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The Feepits Ate Torratz's Editorial
Published: January 9, 2010

Hello there. I see you managed to collect the Editorial from wherever Torratz left it. I do hope the text is legible; the Editorial typewriter has a habit of setting itself in a horribly twisted form of Comic Sans. Feepit involvement is suspected.

Fear me.

Can I post my future entry for the Beauty Contest or Art Gallery on my pet's petpage? ~ deep____bluesea
You can, but I would advise against it. Art thievery is everywhere--you wouldn't want to enter your artwork in the contest, only to be told you copied it from someone else who took the credit. If you're planning on entering the Beauty Contest or Art Gallery, I would recommend you keep your entry secret.

If you sign up for a Neopets account on November 15th, do you still get the Birthday avatar? ~ Sapphireofhope
You sure can! The Birthday avatar is available for everyone, regardless of when their account was created. :) Make sure to collect it on the New Features page, though--it isn't automatically given to you. And it's only available on November 15th.

Way back in JN Editorial 53, you stated that you can't have a bank account on a side account. This worried me, as I keep 500,000NP on a side in case of emergencies. However, I never collect interest as I know that is against the rules. Some people say that you can have a bank account, though. Are they wrong? ~ username removed
The important issue, as you said, is the bank interest. If you've already created a bank account on your side account and deposited NP into it, you're more likely to forget one day that you're on your side account and accidentally collect the interest, so that is why creating one in the first place was discouraged in Editorial 53. Having a bank account on a side account is fine, though, as long as you never ever collect the interest. :)

Sorry, no investment guarantees available! :(

I have a question about the Kadoatery. Can the Kadoaties ask for Cooking Pot recipe food? ~ sardnyx
Nope. The reason for this is that Cooking Pot foods have a rarity of 101, and Kadoaties will not ask for foods with a rarity above 95. This was changed so the Kadoatery would not be full of Draik Egg requests.

Is there an easy and cheap way to obtain paint brushes? I've been trying to get a Maraquan and Baby Paint Brush for ages! ~ Kaide8888
As with most things in Neopia, paint brushes are the result of hard work, strategy, and luck (when it comes to random events). :D Baby, Royal and Darigan Paint Brushes are sold in the Hidden Tower, but the rest are obtained through random events, contests/competitions (Art Gallery, Storytelling, etc.), or from other users via user shops, the Trading Post, or auctions.

The introduction of Key Quest has brought about rapid deflation of certain paint brushes; Maraquan, unfortunately, is not one of them. Unless you save up the millions required or are incredibly lucky with a random event, paint brushes will remain beyond your grasp.

I've searched the entire Editorial Database and I've found nothing on keeping your own pets on guild accounts. I read somewhere that everything on your guild account must be related somehow to the guild and I'm wondering whether I should make my side account into the guild account, because I also have three other pets there who don't have anything to do with the guild. Also, would it be reportable to host guild auctions and a guild shop on my main? If so, would I also be able to sell my own items in the shop too? Thanks! ~ Stumped-By-Guilds
First, I don't recall there ever being a rule specifying that pets on a guild account must belong to the guild. My guild account is home to several pets belonging to the guild leader. If you or another guild member wants to transfer a pet to the guild account, that's fine, but all parties should be aware of the terms and implications of the transfer (is it a permanent transfer? are the pets going to be taken care of?, etc.).

You are not allowed to set up a service where you receive pets, zap them with the Lab Ray, and return them to their previous owner.

Second, guild auctions and a guild shop should be hosted on the guild account. The profits from these must go directly to the guild, otherwise TNT would view that as scamming or profiting from multiple accounts.

I noticed that one of my Neofriends has her name in bold red when she sends me a Neomail, while everyone else's names are in black italics. How did she get her name to be like that? ~ romanticism
In order for your Neofriends' names to be in bold red in your Neomail inbox, you must add them to your VIP list. It sounds like you've done this at some point and promptly forgotten about it. :D

I know what to do and what not to do on a side account, but how do you make one? ~ anonymous
A side account is just a regular Neopets account that you have in addition to your main account. So in order to create one, you simply sign up with Neopets as you normally would (your username and pet's name can be anything you want). Once you complete that process, just follow and abide by the side account rules and you'll be fine. :)

Wasn't the Item Database and Book of Ages supposed to be redone over the summer? ~ yaksrcewl
The Item Database admin panel and Book of Ages backend search were both redone, yes. The latter is still in testing, but it shouldn't be too much longer before release.

