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The (Continued) Adventures of Weepit & Ry!
Published: December 26, 2009

Weepit: Hey there, boys and girls! Welcome to the Boxing Day Editorial Extravaganza, hosted by your favourite gruesome twosome! To help me get into the Christmas spirit, Rylon made a special holiday costume. See if you can guess what I am!

Tada! Yes, I am, of course, a robin. :D Enjoy the editorial!

If I have a Krawk and I want it to turn into a robot, can I use a Flask of Rainbow Fountain Water? I can't afford to risk my Krawk through the Lab Ray. Thanks for answering! ~ Dr_Sloth_Maniac
Weepit: The Flask of Rainbow Fountain Water is indeed capable of turning your pet Robot. However, since it seems to be capable of turning your pet literally any colour it is available in, you have a very slim chance of getting the one you want. Currently, the only reliable way of getting a Robot coloured pet is to use the One-Use Robotification Zappermajig given out in the Return of Dr. Sloth plot. These items are no-trade, though, so if you didn't accumulate enough plot points, you wouldn't be able to buy one from the plot prize shop.

Are there any known viruses on Neopets? ~ coco4173
Rylon: There's a new cookie grabber scam that seems to have surfaced just a few days ago (although by the time this goes to print, it'll probably have been taken care of!). Essentially, you'll receive a Neomail from a user, telling you that they have "r99's, mps, pbs, battledome weapons, and much more!" for sale, and that the prices/details are listed on their petpage. The petpage you are then linked to redirects to an offsite page that has been made to look like the Neopets site.

As for viruses, however? That would be a no. Sometimes, a rogue advertisement may cause your anti-virus program to throw out a warning, but that's about as bad as it gets. For more details on this topic, please refer to this, this, and this (found through the handy dandy Editorial Database!).

Is there any way to change your age on Neopets? My age is wrong by a few years. Thanks! *Gives you all some exercise tapes since you'll need them after all the other bribes* ~ whitewitchmagix
Weepit: You only get the chance to set your age when you first create your account; after that, there is no way to change it. Unless it affects your ability to access certain areas of the site (as some activities are blocked for players under 13), I would leave it alone. Now then, where did I put my leotard and sweat bands?

Rylon: ...And one and two and three and four and stretch those arms and feel the burn...

Hey there! I'm trying to collect all the worms in Moltara for the empty lantern, but no matter how many times I refresh, two of them won't appear. I used to get them to appear all the time by refreshing, but the black and rainbow ones won't show up. Do I just have really bad luck, or have other people had similar issues? Thanks! ~ betcboo31
Weepit: The good news is that it's not just you! The bad news is that the rainbow and black worms seem to be the ones that cause people the most stress. They are both quite reluctant to show their slimy little faces, but if you keep refreshing on the correct page they will both appear eventually.

For more information, see our related guide.

*sigh* And we get to do it all over again tomorrow. ;_;

I had an Electric Blue Paint Brush in the Trading Post for 420k. I had an offer for 425k plus Neo Crackers, so I accepted the offer. I received the Neo Crackers, my paint brush disappeared, but I didn't get the NP. I reported the glitch to TNT three times and received the same form letter telling me to report the glitch. Is there anything else I can do? Can I report this to someone else, or do you have any other suggestions? I have the time and day that this happened. Am I going to have to consider this a big loss and not ever use the Trading Post ever again? Thanks for any help. ~ anonymous
Weepit: There are still a number of glitches associated with the Trading Post, which countless users have reported to TNT. However, they have yet to fix any of them. People have reported that sometimes, if they offer NP on a lot and their offer is rejected, their money just vanishes down a black hole; which is why I'd advise people to Neomail the owner first to agree on a price before offering. I haven't heard of anybody losing a payment offer before, though I'm definitely not doubting you.

