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Kat and Torratz's Shiny Happy Rainbow Editorial
Published: April 17, 2010

What are you waiting for? Let's get this party started! No, no, you are NOT going to turn into a wallflower tonight. You are going to grab a partner and shake your groove thing like you've never shaken it before!

Rainbow Glitterball
Oh, and please, hands off the shiny.

Say I made a side account awhile ago, before I knew any of the side account rules, and started making Neopoints on it. But then I stopped once I learned about the rules for side accounts. What should I do with the Neopoints I had earned? Should I donate them or something? ~ username removed
Kat: I once made the same mistake and played a few games on a side account before I found out about the rules. I let the NP sit and stopped playing; I never used any of it, and eventually deleted the account because I was that paranoid.

Safest course of action? Stop earning NP on the account, and let it sit, or you can donate it. As long as you don't make more NP, you'll be fine. Quite a few users will admit to accidentally making some Neopoints on side accounts (maybe they forgot what account they were using at that moment or didn't know the rules), but you won't get frozen. Just don't use the I-forgot-which-account-I-was-logged-in-to excuse over and over so you can sporadically earn some extra NP. In short, don't tempt fate.

Hi, JN! Could you please answer this question that has been bugging me for months? Do you know what font TNT uses for their front page images? It's the cute, thick lettered font that they usually use for the headings on the "News Flash" images. I really must have that font! ~ ub3r_g00b3r
Torratz: My friend Alex informs me that the cute, thick lettered font to which you refer is called "Coop Flaired," while the skinnier font used for the menus and such is called "Cafeteria Black."

In Neoquest II, the Lost Desert Chapter, a guard blocks the way to what is known as "the Royal Bedchambers." Later on in the game, there is a stairway in the Faerie Castle (Level 1, I believe). Do you know what the purpose of these devilishly hard puzzles are? I can't seem to find any more information on them. Is this TNT's Neoquest II version of the mysterious island in the Techo Caves? ~ Captain Nefarious
Kat: Ah, so you have discovered the Royal and Extremely Private Bedchambers That No Adventurer Can Ever Enter...Ever! To be honest, there has been no record of anyone ever figuring out how to get to those stairs in Sakhmet Palace; as you can see, they are perpetually blocked. Then again, it would make sense; why would you want to barge into Princess Vyssa's bedroom, anyway? It's not like you'll find anything quest-worthy in there...except for all those expensive trinkets and crowns... *cough*

In Faerie Palace, if you are talking about a stairway north of the garden (which may be the only stairway in there anyway), it's possible and even necessary for you to get there. You just have to navigate the monstrosity that is the labyrinthine network of corridors in Queen Fyora's demesne. Got that? Good! Happy walking!

Princess Vyssa
I don't care how famous they are or if they can truly save my kingdom; I will not have anyone tracking sand and dirt and muck in my quarters!

Ah, TJNT! How good it is to see you again! I'd throw you a Meepit, but I'm personally concerned for your safety. So, I have a question about the Neopian Times. I know that romance and stuff isn't really allowed on the site, but would a story about how your character didn't get a valentine and at the end is asked to be the valentine of the character that they have a crush on okay? It's not exactly totally romantic, because there isn't any kissing, hugging, etc. Thanks! ~ anonymous
Kat: It's all right, I'm used to dealing with worse things. Like story characters gone mad because of what I've done to them in a certain series. XD

Joking aside, words like "crush" are not exactly permitted, but implications are fine. Becoming someone's valentine (sans the mentions of crushes, but it's quite easy to write about someone's admiration for another without that) is safer.

Hi Jellyneo! I've asked a few people and have asked around on the boards, and everyone seems to be giving a different response to me. How exactly are we "allowed" to advertise our BC entries? I've seen people simply post links in their signatures to advertise on the boards, and I've been told that this is allowed. However, are we allowed to send out Neomails asking people to vote? Some people have told me that it is harassment and we are not allowed to do so, while others have told me that it's all right as long as we do not send tons of messages to them. ~ anonymous
Kat: If you send too many Neomails a day, you may be barred from sending mail temporarily. And of course, there's the issue of Internet etiquette--even if you only send one message, some people may consider BC advertisements as just another piece of infuriating spam, especially if you're sending messages to random strangers you see on the boards.