If you were after a little something in the eye candy department, well, maybe the new portal will satisfy that (it's coming soon!).

Why are there so many game trophies with no art on Neopets? It really makes me unhappy to see them on my lookup without the pretty art that I am used to. ~ aliciar46
...Because the artists took a day off? *shrugs* I would argue that TNT simply forgot about the trophy art and they haven't gotten around to adding them yet. There's just a ton of backlogged content in general. I agree, though, the picture-less trophies do look rather sad on a lookup.

Woe is me.

Why does my gallery say it's a size 80 when it says it's a size 16 on my user lookup? ~ kate
Your gallery is a size 16, but 1 size means 5 more items that you can put in there, so your gallery has room for 80 items. Go to the Gallery description edit page and scroll down to where it says "Gallery Size" to confirm this.

Hey JN! I have a question about site themes. The birthday theme is available on November 15th and your birthday, but what if your birthday is on November 15th? ~ Jennerlynn
You'll find the answer to this and many other questions in the Editorial Database:

What happens to someone who celebrates his birthday on the same date as Neopets' (November 15th)? Does he only get to unlock the birthday theme once a year? Doesn't it seem unfair for that person? ._. ~ hyperknuckles77_tail

A person with a birthday on November 15 can only have the theme once per year. However, that user can browse without ads that day!

One of my good Neofriends recently passed away. Is there anything that should be done about their Neopets account? ~ anonymous
There is nothing that needs to be done about someone's account following their passing. As the account won't be used again, it will remain as the user left it. After a couple of years of being inactive, it might be purged from the system, but that is up to TNT.

I'm Dutch but I always play Neopets on the English version. Is it possible for me to enter the English Caption Contest and will my caption have a chance at being chosen? ~ anonymous
You are free to enter the Caption Contest (or any other site contest, for that matter) in any language that you are fluent in or familiar with. However, you are only allowed to enter in one language per contest. So, let's say you wanted to enter Caption Contest #1075. You cannot enter a caption in English and then enter another one in Dutch--you have to choose one language and stick with it.

Provided your entry is good enough, you have as much chance of being chosen as anyone else. Best of luck! :)

Why do you work so hard even though Weepit has told you many times not to do so? ~ anonymous
Because I like working hard. Also, if I don't, I know that Weepit won't give me any more celery and tomato sauce :( She was very close to disowning me after I asked Rylon that tea question in the previous editorial, so in order to win back her fridge access, I feel I should feed the Content Beast. O:

Hello, Torratz. Happy new year! While searching on the Internet, I found sites with downloadable programs for Neopets, including autobuyers, autobidders, game autoplayers and so on. What opinion does the Jellyneo Staff have about this? I mean, there are a lot of users that use things like Money Tree Grabbers and NP Generators. It wouldn't be the same thing? ~ username removed

*Drags out jnLawyerbot*

The Jellyneo Staff do not condone in any way the use of cheat programs on Neopets, including multi-trainers, autobuyers and any other cheat program you can think of. It does not matter how "simple" the program is, or if it's designed to save you time by simultaneously doing many things, any program that allows you to bypass normal Neopets systems and routines is a cheat program. In addition to being clear violations of the Neopets Terms and Conditions, the programs rob other users of the opportunity to play Neopets fairly. Just because cheating is widespread does not make it okay.
*Puts jnLawyerbot away*

I'd like to take this opportunity to strongly advise you all to have another look at the Terms and Conditions. Yes, some of it is in the dense legalese that Lawyerbot is so proud of, but most of it is written in plain English that most people should be able to understand. There's even a 'short version' at the top for those with limited attention spans. Take another look and refresh your memories. It's well worth it. :)

Attack Chombies, do your worst!

Hi Torratz! I was looking through old editorials and I clicked on the links to Twin Skies Help, but nothing showed up! I get a 404 not found error. Did the site shut down? (I know that Adam and Donna went to work at Meteor Games, which is supposedly making the Twin Skies game.) Thanks! ~ murphy529
The site did indeed shut down. :( The Twin Skies MMORPG has been postponed indefinitely due to the economy. Twin Skies Help (JN's fansite for the game) did focus on Vikings, Pirates, Ninjas for a while, but VPN was suddenly put on hiatus as well. It was decided that Meteor Games' current projects, Island Paradise and Little Rock Pool, didn't warrant a help site of their own.