If you have fallen victim to any glitch on the Trading Post, read this page and use the blue link at the bottom to report the glitch to TNT. As they say on there though, there is no guarantee that you'll get your item/NP back, even if you give them all the information they ask for. :(

I have a question about Neoboard pens. When I'm on the boards, I sometimes see people's fonts change every post or every other post and I know it is a Neoboard pen (that you can buy from the NC Mall). I was thinking of buying one myself, but I was told that when you have one you can't control which pen is going to be displayed, thus seeing people's fonts changing a lot. I don't really like the sound of that and it doesn't seem practical to me. Since I've never bought one I was just wondering how it works. Can you choose which pen will be active, or does it actually alternate against your will? I hope you can clear this up, thanks. ~ rohrik2
Rylon: You most certainly do select which font you use with each of your posts. I'd be pretty miffed if it were random. :/ With the pens, you have a preference called "default," which is what you post with if you do not select a pen to use. Think of this as your normal settings, or the only option you have without a pen. Each pen then adds another posting preference.

When you go to post or reply to a topic, there will be 2 (or more, depending on how many pens you have) options available to you for posting--the "default" font options, and any other pens you have set up. This lets you easily control which pen you wish to use with each and every post you make. You can name your pens by going here and selecting a pen. This makes them easier to keep track of. :)

What types of items can you get from the Snowager? My friend said he got a paint brush. Is this possible? ~ kappa_otaku_122
Weepit: I personally have never heard of a paint brush being received from the Snowager. As far as I know, the only items given out by old Snowy are Neggs, low rarity toys, scratchcards, items containing the word "snowball," some low rarity Battledome items, and a few items exclusive to him. He also gives out a snazzy avatar, unless of course your name is Rylon, then you just get a bracing blast of cold air.

Rylon: Yes, I'm unfortunately still waiting on that avatar. But I, unlike old shorty here, have the Winter Site Theme, which means I can stare at the base of the Taelia Snowglobe for hours on end! :D

Weepit: :( Why would you be so hateful?

Can you actually obtain painted petpets from restocking? (E.g., a Faerie Candychan from the Wintery Petpet shop.) And are petpet paint brushes obtainable only by random events? Thanks! ~ Anonymous
Rylon: Nope! The stores only stock the regular, unpainted versions of petpets. The painted petpets are r101, so they are too high a rarity to restock in the shops. As for the petpet paint brushes, yes, most can be obtained through random events, but there are other ways as well. Some brushes were given out in the Advent Calendar and Tarla's Toolbar, plus you have a chance of winning them from competitions (such as the Art Gallery, Poetry, or Storytelling Competitions). Also (just as a note), the Faerie Candychan doesn't exist, so you're even more unlikely to restock one!

+ =

First of all, Weepit is awesome. Second, I am very confused about the Neopets winter site theme. I know that we need to have collected all of the Advent Calendar prizes for the whole month, and that it is given out on the 31st. But is it just randomly given out? Or is there a requirement that has to be met beforehand? Also, if you fail at getting it, can you try again the same day? Or will they only let you try once? Thanks. ~ bad_toffee
Weepit: *Adds a big tick to her sheet of paper* Oh look, yet another person who likes me more than you! *Bops Ry on the nose with her pencil* (Ry: Ugh, you're such a meanie! *pouts*)

Receiving the site theme seems to be mildly random; while all the people who received the theme reported to have collected all the Advent items, not all people who visited the Calendar every day were lucky enough to get it. Avatarlog will be running their annual data collection for people who received the theme to try and narrow down the criteria further. Until then, this remains one of Neopia's greatest secrets.

Since the release of the Magma Pool, will you create a banner (like the Snowager or Turmaculus ones) to alert us when the guard falls asleep? ~ Rainpool10
Rylon: If the times for the guard do turn out to be set to a pattern, or are specific, then we will definitely think about it. Currently, however, he does not sleep at predetermined times, and even when he is asleep, he isn't asleep for everyone who visits. It is therefore the assumption at the moment that he sleeps randomly for each user, and he does not necessarily have to be asleep for you to be granted access to the Pool (sometimes he lets people in if they are deemed "knowledgeable"). Hopefully in the future this will be clarified as research is carried out, but right now if you want a Magma pet, you will just have to keep refreshing until it works for you.

