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Secret Agent Training Will Now Be Known As [REDACTED]
Published: December 12, 2009

I see you've passed the first three tests required for a new agent: you've found your training officer, Grog; you've located this Training Manual; and you've begun reading. Just be sure to pick up your sunglasses before continuing on to the questions below.

Standard Issue for Secret Agents everywhere.

I do a lot of testing and programing on my computer so I am constantly having to reinstall my operating system to fix something. Every time I do this, I have to redo my flash games (Hannah and the Ice Caves, Kass Basher, etc). Is there a cookie or file I can copy to save my progress? Thanks! ~ wolfen_at_max2
Neopets' Flash games make use of a feature of the Flash environment called "flash cookies" (also known as Local Shared Objects). These are similar to regular browser cookies in that they store information that can be read again at a later date. You can manage the flash cookies on your system via the online Settings Manager.

After your reinstall, your flash cookies could've expired or been deleted. You could attempt to preserve any files containing flash cookies, but I have been unable to find any information stating that moving flash cookies is okay, so it is my opinion that you are better off not moving them (this means you'll have to continue replaying certain games after every reinstall). However, they are only games, and it isn't particularly difficult to regain use of the bat in Kass Basher.

On a side note, maybe you should check out virtualization.

In Suzuka and Nynex's issue (Editorial 99), they said we can visit the Symol Hole once every hour, but in your Dailies Do-er, it says once a day. Is it a daily or an hourly? I have checked and I can do it 10 times in a row if I want to and I don't get any message that I should wait before going again (though I didn't win anything). Do you know if it's like Underwater Fishing, where we can try with all our main pets to get more chances? Thanks! ~ thevixen666
What? The vaunted power duo of female admins missed something? Nonsense! Move along now, before I summon Terry and his Whip of DOOM!

Psst: TNT has given their answer, now begone before someone sees that you came back!

When does the Editorial Database get updated? I was searching the database for the answer to a question I had, and couldn't find anything, but when I looked through the actual editorial, some answers with search words I put in were there, but didn't show when I searched for them. I was just wondering, because some of the newer editorial questions and answers don't show up. ~ trash_is_telekinetic
There was a little coding mishap awhile ago that ignored certain keywords; it was fixed, so you shouldn't experience disappearing search words anymore. Sorry about that!

When you are searching, keep in mind that Neopets and the JN editorial often adhere to British spelling rules. So, for example, if you want to search for "color," you should also try "colour."

Neopian Times editorials are added to the Editorial Database a little while after they go live in the news. By the time this is published, Issue 422 will have already been added.

How do you make your Neohome bigger on your lookup? I know there is a code for making your Neopets bigger. ~ alex_yo97
Yes, there is a CSS code that makes the image of your Neopet bigger on its pet lookup (not on your user lookup). The code is here and it works because your pet shows up as a Flash file, which can be resized without reducing image quality.

The image of your Neohome on your lookup is static and can't really be resized. You can change the image, though, and make it a zoomed-in version of the exterior or interior of your home. To do so, go to the Neohome page and click on "Customise my Neohome." Use the magnifying glasses in the top left corner to zoom in or out. Then click on the camera icon in the top right corner to go into Snapshot Mode. Click on any of the four blue arrows in the top left corner to move the box around. Once you are happy with the shot, click anywhere inside of the box to take the picture and save it. Visit your lookup again and refresh to see the changes!

Does the pronunciation page work for you guys? It doesn't work for me in Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer. ~ zephyrblue
Wow, this question is old.

The revamped pronunciation page didn't work when it was first released, but it is working now! :D And they kept some of Donna's original recordings! Yay!

What is the difference between a Toy Sail Boat and a Super Toy Sail Boat, considering that they're both 1NP in user shops? ~ evilprincess2004
If your pet has extraordinary skills in sailing and navigation, then the Super Toy Sailboat would be a worthy gift for them. The Toy Sailboat is for a more mediocre candidate.

Oh, and the Super Toy Sailboat has two masts, which makes it more of a Ketch, as opposed to the Toy Sailboat, which is more of a single-masted Sloop.

