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Pearl & Silk Edition
Published: October 13, 2007

This 12th edition of the editorial would be celebrated with pearls and silk... if the editorial was wedded to something...

Are there any plans in Neopets to create a world for the Lost Isle plot? will Mutant Island or whatever it's called be appearing on the Neo maps anytime soon? ~ fur_is_dead
According to an old article in the Neopets magazine, the "mutant island" was supposed to have a map, and even a game fashioned after its unique inhabitants. Obviously, that has not been released yet. We're guessing that the plot will perhaps be continued, since it seemed to come to an abrupt end right before the Altador Cup. A part two would be the perfect time to release all of the above.

Well, I heard on the neoboards that if you feed your pets glowing jelly, they'll turn glowing! Jellyneo, is this true, or is it a load of you know what? ~ horselove502008020
Yep, it's true. We've heard of and even seen screenies of this strage effect that Glowing Jelly has on pets. Of course, it's an extremely rare occurrence. If it were an everyday thing... Neopia would surely be a much brighter place!

Yummy! Hey, wait a second... what happened to my nice royal clothes!?

I was wondering about the Brain Tree quests. Is there any other way to get the answers other than Esophagor? I'm tired of running around and wasting money. ~ theflyingsalad
Unfortunately not. The Esophagor is the only other Neopian smart enough to know the answers to the Brain Tree's random requests! (Even if you try to guess, and you guess correctly, you MUST complete two Esophagor quests, or it will not register.)

How busy does JN make you? ~ Clockworthy
Extreeeemmmeeelllly busy. There always seems to be a never ending to-do list of improvements and new things to add. Currently, Dave's personal JN to-do list is at about 25 items. Big items, too.

Do you know if Lutari Island will ever be released to the public,if so,then when? And did you ever sign up for Neopets mobile? ~ Josh_555317
Lutari Island will never be released to the public. It's just something that'll probably never happen. And no, I don't think any of the staffers have signed up for the service.

When is the last time a r100 item has stocked, from what you can determine? ~ adamgreg
It's all random when things restock. Since r100 items are the rarest stocking items in Neopia, probably a couple a month end up stocking. It's less common than a r99. Even less common if the store it stocks in has a lot of other items to stock as well.

For your "30,000 NP a Day" I found out that it was actually earning around 49,000 NP a Day. So why still call it "30,000 NP a Day"? ~ absorb_55
We call it that because originally, it was 30k. It fluctuates around far too much for us to keep the price up-to-date, so we keep the 30k. ;)

Also, we have a new staff member onboard to upkeep the 30k a Day guide, so look out for updates! :D

You said that the stone paint brush would turn your pet into island versions. So can I use it to paint a quiggle and still get the Island Quiggle Avatar? ~ Justinballin
Where'd we say that? :O You probably misread. :( The old pets that were painted Stone were turned into Island pets when the color was retired. The Stone Paint Brush was also rendered into a useless collector's item. It is NOT usable and won't change your pet into any color. (Same with the Glass Paint Brush. All of the old Glass pets turned into Tyrannian, and the Glass PB was turned into a collector's item.)

Will that Acara over there *Points* ever learn to write? Or at least get her darn pen to work?? ~ Mynciman
Probably not. She bought the pen at one of those cheap discount stores. Perhaps if someone would get her one of those super nice Pilot pens... those never stop working.

Those darn pens!

When I try to see the Lost Desert Plot (I have some urge to re-read the comics)it tells me to download some sorta flash-player. I did, but it still tells me I haven't and I can't read them! How come? ~ ixiixiixi123
Unfortunately for us, it does that too! It's quite ashame, because the LDP was one of the better plots TNT had... We suggest that everyone should send in a Bug Report to let TNT know!

Hey JN! I'm wondering if any of you know whether the Everlasting Apple is really "Everlasting" i.e. would it be an unlimited supply of food for your pets and will it never "go away?" I've never had enough NP to test this theory out for myself, but the description sure makes the apple sound "everlasting." What do you guys think? As always, please and thank you! ~ ssweet394
Yep, the apple is indeed everlasting. It'll forever fill your Neopets' tummies. However, with the price of the apple being rather up there, it's much cheaper to just buy cheap foods for your pets. Especially with free omelette and jelly daily, it's rather pointless to buy an Everlasting Apple when there's plenty of cheap food out there.

In short, it'd take years for the apple to actually be worth having.