You're already given different possibilities for advertisement (Neoboard signature, user lookup, pet lookup, shop/gallery); if you really want to use Neomail, stick to messaging people you know really well (i.e., your Neofriends)--people who are less likely to take offense or chuck your link straight into the recycle bin without reading. XD

Also, please remember you are not allowed to use your side account(s) to advertise, and you are not allowed to "recruit" people to advertise your entry for you on the Neoboards.

Hey JN, I have been away from Neopets for a very long time, and I was trying to get into my old account. However, I created the account together with a friend, therefore we chose a random birth date. Now I can't log in anymore because we both forgot the date. Is there any way to retrieve this? Sending in an email about a forgotten password does not work, you only get your password (which we knew already). ~ anonymous
Torratz: I'm sure you know already that sharing accounts is against the Neopets Terms and Conditions, so I'll spare you that spiel. As far as retrieving the birth date is concerned, well, it helps to remember the year. If you've got that, sit down and try every day/month combo until you crack it. Believe me, it will be quicker than asking TNT.

If you've forgotten the year as well, then there's really not much hope for you. :( TNT rarely, if ever, hands you back accounts that you've lost track of for 2+ years.

I have a question about Mumbell from Petpet Park. What is she? I mean, what petpet species? Thanks! ~ kitten_maya
Torratz: Mumbell is a Ghost Flerper. You can find out more about her at her Book of Ages article. :)

You'd be pretty grouchy too if your hairstyle was seventy years out of date...

This question is regarding co-owning a guild. Is there a way to make the powers the same for both people? Or do we just have to build the guild from one account and hope that we can trust the person? Thanks. (: ~ heart_tadpole
Torratz: It is possible to set the same guild admin powers among multiple people. However, only the guild leader (i.e., #1 on the listing) will be able to set these powers, so there is a bit of trust involved. Keep in mind the guild leader cannot be forced out of their position (if they want to relinquish their power, they have to click on the "quit leadership" link themselves), and they are the only person who can delete the guild, so choose wisely!

And you probably realise this already from a previous question, but no, you are not allowed to share an account just so you can both have access to the special guild leader admin powers.

For more information about guilds, see JN's Guilds article.

My question is about the Neopian Times. TNT says they do not want us to take on serious subjects like death. Would this include eating disorders, twisted slightly to conform to Neopets standards, if we don't take it very far? Thank you! ~ goldenella87
Kat: Uh-oh, I think eating disorders, even implied, may be pushing it. You're better off looking for a different topic.

Hi there, TJNT! *sets a plate of cookies down on a nearby table* Is it true that if you reject a transfer, you cannot transfer for that month anymore? Thanks! ~ Dragonfur77
Torratz: The issue of missed transfers is somewhat alleviated with the new bonus transfers for suitably aged accounts (that is, older accounts now have multiple transfers per month--see our experienced user guide); however, the old rules remain.

If Person A offers to transfer a pet and Person B rejects, it counts as (one of) Person A's transfer(s) but not Person B's. This is so that in the case of mis-transferred pets (where Person A types in the wrong username at the transfer screen), Person B isn't penalised because of Person A's mistake.

Though I'd hope you were a little more organised with your transfers so you wouldn't be rejecting any...

Is that a misuse of transfers I spot? *HISS*

Awhile ago, I saw you guys say that people with older Neopets accounts were getting discounts in the Hidden Tower. Is that still true, or are there special (or random) days when that happens? I have a pretty old account, but I see the same prices. :( ~ turtle35
Torratz: According to our observations, accounts over 60 months are entitled to a 3% discount at the Hidden Tower on the third Wednesday of each month. The delightful Terry has whipped up a discount calculator for your saving pleasure, which can be found on JN's Hidden Tower guide.

