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Published: November 28, 2009

Hi everyone! Hope you all had a fun Thanksgiving (if you live in the United States)! I'm Polemarch, a programmer here at JN. It's my first editorial, so we'll keep things a bit simple this week and just answer some questions without anything complicated going on, like... Rosie's competition, which I still don't get.

Let's go see what we can find!

If you have a pet with a high level and you zap them with the Lab Ray, is it normal just to lose 1-2 levels, or is it more likely that they will lose a lot of levels in one go? ~ lollipopper2008
It seems as though pets above a certain level (rumoured to be 40) can't be zapped back to level 1. If your pet can't get that disastrous result anymore, then they can only lose at most 2 levels per zap. You can't lose, say, 20, unless your pet was level 21 and they were zapped back to level 1.

Related guide: Secret Lab Ray

How exactly can people get hacked from buying things from a shop? It's a mystery to me. ~ username removed
What happens is that the shop owner will place a Cross-site Scripting Script (XSS) in their shop. An XSS script causes the visitor's web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, etc.) to send a cookie to the shop owner's website (which is not on Neopets). A cookie is a string of random letters and numbers that tells Neopets you're logged in, but it doesn't have your password. The evil shop owner will simply take that cookie and put it in their browser, allowing them to be logged in to another person's account even though they don't know the person's password. Of course, Neopets does have security measures in place to try and prevent this from happening.

I hope that clears a few things up! :D

There's a prize from the Altador Cup IV called Techo Fanatic Throat Drops. I was wondering what they cure. I have been looking around and cannot find the answer. ~ dodgerfan28
It looks like the Techo Fanatic Throat Drops don't cure anything right now. Instead, they're just a collectible.

Nevertheless, TNT might have just forgotten to enable them, so feel free to shoot them a message if you really want them to have an effect on a disease.

Are there any other plots still open? Thanks! ~ haloffx
The Altador Plot is still fully open.

You can also still do certain parts of the Atlas of the Ancients plot (here is our guide; you can do everything except for Step 8; you can also still do the NC Challenge). This plot is expected to close in the beginning of December.

In general, plots can only be done at the time that they're released and they usually end when the last chapter of the comic has been put up.

If you're looking for some fun and excitement, we have the Games Master Challenge this week, and then the Advent Calendar will be arriving. Both are annual site events, not plots, but hopefully they'll keep you entertained for a while.

I recently went searching for a page I remember using a long time ago on the Neopets site. It showed statistics about the number of views each of your pet's pages got. Was that removed from the site? If not, where is it now? Also, I have a fair grasp of what is and is not permissible regarding multiple accounts on Neopets, but what about Petpet Park? I believe I've read that we can have multiple PPPark accounts, but can we, for example, collect the 1PP items on side accounts? Are we allowed to buy multiples of each item at the reduced price on our main account? ~ kallykat_03
You can find information on the number of views by clicking on the "My Account" section of the Neopets menu and then going to "Edit Pet Page." Or you can just click here. The old "Stats" buttons are still there and still work. :)

As for Petpet Park, yes, you are allowed to have a maximum of 5 accounts (1 main and 4 sides), but you should only buy the 1 Park Point items on your main account, since it's a special discount. You are allowed to buy multiples of each discount item on your main.

Is there a page where we can see the upcoming games that you've found images for? If so, I would be interested, thanks and keep up the good work. :) ~ Bartdrunkeys
Sorry, JN currently does not have a page that lists all upcoming or unreleased games. You'll have to search through old news posts if you want to see what we've found. We also try to post unreleased game rooms so you can see what the game play will be like, but this is not a guaranteed thing as sometimes, TNT are sneaky and do not upload the necessary files until the news comes out on Neopets.

What happened to the Test Your Strength jackpot? Awhile back it was breaking 350 million Neopoints. Did TNT reset it? ~ Connor
TNT usually don't reset it. In the case you're talking about, someone was lucky enough and won the entire jackpot. :)

For the record, I don't try to win the jackpot. It's much, much harder than most people think, so instead, I try to make NP from restocking and the stock market.

I wonder how many bags they had to carry it home in!

My Snow Uni turned into an Invisible pet. It was so strange because there was no random event and I did not use a paint brush. Any idea what caused this? Thanks! ~ Maxwell
We've had a few reports that the Uni image has been glitching. To check that this is not the case, visit your pet's lookup (not pet page). If it says that your pet is a Snow Uni, then it's just a glitch. However, if your pet lookup says that it is an Invisible pet, then you probably received the following random event and just missed it (for example, you can get random events on user lookups, but if the lookup has code that covers up the top of the page with an image, you might not even realize you got one).

