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Witch Craft
Published: March 6, 2010

So, you managed to conjure up a transdimensional portal, eh?
That's powerful magic you're dealing with.

*sigh* Alright, since you dragged me here, JN, do your worst.

I saw Crisis Courier on the Master Cheats List. The last sentence said something about a little black window and what it unlocked. I was so excited that I clicked on the game in the games room, but I couldn't find the black window. You said that it was in the bottom left corner, but I still didn't see it! Where is it? ~ Sunny_babes1486
It's on the actual game screen. Bottom left black window.


How long does it take for a user to be last spotted a long, long time ago? ~ Banana_monkey19
365+ days.

I know Neopets strictly prohibits any teen or adult romance such as romantic kissing, but is a kiss on the cheek okay if you're writing out a story or a comic? ~ Pegacion
Yes, that's fine. I remember reading an NT story where Boochi's sister kissed him on the cheek, to his chagrin.

What blogging platform does Jellyneo use? Does it use WordPress or was it hand coded by Dave? ~ iphilipxz
JN uses DaveNews, which is to say it was all coded by Dave. Long ago, they used CuteNews.

I think that TNT should have an auction timer. What I mean is that instead of throwing a very vague time out, like 2-8 hours, they can say 4 hours and 45 minutes. It would be easy for the front page to see almost exactly how long until the auction will end. ~ nintendoplayer1200
You are describing the old auction system. :P The timer used to be exact, but this made it too easy for auction snipers (people who outbid their rivals at the very last minute). The timer is vague now to make the system more fair for everyone.

On Petpet Park, how do you propose a trick match? ~ xxmissnessiexx
Trick battles were removed after open beta, so you can't challenge your friends at this point in time.

Is it possible to get a Lutari from the Lab Ray? ~ vggfs

What happens when *gasp* JN reaches more than 100 million page views? ~ Travis630977
There will be much rejoicing, I imagine, with celebration hams and karaoke. Dave will make a grand speech and become all teary eyed.

This isn't too bad. How much more is left?


I noticed that when on the Daily Dare page, the column titles have ' in the name instead of '. Have you tried replacing ' with ' ?
Is there any way for me to see questions submitted to you guys? I don't want to be a staff member per se, just answering questions would be about what I can do. I can also write in HTML format so I may be able to help with other things if you would like.
Is there any way to make a question/answer page for Neo questions?
When can you guys show some more work on the Item Database? We viewers tend to get upset when we don't see change, even if it is occurring. Saying what has changed might help. ~ Lordgeovanni (pen name)

*squints* Eh? I'm not sure what you mean by that first question. JN's Daily Dare guide uses apostrophes in the correct possessive form.

Submitted questions aren't available for public viewing unless they're published in an editorial. If you are hired as a Content Writer then you can volunteer to do some editorials, but there are no plans to hire a person just for this.

These editorials are a place for questions/answers about Neopets, Petpet Park, or Jellyneo. Questions about a Neopets game are usually answered in the corresponding game guide.

You mean a record of what each staff member did in the Database? Or an overall change log saying which features have been updated? Both ideas have been passed along to an administrator and they are being considered, but there are more pressing Item Database projects/improvements that are in the works now and have to be completed first.

Hi JN! *Throws Attack Pea* I have a Lab Ray question. I know that the Ray can change your pet's species and its colour, but can it change both at the same time? Like, say that I had a Speckled Kacheek. Could one zap change it into a Cloud Usul? ~ annabethchase1998
Your pet can undergo just a colour change (e.g., "... and he changes colour to Gold!!") or it can experience a species and colour change (e.g., "... and he changes into a Yellow Jubjub!!"). However, in the latter case, the colour is limited to one of the four basic ones (Blue, Green, Red, Yellow), so the situation you described is not possible.

Is there a cheat code for Chariot Chase? I would like it if you could please give it to me and does the Faerie Alabriss change to the Ghost if you choose it and type in a cheat code? Thanks! ~ anonymous
There are no cheat codes for Chariot Chase, sorry. The Faerie Alabriss just looks like that when you choose it...I suppose it does look like a Ghost Alabriss but eh, it doesn't affect game play.

When you have used up all the account space on a certain e-mail address (meaning once you have created 5 accounts with the same e-mail on Neopets), does it tell you when you attempt to sign up with a new account with that same e-mail for a sixth time that you cannot use it again? Thanks! ~ Anonymous
Yes, you'll get this message:

Oops! Please check.

Sorry, that e-mail address has already been used five times to create a Neopets account. Please re-use older accounts instead of creating new ones!

I have noticed a few questions (from both TNT's and JN's editorials) that are written in binary (or some other programming language, I'm not really up to scratch on any other than HTML). I always find it really annoying that I can't read them. Actually, for all I know, it's absolute gibberish. If it isn't though, would it be possible for you guys to translate? (Examples are NT Issues 429 and 255 and JNE Issues 119 and 42). Thanks! ~ Anonymous
There are plenty of online translators if you want to decode those messages in the future, simply search "binary to ascii" or "hex to ascii."

Here are the versions you wanted:

What's 2 plus 2? ~zzxyzz

4, of course.

Can there please be an all binary board? *puppy dog eyes* ~peacefulbeing

We fear our monitors would send out the attack Quiggles if we ever decided to do something like that. Besides, who wants to type in binary all day? That's just silly.

