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Some Answers to the Ultimate Questions of Life, the Universe, and Everything
Published: March 20, 2010

What do you get if you multiply an Item DBer by a Content Writer?

Item DBer by Content Writer. 42.

Hey JN! *throws 27 rabid Meepits... and becomes hypnotised by the Kiko writing...* Anyways, I have a Key Quest question. Does it count against you to use your keys that you win? I've often noticed that I have quite a bit more Earned Keys than Unused. ~ dream21435
Zelda: *runs away* MEEPITS!!!!! NOOOOOOO!!!!

*ahem* Well...I don't believe it matters whether you use your keys right away or later. It's a luck-of-the-draw thing regardless.

As for the Earned vs. Unused table, the Earned row lists the keys you've claimed prizes for; it's like a log of your Key Quest winnings. The Unused row tells you how many of each key you have left to claim the prizes for. If you have anything but zeroes in this row, go claim your prizes!

This question has been bugging me ever since the game Haunted Shootery came out. I noticed that the Lutari gypsy is in a colour that isn't available. Does this mean that Robot will be available to Lutaris soon? ~ michaelli910_8
Emily: Lutari Day is coming up in about a month, so it's certainly possible, but for games and plots, the artists tend to draw heavily stylised Neopets--there's no guarantee that a Robot Lutari would look like the Haunted Shootery character.

The only way to get a robot pet is by zapping them with the Lab Ray or using the special One-Use Robotification Zappermajig on them.

What's the highest level of intelligence your Neopet can get? All of my Neopets are up to Super Genius but after that it has numbers in brackets like (47) and I found that when my pets read another book it just ups the number by 1 or 2. What's happening? Does it mean that it won't get any smarter? ~ me
Zelda: The highest level of intelligence is "ULTIMATE GENIUS," which your pet will reach at 95+ intelligence points. The actual stat level is the number that shows up in brackets after a certain point. The higher the number, the smarter the pet. There are ways to increase your pet's intelligence besides reading books or scrolls. Coltzan's Shrine, the Faerie Crossword, Cliffhanger, a Genius Negg, an Illusen Day Elixir, a Sparkle Potion, etc. can also do the trick.

Shameless plug: by the way, should you need a list of all the books your pet has yet to read, visit this lovely new-ish page: The Neopets Book Checklist Tool!

The other day I saw an advertisement on Neopets and I was wondering where I would go to report it. Keep up the fantastic work! ~ annaaettully
Emily: Good question! There are actually specific instructions on how you should report offensive ads and you don't go through the regular abuse form. Detailed information is listed on the Banner Ads FAQ.

If I have a Royal Boy pet and equip it with the Cape of the Sun and use it, what happens when it becomes a girl? Will my pet become a Royal Girl? ~ Tamariley
Zelda: Cape of the Sun no longer turns male pets into females when used in the Battledome. But if you change its gender some other way (e.g., through the Lab Ray or by battling the Lab Ray Scientist in the Battledome), oddly enough, you might end up with a female Royal Boy pet. That is, on your pet lookup your pet's gender will show up as female, but the appearance and clothes indicate a Royal Boy (assuming your pet is not an Unconverted pet).

Emily: I have probably a bit too much fun messing with the gender of my pets, but it's so easy with wearables such as the Wax Lips and Evil Twin Goatee!

What?! I'm female now?! I'm so confused...

One of my most favourite games is Hannah and the Pirate Caves and I decided to play it again as I haven't played it for a long time. I clicked the play button and all I got was a grey screen. I know I have the plugin, because Hannah and the Ice Caves loads when I open it. Am I missing a plugin or something or is it just my browser (which is Firefox)? Please help, I really want to play the game again. What do you think is wrong? ~ jenniamelia
Emily: Some browsers are a bit spotty when it comes to Neopets and Shockwave. Using Chrome on Windows Vista with the latest Shockwave plug-in seems to work for some users. I think Chrome would work equally well if you use a Mac or Linux. If not, try Internet Explorer or Opera, re-install the plug-in, and restart your computer. Don't forget to turn off any pop up blockers if you have them!