Something has happened!
Invisible pose of your pet Oh no! Where on earth is [pet name], you cant find him anywhere!!! Where on Neopia could he be? [Effect: Changes the color of your pet to Invisible.]

Why is there no Blue Buzz Plushie? There's a red, yellow and green one. ~ hbns
The Blue Buzz Plushie does not exist because long ago, a Blue Buzz tried to steal a Baby Paint Brush from the Hidden Tower. Luckily, Queen Fyora caught the Buzz before he could get to the Rainbow Fountain. Since then, however, Blue Buzzes have been punished by not getting a plushie.

Okay, in all honesty, though, TNT probably just forgot when they were making the set of plushies. Earlier this month, they posted some old 2008 Slorg colours for Slorg Day and passed them off as being new, so they do make mistakes when it comes to items.

Hey Polemarch! *hands you some jelly bean cookies* Sorry, I ran out of chocolate chip! Anyways, do you think it's still possible that TNT will make a GIF format of the new version maps in Neopia? (Faerieland, Maraqua, Haunted Woods etc.) My browser lags every time I view them. :( ~ enzoface
Sorry, it doesn't look like TNT will be doing this any time soon. The reason TNT doesn't make GIF versions of new maps is because creating GIF maps take a lot of time. A long time ago, TNT had to make over 300 different versions of maps (because of new shops popping up, old shops being deleted, new areas being added, etc.); about half of these were Flash and the other half were GIF. Then TNT made an admin tool that could change Flash maps easily, but this didn't work for the GIF versions, so they stopped adding/updating those.

For more information, view this NT question.

Does Neopets reduce the price of food items since it's Thanksgiving? ~ pikaluv
No, sorry. If you want a discount on items sold in main shops, there's always Half Price Day (the 3rd day of every month).

Dear TJNT, I noticed that in the last editorial (Editorial 112), you mentioned that there is no way to view Issues 1, and 3-21, of the Neopian Times. This is not entirely true, as I have viewed it several times by first clicking the link at the bottom of the page that archives issues 157-419 in the section that says "Want to go back farther?" This takes you to issue number 149, which has a link at the top of the page that says show all, which will then show a list of all of the issues before issue 150. ~ brilliantgrey
The question was about the Stone Age Archives, which is not the same as the Neopian Times archives we see today. Compare Stone Age Issue 68 with New Neopian Times Issue 68.

In Caption Contest 1061, what is that pet or petpet that looks like a chicken? ~ ultracoolninjamaster
It's a Wibreth (petpet).

Can I work for JN if I'm under 13 years old but have parental permission (I'll have access to all parts of the site)? ~ username removed
Sorry, we'd still prefer people who are older than 13. It's nothing personal, it's just that if you're under 13, there's still COPPA and some other child-related laws, so we'd rather avoid potential legal issues if we can.

Hi Polemarch. I love JN's site themes but there is a land missing and it makes me cry...Tyrannia! The best land of all the lands! So, any chance of a new Tyrannian site theme turning up soon? Pretty pretty please, with lava on top! P.S.: Tyrannia pwns Moltara! ~ tyrannianjazleigh
This isn't really my department... *paper airplane comes from stage left*

Right. It seems that a Tyrannian site theme is in the works by none other than Illy! If she can tear herself away from her Jordie plushies, I'm sure it'll turn up soon (along with a few others ;))!

Ow. That hurt. :(

Is purposely refreshing thousands of times on a certain page just to get random events considered cheating? (I mean refreshing normally using Internet Explorer, not using an auto-refresher program.) If it is considered cheating, then what happens if I'm on Money Tree page and I refreshed millions of times just trying to get free items? Would that also be cheating? ~ Suicider
For the first part of your question, actually, yes, TNT has said that if you're refreshing a lot for the purpose of getting a random event, then that's not allowed. However, if you're refreshing for a BD challenger or an avatar, then you are allowed to refresh a lot, but you cannot use refreshing programs, you cannot open a bunch of tabs and hit "refresh all," and you cannot put something heavy on the F5 key so the page constantly refreshes.

The difference boils down to the intention of the system. Random events are supposed to be a cool little bonus that you get by exploring the site, going from page to page. It is not meant to be an alternative to restocking, playing games, or painting your pet; you're not supposed to abuse it just so you can potentially make a huge profit (profit in this case doesn't have to mean Neopoints).

