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Rule Editoriallia
Published: February 6, 2010

February 6th, a noteworthy day by all accounts. On this day in history:

  • Queen Anne of Great Britain was born in 1665
  • Popular British entertainer Rick Astley was born in 1966
  • The rather amusingly named British landscape gardener Capability Brown died in 1783
  • In 2005, Tony Blair became the longest ever serving British Prime Minister
  • And Elizabeth II became Queen of Britain in 1952
With this is mind, I present to you, a thoroughly British editorial.


The Crumpet, well known for being the only food a British person's stomach can tolerate.

I can't view the Battle for Meridell comic because I don't have the right plugin. What plugin is this? ~ anonymous
Provided you have the normal Flash Player required to play most games on Neopets or to view any other plot comic, you should be able to view the Battle for Meridell comics. However, there's currently a glitch with them that causes them to display incorrectly. All of the speech bubbles appear on the page at once, which is dashed inconvenient to say the least. It may be this that is throwing up the error on your computer. We just have to hope TNT will fix it like they did with the Lost Desert Plot comics awhile back.

I recently visited The Discarded Magical Blue Grundo Plushie of Prosperity (try saying that three times fast!) and received the item "Tombola Guy Charm." It's labeled No Trade, so that got me thinking, could this be one of the old Mystery Island plot prizes? ~ Picklecheesepie
The Tombola Guy Charm is one of the veritable plethora of MIA items that were released recently. Unfortunately, due to the volume of items they were adding, TNT made some errors, such as giving duplicate names to items, or in this case, giving it a No Trade status by accident. This has since been fixed, and the Charm is now appearing all over the shop wizard. These are the prizes from the Mystery Island Volcano plot.

The rules of the Neopian Times say that you cannot write about a world that does not exist. Does that include a pet's dream world? For example, a pet goes to sleep and the story takes place in her dream. ~ anonymous
That rule is actually quite ill defined, and largely depends on what you class a world to be. For example, before the release of Moltara, stories were published that featured the chain of islands that make up the entrance to Moltara as a new Kingdom. Equally, if you want to have a series in a village on Terror Mountain, that would be acceptable as well. I guess in your case it would depend on what you were going to do with your story. For example, if you were going to have this dream world just look like a normal village anywhere in Neopia, that wouldn't be a problem. If you launched into a story that very much resembles the plot of Alice in Wonderland, I think it would be less likely to get accepted.

Why is a raven like a writing desk?

Why are many games under the wrong land category? For example, Haunted Shootery is classified as a Neopia Central game, but the description is about the Haunted Woods. Lost City Lanes is clearly from Geraptiku, too. ~ I Love Herdy
Because TNT are dreadful silly billys sometimes. :)

It seems to be when a game is incorrectly categorised, it ends up in the Neopia Central block rather than any other random world. In most cases, it seems to be that TNT put Neopia Central when there isn't an exact match. For example, Geraptiku is a mini-world, rather than being just an area of Mystery Island, and the Haunted Shootery takes place in the Gypsy Camp. This also explains why Moltara games currently take place in Neopia Central.

Well, either that or TNT just don't pay attention when assigning a world. Take your pick. ;)

How is the answer to the 339th Lenny Conundrum "Year 8"? ~ Anonymous
TNT are (when they aren't being dreadful silly billys) the crafty sort. Lenny Conundrum 339 was a response to people figuring out the answer and passing it around to their friends. In order to stop this, they didn't supply the question, meaning the answer could've been anything. TNT did give users a rather obvious clue though. The entire Conundrum had been asked before. This was way back in Lenny Conundrum 148. Back then the answer was also Year 8. So it was simple, really.

I'm hearing rumours on the boards that the account pound_release has been frozen. Does this mean that all the pets under this name are going to be frozen or released or purged or what? Speaking of which, I heard rumblings of a massive purge coming as well. Heard anything about this yet? There are a couple names I would like to snag. ~ katpow89
Pound_release is indeed frozen. It was stated in last week's Neopian Times editorial that this was done to prevent people from looking at the user lookup, and that pound_release pets will still have the same fate as when the account was active. You can read more about pound_release here.