I love having goals but have seen to run out of them. My question is, what are all the major goals in Neopia? Short question with long answer, sorry! Thanks! ~ gurl_of_revenge
Emily: It's hard to say because each person has different goals. Some people set goals for how many Neopoints they want to make. Others want a certain trophy, pet, or rare item (for example: Site Spotlight Champion, a Draik, a Krawk, a Royal Paint Brush). I collect stamps and Kadoatery items, so I have goals for both of those areas of the site. Explore different areas of the site, and maybe you'll find something new to set a goal for!

Hey there Zelda!! *throws pie I picked up from Pirate Editorial* Okay, so this happened a little while ago, but I'm still wondering... There was a was a guy bugging me, and I reported him for using inappropriate words. A few minutes later, I received a notice from Neopets saying I was suspended for using bad language. What happened? Why did I get punished too? ~ clubmudkip
Zelda: Hmmm...that seems a bit odd. It may be that there was an slight error in the way bad language use is detected that allowed your report to show up as your own words rather than that guy's words. If that's the case, it has probably been fixed by now, though I'd let TNT know just to make sure. Otherwise, it's possible that if you at some point asked him to stop saying certain things and quoted anything specific, that may have been recognised as bad language, however unintended it may have been. If you posted what he said to you on the Neoboards, or posted about it, then that would explain why you got into trouble. Repeating inappropriate words or repeating a scammer's message on the Neoboards is a potentially warnable offence.

I know that in the Money Tree you are only allowed to get up to 10 items per day. Is this also true with the Second-Hand Shoppe? Thanks JN, you rock! ~ imadudett
Emily: Currently, you're limited to 10 items per day at the Second-Hand Shoppe and Money Tree combined. So if you pick up 10 items at the Tree, you won't be able to get anything at the Second-Hand Shoppe.

If someone submits a Neopian Times editorial question that is inappropriate, will their Neopets account be in trouble? My friend said that her side account got frozen because of that. Thanks! :D ~ avelaingia
Emily: If you break the rules stated in Neopets' Terms & Conditions, then your account is at risk. Saying something inappropriate to the Neopian Times editor is like reporting yourself to a monitor. Whether it was meant to be a joke or not, Neopets is a kid-friendly site and TNT does not take inappropriate behaviour lightly. Something to keep in mind is that if you can't say something in front of your parents, you probably shouldn't say it on Neopets!

How come on the Neopets world map, there are a lot of islands that look like they could be places you could go to? I used to try to go to them, and it was sad when I couldn't. ~ Rainbow272727
Zelda: You never know, those islands might be real, inhabited places...perhaps someday some Neopians will go exploring and discover those new worlds for everyone to visit!

Hey, I wonder what's past where this map shows...?

Hi JN, I've been looking through tons of restocking guides, but still haven't found the answer to my question: Restock times are random. However, are they random to an exact second as well, or do restocks always happen on the minute? For example, will items will only restock at 2:34:00 NST, but not 2:34:14 NST? Thanks! ~ rain_e_days
Emily: Restocks are always completely random, down to the second. Some might happen on the minute, but shops are just as likely to restock during those other 59 seconds!

Hey, JN! I've been wondering, are you allowed to open multiple tabs on your computer so that a game you are playing on Neopets will run slower? I've heard multiple answers to this question, and was wondering if you guys could clear it up. Thanks! ~ memorysoul
Emily: If you're deliberately trying to tweak the performance of a game to your advantage, that would be considered cheating. A good score isn't worth risking your account!

I had 3 side accounts. On 1 side account I typed the email wrong when I made it, so I self froze it. I made another side account, so I have 3 sides again. Does the account I self froze count as my 4th side account, or can I make another one? ~ geckobubbles
Zelda: If you successfully removed your account using the account deactivation page, then it no longer exists, and you have room for 1 more side account. If you simply stopped using the account, then it is your 4th side account.