Why do Neopets add cheats to games, when Neopets doesn't like cheating? ~ Freokenny
Torratz: For starters, let's clear up some terminology. There is a world of difference between the "cheats" that TNT programmers deliberately insert into their games for a bit of fun (let's call these "code-words") and the full-scale hacking used by actual cheaters. The word "cheat" itself means "to act dishonestly or unfairly in order to gain an advantage, especially in a game or examination." There is nothing remotely dishonest about playing the game to the best of one's ability as its programmers intended it be played. If you happen to be naturally stupendously good at, say, Mynci Beach Volleyball and end up on the high-score table, that's great. (I am jealous already; I stink at that game.)

As you no doubt know, the cheating opposed by Neopets (and Jellyneo, for that matter) involves picking at the mechanics of the game (and the way scores are sent) to create an unfair advantage for one player. If you're no good at MBV, to use our previous example, and deliberately use an automatic score sender, that's certainly not playing the game in a fair and equitable manner. Yes, it is against the Terms and Conditions, and yes, your account will be frozen. I'm sure you're aware of how seriously TNT take cheating on Flash games.

To answer your question, there's something a little bit fun about discovering a secret code to a game and finding it makes the gameplay more enjoyable. Games need quirks and easter eggs, otherwise they would become very boring very quickly. TNT abhor "cheating" by hackers and Flash-fiddlers because it creates an uneven playing field and gives people an excuse to illegitimately obtain high scores that they haven't earned.

To sum up: Code-words programmed into the game by TNT are okay, cheating is not.

How come some of the staffers here on JN have a trophy that says "Sloth Minion"? What did they do in order to get this trophy? Did they pledge their allegiance to Sloth? Kass is better. ~ Kass Minion
Torratz: We helped ol' Slothy-poo out with a pet project of his. ;D For those who are interested, all will be revealed in due time...

Kat: Said pet project wasn't easy, but we were rewarded for it. I love increasing the suspense.

All throughout Neopian Times Issue 437, moustaches were mentioned time and time again. Was this some kind of conspiracy? Or was it all completely random...? Any assistance will be helpful. ~ The King
Kat: Hmm...tell me, when was Issue 437 released? ^_~ That right there is a hint as to what this is--or rather, was--about.

We see you, NTWF pranksters! o:

Will the Wishing Well grant the same wish twice? For example, if I have wished for a Bag of Peanuts, and have been granted said wish in the past, will give it to me again? Many thanks. ~ Created_One
Kat: As we all know, that ol' Wishing Well is completely, utterly random, and they say that lightning never strikes in the same place twice. It may be possible, but the chances? One in infinity is my closest guess.

Dr. Sloth? ~ fruitcupandspoons
Torratz: World domination. Oh wait, we're not playing that game.

Obedience Medallion
Isn't this medallion fabulous? Kataklysmos recommended it to me. I must say, it was rather impressive...

How do you guys manage to work on Jellyneo and be able to do dailies, etc. on Neopets, and then also do other activities in real life? Is it hard sometimes? ~ yachtdepon
Kat: Sit down, young grasshopper, for I have many tales to tell. No, seriously, I've been on Neopets for seven years, and I've had to juggle it from the end of grade school until now, three years into college. It can be hard, hard enough for you to let go of Neopets every now and then just so you can focus. Heck, I have absented myself from Neopets and even JN for a long time so I can focus on college stuff, but I can honestly say that it paid off.

There is no secret to balancing everything. If you truly love the things you do, you will find ways to fit them into your schedule. Time management is key; learn how to divide everything so you don't get burned out, but at the same time, give priority to things that are more important. Is it really imperative that you visit ALL your dailies before working on your research paper? I can skip them and only enter Neopets to either write for a Storytelling contest I can't pass up or submit an entry for the NT, or even abstain completely.