TNT has stated in a recent editorial that they are planning an account purge within the next few months. We haven't heard anything that would narrow down this time frame, but I'm sure you'll be able to tell the moment it happens due to the sudden drama that will sweep across the Neoboards. ;)

Incidentally, TNT can purge both accounts and pets, not just accounts, as some people seem to be claiming.

Should you wish to discuss being frozen, British people are known for their love of weather-related conversations.

I've succeeded in getting a Black Worm in Moltara awhile ago, but the Rainbow one just won't appear! I've been trying for weeks now! Sometimes I refresh for half an hour! Is it possible to buy the worm, or would the lantern not work then? ~ ice_queen_72
Refreshing for half an hour sadly isn't a constructive use of your time. Different coloured worms will appear about every 5 minutes, but if you've already collected most of them and you're only after one or two specific ones, constant refreshing doesn't help. The pattern for worms showing up is different for everyone but it is fixed per account, meaning that if you find a worm at a specific time, that worm will appear at that time each day (unless you already have it). Of course, the difficult part is finding the first worm in the pattern so you can note down the time. You'll just have to use trial and error there. Don't give up, and try different times if you are having no luck. For example, the only time I've been able to find Black Worms so far is at 12:55AM. :(

Useless fact: It took some staff members over a month and a half to find the Rainbow Worm for the first time. But they weren't really trying... ;)

What were the 15 items that were retired on January 28, 2010? ~ Solsticesprite
The 15 retired items are:

  • Mystery Island Aishas Stamp
  • Hair-Gel
  • Rainbow Gun
  • Garden Gloves
  • Cool Wooden Tiki Head
  • Broken Mirror Shield
  • Soap Bottle
  • Red Kyrii Plushie
  • Faerie Portrait
  • Bubble Blower
  • Pepperolive Pizza
  • Denim Coveralls
  • Green Chair
  • Earth Faerie Eraser
  • Organic Tomato
The Hawk Bracelet was not retired on January 28, despite what some unscrupulous ne'er-do-wells claim.

Are Psellia from Altador and Psellia from Meridell the same person? ~ megamorpho
They are indeed; she does get about. She probably uses an old Concorde.

A marvel of British engineering.

If you submit a poem for the poetry contest, does Neopets send you a Neomail letting you know if your poem got accepted/rejected/considered? Thanks! ~ krn55
The poetry contest is slightly different from the Neopian Times. If your poem is considered, you'll get a Neomail saying that it has been held over; if it is getting published then you'll get a Neomail telling you. However, unlike the Neopian Times, you will not get a rejection Neomail if you are rejected.

In Underwater Fishing, what's the record for the highest fishing skill level attained before getting a Flask of Rainbow Fountain Water? I have a pet with a skill level of 188 and still no flask! ~ horizongreen
It seems as though the lowest anyone has recorded getting the flask is at skill level 87. As for the highest... well, my pet's currently at skill level 377 and has yet to see one, so don't worry about being at level 188.

It is just a very rare find, and because the fishing hole is random, you could go your entire life without finding one.

When I first started playing Neopets, my sister told me to use a fake birthday. So I could've sworn I used the same year as my birth, but just a different month and day, but when I go to edit my user lookup (I have access to this), it says that I was born in 2001. I'm really annoyed by this, because I'm turning 13 in March, and was hoping to play all those other avatar games. Do you know how I can contact TNT to change my birthday? I was thinking about calling the service number and have my parents talk to them, but I would rather not. Thanks! ~ username removed
I'd imagine that you could get your parents to fill out the consent form and fax/mail it in (I'm told some people on the planet still have fax machines, odd little creatures that they are). Then you'd get the complete site access you want. You could try adding on a note to the form to say your real age, and they may change it.