With some Battledome challengers and avatars, TNT purposely made it so you have to refresh in order to get them, so manual refreshing in that case is fine.

As for the Money Tree, it's just like a Neopian shop, you have to refresh in order to see/snatch up items, so refresh away!

If you had transferred one of your own pets to another account, could you receive a transfer from another person? ~ thunderx_7
Yes, you are allowed to send 1 pet and to receive 1 pet every month on your account. Unused transfers do not carry over to the following month, it is always 1 send and 1 receive.

Hello, JN! I have a really weird question. I was playing Attack of the Gummy Dice, and I thought to myself: "Whatever happened to the game with the Jelly Techo?" It's the game with the mad scientist Jelly Techo that made the mutant jellies had disappear. I don't remember the name of the game, but what happened to it? Thanks! ~ spongeyboy730
You're looking for Scourge of the Lab Jellies. Curiously enough, it's not possible to find the link to the game via the Games Room (probably because it comes from a world that doesn't exist ;)).

Hey JN Staff! I have a Petpet Park question: When you mine gems in the tunnels, is there anything to do with them (the gems, I mean)? ~ anonymous
At the moment, no. With Petpet Park, you have to remember that things are still in beta and that it's still a developing part of Neopets, so if you are not able to do something with an item right now, perhaps that'll change with a new update.

Updates usually happen every Thursday. Check the news page around that time to see what's currently going on!

I have a very simple question for you this week. In recent news posts, Dave's icon is a petpet (this image: http://www.jellyneo.net/images/newsup/pookie.gif). What is the name of that petpet? How much does it cost on average? Thanks! ~ pokemonlover__13
It is a Magmut. We have set up new item categories for Moltaran shops. Here are all the new Petpetorium petpets. You can try restocking one for yourself or you can visit the Trading Post.

What is that green and white satellite orbiting Neopia on the explore map? I've been wondering if it had to do with a plot or something. ~ tori1237654
If you're talking about the thing that looks like a spaceship and comes onto the screen when you hover over the black space of the explore map, it's just a decoration. An old version of the map also had Chiazilla and Mechachiazilla popping up when you hovered over Maraqua, so I suppose you can imagine that the spaceship is one of Dr. Sloth's spy/invasion vessels from back in Year 1 (nuclear wessels!).

Do you know where the Games Master Challenge trophies (from 2008) have gone? I've checked user lookups, but they have disappeared. Also, I was surprised to see that the trophies of the 2007 GMC are missing from JN's guide. People might want to see it for comparison. ~ hobbitadventurer
TNT is aware of the missing 2008 GMC trophies and will be taking care of it once they get back from their Thanksgiving weekend. They put a little notice in November 26th's news. As for the 2007 GMC trophies, I'll see what I can do about that, but no promises.

*Pokes Dave if he's reading this*

When the pets got converted into their new form, some pets lost their clothes. Recently, some clothes have come back. Which pets got their clothes back? Thanks! ~ Panini_puff
The following items were added back to pets in early October:

Baby Gelert Collar
Maraquan Aisha Collar
Mutant Aisha Collar
Christmas Quiggle Shoes
Robot Aisha Collar
Desert Krawk Beard
Baby Lupe Scarf

This has been bugging me for quite some time. There is a user on Neopets [username removed] and he has this one avatar that reads TCG Crazy. Is this real? If so, how does one get it? ~ badbadak
It is a fake avatar. If you are ever unsure, view the source code of the page (right-click with your mouse, then select "View Page Source"). Once the code pops up, search for "Secret Avatars:" and look at the image URL above that. It'll begin with http://images.neopets.com/neoboards/avatars/

That is the person's true active avatar.

Hey Polemarch! *waves* What's it like to program? Is it fun, difficult, annoying, or all of the above? ~ Travis
All of the above, depending on what I'm doing. It's fun most of the time, but it also does get hard, since computers don't recognize English sentences (or any other human language, for that matter) as valid programming code.

The annoying part comes in when I can't figure out why something doesn't work properly. Nobody likes computer bugs. :(

One of the tasks for the Games Master Challenge is to send 2 game challenges to another user. My question is, can you send the game challenges to your side account? Thanks for answering! ~ anonymous
Sure! Just don't bet any NP and do not accept the challenge on your side account. You will still receive the GMC prize even if your side account rejects your challenges. :)

When I scored 2,250 points on Mutant Graveyard of Doom, I didn't receive the avatar, I received a 404 page. Then, I scored 1,548 points in Meerca Chase II, and I didn't receive an avatar either, just the 404 page. I saw the similar question in Issue 419, but I want to know, when is TNT going to fix it? ~ megamorpho
This was the question in Issue 419, in case anyone was going to search for it.

