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The Umbrage Of The Subsequent NeoQuest's Paramount Miscreants
Published: January 23, 2010

While that upstart Ramtor deludes himself by continuing to think that he is truly in charge of this little endeavour of ours, you might want to start reading. Start reading, I say, lest I claw you where you stand! The illustrious King Terask is not to be trifled with!

Are Alien Aishas the only Neopets who don't say "Yuck!" or "Gross!" when being fed Gross Foods because they're the ones who made them? ~ pikapika_2_2_2
Pant Devil: Here's an example: Pteris (or Pterii; we Pant Devils don't bother with these things, so deal with it!) are very fond of worms, and won't object to gross food as long as one of those wiggly things are in there. So yes, some Neopets appreciate those Alien Aishas' bizarre recipes. Now, what have you got in your inventory, hmm? What? Oh. King Terask doesn't want me drawing too much attention to ourselves by stealing from the readers. You won't be so lucky next time!

If a limited edition pet's pet day is celebrated late, does that pet become available on the original day or the day it is celebrated? ~ z_star_kox
Anubits: Wouldn't it be so unfair if the pet became available on the day itself without any celebration, without the public's knowledge? Neopians waiting eagerly to create limited edition Neopets would fly into a rage! Release of LE pets is usually announced on the New Features page and will fall whenever the pet's day is celebrated.

Crazed, uncontrollable aficionados aside, that makes me feel so loved!

I was reading the Neopian Times in other languages and noticed how few entries there are compared to the English version. Does that mean that if I submit an entry in another language, I would have a higher chance of getting in? ~ flash__41
Leximp: Perhaps. But of course, the quality of your entry will still be taken into consideration; honestly, the NT isn't so desperate for entries that they'll accept anything that clogs up the submission form! Also, the vast majority of Neopian Times readers can understand English and play Neopets in English, which means audiences for foreign language versions of the NT are quite small, so choosing entries for each issue may not be at the top of their priority list.

I have a Grey Anubis named LoorOfZadaa (yes, I'm a fan of the Pendragon book series). Since her name is an off-site reference, can I enter her in the Petpet Spotlight? I have a really good story planned about her. ~ username removed
Scuzzy: Vague, public domain, or mythological reference okay. Blatant reference in entry--like naming petpet after celebrity and writing story about them--not okay, okay? "LoorOfZadaa" sound too specific and blatant--just "Loor" not so blatant, would be more OK. Story for Spotlight entry should not have allusions or references to Pendragon books or other copyrighted stuff; story must be about Neopets stuff. That what King Terask say. He know lots and use big words like "implied," "obscure," "allusions," "copyrighted," and "blatant". King, what meaning of "reference" again?

What happens to past published Neopian Times entries from accounts that are purged from the system? Do they disappear? If you take that person's username, do you get the credit? ~ spiritdweller13
Hubrid Nox: Mwahaha, such pitiful Neopians! Their pieces are forever immortalised under their names in the Neopian Times, but alas, because their usernames have been purged from the system, you cannot locate them! MWAHAHAHA! And neither can you claim credit if you try to take a dead username that once belonged to an author, because you won't have the NT trophies to show for it! It's still a different account! Nice try, but NO! Ahahahaha! I even had my loyal minions search for usernames shed by past Times writers to prove it!

Believe me, duelling with a certain Blumaroo was a walk in the park compared to that...

If I have a picture of my motorcycle, can I put it on my user lookup? ~ username removed
Miner Foreman: As long as you don't post pictures of yourself or anything that will give away your personal information (such as your real name, address, contact details, what your house looks like, what school you go to, etc.), you should be fine. My mine may be dark, but at least I have my privacy! Well...almost. Those skeletons and ghosts can be pretty annoying sometimes, moaning and groaning and walking around the place as if they had nothing better to do...which they don't.

Hi, JN! My question is about short story/series collections in the Neopian Times. Say someone started writing short stories that are all in a collection (where they use the same characters over and over in their stories) and they made up the characters themselves (as in, they chose the pet species, colour, name, personality, etc). Now let's pretend that another user used those exact same characters to write a short story of their own without the real author's permission, and they submitted the story into the Neopian Times. If the person didn't have the author's permission to use those characters, then would the NT Editor still place the story in the Neopian Times as long as it was well-written? This question has been bugging me for a while! ~ jenlin_25
Fire Faerie: If the NT editor doesn't notice, she can place the story in the NT if it passes quality standards and abides by the rules. However, of course, the original author can send a complaint and have the story taken down if they don't like it; many writers are extremely possessive of their original characters, and frankly, I discourage it. If Kat were here, she'd probably yammer on and on about how this can fall under plagiarism because it's pretty much like copying someone else's work and passing it off as your own, which can lead to a frozen account besides getting your trophy revoked, but I don't care about that. What I care about is taking Balthazar's Grove! Mwahahaha! *cough* I'm still working on my evil laugh, sisters. I know you're giggling behind my back.