Are giveaways allowed? When I mean giveaways, I mean someone just gives items away to people. They don't ask for anything like NPs or items in return. And, can giveaways be allowed in guilds if I don't ask for anything in return? I'd just give out items randomly to whoever is online on the guild. Thank you! ~ karen
Random acts of kindness are perfectly fine. :D Giveaways got a bad reputation when people started turning them into contests and you had to pay in order to participate. However, if you want to give something to another user out of the kindness of your heart, then by all means, feel free to do so!

How much of Phi can you recite? (φ, not π) ~ yaksrcewl


2.71828 18284 59045 23536... FOR LIFE!!

Hello! Is it possible to get the Battle Faerie avatar by repeatedly defeating the Inflatable Balthazar in one-player battles? ~ jenlin_25

Battle Faerie Avatar Battle Faerie
Random when you win a 1-player fight in the Battledome. (Can take a lot of victories to achieve.)

Even though the Inflatable Balthazar is a bit of a pushover, it seems that you can earn the avatar by repeatedly bopping him around.

What would happen if you entered a Neopoint-customised pet into the Neocash Customisation Spotlight? Also, I miss your old layout. ;-; ~ starry_zafara
That's actually not possible. If your pet is wearing at least one Neocash wearable and you go to enter them into the Customisation Spotlight, you won't be able to select the Neopoint category at all. That's some fancy coding going on there. ;D

And really? You miss JN's old, cramped layout? Well, don't tell the design police that I told you this, but you can still feel nostalgic and view the old layout here. There will be display issues and broken code strewn about the place, so tread lightly!

I can't seem to find the Copier v2.0 (TCG) anywhere. Is it that rare? And when and why was it released? ~ anonymous
This one's right up my alley, with all the Item Database work I get to do. ;)

Copier v2.0 (TCG)
When was it released: September 19, 2003
Why was it released: It was part of the Neopets Trading Card Game (hence the TCG in the name)
Is it that rare: Yes, and no. Yes, it is listed as r107 (Mega Rare), so it will not stock in any main Neopian shop. However, it is not too rare, as I was able to find at least 3 in with the Shop Wizard quickly.

One day, I was looking at someone's user lookup and their shield said they were on for one hundred years. But I looked at the Shield Viewer and it only went up to twelve years. Do you know why it would have shown that? Thanks. ~ Narutofan48
Some people like to be tricky and cover up their actual user lookup shield with a different one. TNT has said that this is fine, so long as it is not for the purpose of deceiving others. For example, a 30-month player could use a 100-year shield without fear, because it should be fairly obvious that Neopets didn't exist in 1909 (when a couple of guys named Theodore Roosevelt and William Howard Taft were President of the United States, depending on the date in 1909). However, a 5-month player who covers up their user lookup shield with a 5-year shield would be a different situation. If it was done on purpose, it would actually be a reportable offence.

Related editorial excerpts here and here.

Why are you looking at me like that?

Sometimes when I'm restocking, the shop doesn't restock and I'm refreshing for half an hour. When I leave the page and come back, the whole stock has disappeared and won't restock for a long time. Is this some kind of bug? ~ sootjes
To quote a software idiom: it's not a bug, it's a feature!

TNT introduced restock bans to try to prevent players from refreshing and restocking too much. There have been some fairly detailed answers about restock bans in both the Neopian Times Editorial and the Jellyneo Editorial already, so I will just point you to the ultra-nifty Jellyneo Editorial Database where you can do some more research.

Grog! Your little blurb in the staff listings page is really similar to the things I like! Go Monty Python! :) (Although I do believe that Python is rather tinny, but the woody-ness of Monty makes up for it.) Anyway, do you find it fun being a part of the Item DB crew? Also, why do you think there are so many unreleased or MIA items floating around when TNT only releases new things every once in a while? *Throws binary flavoured cookies and Wii controller shaped glasses of milk* :D ~ hushedsoul
*Trades binary flavoured cookies for The Holy Gourd of Jerusalem*

Working on the Item DB crew is great, especially since we just received some new recruits. Prices are being updated, items are being added and errors are being corrected. We are all working very hard to bring you a top-quality resource for all your item information needs.

I think TNT announces a lot of items and then doesn't release many of those items just to upset SciFi, but don't let him hear that. The whole living on a different plane of existence seems to have finally gotten to him...