Also, one of the great things about working with JN is that everyone understands when you have to leave for a bit. I'm not the only staff member who has college stuff or real life stuff in general; we feel each other's pain, and we've all known that juggling our obligations is hardly easy. D'awwww, I love you guys--and I mean all of you on JN. ^_^ You're one reason why I still manage to make time for JN and Neopets even with my hectic schedule. Cue the love and sparkles!

Torratz: Aww, now you're making me all sniffly and teary-eyed. Let's get our boogie on! *plonks tape deck and starts dancing*

Hey! K+T! *chucks plates of veggie dumplings* Mmm, my favourite! So, recently I bought some Neocash, and found out I don't have enough to buy 2 items I want, so I was wondering, are you allowed to use the free NC on your side account? That would be great if my Gnorbu could have that hair pin AND bow dress. Thanks, Jellyneo! ~ torib1016
Torratz: By "free NC on your side account" I assume you mean the NC you got when you created the account. This is considered a freebie by TNT and is there to be used, so feel free to go ahead and try to get that bow dress! Of course, you would need a gift box of some sort to transfer the item to your main (assuming you wanted to use it there).

NC itself is not transferable between accounts: if you wanted to shift that free NC over to your main to save you the hassle of gift boxes, sorry, it can't be done. :(

How many items can you store in your safety deposit box, closet and storage shed? ~ anonymous
Torratz: As many as you want--the SDB is bigger on the inside. ;D

Kat: And no paying for extra space. Stuff all the items you want into your SDB, closet and storage shed, the sky's the limit!

Disclaimer: We will not be held responsible if you get lost in that vast sea of items you will be hoarding in your SDB/closet/storage shed.

Is Rosie okay? ~ anonymous
Torratz: After being rescued from the Content Beast's Lair, Rosie was last seen heading to the peaceful village of Dungtown, Madeupistan. She is recovering just fine. :P

Pile of Dung Stamp
Wish you were here! xoxo

Hello Kali and Torratz, are we allowed to play Flash games that have an avatar related to it on a side account? I know you're not allowed to make money on side accounts though. ~ enzoface
Torratz: In order to get the avatar, you would have to submit a score, which would result in Neopoints. So the answer there would be no. :(

Whack-a-Staff Member Avatar
Sorry, you can only smash me on main accounts :P

Kat: On that note, don't (ab)use the "switching main accounts" excuse, 'cause you're not fooling anyone.

Hi Jellyneo! You're the bestest Neo-site out there!
Well, since my account has recently been suspended, I have a question. If you are to be frozen, and you have Neocash on that account, what will happen to it? It can't just disappear, can it? I'm curious because I know when Neocash expires, TNT sends you stuff worth that amount. ~ frogfrog109

Torratz: Aw, thanks! *warm fuzzy feeling*

If you are frozen, any Neocash and/or Neocash items on that account will remain there and will not be refunded or returned to you on your side account(s). Yes, before you gasp in horror and wail about how unfair it is, TNT are well within their rights to do this. The Neocash Shopping Rules state in the second paragraph that if you are frozen (which would only be because you violated the Neopets Terms and Conditions), they have no obligation to provide a refund or otherwise reimburse you. It's even in shiny capital letters to make sure you notice (but we think these days, most people just skip past legal disclaimers and go straight to checking the "I have read and understood..." box...well, that signifies you agree to those rules and must now accept them).

If your account is unfrozen, you'll still have your NC and NC items; if the NC expired during the period you were frozen, you'll be given some NC items of equal value (like normal).

Hey, JN! *makes it rain dark chocolate Meepits* How does TNT get items into circulation when they make a new item? Do they release it in shops or select a random 2,000 Neopians to get the item first? ~ mr_shah
Kat: The regular new items that are shown in the news are first released in shops, where lucky restockers can snap them up and sell them for much higher prices for Neopians who won't wait for prices to go down as more of these new items enter circulation. Of course, the rarity rule applies: the rarer it is, the slower it enters circulation, and the initial resell price is higher.

