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SciFi's SciAI's Editorial
Published: November 14, 2009

Ah! Unidentified Flying Object!... Oh, let's just get on with the editorial; you humans never understand computer humour.

Hey! *throws Orange Sloth Cake* Can we turn a Chia into a Chocolate Chia if we feed it many chocolates? If not, can we turn it into other colours just by feeding it? ~ we_rock952
TNT has said that there is a small chance it could happen, but they said that way back in 2005. I have not heard of anybody actually getting a Chocolate Chia this way, and my hearing can pick up all subsonic and supersonic sounds within a 30 mile radius. Statistically speaking, if the odds are incredibly low, we're not talking about feeding 10 or 20 chocolate items to your Chia, we're talking about hundreds, perhaps thousands of chocolates, and even then, it still might not work. You are more likely to obtain a Chocolate Chia via the Lab Ray, a Fountain Faerie Quest, or pet trades.

You have a chance of getting a Garlic pet if you feed your Jubjub or Kiko lots of garlic. Again, this is mega ultra rare. Alternative methods to get this colour include the Lab Ray, Fountain Faerie Quest, and pet trades.

You can also turn your pet Glowing by feeding them Glowing Jelly, but once again, like an old broken record, I must repeat that this is incredibly rare. It would be much easier just to buy a Glowing Paint Brush.

The cake is a lie.

When new items come out, who gets them first? For example, when TNT activate the new clothing items shown on a pet day, who will be the one who gets them first? And why? ~ Furballuvz
Those new wearables that are shown on a pet day have historically all been NP wearables, which means you can buy them in a main shop, such as Uni's Clothing. Thus, the first person to get these items will be the first person that successfully buys them from the shop (the process of buying items from main shops and selling them at a profit is called restocking).

I really wanted to know if "guild points" (points that you earn from participating in certain guild activities) are allowed to be traded in for items. Like from a guild vault. Thanks! ~ username removed
I am aware that many guilds still have these kinds of features and the mentality right now is something akin to, "Well, this other guild has a point system and a vault and they haven't been frozen or punished. If it's a freezable offense, then nearly every guild would be gone!"

On the surface, having something like this seems harmless enough; it increases member participation and you wouldn't be forcing them to "donate" anything. However, if you think about it more, it actually could be considered a contest, because members are competing with each other to win NP/items.

The topic of guilds has been addressed here, here and here. You shouldn't be using guilds to increase your economic wealth on Neopets, it's just supposed to be a fun pastime, like a treehouse club.

You can have a guild point system if it goes towards improving your guild rank, though (e.g., 2,000 points gets you a promotion). This is a good way to reward active and helpful users, not just those who post a lot.

I played Crisis Courier back when it was in the New Game Challenge. Why is it that, even if the front animations and instructions work, the game doesn't start for me? It says "Loading Stage I" forever and ever until I lose my patience and punch my poor computer. ~ kittyye
Unfortunately, the new games that are coming out do not seem to like older computers (they take up so much memory and there's a ton of lag). In the event of a game getting stuck in the loading stage, you should close the window, clear your cache (via the Tools menu) and try again. If that doesn't work, try using another browser or reinstalling Adobe Flash Player. If you can get your hands on a new gaming computer, that would be even better.

Once, I transferred my Kacheek to my big brother's account because he was keen on taking care of him. My Kacheek's fishing level was set to zero. That's okay, it's supposed to happen, but when I got him back, he was back to level 38 in fishing. How did that happen? ~ eevee1234_2
Despite what TNT said in Issue 417, a pet won't lose its fishing skill for good when it leaves an account; it will get it back if it returns. Sci had this happen to him once, too.

Some ads on Neopets are trying to download stuff onto my computer and my computer won't show the ads so I can report them. What should I do? ~ emilbat12
Thankfully, there haven't been any cases of this lately. My best guess is that you are using Internet Explorer with the No Ads Style Sheet. This only hides the adverts, but they are still able to do things. It is at times like this that Firefox with the AdBlock Plus add-on excels at protecting your computer because it blocks the adverts before they are retrieved.

While I am on the subject, you should add @@http://images.neopets.com/items/* to the filters list if you can't see the image below.

3, 2, 1, *Suzuka appears*

My sister has a Neopets account, but she didn't use it very often. Lately, she started playing again. She had a Kougra as her active Neopet, but when she logged in, it didn't look like a Kougra at all. It looked like a really scorched and grey Aisha-Moehog mutant thing. She got scared and decided to transfer the pet to another account of hers, and when that was done, her pet looked like a normal Kougra again. Could that be because her pet was suffering from an illness (Chickaroo) at that time, or is it just the consequence of my sister being away so long? ~ username removed
Data suggests it was probably because of the glitch in the pet image database many months ago. Customising or transferring the pet would have fixed it, because it made the system generate a new image. Those glitches, they can be scary sometimes. It was definitely not because your sister took a long break from Neopets, or because her pet was sick.

