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Mind Your Editorial
Published: April 3, 2010

Welcome to another editorial by me - Kataklysmos (Kata for short). To start with I figured I'd give you a graph, because programmers like graphs. *nods furiously*

What's higher - the graph's correlation to the editorial, or the curve's correlation to the histogram?

Hey Kata! How can you prevent lag on Key Quest? I can't find anything that'll do this. ~ darkesmoon
Lag on Key Quest comes from a variety of sources, most of which can't be prevented. The Flash is pretty intense, so if it's just the Flash itself lagging, short of getting a better computer you might be stuck. You can make sure you don't have other tabs or windows open, and try to close most other programs when playing Key Quest.

Another possibility is your connection - during a Key Quest game there are a lot of messages back and forth between your computer and the server. Try not to have other internet traffic such as large downloads, streaming videos, etc. when playing Key Quest.

A simple suggestion is to make sure your Flash player is up to date, as newer features or optimisations may be available. Beyond that, you're probably stuck with what you've got.

Does setting your browser to remember your password and PIN for Neopets put you more at risk for cookie grabbers? Also, is the same to be said for never logging out? I only do this on my personal computer, not on any shared ones. ~ madtamahatta
If you set your browser to remember your password and/or PIN, this information is kept locally. The site doesn't actually get the information stored in your browser, it's when you click the button that submits the form that the remote site gets the information. So storing this information only puts you at risk if you visit sketchy sites in that you might not take the time to look at the address bar and see you aren't actually at http://www.neopets.com/loginpage.phtml (which is the only legitimate login page) before you click that "Go" button.

As far as never logging out, this does put you at greater risk. In fact, it's the only way to be at risk. There are many cookies you can get from the Neopets site, some with just usernames or time zones, and one in particular: "neologin" - that is what cookie grabbers try to get. If you logout, the "neologin" expires immediately. If a cookie has expired, the browser won't bother submitting it to the site that's requesting the cookie, and the cookie grabber will not receive your cookie.

This makes sense to me but I live on this stuff so I sometimes say things that seem simple to me, but might not be for others. I'll give you an analogy just to be safe. When I log into Neopets, it's like I'm getting a pass for the day to an amusement park. As I go around Neopets, it's like I'm going to rides at the park and each time I go to a ride, they extend my pass so that it's still good for 24 hours. When I logout, it's like I'm leaving the park and ripping up my pass. A cookie grabber is like a fake ride attendant who asks to see my pass, and makes a copy. If I've already ripped it up, it does the fake attendant no good, and I remain safe from being scammed.

Is it okay to have a PHP Curl program check for data from Neopets by accessing my account? This would be put on my web page. I would not use it to do any sort of programmed auto-deeds to get my hands on Neopoints. I find it difficult to understand what joy some people have from doing it. ~ anonymous
I highly recommend you do not do this. From TNT's point of view, this is a bot, even if you aren't doing anything malicious with it, and that's an easy way to wind up frozen.

Fake Kass Charm

Kata spots a cord hanging out of a "recycle" bin that has been illuminated by the computer screen he is typing away at. Pulling on the cord, he extracts some sort of amulet from the bin and says: "Hey, neat! This looks... shiny. I think I'll wear it." As he pulls the cord over his head, you swear his eyes flash a menacing red for a moment. You'd better not tell him, though.

Hey JN! So recently, my account was frozen, but I've had no suspensions. Is this normal? Thanks! ~ anonymous
Depending on what the infraction you've been accused of is, you may be frozen even if you don't have a history of breaking rules or having suspensions. The following editorial question explains things quite well:

Hey TNT! :) *hands you cookies* Okay, let's say there are two users: User A and User B (creative, right?). If User A had a newbie account and User B had a nicer account (more trophies, avatars, stamps, better Neopets, Premium, etc.) and both users broke the same rule, would you give any sort of "handicap" to User B since they have a better account, or would you freeze them both since they both broke the rule? Please answer, this is something I've been wondering for quite a while. Thanks! :D ~oxthekillersox101

It depends on the severity of the infraction and history of the player, honestly. A longtime player with an account that's had no (or very few) warnings and just slips up once is more likely to get some leeway over a two week old account created by a player who often acts poorly and has a long history of frozen accounts. But, as we said before, it depends on what was done as well. If it was something very serious like scamming someone, having an old account or a newbie one won't make any difference. Remember though, we do expect older accounts to have a better understanding of the rules, too! If we see someone breaking rules on purpose because they think they can "get away with it" due to the age of their account, then we aren't going to be happy with them.

