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The Vanilla Issue
Published: May 1, 2010

No elaborate introduction, either. There's simply no time! :(

Which fonts can be used on Neopets? I love the fonts "roman" and "nyala," but neither one is usable on my pet's description (not the petpage, but the main one with their stats, etc.). ~ razrroth
Technically, you can use any font on Neopets. For example, if I did some fancy CSS work and set the font-family to "bubbleboy" it would work. However, that is only because I have the Bubble Boy font installed on my computer. If other people don't have it, they wouldn't be able to see it properly.

I don't have the Nyala font on my computer, so if you used it, I would see another plain looking font instead.

This is why web designers stick to the common fonts that are installed on almost every computer. These include Arial, Courier, Georgia, Helvetica, Times New Roman, Trebuchet MS, and Verdana.

They're not fancy or glamourous, but they get the job done. You have no idea how many times I see wonky fonts on the Neoboards because they chose something I didn't have.

The last two times I have gotten faerie quests, I had been in the middle of searching item prices at the shop wizard. When I got the quest, I went back a page to the search page and bought the item. Is this against the rules? ~ annabethchase1998
No, that's fine. Browsers inherently cache pages.

Is it allowed to make a 3-way NC Mall trade? I mean... Let's say I want a Floating Fyora Faerie Doll. Person X has it and wants a Floating Bree Faerie Doll, which is on my side account (Account Y). I want the Fyora on my main, so I go to Account Y, send the item to Account X and receive the desired item on my main. Is this against the rules? ~ anonymous
No, that's fine. Just make sure the other person knows about and agrees to this trade arrangement.

On Neopets, people are saying that your account is too young to see rare items, such as r99+ items, in shops. How old does your account have to be to see these items in a shop? ~ hydrooooneo
In order to see r99 and r100 items in shops, your account must be at least 3 months old.

Related information about rarities and account age can be found in the restocking guide.

I was reading through all the questions in the editorial database that had the words "Jelly World" in them, and I noticed something strange. In the early editorials, you acknowledged the existence of Jelly World, but in the the later ones, you said it didn't exist. Why's that? Also, why is the Altador plot considered mini? It's so long and involved; the Moltara plot was much shorter, and that one was regular. ~ cloudmint
Those staff members were sent to the Ministry of Love for re-education. They now claim no knowledge of a wobbly world.

The Altador plot is a mini-plot because TNT said so!

I have a question about an item I saw while browsing called "After the Battle." The faerie on it looks like a cross between a battle and water faerie. What's up with that? ~ curly987_2
It's just old faerie art. They have been revamped many times since then.

Remember the "no face" phase?

And the 90's teenager phase?

We should like, totally hang out at the mall!

Do you guys know if it's against the rules to have a user lookup of a anime or cartoon character I really like from a TV show? ~ anonymous
If the images are rated G (i.e., no scantily clad women, no nudity, no graphic violence, no mature subject matter) then it is okay to put on your lookup. So you could have a Tintin or Detective Conan themed lookup if you wanted one.

Hi JN! *waves furiously* I have a weird question for you: Is the Battledome building really shaped like a dome, or is it just called the Battledome? ~ jcats26
It is an actual dome/stadium. :)

Old school Battledome trailer!

Hi JN. How do I know which clothes my Neopet can wear? Because I bought and got a lot of clothes and I can't wear them. Thanks. ~ boofygroofy
Wearable items are put into the Special Category called Wearable in our Item Database.

Here is a basic search for all wearable items (including NC and deluxe paint brush items): [Results]

Hey JN! How exactly can you tell if your caption was submitted? Thanks! ~ haloffx2
Every time you successfully submit a caption, you'll see this at the top of the page:

Thank you for submitting your caption
Good luck in the Caption Competition!!!

If your caption is chosen, it will show up on the voting page in a couple of days.

I was just curious if the Item Database revamp was still in the works or if this project has been scrapped? ~ theequus
It is still a work in progress; been poking Dave periodically about it, but he is busy with school right now. The improvements will get finished, though!

*Bribes Dave with a two litre bottle of Dr. Backwash*

1. Did you say Adam doesn't work for Neopets anymore? Did this happen when Viacom took over?
2. Does TNT all have their special jobs to do? Like, Ollie does the Flash games, Donna does the artwork, but is there any thing else?
3.Why not an Asparagus theme? ~ 7dada

1. Adam and Donna do not work for Neopets anymore. They left after the company was sold to Viacom.
2. Well, Ollie doesn't work for Neopets anymore either, but yes, TNT members have specific roles/jobs to perform. This is by no means a complete list, but some job positions at Neopets include programmer, site monitor, translator, artist, virtual world developer, producer, quality assurance engineer, human resources coordinator, and marketing specialist. Ollie designed games; Donna used to draw artwork, do the editorial, and prepare the news updates. She also handled the merchandising aspect of the site at one point.
3. I think the better question would be why?

Does the Cape of the Sun's gender changing ability still work?

So. I loved the Negg Hunt this year! =D However, I'm curious--about how many editorial questions did you get about Rosie's clue? xD I know I'm guilty of sending 2 or so before I was finally set on the right track. ~ cookiemonster
I stopped counting at 20, which isn't too bad, but we also got a ton of bug reports and, oddly enough, some Item Database bug reports about it, ha ha!