Greetings Doctor, it's the Companion here. While I was playing the Negg Hunt between taking parking lessons for the TARDIS, I noticed that Labhaoise, in-game, said that SHE was the Doctor. So, my question is, which one of you is the true Lord of Time? ~ The Companion
Torratz: I think you'll find Lee was singing along to Jon Pertwee's spoken-word rendition of the Doctor Who theme. :P Her status as a previous regeneration is not in question. And have you still not learned how to park the TARDIS? Blimey, you've had millennia to learn how. O:

Jelly Doughnut
What kind of planet is this? They don't even have jelly babies! Only these things...

I read that your news article regarding a new plot and the Jelly Chia Key Quest token was your April Fools joke. Is this true? If it was, how'd you make it look so real? xD ~ anonymous
Torratz: Yes, it's true--the Jelly Chia token was (part of) Jellyneo's 2010 April Fools prank. As for making it real, well, Rosie is brilliant. :D

Hi! I just came back from a rather long hiatus, and when I looked at the Neopian Pound Neoboard, I saw that people invented a whole bunch of new acronyms for transferring and pets. Could you possibly explain what some of them mean, or update your existing list of common acronyms? Because I would sure love to know what people are talking about! Thanks! ~ betterthenthebest456
Kat: Ever since the transfer and exchange features were added to the site, lots of acronyms have cropped up for users' convenience, but sadly, their convenience isn't always everyone's convenience. Let's have a roundup of those common acronyms and their meanings! ("Common" is stressed because people can make up acronyms for anything, but these are the ones that you see the most often on the boards):

BN - Badly Named. Pet has an epic string of letters/numbers in his/her name and/or an embarrassing name. Remember that when people talk about pet names, their definitions of good and bad names are relative.

DN - Decently Named. Not exactly a nice name, but it's still better than being BN.

WN - Well Named. The name might have an underscore or a lowercase first letter, but on the whole is considered pretty good.

VWN - Very Well Named. The pet's name is free of numbers and underscores, and has a capital first letter. The trend now, if I remember correctly, is for short (under 6 letters), pronounceable names.

FFQ - Fountain Faerie Quest.

RW - Real Word. The name is a dictionary word or derivative. Often you will find these in other languages as well.

UC - Unconverted. With the introduction of customisation in 2007, owners of certain pets were given a choice to go with the new style or keep their pets as they are. The latter would be your UC pets.

LE - A limited edition species of Neopet.

BD - Battledome. As in, a pet with high stats that will be able to do well in the Battledome.

UFA - Up For Adoption. Add a Q and it means Up For Quick Adoption.

UFT - Up For Trade.

RB or RG - Royal Boy or Royal Girl.

Custom - This is not an acronym, but it means a pet that can be "custom made" to your species/colour preference.

Is there any easy way to get a Meowclops? I've wanted one for years but they're all way too expensive... I would call him Mr. Tibbles. ~ Prof. Draco
Torratz: If by "easy" you mean "play stacks of games or restock your little heart out and save up the required Neopoints" then yes, most definitely.

Kat: Or, you can try the Kat way: enter some contests, do your best and sell the rare items you get for prizes, 'cause some of them can fetch a pretty penny. See, Meowclops are expensive because they're retired, so yeah, these are the "easy" ways we could come up with. However, I have gotten a few retired items from those competitions. If you're lucky enough, a Meowclops will just saunter straight into your inventory, but it's a really, really long shot.

Mr. Tibbles says, 'I'm getting lonely over here! :('

Is this normal that in the shop, there are 999999 Cardboard Box Backgrounds? O_O ~ Cetais
Kari: Yes, sorry about that, but for my last quest I really wanted a location idea for my upcoming vacation, and it wouldn't have been fair to all those Neopians if the shop didn't help them out a little on one of the quest steps, right? *carefully sidesteps the issue of the avatar* Yes, the Festival of Neggs is now over. And yes, I realise this question was also answered in this week's NT editorial. ;)