Hi, Kat! *wave* You're my favourite writer (another rabid fan, wow)! Back to the question, does the submission time matter much? I mean, if I submit my article earlier or later in the week, would the result be affected? I know you're a Neopian Times Star, so hopefully you can answer my question! ~ xenia_tang119
Dark Faerie: Hmph! Kat, Kat, Kat, is she all anyone ever talks about? Anyway, the NT editor looks at everyone's entries sooner or later, so I don't think the time really matters, unless of course you're targeting a particular issue, like a holiday or milestone one. In that case, you want to be quick and have your entry submitted at least two weeks before the issue comes out. On the submission form, there is a space where you can write a comment to the NT editor, so mention the issue you're aiming for there.

Run, Jeran, run! You and your public fangirl restraining order can still make it!

Do you know which issues of the Neopian Times regularly give out prizes for accepted submissions? I know that holidays such as Halloween, Christmas and Valentine's Day do, along with every fiftieth issue, but do other holidays give prizes as well? Sometimes, the NT has special backgrounds for Neopets holidays such as Grey Day and Illusen Day, so I was wondering if you could get prizes for being published in those issues. Thank you! ~ Katopia12
Zombom: Ah, prizes. Don't they sound so good? Even the taste of the word on your tongue...anyway, don't listen to anything Kat might say about writing for the Times for what it is instead of what it can give, pah! What does she know? She isn't a powerful wizard like me! Anyway, the answer is yes, there are other opportunities for prizes. Illusen, Jhudora and Fyora have their own NT issues (I deserve my own, you know, but no one listens...). There are also the Grey Day, Mutant Day, Negg, Petpet Appreciation and April Fool's issues. However, you shouldn't always expect prizes; it also depends on the NT editor herself. Ah well. Prizes...*wistful sigh*

If I make a blog for Neopets adoptions, will I be breaking any rules? Is it okay if I use Neopets images in my blog? ~ _magdi_
Meuka: If you mean a blog outside Neopets, you can go on ahead and make whatever Neopets-related page you want and use all the images you want as long as you include the copyright notice. After all, you don't own these images, right? Thought so.

If your blog is on your petpage, you don't need to include a copyright notice because there's already one written there for you at the bottom of the page.

I'm planning a story where at one point, a character gets kissed on the cheek! I know dates, marriages, divorces, and boyfriends/girlfriends are not allowed, but are kisses on the cheek under the mistletoe or as a reward or for fun allowed? ~ Anonymous
Fallen Angel: Ugh, romance. Why did I get stuck with this question? But no matter. Familial kisses (i.e., from parent to child) are permitted. Platonic, friendly kisses that range from the mistletoe variety to whatever example you can come up with are a little iffy, although you could have a character who begs for kisses with a mistletoe but doesn't get one. It all depends on the context. If you can write your story without having a character kiss another, go for it. Less mushy-wushy romance mumbo-jumbo. Yeech.

Is the Faerie Caves Spotlight still accepting submissions? Thanks! ~ xhubobogum
Faerie Thief: I don't think so. You might want to check the page itself. No link to any submission form at all, so I guess there's our answer. *draws dagger* Now get out of my way--that Quaglor ain't watching his back...heh...

Kat, I heard JN was going to be joining up with the Neopian Times Writers Forum. Is this true? ~ Pigfish99
Kolvars: *click* *clickclick* *click*

Yeah, we don't know what he said either.

How do you get your yearly interest at the bank? *Gives you a Bag of Infinite Neggs*
P.S. Can you guys make a guide on how to beat the levels in the Hannah games? ~ avatar223_4_4_4

Gebarn II: The interest you collect each and every day adds up to that yearly interest, so you must keep at it if you want every last Neopoint of your total interest. And perhaps when Kat returns, she'll see this and notify her fellow content writers; there is a guide for collecting gems in Hannah and the Pirate Caves, but not an actual walkthrough of the levels. What? What do you mean, I sounded too kind?! I was merely doing what you told me to do, my lord Terask! I still get my share of Neggs from that bag, right?