I doubt you guys will know the answer to this but you're all knowing and mighty so you might! I was wondering if the Neocash Card will be sold in Canada? Or will I have to pack my bags and move to the US? ~ tycooncorb
I'm not really sure about the availability of Target stores in Canada, but if you live near a Target, you will find Neocash Cards! (Though even if you don't live in the US, TNT just opened up the NC Mall to a bunch of other countries recently, so you should check it out to see if you can just buy Neocash with your Paypal account.)

Do you still add donations to your shop? I have a lot of half jellies lying around... ~ xscissorsforhandsx
We generally only log into the account when we do giveaway related things. So, we'll probably be active in the account at the end of the month. :P (JN's donations account is "yurble".)

Hey JN! Spiffy editorial, nice idea. I like it. I was editing my petpage, and suddenly, when I pressed submit, it deleted half my coding! T-T So I was wondering what the the max amount of characters a petpage can hold. =/ Thanks. ~ shingie
We aren't sure if there's actually a limit. There's a lot of BIG petpages out there, making any such limit quite large considering those petpages are possible. Taking into account that petpages are probably stored via MySQL, the largest anything in a database could be is 18,446,744,073,709,551,615 characters.

Why does TNT keep messing with the game ratios? ~ ravenmoon15
They like to spite you. :P And more likely, they like to keep things randomized, and to control the amount of NP flowing into the economy.

How come you haven't updated your site updates? You have had the Book of Ages, two new themes, there has been alot of editorials, JN, where are you? ~ rocky0mypup98 (username)
We post site updates in the regular front page news first, then we transfer them over the site updates a little later on. We used to update what pages were edited/added, but we stopped doing that awhile ago.

How do you do so much amazing coding? What software do you use to make your site? Are you all children, teenagers or adults? How do you hire so many people are? Are you just friends, or people getting paid? Basically, how does this site and all the people working on it run? ~ bousfield900
Good question(s)!

Dave does all of the coding for Jellyneo. He's coded everything from the Item Database to this editorial! The only things that aren't in-house coding are the news, poll, and forums. Dave does all of his coding in HTML-Kit, a simple HTML editor that is useful for PHP.

As for the staffers, it's a full range. We have youngin's around 13, and oldin's in their twenties. Whenever we need to hire someone new, we usually make a post about it in the news. So keep your eyes peeled! And your last question... wages? Everyone does it for the fun of it. :P

Hiya Jellyneo! I've been wondering, if I bought the Gypsy Girl Superpack in the NC Mall, will my pet wear everything that comes in the superpack at once? Or can I choose which specific items I want my pet to wear. Thanks for answering! ~ shintaroyoshimoto
Since each piece of clothing acts as a unique item, you are able to pick and choose which pieces from the pack you put on your pet. You can even buy one pack and put something on each of your pets!

Ok guys. Erm... hai =D. Anyway, i have a question about your pet directory. Ok, so a while ago, i added my silver jetsam up on there. Now, the Fountain Faerie decided to visit me recently, and i turned her into a maraquan ruki (after much debating. This was my 3rd quest after all o_o. No you cant have my luck). Now of course, shes still in the jetsam section. Do you guys go around checking for things like this often, or should i resubmit my pet as a maraquan ruki? ~ Invader_Jodie
We try to check each species at least once a month, but if you notice something that is not in the right section, send in a bug report and let us know!

Species: Uni; Color: Royalgirl

How many people work at Jellyneo? Just curious. And who's the laziest? :o Randomness, I'm bored. T_T; ~ kellyroxmysox_
We have about 20 active staffers, plus about 4 active Item DBers. Laziest? Hmm... Probably Dave. He never gets anything out on time! (Like that thing we were supposed to release on Monday...)

Can Punchbag Bob (not Sid) beat you? Because I was fighting him and suddenly I lost :( ~ josbluehill
Sounds like you answered your own question. ;P Theoretically, he shouldn't be able to, but if you have a certain weapon that might take HP from you, then you could lose I guess. *not a battledome expert*

SPORKS! ~ solarlaceiarta

What happens when a male pet wears a dress from the NC mall? ~ hannah___armin
Nothing. They're simply wearing a dress. :P (According to a recently NT Editorial, crossdressing your pets is fine and TNT doesn't want to limit clothes. As long as you don't get carried away with it and post "My pet is a crossdresser!" all over the place, you won't get into "trouble.")

How old are the default pet pages?? Also, my guild is in the neopets magazine, and nobody got any notice. Does TNT send you notices for Guild Spotlights?? ~ macmyfamily
Some of the default petpages are as old as Neopets itself, which is about 8 years old. As for the guild spotlights, we didn't even know they did those anymore. :P Must have been a surprise for you.

Whats the ratio of the questions submitted and the questions answered? ~ Maple4ever
We have about 600 questions in queue to be answered right now. We answer at least 30 questions an editorial... so, we have about 20 submitted questions for every one answered!