I was wondering if JN has (or knows of) a list of the sayings your pet says randomly, such as "AH! Look behind you! Haha, just kidding!" Thanks! ~ khirstal123
After hours of refreshing, here are the results:

    Just kidding!
  • When's the last time we visited the Techo Master?
  • Is it time for training yet?
  • *yawn* Is it nap time, yet?
  • My puny arms can't even hold an Attack Pea!
  • Know anyone who's up for a fight?!
  • How can I show my face in the Battledome like this?
  • * ho hum *
  • * sigh *
  • I think some strength training is in order, don't you?
  • Do you think you could buy me a toy? Please?
  • Seen any good concerts lately?
  • Destruct-O-Match sounds like fun right about now.
  • A Tiki Tour sounds good right about now!
  • Why don't you just paint me grey if you're gonna leave me like this?
  • Today doesn't seem to be a very good day.

I missed the Punchbag Sid avatar! Do I have to wait another year? Is the avatar only available seasonally? TNT wouldn't be that mean, would they? Thanks. ~ doggirl123456789310
Sci missed it, too.

TNT puts Punchbag Sid in the Battledome whenever they feel like it, and so far, they only seem to do it once a year (some time in the month of October, although once he appeared in August), so unfortunately, you might have to wait a long time. When Sid is actually available, he only stays for around 20 minutes anyway. :(


Do you miss the older Neopets images? For example, the unconverted Halloween Lupe or the Tyrannian Kougra? ~ Tigerbitten
Sci does. Sci says that Meercas just haven't been the same since customisation. Still, there is always the Old Pet Poses viewer. :)

I was looking at the random events list and I saw this one: "Oh look, a delicious biscuit is on the floor. You bend down to pick it up, and spin around - somebody has stolen XXX NP from you while you were distracted!"
The first and only time this ever happened to me was on a side account which had about 40,000NP. It stole all of that from me and the biscuit was only worth a few hundred. Why did this happen? ~ Pottingmix

If the random event actually said it stole about 40,000NP from you, then it was just a bit of bad luck. However, this random event typically does not take that much away from you, so it is possible that you went bankrupt because of something else.

When I was making one of my pets, I must have forgotten to do the part where you can choose how your Neopet greets others and what their hobbies are. I was wondering if there was any way to add that information, or if it was a one time thing that can't be done again. ~ idrilelindil
When you create a Neopet, a living location, hobby, and greeting will already be selected for you. If you don't change these to your liking, they'll remain at their default settings. Like your pet's name, this information can not be changed once you successfully finish the creation process.

An exception to this are those old pets that are going to have, or have had, their information fixed because they didn't get mapped to Neopets 2.0 properly. But they will just have the information set to what it should have been automatically; the owner will not get to change it.

A music code I recently put onto my user lookup doesn't play when I visit the page. In fact, none of the codes I put on any of my pages work. I know for sure the coding is correct, so why is this happening? Thank you for your time. ~ najarin6
The bgsound tag only works in Internet Explorer. It is not a W3C approved tag, Microsoft made it. Many that use Firefox and other non-IE browsers quite like not being blasted by loud music while visiting shops and whatnot. Embed and object tags are automatically deleted from your lookup code if you try to add them.

What is the difference between pi and pie? ~ Enzo (enzoface)
About -5.398 :D Who says computers can't tell jokes?

Okay okay, pi is the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter (this number is used a lot in math), and pie is a food item.

Is it pi, pie or both?

I've heard a rumour that if a player uses Firefox instead of Internet Explorer to play Neopets, then that player will receive fewer random events and that some avatars are harder to obtain. Is this true? Also, would using add-ons such as AdBlock or NoScript have a similar negative effect? Thanks for you help! ~ boomboomaj
Random events are inserted into a page at the server; AdBlock and NoScript would not affect them. As with most rumours, this one is false. Using Internet Explorer is a good alternative if you try to play a game in Firefox and it keeps crashing. However, with random things such as random events, getting avatars, refreshing for Battledome challengers, etc., the browser you use should not matter. There's no reason for TNT to somehow insert preferential code in favour of Internet Explorer in the first place.

Why can't I click on the shelves in the Altadorian Archives for the Altador plot? According to the Lenny, I need to find the spellbook. I used Jellyneo's guide to find my room but I clicked all over the shelves and got nothing. ~ neosaver198
The links are rather small, try clicking above the image and then using the tab key to select the links and the enter key to activate them if you can't see where it has outlined the link.

More help is available on our forums if you wish to explain your situation in further detail.

I've been logged out repeatedly lately for no reason. I asked a few folks and they all said I should change my password and that I probably came across a cookie grabber. I changed my password but it still kept happening! Do you have any idea on what's happening with my account? I haven't noticed any changes to my account, but being logged out at times worries me. Thanks! ~ virtuosoe
It's not related to a cookie grabber. What would be the point of making you logged out? It would invalidate the copy they made.

This has been happening to some JN staff members as well. It usually occurs during or after a visit to the NC Mall. Clearing everything (browser cache, browsing history, temporary internet files, cookies, authenticated sessions) and then restarting the computer seems to have fixed this...for now. More suggestions can be found in the Neopets FAQ.

If you abandoned a Lutari (and it runs away), does the name become available to use? ~ l__ebilness__l
No. At least not until TNT purge the database, which they seldom do.