Hi! *Throws a Maraquan Paint Brush and a Draik Egg* I have 3 questions:
1. I got a Balthazar Pinata from The Discarded Magical Plushie. Since this is an avatar item, can I also get a Faerie Queen Doll or Zafara Double Agent Plushie from the Discarded Plushie?
2. Can I get rare foods such as Draiks Eggs and gourmet foods from the monthly freebies?
3. Can I get 2 random events on the same page? ~ marcus__vincius1001

Weepit: *Performs a perfect, running swan dive to catch the paint brush* Weepit wants one of these!

1. Nope, as mentioned in the guide, apart from the exclusive TDMBGPOP plushies, the Plushie only appears to give out toy items with a rarity index of 90 or less. Since the Zafara Double Agent Plushie is listed as being a plushie, it isn't eligible to be given out. The Faerie Queen Doll has a rarity of 200, so that doesn't qualify either.

2. Since all the food given out by the monthly freebies seem to be of low rarity, I think it's safe to assume that it too has a rarity limit. And as Draik Eggs are all r95 or more, I'm fairly certain they won't be given out.

3. Yes... kind of. If you visit the Shop of Offers (do not go here on a side account!) and get the Rich Slorg event, it is also possible to get another event at the same time. It's not technically 2 random events, though, as the Slorg one isn't random.

How do they select the "Notable Neopet" (or "Notable Neohome") that's displayed on the main Neopets page? Thanks in advance! ~ ettevy_tnecniv
Rylon: If you submit your Neopet(s) into the upcoming Customisation Spotlight, your entry is then eligible to become a Notable Neopet for a few minutes. They basically just pull a random name from the entries list and display it. It's a similar thing with Neohomes and the Neohome Spotlight. If ever you receive a mass of Neomails, Neofriend requests, and Battledome challenges, chances are you were mentioned in the Notable Neopet or Neohome section! :P

How long exactly does it take to spin the Wheel of Monotony? :) ~ Anonymous :)
Weepit: It can take anywhere from half an hour to several hours for the wheel to stop spinning, and it varies each time you spin it. But there is a way of knowing how long you'll be sitting twiddling your thumbs. After spinning the wheel, open a new window or tab, go to this page and find the part that says "&timeleft=3448000" Remove the final three zeros and divide that number by 60. The resulting answer is the number of minutes left before the wheel will stop spinning.

Why did TNT filter out "position" from the CSS codes? And how can I make my petpage look the same without position tags so that the filters don't block it? Thanks! ~ darkesmoon
Rylon: The coding filters are, to be blunt, borked. There are some workarounds, but they can be fiddly. The example below will show you how to fix the coding for your petpage. Essentially, you move all internal styles, and add them on to their corresponding element (in this case, a DIV).

Petpage Coding Fix
Original coding Updated & fixed coding
<style type="text/css">
#example_box {
border: 1px solid #000;
height: 200px;
left: 10px;
overflow: auto;
position: absolute;
top: 10px;
width: 400px;

<div id="example_box">
Insert some filler content here.
<div id="example_box" style="border: 1px solid #000; height: 200px; left: 10px; overflow: auto; position: absolute; top: 10px; width: 400px;">
Insert some filler content here.

For further assistance, please head on over to our Internet/Coding Discussion forum.

What is the difference between Jellyneo and TheNeopetsTeam? I see people posting questions in the editorial beginning with "Hi JN!" or "Hi TNT!" So how do I know whether I'm posting a question to the TNT or JN editorial? I want to ask three more questions if you don't mind:
1. Can zapped Neopets be painted since zapped petpets can't?
2. When submitting a question to the JN editorial, do you have to put your real Neopets name?
3. Do all questions get published? ~ anonymous

Weepit: The JN editorial isn't associated with the Neopian Times editorial, so any question submitted to our site via this link will only ever be answered here. If you want your question to be read and potentially answered in Neopets' editorial, you should use this link instead. The "type of question" option on our submission form is to help us categorise questions so we can quickly see that you're asking about our site or about the Neopets site. I don't think we've ever published a question in our editorial that starts with "Hi TNT!" Sometimes, people call us TJNT, which stands for The Jellyneo Team. Hope that clarifies things. :)

As for your other questions:
1. Yes, pets can be repainted as many times as you like.
2. No, you don't have to use your actual Neopets account name, just don't pretend to be somebody else.
3. Not all questions are published. We get spam, forbidden questions, comments that aren't really questions, and stuff that's written in chatspeak that cannot be deciphered...these are all promptly deleted. But everything else stays in our database for future editors to answer.