If you got the 404 message, you actually did receive the avatar. I know a lot of people were concerned when they submitted a high enough score for Advert Attack, only to be faced with the red 404 of doom. Don't worry, if you check your Neoboard preferences, it'll be there.

It's difficult to tell when TNT will fix it so it displays an actual "You got an avatar!" message. They have so much else to do and I get the feeling this got bumped down on their to-do list.

Why can't you put a room on the second floor of your Classic Neohome? ~ kateccax3
You can, you just have to have a room already built beneath it on the first floor, which means you also have to have a room or garden beneath that on the ground floor. Like the notice says, you can't build in mid air!

To start building, go to Manage Rooms and Gardens on the Classic Neohomes page.

Hey JN! I'm from the UK, and Neopets has started advertising thatNC cards are available from Sainsbury's. Unfortunately, despite living five minutes from a very large Sainsbury's store, they don't sell them! I don't want to have to log in to PayPal on all of my different accounts in order to buy things from the NC Mall, so I want to be able to do it exclusively on my main account and send things across to my sides. However, the only way of doing this is with Gift Boxes, which I can only get if I buy a card, but I can't buy a card! So, do you have any solutions? Or do I just keep using PayPal on all of my accounts (which I really don't want to have to do)? Thanks! ~ garinawk
New this week: There's a free Gift Box available at the NC Mall! Hurry before the special offer ends!

Currently, yes, the only surefire way of obtaining Gift Boxes is by redeeming NC Cards. It's taking some Sainsbury's locations longer to stock the cards. Here are a couple of things you can do:

  • See if you can get some specific locations by visiting the Mall page here.
  • Call the store that is 5 minutes away from you and ask if they have Neopets Gift Cards (use those exact words).
  • Check the store again (sometimes they're on end-aisle displays with other gift cards) or visit another Sainsbury's location in your area.
  • Ask on the NC Mall Neoboards if anybody close to where you live has had success in obtaining one, and how they did it.
Aside: Did you know there are over 3,000 different, active items of non-NC clothing? View them by clicking here!

I saw this site where you can buy paint brushes at very high prices with real money. Each paint brush costs about a hundred dollars and the person will get you one and send it to you. Doesn't Neopets block these sites or something? ~ Kaide8888
These sites violate Neopets' Terms and Conditions and if you mention them on Neopets, you will be warned, suspended, or worse. However, TNT seems to be slow or ineffective at shutting the actual sites down. :(

Needless to say, purchasing anything from one of these sites will get you frozen and your money will not be refunded.

For $100, you could buy a lot of other things...things that are actually a part of your basic needs. And besides, don't you prefer the satisfaction that comes from spending time to buy the paint brush yourself?

Not this frozen, the other one!

I read somewhere that the Wishing Well only gives out cheap items or something like that. For a while now, I've been wishing for a Draik Egg, so should I give up or keep at it? ~ lilycat5053
The Wishing Well has rarity limits programmed into it. Nobody knows for sure what the exact range is, but since Draik Eggs are rarity 95+, you're most likely not going to receive one. :(

If you want something from the Well, a good strategy is to wish for items that past winners have gotten. A donation of about 50NP per wish will suffice.

I was wondering, do you guys make up some questions to fit your editorial stories (like the dance question with Rosie or the one about the RS Machine Comic from Editorial 110), or do you create a plot line based on the questions? ~ azuliinha
It is up to the JN staff member that is doing the editorial that week to decide on whether or not they want a theme/storyline. Themes have never really been based on questions already in the database (there was one exception... see if you can find it ;)).

If the person does decide on a theme, the other staff members usually don't know about it, so they don't send in related questions. For the Rosie editorial (110), the dancing and comic questions were submitted by some very awesome JN users, not staff members. :)

On a related note, every question that is submitted to our editorial is stored in a database. Repeat questions, spam questions, disallowed questions, etc. get deleted, but the rest remain until someone comes along and responds to them. I have 220 questions to choose from at the moment.

Important Notice: The editorial will now run once every two weeks instead of once every week. This means that Issue 114 will be out on December 12th. Feel free to still send your questions in, though!

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