What is the actual size of a faerie? Jhudora and Illusen, for example, are human sized yet bottled faeries are tiny by comparison! ~ avoe
Water Faerie: What ignorant Neopians tend to forget is that we faeries are magical creatures, capable of changing our size. I'm sure as you go around Neopia, you also run into other faeries who don't look like they can fit into bottles, but they can. Some faeries probably prefer being as tall as you and thus stay that way all the time. Plus, it gives you an extra advantage, especially when you fight intruders!

"The Pant Devil flies down and steals your Empty Lantern!" Help! What do I do? I only needed 1 more worm! ~ bellabean_1234
Giant Sand Grundo: You can get another Empty Lantern by going back to Lampwyck's Lights Fantastic. And before someone asks a related question...*points to this question in the editorial about losing worms to the Pant Devil*

At least it wasn't full of worms when the Pant Devil struck!

If you created a username that contained personal information, could you ask Neopets to change it for you if you explained the situation to them and gave them a new username that you would like to have instead? ~ Anonymous
Devilpuss: Usernames can't be changed, but if you hate your username that much, delete the account (here: http://www.neopets.com/remacct.phtml) and just create a new one. And chances are, the only way for people to know that your username has personal information is if you scream it out into the world. See, this is why I'd rather be called Devilpuss. No fuss, no mess, no explanations--people can easily see why I'm called a Devilpuss!

I just recently realized that when I go to the Hidden Tower, the prices are lower for me than other people. For example, a Baby Paint Brush is 582,000NP instead of 600,000. A friend then told me that it was a special thing for older users. I was wondering, how old does your account have to be for this to happen? ~ anonymous
Ramtor: Have you read this latest news update? Users with accounts older than 60 months were supposed to have this discount, but now it has been discontinued, and I won't waste space rehashing what has already been said. If anyone deserves a discount at the Hidden Tower, it should be us, Neopia's finest!

Will the New Game Challenges (NGCs) ever end? If they do, will it have trophies according to the numbers of victories? Thanks! ~ Rubenswilliam2
Dark Faerie: Technically, a challenge ends when a new one is released. For example, you can no longer get the prizes for beating scores in Legends of Pinball. If you are talking about the New Game Challenge event in general, the Neopian Times has got this covered in their Issue 400 Editorial. Apparently, the event will go on for as long as the staff can keep it going, but of course, not all new games will have a challenge (sponsor games, so far, have not counted as NGC games). The NGC has been going on for a while and TNT hasn't said anything about trophies for the event itself, so it probably won't be a cumulative thing. You just play the games, get the prizes, possibly score bragging rights if you beat AAA himself, and of course, the new game itself means new game trophies for first, second, and third place in the high scores table.

Does anyone have a spare life they're willing to donate to this guy?

What is your favourite Neopian Times piece you've ever gotten published? ~ Penquin
King Terask: Hmmm, this is a very interesting question...wait, I heard a crash! What was that?! Ramtor!

Ramtor: It's them! They're here! They're here, they brought reinforcements from all over Neopia, and Kat is with them!

King Terask: WHAT?! Seriously? Very well then, everyone, get ready for battle!

And indeed, an epic battle ensues with just about every hero in Neopia contacted by the main NeoQuest II characters fighting to help restore order to the JN editorial. Yet, despite the crossing and clashing of swords, the blasts and flames of magical spells, war cries, roars, incantations shouted over the cacophony, flying arrows, and the slow but inadvertent and accidental destruction of the office (which would have to be cleaned and renovated later), the ghost of King Coltzan III manages to steer Kat toward a safer corner of the office to answer this last question, after which he disappears to contact the rest of the JN staff to alert them to the chaos--especially Herdy, who would be taking over after her.

Whew! That was...as we NQ players say, InSaNe! Thank you, King Coltzan! That was perfect timing. Anyway, considering how long I've been in the business, it's really hard to choose just one piece I loved, but if I have to, I'll have to say that my favorite Neopian Times piece out of all the stories I've had published so far would have to be Another Hero's Journey: Decisions, my longest publication to date and the most recent series of my NQII saga.

I enjoyed writing it because although I was returning to original and canon characters I've written about many times over, and also returning to old story devices such as letters and drama, I managed to add new twists and turns to the basic plot to set it apart from the other series (and short stories). I also got to explore character relationships I kind of glossed over in the past or couldn't delve into because of the plot direction, and to take my characters (and myself) on a journey that, whether predictable or not, would have a great impact on the main characters--and yes, myself. It was a change in the usual mood and setting of the stories of A(nother) Hero's Journey, and I'm glad I took the chance to let the story deviate and set the stage for more stories to come. I linked to the series so you may read it, if you like. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it! :)

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