Hey there, Grog. First of all, I'd like to say that I am really looking forward to those Jellyneo Spotlights instead of weekly editorials. Second, I have a question about the last editorial. On the bottom where it said, "This issue brought to you by: The Turkey Farmers Of Neopia," I just LOVED the picture of the Moehog eating some turkey. :) Where did you find this image? Can I use it on my lookup, shop description, wherever I want it, etc? Thanks! ~ peabigmane
Taking a couple of clues from the URL of the image, I found it is from an article called The Top Ten Seasonal Foods To Ditch The Winter Blues in Issue 271 of the Neopian Times. Of course, I could have just asked Polemarch, but where is the fun in that?

As such, you are able to use it anywhere your little heart desires on Neopets, as it is their image.

I'm glad to hear that you are excited about the upcoming Jellyneo Spotlights. I don't think you will be disappointed. If I told you any more, they would drag me back to the Meepit Oaks Sanitarium.

At least that one nurse was nice to me.

Over 5 months ago, I sent in a score well over the highest Darigan Dodgeball score and I still haven't gotten my NP or a trophy. Is this a glitch? ~ anonymous
This is actually 2 different questions; one is about score reviews and the other is about the awarding of trophies.

For most games, to earn a trophy, your score must be in the top 17 on the Hi-Score Tables at the time when trophies are awarded. Trophies are awarded about once a day, in the early morning NST.

There is a bit of mystery to how the "your score is under review system" works, so I'll break it down here.

How it is supposed to work:

  1. A player sends a score that crosses a score threshold, so TNT decides to review it.
  2. An actual, live person takes a look at the score sent and some accompanying data to determine if the score was earned in a legitimate manner.
  3. If the score is legit, a Neomail is sent to the player informing them that their score was accepted and that the player has been awarded any NP and avatars for the score.
Here is my personal guess of how it often works out:
  1. A player sends a score that crosses a score threshold, so a TNT algorithm decides to review it.
  2. An actual, live person takes a look at the volume of scores needing review, and randomly approves/disapproves the majority of them, only checking a few. This is how some people end up with impossibly high scores being approved (e.g., 990 for Advert Attack)
With regard to your situation, my guess is that your score was not approved, hence why you did not receive any NP or a trophy. :(

On the About Us page, why is asparagus so expensive? Is it a joke from TNT or was it because of some event that happened? I really want to know. Thanks! ~ noswal_yogurt
The About Us page actually used to have a section that showed how much NP Adam and Donna had (Adam had a lot...11+ million, and it rarely changed). You got the Number Six avatar if you had the same amount of NP as he did. Since Adam no longer works for Neopets, the About Us page got an overhaul and that part was changed to the cost of asparagus because it was one of Adam's favourite foods. You can still get the Number Six avatar; all you have to do is have the same amount of NP on hand as asparagus costs (the number usually changes each night).

Mmm, asparagus is mighty tasty with steak.



A balanced meal.

I was reading past JN Editorial questions about Jelly World (it's quite amusing) and I noticed a contradiction. It seems that Issue 41, Question #6 and Issue 14, Question #11 both say opposite things about jelly consuming jelly and its relationship to cannibalism. Can you clear things up once and for all? Thanks! ~ Sumo
But they are not actually contradictory:

Let's take a minute and think this through:
  • Jellies (e.g., Cranberry, Cornupepper, and Fish, to name a few) are Jelly Food items and not really capable of eating each other. Therefore, they cannot be cannibals.
  • Jelly is also a Neopets colour. Now, nobody labels brown squirrels as "cannibals" when they eat acorns (which also happen to be brown), so consuming food of the same colour as you is not cannibalism.
Thus, Jelly coloured Neopets can consume jellies and not be cannibals.


Once, when I was doing my daily game of Potato Counter, an absurdly large number of potatoes showed up. I guessed 1,000 and then the Kacheek farmer came and said, "Hehe, no there were 1937 potatoes!" Is this even possible or is it a glitch? ~ pang0lin393
Hehe, it's not a glitch, it's just the Potato Counter guy showing his sense of humour! Keep your eyes peeled and don't mash up your brain too much! Getting a bajillion potatoes does happen sometimes. You can either try to count all of them or you can simply refresh the page to escape the madness.