Hey there Rylon! As a tea fan myself, I've been meaning to ask you: how exactly do you prefer your tea? Are you a black-as-it-gets man, or are you partial to litres of milk and more sugar than a Marzipan Sugared Slorg? Do say "hi" to Weepit for me, I get the feeling she's glowering at me for asking a tea-related question. :O ~ Torratz
Weepit: Yes, you definitely need to get a new owner. First Hugh Jackman, now favouritism in the editorial. I can't take this abuse. :(

Rylon: TEA! Well, I boil the kettle with fresh water (can't make a nice cuppa with re-boiled water...something about the water and less oxygen when it is boiled for a second time). While it's boiling, I'll grab a mug, drop a splash of milk into it (milk should go first, as it's better when you pour out the tea), and also plop a teabag (PG tips all the way!) into the teapot. Several minutes pass before the kettle is ready, as we own the slowest kettle on Earth. I then fill the teapot with the boiling water, covering the unsuspecting teabag. It then gets a brief stir before being left to brew for a couple of minutes. Another few stirs later, and the first pour from the pot goes down the sink, as it's always a bit nasty. Then the mug gets filled, and gets a stir to mix everything together (note: no sugar is added!). Finally, I'll grab a biscuit from the barrel, and sit down and relax with my delightful new cuppa.

Let's say I got a high score on a game and I got a gold trophy. What would happen if somebody beat my score and bumped me down out of the top 3? Would my trophy change to a silver one or would it stay the same? ~ Kittykat30916896
Weepit: Once you have been awarded a trophy for a game and it's on your user lookup, it's yours to keep and will never be downgraded. You can, however, receive an upgrade; if you have a silver trophy for a game but you then achieve a gold trophy-worthy score, your existing trophy will be upgraded to a gold one when the automatic trophy-giving script is run.

I live in England and I can't seem to find any Neocash Cards. I'm tempted to buy American Neocash Cards off the Internet. Would I be able to redeem American cards on my UK account? Thanks a bunch! ~ Sophiafirata
Rylon: Aww, don't go buying the American cards! Since November, Neocash cards have been available at Sainsbury's stores, in the gift card section. I can confirm this, as I've bought a few since their release. :D If you are unsure whether or not your local store carries the cards (although pretty much all stores seem to stock them), give them a ring and ask for "Neopets Gift Cards." Alternatively, you can give them the barcode for the card (5060093675450) and they can search for it in their system.

However, if you did obtain an American (or Canadian, or Brazilian) card, you can redeem it on your Neopets account. Depending on which card you get, you might receive better prizes, too! I'm slightly sick of the Mynci and Usul themed items!

Alas, I'm just an elusive dream for all the UK players!

My question is about the Jumbleberry. Why is the description "Yes, it isn't actually called med_berry_3 heh heh"? I'm so curious about that! ~ tori1237654
Weepit: If you look at the image properties for the Jumbleberry, you'll see that its URL is http://images.neopets.com/items/med_berry_3.gif. When items are released, the file name of the item (in this case, med_berry_3) contains useful information for Neopets programmers and Neopets users. The "med" part indicates that the item is a Medieval Food, and the rest is usually an indication of what it should be called. Try viewing the image properties for other Neopian items to see what I mean.

The description was probably a sarcastic comment on TNT's behalf about the length of time it took them to give the berry an official name, because when it was first released in the news, it was known as just "med_berry_3" to users (TNT rarely provide item names along with the images they post in the news). See, they can have a laugh at their own expense. :P

I want to sell my Draik Heart Mosiac Valentine, and I've noticed that there are only two of them (including mine) up for sale (not including the ones in galleries). I've also seen your database price for them which is 350k. That seems just a little low for something that seems rare. How long would it take for the price to get higher? ~ kylskool
Rylon: The prices listed in the Item Database reflect market prices at a specific point in time. We rely on our Item Adders and you guys to edit the prices of items you believe to be outdated or incorrect. However, the system works so that you can't just change the price to whatever you want. In the case of your Draik Heart Mosiac Valentine, there is no price available for us to change it to at the moment. Someone is asking for 6.4 million NP, but that is more than a 1700% increase and will therefore be treated as outlier data. We also can't just estimate or pull a price out of thin air and assume it to be correct, so there needs to be an availability of many prices in order for an item to have its price changed.

