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The Bucket Faerie & Scissors
Published: November 21, 2009

You head toward the editorial, expecting to see a Jellyneo staff member standing there to confidently answer your questions. But there is no one. Suddenly, a flustered staffer comes rushing in from the Pet Directory, bug reports flying out of her pockets and an anti-lab rat broom in her hand.

"Sorry I'm late... I was busy replying to all my fan mail. I'm Scissors, Jellyneo's Pet Directory Manager, and I'll be answering some of this week's questions.

Since I'm an editorial novice, I've enlisted the help of the good Bucket Faerie. He takes payment in plastic handle-based goods.

Together, we'll be tackling questions on Caption Contests, Neopets' latest plot, and how many unconverted pets are still around... Starting, now!"

Hey! I love your Atlas of the Ancients plot guide, and the plot itself, but I'm a bit confused on one thing: Is it necessary to win the game prizes? Because, to be frank, I have neither the patience nor the time to reach the score required in any of the games, but I don't want that to prevent me from finishing the plot, or missing out on something. Thanks for your help! ~ spreadthe_net
Bucket Faerie: The only thing you'll miss out on are the game prizes themselves (unless you buy them). You do not need to obtain all the items in your Quest Log in order to complete the plot, since TNT stated that you don't need to get the Molten Rock. However, I would definitely try to complete everything to the best of my ability, because you never know what'll happen after the plot ends. (Will there be final prizes? Will there be a prize shop? We don't know right now.)

Scissors: Creating petpets at Tangor's Workshop is not a plot step (thus far), it's just something that became available when Moltara City was released.

I accidentally missed one day of the Planet 51 Giveaway. Do you guys know if missing a single day is enough to make me ineligible for whatever the jackpot is? ~ chicken_dancer4444
Bucket Faerie: Yes, sadly missing a single day makes you ineligible for the jackpot. I'm sorry you are no longer capable of getting it, but if it makes you feel any better, the "jackpot" was only 5,100NP. Here's a consolation bucket for you.

Buckets are just about the greatest thing in the world.

I got a Neomail from TNT. It said: "Great job! Thanks to you, the team reached this week's Pointz goal! What can you do to make sure that you win next week? Keep playing games, answering the daily animal trivia question, and watching videos! Let's fill up that Growth Meter!"
What does this mean? Thanks! ~ Panini_puff

Scissors: The Neomail you mentioned was automatically sent to remind you about the Petz for Pointz Community Challenge. They're starting to do this with "community" sponsor events, so you'll probably receive similar messages in the future.

Bucket Faerie: The Challenge began on November 13th, 2009 and will end on December 11th, 2009. At the time of writing, the Growth Meter is at 250,000 Pointz, quite far from the goal of 1 Million Pointz.

I wasn't involved in the Journey to the Lost Isle plot but I looked up Jordie in the Book of Ages and it says he was only involved in Atlas of the Ancients. I also read that Jordie is Roxton's assistant. Did Roxton meet Jordie in Shenkuu? ~ Banana_monkey19
Scissors: Indeed, Jordie has so far only appeared in Atlas of the Ancients; there's no mention of him in any previous plot. He appears in the first comic on the same beach as Roxton, so we're probably meant to assume that they met some time between the two plots.

Mysterious Person: They met in Shenkuu after Roxton got into trouble with some shady characters and needed to make a quick getaway. Jordie was conveniently there with a car. The two managed to make it onto a plane, but it was sabotaged and came crashing down in Terror Mountain. Luckily, both of them escaped, setting off a chain of events that would lead them to solve the mystery of the stolen Heart of the Mountain gem!

Scissors: That's not true at all! Who are you?

Mysterious Person: Jordie is awesome!!1 Okay bye!

Hey, lady, you call him Dr. Colchester!

Who creates the item descriptions for all of Neopets' items? Are there any items that don't have descriptions? ~ diamobddog_2013
Bucket Faerie: According to TNT's answer to this question, the Content Department comes up with item descriptions.

Yes, there are items that do not have descriptions. One example is the Turtum Wind Up Toy.

Four years and still no description...