I will remain forever a lost turtle...

Is this year twenty-ten or two thousand and ten? ~ hot_buttery_toast
1st January 2010 = 1 'Etz'nab 16 K'ank'in. *nods*

I wonder if we'll figure out how to pronounce it before the world ends...

I've been wondering, why is the icon for the Item Database a Fish Negg Plushie? I read the site history, and it didn't explain. Also, how do you get to Jelly World? There can't be any links on the Neopets site, can there? I mean, TNT denies its existence constantly. ~ CuboneGirl13
Wow, the Editorial Database is getting a workout today O:

Hey, Dave! How did you guys choose what items to put on the main page of the Item DB? Also, why is the Item DB's logo a Fish Negg Plushie? Thanks! ~ memorysoul

The items on the main page were just randomly chosen--there's nothing more to it than that. :P

Terry used to be in charge of the Item DB, and his favourite item is a Fish Negg Plushie, so that's why it's in the logo.

Yay! Fish Neggs!

EEEEEEK!*faints* You guys RAWK!Why does the neopets staff hide jellyworld? ~ relax_gal

Jelly World? Such a thing does not exist, therefore it can not be hidden.

A note when using the database: Often the answer to your question is not in the first couple of hits, since the results are ordered by publishing date. I regret to inform you that you may need to use--yes, it's true--the much-maligned scroll bar! *cue dramatic music*

I have already completed the Moltara worm gathering activity and have received the Friendly Glowing Lantern. I have tried with and without the lantern in my inventory/closet to search in those dark, winding caves to find some Red Moltite. Can you only find it once per quest? Or must you repeat getting the lantern, finding the worms, etc. to have the chance to search the caves again? ~ Crysanthimum
It sounds like you've had a bit of bad luck in the caves. Once you have found all the worms and received the lantern, the Red Moltite will be there for the finding (it might take you awhile to locate it in the caves, but it's definitely there). If you wish to obtain more Red Moltite after you find your first one, you will need to repeat the entire worm-finding process. See our Tangor's Workshop guide for more details.

Hey there, Torratz! In Editorial 115, they said something about not answering "forbidden questions." What kind of questions are forbidden? ~ Carmaster29
"What not to ask" questions are listed on the editorial submission form itself. In addition, questions that are repetitive or written in excessive chatspeak will not be answered and are routinely tossed away.

I had my Ixi take a dip in the Magma Pool pretty much when the worm activity came out. As a result, it didn't get the deluxe paint brush item (the collar) at the time. I checked my closet and I still don't have the collar. Do I have to make my Ixi go back to the Magma Pool to get it? ~ zergling6foot
The deluxe Magma paint brush items have been spotted by our news finding team of DOOM, but I don't think they've been released yet. When they are, then the items should appear in your closet. If you choose to repaint your Ixi before the release, however, you will not receive the deluxe item. Going through TNT's mahoosive database and finding every pet that was once Magma is apparently a gargantuan task that the servers simply can't handle.

After the deluxe items are released, if you think your Magma Ixi's glitched, then feel free to go ahead and take him/her to the Magma Pool. A second dip will ensure s/he gets the deluxe item.

*Bribes you with salsa flavoured cookies* Which would you rather do: guzzle Pasito on a hot summer day, or play NeoQuest II? ~ anonymous
Can't I do both? I'm very careful with passion fruit flavoured fizzy drinks near the computer. :D *hugs Pasito* Although, I've finished NeoQuest II now, so I guess I'll pick the Pasito-guzzling.

25% more pwnful than your average cookie.

I've collected quite a few Shiny Obsidians now and I'd like to know if there is any way to use them other than just selling them. Thanks and Happy New Year! ~ ice_queen_72
Shiny Obsidian, along with a few other choice materials, is used in the construction of Moltaran Petpets at Tangor's Workshop. Aside from selling, discarding, storing in your SDB, etc., it currently has no other use.

Is it possible to change the species of a Neopet via the Lab Ray, once it has been painted? I have a Tonu on a side account and she was painted Cloud. When I zap her, her stats just go up and down and she doesn't seem to want to change from a Cloud Tonu to anything else. Should I give up? I'm hoping she'll eventually become a Royalgirl Kacheek. Thanks! ~ Changed_One
The Lab Ray can alter the species of any Neopet, regardless of its current species or paint job. Species changes are a bit rare and random, though...you might just be having an unlucky streak. :(

However, the Lab Ray cannot make your pet Royal coloured. If it's a Royalgirl Kacheek you're after, you will need to buy a Royal Paint Brush from the Hidden Tower (and possibly a Kacheek Morphing Potion if the Lab hasn't done that for you).