If you pound an Ice Bruce, will it turn back into a normal Blue Bruce? ~ Adiou
Weepit: Nope, all other Ice pets can pass through the pound without being converted. The Ice Bori is considered to be a special case, as it was made available through a promotion years ago, so they will turn into Blue Boris if you abandon them.

Ice Bori
Why would you pound me, I'm cooler than a snowman. :(

In the game Usuki Frenzy 2, I've noticed that some of the bonus point Usuki dolls get placed on top of a table, and I don't know how to get the doll. Could you tell me a method? ~ skylark520
Weepit: There isn't any way of getting the ones that appear on top of the dining table or the coffee table. If this happens you'll have to just ignore the bonus Usukis and collect the sets, or start your game over if you're trying for a high score.

Rylon: There only isn't a way because Madame Useless here and her lack of height can't reach the top of the coffee table. Don't worry, Weepy. I'll get that down for you. Here you go! *pats you on the bonce* All better!

Weepit: Aww, thank you. *kicks you in the shin* There, I feel better already!

I was looking for pet names for side accounts so I searched the name Freddy. When I searched it, I found that Freddy the Red Quiggle was not born yet. I checked back again a week or so later and it still said that it was not born yet. Does this mean that I can create a Red Quiggle named Freddy? ~ vlad_cookie_bunny
Rylon: "Not yet born" means the pet has not yet gone through the entire creation process. In the old days, creating a pet involved many stages and therefore many web pages. If a user left the "create a Neopet" page after selecting the name and species but before going on to select stats, the pet would be stuck in limbo and classified as "not yet born" until the user went back and finished everything. Nowadays, the entire process is contained on just one page, so you can't create an "unborn" Neopet.

This means that the name is still considered in use, so you will not be able to create a Neopet with that name. You'll just have to wait for TNT to do a purge of all old and unused accounts to free up the names (this happens very very very rarely, though).

Now, where did I put that chicken...

Why do our Neopets refuse to read some books (ones which they haven't already read) and is there anything we can do to change their minds? ~ xcaptain_lucyx
Weepit: Sometimes, one of your pets will refuse to read a particular book if its title has the same number of characters as your pet's name. Sometimes, this also happens with multiples of the number of characters in your pet's name (for example, if your pet's name is 6 characters long, it won't like books with 12 characters or 18 characters in the title).

This also happens with food and petpets--your pet will refuse or reject certain ones.

You can get around this by changing the language that you view the site in; simply scroll down to the bottom of the page and pick a different language than the one you usually use.

You might need to try more than one language before you find one that alters the name of the book enough to make it readable to your pet. Just be sure to remember which position in the drop down menu your usual language choice is. Or learn Japanese. Whichever you fancy.

I was looking through the pound the other day and I realized that some of the pets' faces are not sad, but sick. Does Neopets change the way they look or do people/newbies actually abandon sick pets? Just wondering. ~ vlad_cookie_bunny
Weepit: The pets are actually sick. The poor little things, all they need is a bowl of steaming hot soup, a blanket and some TLC. Sometimes I wish I had the room to adopt them all and take care of them.

Rylon: *Runs in and sneezes all over you* You can take care of me! I've got a cold, and I don't want to be ill over the holidays. Just switch out the soup for a nice cup of tea and I'll be all betterer! *sniff*

Weepit: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH *Runs and hides behind the Christmas tree* Get away from me, you great, big, germ-ridden turkey! *Sprays disinfectant in your eyes*

Hey Rylon and Weepit *Throws one cookie in a boxing ring and makes you guys fight over it* This question is mostly for Weepit (sorry Rylon). How are the Content Writers supposed to write their content when there are no games or articles to write? ~ bobba6309
Weepit: *Feigns disinterest in the cookie, but keeps an eye on it* Trust me, there are plenty of games and activities that we still need guides for. I keep trying to write a list of them, but when I put it down on my desk it sinks into the jelly. :(

