ ang3li3
Torratz: Paint Brush Plushies are not real paint brushes and will not paint your pet. The reason they're cheaper is that, like most plushies, they're just toys. If you want a painted pet, be sure to buy the right paint brush, not the corresponding plushie! O: Many unscrupulous Trading Post sellers will take advantage of newbies with scams like this. When buying items, pay attention to the item name, rarity, and image!

Note: The item "Plushie Paint Brush" is an actual paint brush.

Island Paint Brush Plushie
I'm good for squishing, but not for painting.

First of all, Jellyneo rocks! *hand you some homemade cookies* Yum! :P Anyways, is there a place where I can see every single shopkeeper that I can choose from? If not, are you going to be making one anytime soon? Please! ~ mollybetter
Torratz: *giggles* Oh, noileh, do you reckon we can tell them about [name of project redacted by Sloth]? I'd love to see their faces. :D

noileh: *giggles more* Oh, Torratz, I reckon we could tell them about [name of project redacted by Sloth], but don't you think it would be more fun not to? Just imagine their faces when they find out what we've been keeping from them this whole time!

I know we're not allowed to talk about religion on Neopets, but what about a play about a religion? Or, could I make my Neoboard signature a line from a song from a play about religion, if the only word kind of about religion is something not that bad, like heaven? ~ Ducky555999
Torratz: Ah, the old "I know this is against the rules but" question. :/ You could probably put something vaguely about heaven in your NeoSignature and get away with it, but if I were you I'd steer well clear of that whole area. It's just not worth it.

Hey there. *eats you* Is there a way to remove every item in your Neohome at once? Thanks. :) ~ ghia928
noileh: Well how do you expect me to answer from your stomach?!?!?
*muffled tone* There is not! Although that would be quite a handy feature... perhaps you should suggest it to TNT.

About how often and how much do the JN staffers go on Neopets? ~ annabethchase1998
Torratz: It varies greatly from person to person. Most of us have work and/or college responsibilities and a few are still in high school, so we have to fit Neopets in around everything else we do. Unfortunately, we don't have a real office we can lounge around in all day. :P
Personally, I spend around 45 minutes on each day, doing my dailies and earning a few Neopoints. It used to be a lot more than that, but real life got in the way. :(

noileh: I spend... way too much time. :P But that's mainly because the IDB requires me to spend time on Neo and also because I hate doing homework.

Wheel of Excitement
I'm not being spun often enough. :(

Do you guys like pancakes? ~ spidercat240955
noileh: I enjoy plain pancakes covered in maple syrup, Kata enjoys peach pancakes and chocolate chip pancakes, and Torratz doesn't care for pancakes. Oh and Nynex likes chocolate chip, boysenberry, strawberry, blueberry, and banana pancakes. As for everyone else, I have no clue because no one else was online as I was writing this.

Hi JN! I was wondering why pages like Halloween Paint Brushes and Faerie Paint Brushes still show the images of unconverted pets. Thanks! ~ topitopazcal
Torratz: Because TNT haven't fixed it yet. Besides, everyone would rather gaze at pretty UC pets that they can never have *wistful sigh*

The book "Fishing Made Easy" says in the database that it will increase your fishing level, but by how much? ~ BunnyButterfinger
Torratz: In order to get item notes fixed, I recommend you file an item report (click the "Report Error" button on the bottom of the item's info page). Incidentally, isn't that your job, Boiler?

noileh: *indignant reply* *mutters something about Iggy*

Torratz: For the record, it's between 1-3 levels and this was mentioned in our Fishing Vortex guide. Remember, you can only read a book to your pet once, and books disappear after being successfully read. Look at me, I'm an IDBer! *tries on brown* Eeewww, brown doesn't suit me. :(

noileh: It's actually chocolate coloured kthanks.

Hi Jellyneo! *throws cheeseburger* I was spinning the Wheel of Mediocrity, and I landed on the tar pit icon, losing me my Orange Worm. As a No Trade item, will I be able to get it back? ~ gusneo27
Torratz: Sure you will, you just gotta go find it again, just like you did the first time around. O:

Orange Worm
Ooh, cheeseburger! It better not have pickles, though. Pickles are doomful.

Under the Jelly Blobs of Doom page, what does "Movie coming Winter 2012" mean? ~ gabba901
noileh: I don't really know how TNT plans on releasing a movie about something that doesn't even exist...

Torratz: For the record, TNT's plans for this movie don't exist either. :P They've been pushing this release date back for years now, I'd bet money on Faerieland winning the Altador Cup before this film is supposedly released.

Ninja Pirates or Pirate Ninjas? ~ begla
Torratz: Nynjapirates.

noileh: And turtles make for great cavalry. Isn't that right, Sherman? *pets*

Hey JN! You guys rock! I've been wanting to join JN for a while now (to help with the Neoquest guide) but I can't figure out how to send in an application. So how do I? ~ md4me
noileh: Aww thanks. :) All instructions for how to make and submit staff applications can be found under "General Instructions" on the hiring page. But, if you'd rather not sift through that (although I recommend you do), all applications should be emailed to hiring at jellyneo dot net.

Torratz: Of course, if you don't sift through all that, you'll miss the position-specific instructions that must be followed. You *do* want to get hired, yes? Go on, have a read. :P

I was playing Fashion Fever when I saw that someone got a high score of 308. How is that possible? ~ anonymous
noileh: Perhaps the fashion police awarded them bonus points for having really super fashionable pets. ;) Or rather, it was either a glitch or the result of someone cheating on flash games because it's not possible to score above 300 points on Fashion Fever without outside influences. Although I'm not sure why you would bother to cheat on Fashion Fever... On a side note, TNT appears to have since removed the high score list for Fashion Fever, probably because they realized it was pointless to have one when everyone is guaranteed to score exactly the same amount each time.

Chia Cop
HOLD IT, BUB! That shirt is so last season!

Hi Noil! Hi Torratz! Okay, so I have a question about the hiring page. Why is it you are always looking for article and game guide writers? Do you never have enough? ~ yellow4me
noileh: There is always a ginormous laundry list of content that needs to be written and the more people you have, the faster it gets done (theoretically). Strangely enough, all of our article and game guide writers tend to disappear after a few months on the job. Whether they go to other departments or simply vanish, nobody knows. And besides, it's always good to have a few spare people in case the Content Beast gets hungry, right Torratz?

Torratz: *sits in corner, knees to her chest and rocking from side to side* Noooo... the Content Beast.... so hungry... always hungry...

noileh: O_o

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