On the Neoboard page, there is a list of smiles. Will those show up in a Neomail? I don't want to be embarrassed if it doesn't send through right. P.S. How do you make the smilie with the violin? ~ bellabean_1234
Those smilies will work in Neomails. If the recipient only allows plain text Neomails, they won't see the smilie images at all. The "code" for the violin one is simply *violin*

Why is it that paint brush clothing is searchable on the shop wizard? We can't do anything with them, we can't even take them out of our closets. Do you think TNT will ever change this? I hate sorting through all those results when I'm looking for gallery items. ~ anonymous
The shop wizard lists all Neopoint items and on rare occasions, Petpet Park items as well. It is very useful to JN and to anyone who wants to look up an item name. I don't think TNT will change it, as there's no major problem to be fixed. We love you, Wizzy!

I know it's been said, but the JN Negg Hunt was absolutely INCREDIBLE and satisfied all my adventure/puzzle/downright-fun cravings. Thus, I'm wondering: When will there be another event like this? I know it took tons of work, but it was so worth it. :) I'm dying to get my hands on another JN hunt/skirmish/whatnot.. so please.. give us more!! ;D ~ velanine
Soon... sooner than you might think. That's all I can say right now. :X

Hi JN! I have been rather puzzled by this: the moment my friend created her account, was the moment TNT froze her account. Why is that so? ~ anonymous
If your friend committed a severe offence and broke the Terms and Conditions, then TNT will sometimes 'block' them from the site by preventing you from creating and using new accounts.

Why can't my Invisible Scorchio wear anything? ~ avatar223_4_4_4
Well, it should be able to wear backgrounds and trinket items, but as for actual clothes... well, it's one of the quirks of customisation. Some Invisible pets can wear clothes (such as the Invisible Kau), but others can't. Them's the breaks!

I have some side accounts that I never use, and I want to self-freeze them. However, I'm afraid that doing so will freeze my main account (which I still want to use) in the process. Will this happen if I freeze a side account? Thanks a lot! ~ anonymous
When you go to the remove account page and submit the form, it will only remove that account; if you have other accounts, they are safe, unless you decide to individually remove them as well.

Note: If you haven't done so already, it is highly recommended that you enable a PIN option for the remove account page. This provides an extra layer of security in case your account is compromised. You can choose to add PINs to areas of the site by going to the PIN preferences page.

If the Turmaculus eats a petpet that has a petpetpet, what happens to the petpetpet? Does it get eaten too? Or does it go back to your inventory? I don't want to lose my Breebly who dropped in one day. Thanks! ~ farfel5
Alas, both the petpet and its little friend will be eaten. Mr. Turbo Cactus there once ate my Trumpadon with a Mootix attached to it. ;-; Do not tempt fate by dangling a prized petpet in front of him.

When a petpetpet becomes attached to a petpet, it will stay there unless you decide to stop playing with that petpet; in that case, the petpet will go to your inventory but its petpetpet will disappear.

RIP Stalwart and Tixy. I miss you. ;-;

Can you put up your own shopkeeper image with special coding? Because I would like to set one of my drawings of one of my pets as the shopkeeper. ~ Zomutt_ofthe_lab_ray
Neopets filters block the position, display, and visibility attributes, so no, you can't cover up the shopkeeper image with something else.

How do I get to the Customisation Spotlight? I would like to know! ~ rivmcd
The easiest way I know is to click the "news" button in the navigation menu and then scroll down to the bottom. There's a module showing off all the contests and spotlights you can enter, and Customisation Spotlight is linked there.

Hello! Jordie is currently vacationing here in Terror Mountain. Now, normally I wouldn't care, but his red giant monster thing SCARES me! Help! ~ Prytariel
No need to be scared of Bronx from Gargoyles!

I love him so much... he makes me happy when skies are grey. :)

Hey, JN! I've got a really dumb question, but I can't find an answer anywhere... How am I supposed to get NPs on my side account? I know I can't play games and I can't access the Money Tree, so what do I do? Thanks so much for your help, and for an awesome site! :) ~ anonymous
The most convenient way is the Trading Post. On your side account, put a junk item up for trade with "reserved" in the wishlist box (so other people won't put in an offer). Then switch to your main account and offer an item and however many Neopoints you want to transfer. Go back to your side account, accept the offer, and voila, done!

I know some people use the shop method, too (i.e., open a shop on your side account, place a junk item up for sale and price it at however many NP you want to transfer, log in to your main, buy the item, etc.). Although you are allowed to open a shop on your side account, TNT has said that you shouldn't be selling anything in it. Yes, you can respond to that with the "but technically I'm not selling to other users and I'm not making a profit of any kind" argument; however, the fact remains that it's just easier to do it through the Trading Post. It skirts the whole shop debate and plus, you save time by not clicking the shop till/sales history area.

So, I have a question about the JN NQ staff position. Is knowledge of graphics for map making 100% required? I am sure I could learn how do this easily, but I would be able to do many other things besides the map, but if not being able to make a map voids my chance, then I may rethink applying for now. ~ anonymous
You must be able to create high quality maps for NeoQuest, as that is an integral part of the guide. In order to do this, you would have to be knowledgeable about graphics software. The admins only need to see a sample of your work, though. Details about the application process can be found at the Now Hiring page.

Hey JN! TNT stated that several Neopets were based off of real life animals, such as the Spotted Lupe and Pink Lenny. What are other pets based off of real life animals? ~ lil_grape_arborz
Dave wrote a guide for Maraquan pets a long time ago... *dusts off the page*

There are many other examples, though. I'm sure you've noticed that the Faerie Lenny looks like one of the symbols of Hera.

Hey, I got a request to enter a guild! But the only thing is, I'm already in a guild! What do I do? ~ rivmcd
You can ignore and delete the message. If it was one of those official guild invite Neomails, you can block them by going to the user preferences page and checking the box next to "Block Guild Invitations."

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