I heard a rumor that Poogles were non-limeted-edition-ised. Is that true? BTW, you rule! :p ~ thedoveswing
Nope, Poogles are still limited edition.

For future reference, if the pet is on the Create a Pet page, you can create it. But if it's not, you can't make any of those! (Meaning it's probably limited edition.)

I like the new backgrounds but they are very expensive on trading post. Where can I attempt to buy one from a shop? I like the dung cave background, any projections as to if that will be a place my pets can explore!?! ~ Asazu
You can purchase the background in the Mystical Surroundings shop. Don't worry, though. As time goes on, the price of most things generally drops.

HI JELLYNEO YOU GUYS*voice lowers*um.......*scrolls through list of complements and picks ROCK!* um you say um that as an alternete endin in the hatic plot hannhah get zapped where can i see this and howd you find out? ~ earthman5
Unfortunately, you can't find this anywhere anymore. It was on the Neopets site for a little bit right after TNT released the ending, but shortly thereafter, it was taken down.

In the original Curse of Maraqua plot, what actually happened? I started plying neopets when the Battle for Meridrell was going on, so I wouldn't know what happened. ~ gniph
In the original plot? A big, mean pirate captain wasn't paid money owed by Maraqua. So, he sailed his submarine around Maraqua a bajillion times, started a whirlpool, and destroyed Old Maraqua. It wasn't a full fledged plot like the Battle for Meridell or the Tale of Woe. It was only a couple of flash movies explaining what happened.

The question in september 22nd's editorial about the first avatar released got me thinking. What was or were the first item/s ever released? ~ Snickers11632
The first item to be released was none other than the Green Apple.

Are school supplies going to be wearable? Because in the New Features, it has a picture of a skeith wearing school supplies. ~ minneapple102
Only those special skeith school supplies are wearable. The other school items most likely won't become wearable. But you never know! (Except we think it'd be a waste to go out and invest. :P)

We're useless leftovers from Neoschool!

First of all, I applaud you on the creation of an editorial. I've only just seen the ninth one as of yet, due to a busy schedule and what-not, but it looks like you're doing an awesome job so far. =) My question, however, involves the giveaway of those codestones associated with the magazine. How many have there been? (Only two to my knowledge, but I might have missed one.) I checked in your archives and your Giveaways Link but couldn't find anything. Could you add them to the Giveaway link or make them more readily available? ~ yugi90163
Thanks for the kind words. :D

Anywho, there have been four Word Scrambles. Here are the answers for each:

  • Issue 21 - woowoogrub
  • Issue 22 - pandaphant
  • Issue 23 - yooyuball
  • Issue 24 - snowmuncher
  • Issue 25 - money tree
If you haven't done so already, fill those in for the corresponding issue to get 1,000 NP and a random codestone (except only NP for issue 25)!

I wrote this to TNT:Normally I don't care about the NC Mall.I don't hate it but I don't love it either.Sometimes,I even dress my pets up:)But even the idea of the "Featured Game Ticket" makes me angry!You said that the NC Mall ideas would never give you an edge over the non-nc mallers,SO why have this item?People can just spend the few dollars to switch their featured game to one where they can get more nps!You should NEVER go back on your word or you will lose lots of people.I don't think your awesomeness could take that!!! How do you stand on this topic? ~ Yourface_
We're completely indifferent to it. Although it does technically allow you to earn NP easier, it's only about 3k. Premium members earn way more than that in a week for simply visiting the portal a few times a day. Even more if they use the Super Shop Wiz to grab some deals.

Besides, we're a Neopets helpsite. Despite what a bunch of angry Neopians may think, we're going to be sticking by TNT. It's not like we could just decide one day to switch to Subeta and chuck our Neopets content! :P (Well, we could, but that's been reserved for next year's April Fool's.)

"8 squared is 64. Half of 64 is 32. 32 plus 10 is 42. Creepy, eh?" What's the deal with all the universe/life/42 stuff, really? ~ sparkles11192
42 is the answer to life, the universe, and everything. And it was a tradition started in the first edition of the editorial. :D

Life, the Universe, and everything = 42

Approximately how many hits does JN get everyday? And is there a specific day that usually gets more hits than other days? btw, great job with the site! :-) ~ martinamcbridefan13
Since school has started for lots of people this past month, computer time has been slashed, and that means less hits for us. :( So, during the week, we've been getting anywhere from 80,000-100,000 hits a day (all across JN). However, on weekends, it usually bumps up to about 150,000-200,000 hits a day. During the summer, it's much much higher. :P