Kata's eyes are doing that glowing red thing again. He says in a manner far more imposing than he ever could manage normally: "Of course, if things were run *properly* like Lord Kass would have had them run, there wouldn't be any freezing. Instead, people would just get thrown into dungeons for the slightest bending of the rules. Maybe a few people would get thrown in just to make a point. Heh heh heh." Kata's eyes return to normal. This feels oddly like something you've seen in a film, or read in a book, or something...

I was wondering, there was a glitch in the Trading Post that let me sell 3 Smiley Snacks that I got during the NC Mall beta phase. If I were to sell them, would I get frozen? Oh yes, before I finish off this question...*throws cookie* Thanks for answering! ~ soilpete9321
The NC Mall disclaimer is at the bottom of any NC Mall page and reads "Neocash items may not be exchanged for Neocash, Neopoints, or Neopoint items." That means selling them on the Trading Post, auctioning them off, or trading NC items for anything other than NC items is against the rules!

Glitch or not, it still remains against the rules, and the penalty for violating the rules (if you happen to be caught) is up to the monitor.

Kata's eyes do the glowing red thing again, and you could swear his skin's taking on a disturbingly Darigan purple hue. He says something about people claiming things that aren't rightfully theirs and seeking retribution. You point out that seems a bit extreme, and Kata rages about people not understanding for a while. Once he's done, you suggest that he take off the charm. His skin and eyes return to their normal colour, and you're quite sure he doesn't remember the last little while. Your fears are confirmed when he looks bemusedly at the cookie and then eats it.

I already have my 4 pets and I don't want to change their colour, but I do have a side account. I would like to paint one of my side Jetsams the Magma colour and give him to someone who really wants him. Would I get frozen for this? I'm so scared to use my side account for anything! ~ anonymous
As long as you aren't requesting Neopoints, Neocash, items, etc., in exchange, that's fine. Just make sure to follow the guideline in this editorial response:

Hey, TNT! I have a question I've been wanting to ask: are we allowed to go to the Magma Pool and get a magma Neopet on our side account? I know it's random at the Lab Ray, but what about going to the pool? Thanks, and here are some cookies! (please leave out my username) ~ username removed

You may not earn the right to visit the Magma Pool on your side accounts, as this would also earn you Neopoints, but you are welcome to visit in hopes of sneaking past the sleeping guard, as there are no Neopoints rewarded for doing so.

Kata once again seems to undergo a charm-induced transformation. Briefly, you wonder if you should have opted for a disposable camera before coming in here as you could have had photos of the world's first (and only) Darigan human. Kata starts on a long rave about how Magma is a pointless colour and every pet should be Darigan. Having had enough of this, you ask him questions about how weird he's acting. As expected, he becomes normal again. Seizing the opportunity, you grab the charm, yank it off Kata's neck, and stomp it to itty bitty pieces on the floor. Kata says: "Oh well, maybe I'll find another Fake Kass Charm later." You decide it's best not to mention that didn't seem so fake.
Broken Fake Kass Charm

When spinning the Wheel of Slime, it's okay to choose 938 instead of 983, right? There are two of them when you search slime, and I already have one bookmarked, so unless it's going to cause bad things to happen, I'd rather just leave it. (By the way, sorry if this is already in the question database, it's just that I didn't leave a pseudonym last time and don't remember seeing the green letters saying it got in.) ~ Ron Nohn
I presume you mean game IDs 938 and 983. If the game was still showing up, that means that TNT had not yet deactivated the game. If you try to visit a game that's been deactivated, you'll get a message:

"Sorry, this game is not available!