I was just wondering if the Lutari Paint Brush is going to be usable soon. My friend has one and wants to sell it, but also wants a Lutari. Also, is it true that the Lab Ray is giving out less species/ colour changes lately? It seems that way, and a lot of my friends who have the Ray are having as little luck as I am. What gives? ~ TreacherousGirl
It's doubtful the Lutari Paint Brush is going to be usable soon (especially as we only just got a new colour with Magma). If it is released, I think TNT would have the sense to release more somehow, as it's currently going for 22 million, and would only inflate to higher silly amounts if it became usable.

As for the Lab Ray, it's random, so sometimes you get periods when you get lots of one thing and none of another. Having had at least 3 unwanted species changes in the past 2 months, it seems to me that there hasn't been a change in the odds.

How come the games Rink Runner, The Last Blast and Shenkuu River Rush don't work? I downloaded the special 3D player, but it doesn't seem to load. Is this the case with everyone, because I've noticed that no one has played The Last Blast yet! ~ yayzz_1245
Rink Runner works just fine, no problem there. I think you mean Terror Mountain Tilt, perhaps? That, The Last Blast and Shenkuu River Rush do seem to be broken. It seems as though there's something going wrong with the 3D Player. :( Bug report time!

Are the Quizara's Curse codes multiple use? Which stores are selling the game? Is it available outside the USA? Is it a limited time site theme? ~ otrebla1997
The codes themselves are not reusable. However, the game generates far more codes than one person could ever possibly use. The site theme isn't a limited time offer, it seems unlikely that the redemption page on Neopets is going to go anywhere. Quizara's Curse is a game that was released solely for the Didj. Both game and console are sold in stores in the US. You can find the Didj in Canadian stores, too (Sears, Chapters, Zellers), but the game itself is harder to find.

In the US, you can buy the Didj and the game at Toys R Us, Walmart, and Target, though I'm not entirely sure if they still stock them.

Outside North America, you can get the console online at Amazon.com. For the actual game, Ebay's probably your best bet, but remember, there is always a risk when it comes to buying Neopets merchandise from online auction sites.

The British didn't want to play your silly game anyway *sniff*

On Neopets, how do you change your email? ~ Pingu_383
Click on the Preferences link under the My Account tab, then click the Change Your Email link. Simples. *squeak*

I was just wondering if you could refer to games that are related to gambling (such as Double or Nothing) in Caption Contest entries or Neopian Times articles. Thanks! ~ virtuosoe
Yes, that's perfectly fine. If it is on the Neopets site, no matter which age group can access it, then it is fair game to write about.

Since the Draik Transmogrification Potion is categorised as Retired, will it stop appearing in random events? ~ _Hipnosys_
No, much like retired paint brushes, the retired status doesn't change it in any way. You can still get a Draik Transmogrification Potion in a random event. Retired simply means that it no longer stocks in Neopian shops. Obviously it doesn't make a difference to items that never stocked in shops in the first place.

I drew a wonderful Tuskaninny Beauty Contest entry for my Spotted Tuskaninny. I transferred it to a side account and now have another Spotted Tuskaninny. My question is, can you enter the same work of art for two different pets (at different times)? I would be entering the same piece of artwork on the same account. Thanks a bunch. ~ username removed
So you previously entered the picture of your first Tuskaninny? If you did, then no, don't use that image again for a future round of the Beauty Contest. Would you expect to win the Turner Prize two years in a row for the same artwork? Please draw a new picture of your new Tuskaninny. Surely it has a slightly different character or personality than your other one?

What does the Robot Fashions book do in the Battledome? I checked the Battlepedia and I couldn't find it. ~ yahooooo__yy
"You attack Inflatable Balthazar!

Inflatable Balthazar jumps and attacks you!

0 hp"

...Which seems to indicate it does absolutely nothing. TNT, being the aforementioned silly billys that they are, must have accidentally made it equippable. Submit a bug report and shake a knowing finger at them, perhaps they will fix it.

I increase your pet's British rating by +1!

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