Let's say you had two Unis. One was painted Royalboy and the other was Yellow. Since the Royalboy Uni has a red outfit, you can take it off and put it on the other Uni. If I put the outfit on the Yellow Uni and the Royalboy Uni changed species at the Lab Ray, would I keep the Royalboy outfit or would it disappear? ~ stepheny101
When a Neopet is painted a colour that comes with clothing, the appropriate Paint Brush Clothing is added to your closet, and is automatically equipped to your freshly painted Neopet. However, these clothes are available to be worn by any Neopet of the same species on that account, and will stay on the account even if the painted Neopet is painted a different colour or even sent to the Pound (of course, there are exceptions--see Jellyneo's helpful Pound Guide for a much better explanation than I can give here).

To answer your specific question: assuming both Unis are in the same account, then the Yellow Uni could still wear the Royal Boy Uni Robe.

I scored 1,566 points on Meerca Chase 2, but I am not on the Hi-Scores Tables, and the minimum score is only 696. Please help me! ~ megamorpho
Congratulations on the high score!

Your score did send correctly, since your personal high scores page lists 1,566. The most probable thing that happened is that the minimum score that was displayed wasn't the actual minimum score. Most Hi-Score Tables list the top 200 users, but the one for Meerca Chase II only lists the top 99. Right now, it says the minimum score is 1,512, but the person on the bottom of the list has 1,692.

The good news is that you have done it once, and you can do it again!

Hey Grog! *Waves* I have heard that in the past, normal Neopets users (like you or I) were able to moderate the Neoboards. Is this true? Thanks! ~ bobba6309
*Waves back* I don't know what you consider normal, but thanks for including me!

To answer your question, let me tell you a story:

A very long time ago, in a Neopia not too far away, things were different: normal users could be moderators, pets could drink Neorona, and Unicorn was a colour option. Plots were epic battles. It was a period regarded as "The Golden Age."

Time passed and things changed. The site became more popular, and began to cater to a wider audience. Older ways were cast aside to make room for newer ways. Some things that should not have been forgotten were lost...

Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your point of view), those days are long gone. The only way to become a moderator now is to send in your résumé and get hired as part of The Neopets Team.

Hello Grog! *Throws homemade holiday chocolate* My older sister and I both play Neopets. We were born one year apart, on the same day (ironic, eh?) at different times. We both use different emails to play Neopets but we do however use the same computers to access Neopets at varying times throughout the day. As sisters, we are very close and keep in contact through Neomail actively, to make it more like we're not sitting right next to each other. We regularly send gifts to each other with the Neopoints we make and transfer pets to and from each other. Is there any way TNT would think that we're doing something wrong or that we're the same person and freeze one or both of us? ~ 2cool4u
It is clear to me that you and your alleged sibling are different people, but then again I am very trusting. *Gobbles down homemade holiday chocolate*

Where was I? Oh yes, I remember. It should be fairly obvious to TNT that there are two different people, each with their own account, playing Neopets. You have different preferences, different friends, different ways of doing things, etc. Lots of people have family members who also play the site; abide by the rules, don't share an account, and you shouldn't run into any trouble.

Erring on the side of caution is prudent in my book, though, so I recommend that everyone take a look at the Frozen Account form and the Account Access form and compile (and then periodically update) any information you would need just in case your account gets sent to the fro-zone. I can tell you, from personal experience, that having your account frozen is a very traumatic experience, and can make it difficult to correctly remember all that fiddly information those forms request.

I recently saw Disney's The Little Mermaid and I saw that Ursula's eels were named Flotsam and Jetsam. I read that Flotsam and Jetsam are words used to describe some debris in the ocean. Are the Neopets named after the movie or the debris? ~ Banana_monkey19
Looks like someone beat you to it!