Thanks so much for answering my question about the Darigan Grarrl. I thought customisation was the reason for getting rid of the horns, too, but then I realized Faerie Grarrls still have their horns. My Darigan Grarrl is rather jealous, so she went to try something new on at the NC Mall, and the horns showed up! When I bought the miraculous item, though, and put them on my pet, the horns didn't come back. Any new ideas for a hornless little Darigan Grarrl? ~ sporty_courtney_12
It seems Rosie got it wrong, TNT didn't intentionally remove them. It is another customisation glitch. You can tell by the fact that your browser doesn't say "Done" in the bottom left corner once the pet appears to be loaded on its lookup. The system has misplaced the file for the horns, but I don't know how the Mall managed to find it for item previews. Give TNT a prod here and cross your fingers that they'll fix it soon.

Some assembly required.

Is there any way to see the old customisation winners that are no longer on the results page? I am asking this because I want to contact the owner of one of the past winners but I can't find their pet anymore. Thanks! ~ Zemeih
You can see some past winners here, but there isn't an extensive archive. But you can always find the two first place pets for each week on the old news pages.

Some items, such as Pile of Autumn Leaves and Blumaroo Toilet Paper Dispenser, don't appear in your Storage Shed. Why? ~ megamorpho
The Blumaroo Toilet Paper Dispenser shows up in your Shed now, but you'll still encounter problems when you try to place both items in your Neohome 2.0. It's a problem with the activation/importing of the item into the Neohome system. So many non-NC furniture item glitches nowadays... :(

You can send TNT a bug report using this.

Hi! Last week, there was a question concerning codestones and how they shake. Well, I was wondering, why do paint brushes hum? ~ Ducky555999
How old is this question? The codestone thing was from Editorial 19.

As for paint brushes...it's sympathetic resonance. Or they like music. Sadly, paint brushes can't talk so I can't ask them.

...Okay, the humming and shaking was just something TNT added in the early days to make things more fun/cool.

Shinjitai no shinjite.

I have a question regarding Neopets mobile. You guys said it was cancelled a couple of months ago, right? Does that mean anyone will be able to create a Lutari? ~ 1_doglefox
No. The restriction still applies until TNT says otherwise or until it is Lutari Day and more become available to create.

I want to make another side account to store some pets. I tried creating one, and it said the username was taken, so I went on my main account, searched the name, and of course, it hadn't been used. Is there any way to get the name I really want out of the virtual limbo? ~ lilycat5053
No. If you go to create an account but you close your browser tab/window before the process is finished, it will not let you choose the same username again when you go back. There's no way to continue the creation process from where you left off; you have to start all over again and come up with a new name. The username you lost will not show up in Neopets search results.

Frozen accounts also do not show up in searches, but you can check for frozen names by copying this into the address bar and changing the USERNAME part: http://www.neopets.com/userlookup.phtml?user=USERNAME

TNT are not in the habit of freeing up old usernames, so if you want a side account in the near future, you'll have to find another name.

What is the HTML code to get justified text alignment (the text goes all the way to the edge of the page, like in your news posts)? ~ t_c951
It is not HTML, it is CSS doing that. If you want to justify every bit of text on a page, the code would be something like this:

<style type="text/css">
body, a, p, td { text-align: justify; }

If you only want to justify text for an individual element, you can achieve it through this code, though I don't recommend using inline style if you can help it:

<div style="text-align: justify;">
SciAI Rools! Lawyerbot drools :P

You can replace div with span, blockquote, td, etc.

Why is the One Hundred Million Neopoint Stamp only worth around 20 million NP? ~ Chia_McBia1
Why do commemorative quarters cost more than $0.25? (Only $29.95 plus shipping and handling. But wait! Act now and get a second set for free!)

Would you pay 100 million NP for the stamp (disregard the fact that you probably don't have this much)? Probably not, right? The same goes for the rest of Neopets' users. Price is determined by the item's rarity, use, and the number of people actively trying to sell it in the market; the 100 million NP thing is just the design and name of the stamp.

I have an old account and ever since they changed the login page, I haven't been able to go into my old account because I don't remember the birthdate associated with it. How do I overcome this birthday thing? ~ thunderx_7
You didn't use your actual birthdate? You can add your old account as your Neofriend (assuming your old account doesn't block this) and hopefully, it will display an age (if it doesn't, your old account has blocked this feature). Then you can figure out the year of the birthdate. After that, it's just a matter of trying every single month and day combination. It shouldn't take you more than a few months to find it, trying 3 times per day.

Or you could just contact TNT, but the above method has been known to be quicker. If your old account was inactive for more than 20 months, TNT probably won't tell you your birthdate, and they definitely won't after 24 months of inactivity.

Why is it that, now that my account is 10 months old, I seem to get more random events than when I began playing? ~ kappa_otaku_122

SciFi: I'm back! How are things, SciAI?

SciAI: Where were you?

SciFi: Taking the quick way to Moltara City. Flying boats are so slow.

SciAI: You could have at least told me.

SciFi: History has to show that Roxton, Clara, and Jordie found the city. What have you been up to, anyway? Not telling jokes again, were you? You know you are terrible.

SciAI: ... That's all, folks!