Hi! *waves madly* My question is about the Caption Contest. Do the captions follow themes that are set up by TNT that week? For example, the steampunk-themed caption was released along with Moltara. If nothing particular is happening in Neopia, what on earth would the poor caption do? ~ its_capt_flamingo
Scissors: *waves madly back* Since this week's caption has nothing to do with a theme, it doesn't need to follow one. But if a big event or holiday is coming up, they might be inclined to make a few related caption images to celebrate the occasion. :)

I love reading old issues of the Neopian Times, but I can't see past Issue 23 and I really want to read them. Help? ~ Nykgan
Bucket Faerie: By changing the URL, you can see Issue 22, and here is Issue 2 (I miss the retro logo!), but sadly, there seems to be no way of viewing Issues 1 and 3-21 of the Stone Age Archives. The only time that this was asked in an NT editorial, TNT did not understand the question and answered by pointing to the Old Neopian Times Archives instead. :(

I have a question about unconverted pets. I know that it is impossible to create an unconverted pet, but I wanted to ask which pets were given the option of remaining unconverted, instead of being automatically converted. I know of at least 2 but what about the rest? ~ Aniqaz
Scissors: There are at least 227 kinds of pets that were given the option of staying unconverted. You can view them here.


How many flavours of jelly are there? I thought there was 30, am I right? And why is the Peach Jelly so expensive? ~ peanutbutterjelly3
Bucket Faerie: Are you referring to jellies available from the Giant Jelly? There appear to be 32 flavours of those, assuming you count words like "Smelly," "Squished," and "Glowing" as flavours. Of course, there are more if you also count the ones that are not from the Giant Jelly, but even then, the final total would still depend on what you define as a flavour. Here are the Item Database search results.

The Peach Jelly is not a free Giant Jelly item, it's a rarity 92 shop item, which probably explains its high market price.

I noticed that you can't see the feet of a Ukali in its item picture. I think they have paws, but I'm not sure. So, do Ukalis have paws, hooves, or something else? ~ MalikStar
Bucket Faerie: The introduction of the Faerie Ukali on July 8, 2009 solved the mystery. Ukalis do indeed have paws. This is also apparent in their sketch background and front page marquee. :)

See? Paws.

I have a question about the Lost Desert Scratchcards. If you don't win, it says, "Click here to throw this card away." Is it against the rules to not throw it away and to sell it instead, even though you know that it's not a winner? Thanks! ~ charmed_one_piper44
Scissors: Scratchcards are automatically removed from your inventory once you've used them, so I'm afraid you can't sell them, no matter how sneaky you try to be. ;)

Is it possible to win anything other than a Bag of Peanuts or Snorkle Snout from the Wishing Well? ~ zoom2420
Scissors: Yes, it's possible to win plenty of different items from the Wishing Well.

Bucket Faerie: As Scissors said, it is possible. You might think there's some sort of conspiracy because you see the same items over and over again, but really, a lot of people wish for those things because they see it has worked in the past. Wishes are granted at certain random times every day. The Wishing Well's granted wishes usually include Paint Brush Plushies and avatar items (Snorkle Snouts, Bonju items, etc.), but there are other items being handed out. November 18th's list shows items such as the Roze Tiara, Strawberry Elephante Cookie, Luxury Bell, and plenty of Neopets 10th Birthday Goodie Bags in between all the Snorkle Snouts and Bags of Peanuts.

Sadly, nobody seems to wish for buckets...

Is it possible to get the Meowclops avatar using a Slorgclops? Thanks! ~ jenlin_25
Bucket Faerie: You can only be awarded the avatar with a Meowclops, according to Issues 251 and 395 of the Neopian Times.

The closest I can get to a Meowclops Bucket.

What is the song in the caption from JN Editorial #106?
♪♫ Over and over, she burns my circuits... ♪♫ ~ likeshshnia

Bucket Faerie: The song is Binary Love by an English indie rock band named The Rakes. Unfortunately, they split up in October of this year.

Hello TJNT, where did Terry go off to and is there any Diet Terry left? ~ khenchen
Bucket Faerie: He has gone nowhere; it's impossible to get rid of him. :(

Scissors: There's always plenty of Diet Terry, because no one but Terry and the Content Beast want to drink it.

Disgusting is an understatement.