So, I have this Fire Blumaroo with an attached Baby Fireball. If I painted the Baby Fireball blue, and lent her to someone, would the person be able to get the avatar? ~ Bob Saget
Emily: Yes, it should still work, but just to be safe, I'd lend before painting the petpet. As long as you have a Baby Fireball that's at least 30 days old attached to your Fire Blumaroo, the person you're lending to should be able to get the avatar.

Does anyone really win the avatar on the Wheel of Knowledge? I've been spinning it practically every day for the past 5 years or so and I still don't have it! ~ charmed_one_piper44
Emily: Yes, people receive the avatar, but unfortunately I haven't gotten it either. I've been spinning about the same time as you, too. So I definitely know what you're going through!

Zelda: I don't have it either! I mean, I'm all for wisdom, but I really don't need any more wise sayings...little useless but entertaining graphics are so much better!! ;)

Why does no one understand the importance of wisdom anymore?

My account is now 3 years old and I know I have to wait more to get access to Elite Boutique. My question is, what items are there? There is no Elite Boutique category in Item Database. :( ~ emmi1986
Emily: You can view those items by searching for "elite boutique" in Item Notes in the advanced search. Yay consistent NC item notes!

Is there a place where we can see all of the pets' pictures from their original web page? Like, the image that looks like a polaroid that says "A photo of me!" I would like to make a petpage record of my lab pets in this way. ~ xcarlyannarchy
Zelda: One way would be to take screenshots of the polaroids and upload them to an image server like Photobucket and then code them into your petpage.

Another way would be to manipulate the basic URL of the polaroid images. That URL is:


For example:


These kinds of images do not exist for all pet and colour combinations because TNT stopped making new ones a long time ago.

Good luck with your zapping and image log!

Is it true that the Halloween Goodie Bags have been known to contain the Meowclops petpet? I have seen people saying it on the boards a couple of years ago regarding the "Ghosty Trick or Treat Bag"; I wondered if it was true, if it was possible with each new Halloween bag...and how rare it actually is? ~ Kittykapow925
Emily: The Spooky Halloween Goodie Bag from Y6 has given out a Meowclops before, but it's the only one that I know of that's given them out. Since the Meowclops is retired, I'd say that the chances of receiving one from a bag are pretty slim but not impossible!

Why is it that when I play Itchy Invasion, after completing all 6 missions, I still get a "Mission Failed" message when I'm sending my score? Is there a minimum amount of points to be scored to be able to get a different message? It irks me to see that sad Noil at the end of the game! Argh! Thanks a bunch! :D ~ leechengisgood
Zelda: I'm glad that bothers somebody else, too! I think the "Mission Failed" page is just the default send-score-restart page. I guess they didn't bother to code in a "you rock 'cause you finished the mission in an epic clicking-at-warp-9 display of gamer skill" page...what a shame. As a substitute, I will personally tell you that YOU ROCK AT ITCHY INVASION!! Does that help? :P

I was looking up a Baby Paint Brush at the Trading Post when I saw this person trading 10 Baby Paint Brushes for an Apple Core. What's so special about it? It's just an apple core...or is it... *scary music* ~ anonymous
Emily: The Apple Core is a super rare item that you can only receive while you're visiting the Meridell Rubbish Dump. There are currently none on the Trading Post or Shop Wizard. If you're feeling lucky, head over there to try to snag one and find out how rubbish special it is!

Are you allowed to visit the Money Tree on side accounts? Thanks! ~ memorysoul
Emily: Since you can receive Neopoints and/or items from the Money Tree, you're only allowed to visit it on your main account.

*Is climbing ladder* *waves* *falls off* Ouch. Anyway, in a completely unrelated matter to that in which the previous statement was concerning, why can we talk to our petpets but not our pets? Are they smarter? This question has exactly 42 words, count! ~ mysti_lilac614
Zelda: Well, petpets do have their own University on Petpet Park!...

But perhaps this ever-so-strange occurrence is because our petpets understand the ever-famous question of the meaning of life, the universe, and everything, and our pets, sadly do not. I suppose that would indeed make the petpets smarter. This answer has precisely 42 words. ;)

Emily: I always thought something was fundamentally wrong with the universe.