Hi there Torratz! I have two questions to ask you:
1. On the staff listings page, you wrote, "Bueller?... Bueller?... Bueller?" What in the world is Bueller?
2. Does anyone know when Punchbag Sid is going to appear next? ~ anonymous

1. Ferris Bueller is my hero. :D I watched Ferris Bueller's Day Off for the first time the other day and instantly made it my favourite film. The line in question is from the scene where Ferris' teacher is marking the attendance roll and calls out students' names in a droning, monotonous voice. I only heard this scene, though, on account of I was busy fighting King Terask in NeoQuest II and my brother wasn't considerate enough to pause the DVD. :(

2. Punchbag Sid usually appears in the Battledome some time in October, for about 15 minutes each time. According to this Editorial, TNT can only release Punchbag Sid during work hours. As far as the exact time is concerned, however, nobody really knows. It's all part of the surprise (or hair-ripping agony)!

Greetings, Torratz, the Legion of Supervillain Awesomeness says hello. Just a couple questions I had:
1. This past December, I had designed a machine that would turn every pet in Neopia Christmas coloured. However, the machine needed to be powered by a Christmas Paint Brush, and TNT didn't give one out for the Advent Calendar this year. Do we know why TNT has inadvertently foiled my plans? Why didn't they release the paint brush like they have every other year?
2. On December 5th, TNT had a One Park Point sale. I went during the time but couldn't see the shirt, therefore, I couldn't buy it. Do you know what happened?
Thank you for answering my questions, and I hope you will soon join the dark side. :D ~ Captain Nefarious

Hello, Legion of Supervillain Awesomeness.

1. Unfortunately, I am not privy to the reasons for this. My guess would be in order to reduce deflation of Christmas Paint Brushes or other economical reasons, but really I simply don't know. I would recommend Captain Nefarious forward this question to TNT.

2. As Petpet Park is still in open beta, glitches such as this are inevitable. The Candy Cane Shirt glitch was fairly widespread. Many people were overcharged for the item and some missed out altogether. Unfortunately, the shirt is no longer available for purchase. :(

As for the dark side, I will never join anything led by someone who hates vanilla tea. Nope. Nuh-uh. Never.

The ultimate in nefariousness.

Where do Baby Neopets come from? ~ anonymous
The Hidden Tower, of course. *nods* The Baby Paint Brush was the winner of the 2002 Pick The Next Paint Brush competition and is currently available from the Hidden Tower at the low, low price of 600,000 Neopoints.

That's probably not the answer you wanted. Oh well. ;)

I'm more than a little obsessed with the petpet "Rock." With TNT recently releasing almost all of the painted petpet colors from the past two years, I checked to see if I could get a Tyrannian Rock. The item description in the Item Database, however, says the following: "This Petpet's appearance in NF was a mistake. It is not expected to ever appear." Why is that? ~ elys3
The Rock is already classified as a Tyrannian petpet (i.e., it's sold in the Tyrannian petpet shop), so it was never meant to be available in the Tyrannian colour. It was a mistake on TNT's part that they corrected. Bummer for Rock enthusiasts, though!

Since Avatarlog is closing, will you consider creating a service that will let us keep track of what avatars we have and need? ~ anonymous
Avatarlog is not closing permanently, it is going on extended hiatus. We have no plans to extend our existing avatar coverage.

Hi Torratz. I was wondering, what was the 42nd game guide? Thanks! ~ hillyhawk
I am reliably informed that 42nd game guide added to Jellyneo was Splat-a-Sloth. Of course, we have a lot more than 42 game guides for your trophy-achieving pleasure. Why not have a look at the full list? ;D

Hey Torratz! Since the newest version of Extreme Herder is out now, does that mean that we can only get the avatar from the new version? If so, whats the avatar score? Thanks! ~ Enzo
Nope! The avatar remains available only by playing the old version of Extreme Herder and scoring 250 points. Which, in case you're wondering, was the old score anyway. Playing Extreme Herder 2 until you're blue in the face will not award you an avatar.

I think you'll find JN's Extreme Herder Guide is rather useful in this endeavour...

I remain out of Herdy's reach :(

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