Rylon: Wahoo! No question for me means I can have the cookie! Question for Weepit, cookie for Ry. I think this is how it should work all the time :D Besides, we all know I'd trounce you in a boxing ring. Imagine the gloves on you, shorty! *giggles at the thought*

Weepit: That's fine by me, fatty. You just keep piling on the pounds, and I'll keep giggling at the way your thighs wobble from behind when you walk. :P

Is it okay if you change where you live for the Burger King codes but then change it back afterward? I just don't want to be frozen with 100,000 NP in the bank. ~ Chia_McBia1
Weepit: Yes, it's fine to change your country for the Burger King codes. Changing countries doesn't always work for sponsor promotions, though, as some location-sensitive offers will only display certain content if your IP address emanates from a particular country.

Rylon: For more details on the promotion (including all the codes you can use), please see our related guide.

Well, well, well, if it isn't my arch-nemeses, Bad Pun Girl and Teaboy! As painful as it is to come to my enemies for knowledge, there are a couple of questions that are bothering me:
1. Around the time of Altador Cup IV, there was an invite-type thing on JN. If you invited 3 users to try JN's score counters, you'd get into a special secret beta test. I invited three people, but I never got any notifications about the beta test. Has this just not come out yet, or has it suffered the same fate as the unfortunate Neoquest section?
2. I have been tormenting you two for months now, and I have yet to see another super-villain. Are there pther Bad Pun Girl/Teaboy enemies (and if so, what are their names), or am I alone, and therefore, unparalleled in my evilness? ~ Captain Nefarious

Weepit: If you referred three people during the AC then your account name will be on a magical cosmic list somewhere in Dave's pocket. We are still working a few final kinks out of the secret project, but when it's all neatly polished we will be calling on our beta testers to give us feedback. :)

*Reads second question over several times, scratching head in confusion* Ry, does this make any sense to you?

Rylon: *Turns paper upside down* Ah, I get it, he wants to know if... wait, no. Haven't the foggiest!

Weepit: Didn't think so. ;) *Screws paper into a ball and tosses it over her shoulder*

Hi Weepit and Rylon! The Bonju avatar mystery has been solved, and the prices of all of the items have all gone down dramatically. However, Gourmet Cooking For Your Pet is still at about 60,000 NP, and I'm one of those people who likes hoarding away all of their Neopoints and never spending them. Do you believe the price will get any lower, and when do you think it will start rising again? ~ madtamahatta
Rylon: Haha, just by answering this question I can predict the price will fluctuate a bit more than normal. In all honestly, it's pretty hard to say, since the way the economy works can be very random and unpredictable. However, one can make a calculated guess that come July, the price of the book will slowly start to increase.

Users who didn't get the avatar last time may seize the chance to grab a copy of the book before any mass inflation starts. And naturally, once we hit August the price will skyrocket through the roof (along with the other avatar items, no doubt), with the mad rush to obtain the coveted avatar before the month is done. It'll probably start to settle again either within the last week of August (although a last-minute scramble may occur), or within the first week of September.

I just got a random prize from the Winter Wonderfest. It showed two Meepits and above them, it said a winter gift had been added to my Inventory. Is this common? Thanks! ~ Panini_puff
Meepit: 'Tis fairly common. It's just a fun little random freebie for the holidays!

La la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la *BITES YOUR FACE*

Is this Editorial gonna end the same way your LAST one did? ~ yaksrcewl
Weepit: For those who didn't read our last editorial (shame on you!), it ended with the pair of us going to hospital; Ry because he pulled a muscle trying to intimidate me, and me because I almost died laughing at him.

But since it's the holiday season, we decided to call a truce this time.

Rylon: Sir Shorts-a-lot apologised about criticising my rendition of "Pop," so we're all cool now. :D But she is wearing a carrot on her face... hmm, she could end up poking me in the kneecap or something! *snort*

Weepit: Ah, familiar territory at last! I think this means that yes, this editorial will end the same way the last one did. Excuse me dears... *Rolls up sleeves and dives on him*


Rylon & Weepit: Hope you all had a very merry Christmas, and that you enjoy your new year too! :)

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