Why not play one of our hundreds of other games?"

Since you were able to play the game still and didn't receive errors sending scores, either game ID URL is fine.

Hi! You guys rock! I was just wondering if there was a last level to the game Spinacles? The game ends when you lose, so is there a end to the game if you don't lose? ~ Boosh
As far as I know, there are in fact only 15 levels. Theoretically, there's no limit to how many points you can get from a level if you plan carefully though, since you can keep adding spheres and removing spheres while being on the same level as long as you don't remove them all.

Spinacle Sphere Earrings
Have your pet show your support for Spinacles with these mildly tacky earrings!

Hey JN! I've a question for you. I really like the new game Darigan Dodgeball on Neopets, and used to be able to clock 50 seconds with ease. However, recently I'm only doing about 5 seconds before the game automatically ends, even though I clearly didn't lose! This happened multiple times and I sent in a bug report, but it's been a week and a half yet no reply from TNT. How do I check if other users are experiencing the same problem? Thanks! ~ zackytacky
I haven't experienced this issue with Darigan Dodgeball but I did have this issue with Tunnel Tumble. The issue has since disappeared for me. In general, the most you can do is file a bug report with Neopets and hope that it gets fixed.

If you want to just check if other people are having the same issue as you or happen to have a way to fix the issue, there's a Neoboard for games, or you could check on the Neopets Games board on the Jellyneo Forums.

The 2010 site event "Daily Dare" was my first time participating in the Daily Dare. I really enjoyed it! But I was wondering, what is the point of showing a box as a "prize" for completing the challenge when at the end I only received 3-4 items and a spiffy new trophy? Do the boxes mean anything? ~ kitchenyou10sull
The boxes are there to signify you have a prize you can collect. Click on a box to actually have the prize revealed and added to your inventory. You can see a full list of the prizes for AAA, Abigail, and Lulu, as well as how the whole thing works here. Enjoy your prizes!

There's a sudden knock at the door which sends Kata jumping to the ceiling - literally. You're lucky he's a cartoon caricature so he can take this kind of punishment. Or maybe it's the fact the ceiling's made of jelly. Yes, you're in a jelly broom closet. At any rate, his head is stuck in the ceiling. He seems to be waving frantically at you. You waste precious moments trying to figure out what he means and decide that you'd better just hide before you're found somewhere you're not supposed to be. Just as you dive under the desk, the door opens and you hear someone walk in, put a box on the desk and walk out. Once they're gone you go yank on Kata's legs until he pops free of his jelly prison. "I hate lime!", he complains. He then opens the package and says, "Hey a new hat!" Before you can stop him, he already has put it on...

Mind Control Headset

Hi TJNT! Is the Christmas Flash from 2008 still up? If so, where can I find a link to it? ~ ziposaki
I think this is what you want. :) If you're talking about the 2008 Advent Calendar animations, there's now an official archive for all that stuff.

Kata's eyes go cross eyed. You knew it was going to happen! He says: "But I don't know why you would want to look at such an uninteresting Flash when you could see this much more interesting seasonal Flash?"

How long did it take for you guys to make the editorial database? And how did you make it? I feel it'd be torture to go through every Neopets editorial there ever was and add in each and every question and answer... ~ Yahoobot
The editorial database was an on-and-off project for a while. However, in the end it was written by Terry and Polemarch.

Jellyneo didn't have to add every question and answer by hand one by one - the scripts take care of doing all that automatically. Such an efficient system! Who runs this place? Dave? I will have to remember to file a recommendation with our Master.

When are you going to do another contest? ~ frider_5_5
One of the lights on the hat explodes, leaving a puff a smoke trailing out of the socket. Kata seems to go back to being himself.

This question seems to be from awhile ago, but I'd say the answer is now. Have you gone to the Services Portal recently? The 2010 Jellyneo Negg Hunt starts today, and will continue through April 11th.