[Gibberish binary] ~ Pigfish99


Hello. Do you understand binary? ~ superneogirl7

Yes but hexadecimal is better. She was an awesome ReBoot villain. No more binary/hex/base64/encoded questions please!

How come in the Book of Ages, it says that the parrot from the Mystery Island Plot is of an unknown species? ;) ~ chinesekoi22
Having a Parrot category with just one entry in it seemed...excessive. xP

Why is it that the JN editorial is now released on a bi-weekly basis instead of a weekly basis? I love reading the editorials and I hate waiting 2 weeks for them. ~ 1_doglefox
The weekend is a prime time to post site updates (lots of page views, posts aren't constantly being bumped down) and the admins wanted to introduce new JN users to the big features that this site has to offer. Having a feature spotlight also motivates the staff to come up with new ideas. Furthermore, time flies when you're doing an editorial, and having a two week deadline gives staff members more room to juggle JN and real life. All in all, it's a win-win-win situation.

The face of my Royal Wocky has disappeared! Well, at least in the bigger Flash versions (pet lookup, customisation); the smaller images look normal. I already tried to change its clothes, deleted my Internet cache, nothing worked. Do you have any idea on what might be the cause of this and what to do? Should I just send a bug report to TNT? Thanks! ~ Maliechen89
xD Looks like TNT picked a bouquet of oopsie daisies! It's not a problem on your end, there's a glitch in customisation and the file's not loading. Certain Acaras are also affected by this, although in their case, the entire face is missing, not the eyes/nose/mouth.

You can submit a bug report here but plenty of people have done so already and TNT no doubt know of this disturbing bug.

What is Dr. Sloth? I mean, he isn't a faerie is he? Or is he a Neopet? If so, what species? Sorry if this was already asked but I can't read 119 editorials to find out! ~ larocas
No need to read 119 editorials, that's what the editorial database is for.

What species is Dr.Sloth?

He is not a Neopet, he is from somewhere very different to Neopia. If you want to find out more about Dr Frank Sloth, why not try reading his Neopedia Article?

Personally, I think he kind of looks like a green pineapple.

Time for a snack break, Grimelda! Pastries? Cake? Blueberry brown sugar flax seed cookies?

On February 23rd, the Daily Dare challenge was Dueling Decks but it did not load on my computer and I was not able to complete the challenge on the launch day. My computer could not update the Flash player needed and I had no access to another computer at the time. Can I still get the best possible trophy? I completed all the other challenges. This is not fair. :/ ~ Anonymous
If you managed to complete the Dueling Decks challenge since then, and if you finished a Double Dare and consistently beat AAA's score, then the best you could get is Super Megasuperb, the 6th highest trophy. :/

A complete list of trophy requirements is here.

Is it okay to post a question about Petpet Park here? If so, here's mine. Do quests expire? Because I'm not able to do "A Song For Ella" or any of those involving her and Grimsby. I'm positive I haven't done them already. Is it a glitch or something? ~ cloudmint
Yes, Petpet Park questions are welcome!

Some jobs have a time limit, but it will be explicitly stated in the Petpet Park news as well as JN's Petpet Park guide (for example, Dodger's deliveries only lasted from January 21st to February 25th).

A Song For Ella is still available. You're not the only person that's having trouble with it, though. If you can't see the yellow "!" bubble at all, try restarting your computer and using the Firefox browser to play; don't try to open/use many other software applications at the same time because they can contribute to lag (instant messaging programs can cause lag, too); choose a sparsely populated server, such as Avocado; go up to Ella and wait for at most 5 minutes; if the bubble doesn't appear after that, try clicking on her anyway to see if the dialogue loaded. You can also try playing on a different computer if yours is relatively old. If you continue to have problems, submit a bug report.

You must complete The Lair of the Bandits, The Sorrowful Knight, Treasure Transfer, and Treasure Trade in order to obtain the Sketchpad that Ella wants in the job. Make sure all necessary items are in your backpack, not your vault.

I have taken a long break from Neopets. When I came back, I found that the Grooming Parlour shopkeeper got a makeover. How long has the shopkeeper looked like this? I find her new look interesting. ~ anonymous
She has been like that since February 25th, 2010. It was mentioned in the February 26th news.

Expect more shopkeeper makeovers soon!

I noticed that on the front page of Neopets, there was a Daily Dare theme. Are we eligible to earn this theme? If so, how? ~ tamagotchi_trixy
The Neopets site theme that looks like this?

It was given out to those who earned gold trophies in last year's Daily Dare; it should be given out again this year (we don't know the exact requirements yet).

I was wandering around Neopets when I found a most surprising thing... A Baby pet wearing clothes! The cutest little Baby Poogle with a Valentine's day bonnet and pacifier. But I thought Baby pets couldn't wear regular clothes! I searched the new features and Jellyneo, but no mention of these items, so what's up with the Poogle? ~ qgqg
Baby pets can't wear "normal" clothes but they recently got two specially designed NC Mall items: Valentine Baby Bonnet and Valentine Baby Dummy. There was a notice tacked on to the Editorial #118 news post.

Okay, you're all done. Sure you don't want to stay awhile? There's a nice wooden house you can sleep in...

Nah, it's too fancy for me. I miss my shack and my swamp.

Never bother me again for this, you hear?! And be sure to close off this portal soon, lest something else falls through!

Yeah yeah, I'll do it later. Whoa, it's 10:42AM! Bed time!

Uh, hello? Is anybody here?

Don't worry, Neville defrosted eventually.

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