So... my son was watching The Little Mermaid the other day. I realized Ursula's pet eels were named Flotsam and Jetsam. Since eels are ocean creatures I was curious if that's where you got the names to name the species Flotsam and Jetsam. This is not an important question but... I would really appreciate an answer. I can't stop thinking about it. Thanks. ~frogfairygal

Nope! Flotsam and jetsam are actual dictionary terms for items from a ship that are floating in the sea. Jetsam is used for items that have been purposely tossed overboard to lighten the ship's load in emergencies, whereas flotsam is used to refer to ship wreckage found floating in the water. The words often go together in a pair, just like the Flotsam and Jetsam Neopets species, who have similar body types, though their personalities have opposite extremes. (Flotsam and Jetsam have been used in countless literary works. J.R.R. Tolkien's The Two Towers has a chapter titled Flotsam and Jetsam, for example.)

Pfft, we're so much cooler than eels!

What species is the guy at The Wheel Of Mediocrity? Is he some kind of sword shark? ~ Chia_McBia1
The Wheel of Mediocrity, what a terrible post-war position for a Captain of the Sea Division of the Tyrannian troops. Of course, there haven't been any problems with The Monoceraptor for a while, so maybe a different line of work is a welcome change of pace for Plesio.

If all you care about is the answer (*sob*), the "guy at The Wheel of Mediocrity" is a stylized version of a Tyrannian Flotsam, which resembles a real life swordfish.

You think it would be easy to find work if you are a decorated war veteran, but no...

I've been spending quite a bit of time lately at the training school and it got me wondering, what is the point of the agility stat? ~ lea_chan
The short answer is that the agility stat doesn't do much.

  • In the Battledome, the agility stats of the battling pet isn't factored into the fight at all.
  • The only Battledome weapon I could find with an agility requirement is the Heavy Robe of Thievery. There are a couple of Battledome weapons that require a certain amount of intelligence, but I haven't found any others that have an agility requirement.
  • The only (other) time I can recall agility having any use at all was in the Lost Desert Plot: Part IV The Scroll Repository. Specifically, Phase 1 - Moving Sand.
Of course, there is nothing stopping TNT from doing more with the agility stat, but 10 years is a long time and they haven't done a whole lot with it.

Who is that Aisha that's there when you go to your inventory? Is she any important Neopet? And what is she carrying? ~ samarinha_95_13
The Aisha's not a famous Neopian, but she does have her own TCG card and Book of Ages entry. She appears to be carrying some miscellaneous scraps of fabric, or some cushions.

Wouldn't Uni Racing make more sense than Poogle Racing? ~ kinkiman
You would think so, but there would be some...complications, as this clearly shows.

Hey, what's that over ther--

Does it make any difference which Neolodge I put my pets in (besides the price)? ~ kinkiman
The hotel you choose doesn't matter. Cockroach Towers will keep your pet just as fed and happy as AstroVilla. The "extra services" don't really matter, either.

Is there a list somewhere of all the TNT staff accounts? I know Adam's Neopets account name, but that's common knowledge. What about all those test accounts and non-official-business accounts that the many members of TNT have? It would be lovely to have all the usernames in one place. ~ hushed
There are some sites that list some of the accounts. A few are really well known, like you said. For example, the accounts for Adam and Donna (the original creators of Neopets) are borovan and donna respectively.

Nobody has a complete list, though, and I don't think JN will ever publish one. Most users would probably be polite and respectful to TNT, but there are some who like to heckle and spam, and that can be annoying. We're also sure that some members of TNT would like to keep the names of their personal accounts (and side accounts) a secret.

Do you know if something has changed in the Neopets toolbar that could be used as a Trojan? When Avast updated a few days ago, it said it found one and, while I didn't bother to pay that much attention because Avast was taking care of it, the "address" was in the toolbar. I figured it might just be something evil pretending to be part of the toolbar, so didn't think much of it and hit delete, until the whole toolbar disappeared. I tried getting a new copy of the toolbar, but Avast again said there was a Trojan there, so I aborted the download, making me think the "from elsewhere" theory was wrong, so what is the story? I was using Avast Home Edition 4.8.1368 with Xtreme toolkit, if that helps. ~ Ron Nohn
Avast! and other virus scanners tend to be skeptical of toolbars, with good reason. Toolbars, besides being bloated, mostly useless software, have been used in the attack vector of a number of malware attacks.

Does that mean that the Neopets toolbar could be used as a Trojan? While within the realm of possibility, it is not likely to happen* with the Neopets toolbar.