Negg Hunt 10 Logo
Don't delay - start today!

What happened to the faerie viewer? ~ starry_zafara
The smoke clears from the odd hat Kata is wearing. It must have just been overheating before. Kata stares blankly while answering.

The faerie viewer was taken down so you couldn't see a certain despicable creature for one reason or another. Keep an eye out near the end of April - we have something planned that will be even better.

I have collected all the worms I think (10 different ones) and the lantern. What am I supposed to do with them now or has this event expired with the plot that introduced us to Moltara? Thanks and I love your site! ~ harriot_porter
No, the worms have nothing to do with the Atlas of the Ancients plot. You'll want to put them in your lantern so you can go mucking about in the Dark Cave. To get the full scoop, read up on them at the Tangor's Workshop article. Though if your pets like working in dark places looking for precious resources, why not have them work for the Kreludan Mining Corporation?

The lights on the hat suddenly start flashing wildly and little alarms start going off. A soothing computerised voice coming out of the hat says: "Your trial period has expired. Provide 5,000 Neocola Tokens now or you will be disintegrated." Kata starts rummaging through the desk muttering about "that stupid snack machine" for a while, the lights blinking increasingly faster as he searches. Shortly after he gives up, the hat disintegrates in a flash. Kata collects himself, muttering, "Crumbs. These beta products are always defective" and returns to typing on the computer.

Hey JN! I recently received a Fountain Faerie Quest, and was wondering which Neopet colour or colours are considered the rarest and the most expensive in Neopia. Thank you. ~ mafalditati
The first measure is to see how paint brushes are priced, which can be done through this search (keep in mind some paint brushes may have old prices, and that Glass, Stone, and Lutari are not paintable colours).

Of course, with a few exceptions such as Ice, MSP, and Robot, the Fountain Faerie can grant almost any colour, so that's not the best metric. You can check through the Pet Directory and do a search by colour for a rough idea.

At the time this editorial was written, the breakdowns were roughly as follows (sorted most common to least common):

Colour% Pet Directory Represented
Baby 7.33%
Blue 6.54%
Christmas 6.43%
Red 4.63%
Faerie 4.49%
Green 3.87%
Yellow 3.74%
Mutant 3.71%
Darigan 3.37%
Ghost 3.05%
Halloween 2.79%
Cloud 2.51%
Maraquan 2.32%
Tyrannian 2.02%
Island 2%
Grey 1.95%
Royalgirl 1.88%
Starry 1.87%
Fire 1.76%
Desert 1.65%
Pirate 1.44%
Speckled 1.37%
Striped 1.3%
White 1.27%
Shadow 1.27%
Plushie 1.25%
Robot 1.23%
Spotted 1.22%
Purple 1.16%
Snow 1.12%
Pink 1.11%
Royalboy 1.11%
Disco 1.06%
Rainbow 1.05%
Magma 1.03%
Camouflage 0.97%
Ice 0.93%
Electric 0.82%
Skunk 0.79%
Sketch 0.78%
Chocolate 0.77%
Brown 0.71%
Jelly 0.68%
Glowing 0.67%
Orange 0.67%
Split 0.55%
Biscuit 0.51%
Strawberry 0.51%
Gold 0.44%
Silver 0.43%
Checkered 0.42%
Msp 0.26%
Sponge 0.26%
Coconut 0.25%
Pea 0.25%
Snot 0.22%
Invisible 0.2%
Usukiboy 0.16%
Alien 0.14%
Mallow 0.13%
Usukigirl 0.11%
Chokato 0.11%
Asparagus 0.09%
Custard 0.09%
Garlic 0.07%
Grape 0.07%
Apple 0.05%
Thornberry 0.05%
Carrot 0.04%
Pineapple 0.04%
Pepper 0.04%
Blueberry 0.04%
Tomato 0.03%
Plum 0.03%
Durian 0.03%
Peach 0.03%
Aubergine 0.02%
Pear 0.02%
Lime 0.02%
Quigukiboy 0.02%
Lemon 0.02%
Clay 0.02%
Gooseberry 0.02%
Quigukigirl 0.01%
Onion 0.01%
Avocado 0.01%

What did happen with Neopoll? ~ cheiro_de_queijo
Neopoll? You mean the poll that used to be on the front page? It still exists. If you answer the Daily Puzzle from Pet Central, that module will disappear and you'll see the poll module in its place, though it's titled "Random Poll" now. You can still see old poll results here.