On a side note, simply because your virus scanner flags something does not necessarily mean that you are infected; it is always good policy to investigate further (I have found virustotal.com to be a useful starting point). A design flaw that all heuristic/definition based scanners suffer from are false positives--an indication that you are infected when you are not. Some anti-virus programs even give the impression that Internet cookies are evil, horrible things when they are not. I personally have installed a screensaver that has been flagged as a "Trojan," but it is definitely not one.

The Final Word: Use your best judgment (or borrow someone else's) in matters of computer security.

*These are my own personal opinions; I expect you to do your own research and come to your own conclusions.

I was just reading your side account guide, and I realised I might have broken a rule. So, I will ask a question: Can you adopt pets from the pound on your side account with the money that you got when you signed up? ~ dragonfur77
Yes, that's fine. You are also allowed to claim the Newbie Pack and the free NC Mall Welcome Gift on your side account. Just don't go over your limit of 5 accounts (one main and four side accounts). :)

I made a wishlist awhile ago on your wonderful site and after updating my list today, I have items on it that you no longer have in your database and are also not showing up on Neopets when I search there. Is there any reason why? Do I have to give up on my items ever showing up again? ~ his_patience
We maintain the data in Jellyneo's Item Database to reflect the data as it exists on Neopets. When TNT makes changes to items, some odd things can happen.

What probably happened to you:

  • You previously added an MIA or Searchable item to your wishlist. The item name usually has underscores in it, such as clo_wocky_bluewig. These items are announced in the Neopets new features, so they are added to our Database at that time. The problem is that, although they are announced, TNT might not actually activate or release the items until weeks or months or years later. When they do, we get the actual item names and change the entries in the Database. So, clo_wocky_bluewig gets changed to Blue Wocky Wig.
  • You added an item to your wishlist that had some kind of mistake (e.g., a book called "The Mischevious Silver Lupe"). TNT fixed their mistake (i.e., corrected the spelling to be "Mischievous"). Now the poor, overworked Shop Wizard doesn't know anything about a book called "The Mischevious Silver Lupe," but happily helps you find a good deal on "The Mischievous Silver Lupe."
Some changes aren't so subtle. For example, the Kaleideonegg, Neotruffle and Baraga have been through changes of various severity. Just yesterday, we found out that TNT changed the Silver Gear Table to Golden Gear Table.

All it takes is a little more searching. Your items are in our Database somewhere!

Find me if you can!

Why can't I create a Jellyneo forum account right now? I decided to help with the clothes modeling thing, but when I tried to register an account, all I got was "The board administrator is no longer accepting any new registrations at the moment." I even went and bought the item. :( ~ thepurplishsock
We're currently having some trouble with spambots on our forums and we've temporarily closed new account registrations to prevent more bots from entering. Rest assured, this is only temporary and you will be able to sign up again soon. We're really sorry for the inconvenience!

In the meantime, if you still want to model some clothes for us, you can send pet images through our regular bug report form. Select "other" as the type of error and mention that it's for modeling. We'll forward the information to our Modeling Coordinators as soon as possible. :)

*Gives Dr. Sloth plushies to all Jellyneo staff members in honour of Dave's birthday* I noticed that for past years, you have kept an "archive" of Advent Calendar animations. Are you doing it again this year? I simply adore the December 8th animation (the Neoplants caroling). ~ anonymous
Yes, of course! The archive for this year's animations will be viewable in early January, after the Advent Calendar ends.

Is it illegal if someone told us the answer for the Lenny Conundrum or Mystery Pic and as a result, we won the trophy or the avatar? ~ anonymous
From the Lenny Conundrum rules: "Also, giving out the answer or any hints is against the rules." So, for someone to be giving out the answer is definitely illegal, but it would also be wrong for someone happening across this violation of the rules to use it to their advantage (e.g., to win the trophy and/or the avatar).

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The Secret Laboratory Ray Drive-In Diner

Why settle for an omelette for breakfast when you can zzzzZZZZZZzzzAAAAAppp* your food?

*The Lab Ray is known to cause food to taste funny in the State of California. Don't worry, the food still tastes delicious everywhere else.