I've recently taken it upon myself to finally finish the Altador plot. I'm on the last day and I'm at the step of connecting the Hunter constellation. I'm using your star finder and it's great. The only problem is when I've got the constellation all connected and on the right stars and I try to submit it, it tells me that it's not correct. What is this madness? Is this happening/has it happened to anyone else? Thanks a billion million gazillion! ~ lilacgrove18
If you've found the stars, the only thing I can suggest is something that was relevant for me when I did the constellation for The Protector. Sometimes it looks like you can connect three stars in a line by just connecting the two end points. You must in fact connect each star to each other star, and erase any extra lines that you had already made. Since you're doing The Hunter, there should be 7 line segments you make. Make sure that you have one star inside the quadrilateral you create, instead of a "tail" of 2 stars outside the quadrilateral.

You can ask for more help on our Altador Mini-Plot Forum.

Yo TJNT! You guys rock! *throws chocolate Usuls* Now, just wondering: there is a rumour going around that you can't repaint Magma pets once they are Magma. Is this true? Just wondering and you guys rock! ~ avelaingia
Ooh! Chocolate! You've made my day! Anyway, awhile back I was annoyed about my Ixi being Magma but having missed the deluxe paint brush items, so I posted about it in the comments for Editorial 116. Another JNer posted this helpful response:

memeroni, 01/9/2010, 4:00 pm NST
I'll try re-magma-ing-ing (worst nonce ever) my Ixi though, since I imagine the rest of the response was still right.
Just FYI, I went back to the magma pool and was offered to sneak past the guard but my Ixi that was painted the first time I went through was not available for me to select to go in again!

I just wanted to know whether or not Neopets Mobile is still available, since I wanted to get it but on the Pet Central page there wasn't anything about it. Thanks! ~ whiteouthorizon
It seems that Neopets Mobile has been discontinued as of June 30, 2009. We have a news post on the subject here.

What's shop 109, Crumble and Twig, for? ~ bellabean_1234
The description for the shop with ID 109 starts with "Ah, I see you are interested in adding to your Habitat!" It sounds like it might have been for Petpetpet Habitats, which had its first beta open in late April of 2008. Since then it seems like the project has been scrapped, or at least been taken down for now.

Kata checks the clock on his computer. "Oh no, I'm running out of time! Well, I suppose I can squeeze a few more in." He pulls out a suspicious looking medallion and wears it, explaining he's trying to impress Torratz for some reason. You have a bad feeling about this, but then again, this editorial hasn't exactly left you impressed with Kata's attention to detail not on his computer screen.

Obedience Medallion

I know TNT says they can't control inflation, but couldn't they pour hundreds of morphing potions and Draik eggs into the shops to bring down the prices? ~ reader8
Dr. Sloth would be all for your ideas of radical economic change. You should vote for him in the next coup election for ruler of Neopia, whenever that happens. Soon, I'm sure. At any rate, TNT gave their stance on precisely this question in Editorial 406:

Hi TNT, thanks for everything! Recently there were some concerns about inflation and another question about Draik eggs. From what I gathered you put a higher price on the new Draik eggs to help with inflation... but I don't think people putting a 20 million Neopoint price tag on one is helping the situation at all. Is there anything that can be done about this? Can't you put a limit on how much people can charge for items? I think it would bring in a lot more Neopets players, since the challenge of saving wouldn't be so scarily intimidating. *gives you cookies* Thanks! Oh, and please remove my username in the rare chance that you do answer my question. You rock! ~[username removed]

We don't like to be heavy-handed when dealing with the economy. For a lot of people, part of the allure of Neopets is the economy itself: buying low, selling high, getting something rare and pricing it... the only area we can think of where we effectively "cap" prices is the Hidden Tower, Neohome Superstore, and General Store, as these places are basically always stocked and available. We prefer to help balance things out by releasing things with lower rarities (like the new Draik eggs), or giving them out as rewards, though the higher an item has inflated, the less we want to hand them out and make everyone instantly rich. Also, if we go overboard and release too much of an item, the deflation can make the item less rare. For a while (no longer) the Snow Faerie was giving out certain Draik morphing potions like hotcakes, and as a result they dropped to less than 200,000 NP if we remember correctly. While that's great for a lot of people, it also took away the rarity and specialness of having a Draik. As you can see, the economy does need to be balanced, but slowly and carefully. :)

Why do some pet and petpet combinations not work? For example, I tried to attach a Blue Quetzal to my Lutari and all I got as a response was "AAAAARRRGHHH! Get that Blue Quetzal away from me!!!" Please help (I did look through the editorial database and couldn't see anything like this). Thanks! *hands out cookies* ~ xingdarcie
*stuffs cookies into a desk drawer* More often than not people ask the same question about foods or books, but the same rule applies for petpets. Here's one relevant editorial response:

Hey there! Recently, I got a petpet specifically for one of my pets. But, my pet refuses to take the petpet. I've tried several ways to get him to take it (such as changing the language and waiting a while), but so far nothing has worked. By any chance, is there a way to get my pet to accept this petpet? ~ just_a_rabbit

If changing the language won't work, then it looks like your pet may not accept the petpet at all. :( It's all based on the number of letters in your pet's name and the number of letters in the petpet's name, which can only be changed by changing the site's language.

Now if Dr. Sloth was in charge, there would be ways to "convince" your pet to think otherwise. Wouldn't that be the greatest? Yes, Sloth ruling pets liking everything would be the best!

My cousin quit Neopets awhile ago and gave all her Neopets and good items to my other cousin (who still plays). Is this allowed? Is this a freezable offence? ~ jankiapatel95
This question can be answered by a response from a previous Neopets editorial (the last sentence addresses your question):

(Please remove my username, thanks! :)) Hey, TNT! *offers jelly* Recently, a friend of mine has been thinking of quitting Neopets, but doesn't want to just dump his account and Neopets. As such, he's offered to give the account to me for use as a side account. I don't mind taking over for him, but I am worried that it is against the rules and don't want to risk being frozen. So, is it against the rules? I would only use the Neopoints and items in his account on his Neopets, and I definitely wouldn't use the account as anything but a side. Thanks! ~username removed

It is against the rules to access any account except one that you made. This includes accepting an account from someone who is "quitting" (this is a common scam). In your case, even if you know the person in real life, you still cannot accept their account. It puts all of your accounts at risk, and is not allowed. They can donate or give you the items and their Neopets if they like, but no one else can ever have the actual account.

If you're going to be giving stuff away though, wouldn't it be nice to give it to someone like Commander Gormos? I suppose there's no way to do that. Shame, since I'm sure such a big hero of the resistance would put it to very good use!

Can you win a contest (such as Neohome/Gallery spotlight) more than once? ~ megamorpho
It's entirely possible to do so, though it might be significantly harder to win a contest after the first time. This editorial question addresses exactly what you've asked:

Is it possible to win the User Lookup Spotlight (or any other kind of spotlight, for that matter) more than once? ~lovebytes07

Yes, but for spotlights (not other competitions) we prefer that those who have never won before be selected. That being said, we certainly won't deny you another fifteen minutes of fame if you blow our socks off.

Kata says: "Well, I think that's enough questions for today. After all, there's always something else to work on!" He ushers you out of the closet he's been working in. On your way out, you notice a I Love Lord Kass Lamp on the desk. That wasn't there before... or was it?

I Love Lord Kass Lamp

Check out Grundo Programmers of Neopia
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