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Rosie vs Rosie
Published: November 7, 2009

Hi everyone, I'm Rosie! Hey y'all, I'm Rosie!

...Freaky, right?

Well, last April, both of us appeared with our own Negg Hunt creations (here and here), thus making us each other's doppelgangers. We have since decided to duke it out on Jellyneo, battling over your questions and earning points based on our replies in order to find out who will come out on top as the Rosie.

Let's find out!

Rosie: 0 Rosie: 0

I have a pumpkin-themed gallery and some NC items from last year and before are missing. Am I allowed to ask anyone for these items? (I am 12 years old.) ~ megamorpho

Rosie: Now this here's my cup of tea! How're you 'njoying the Mall, darlin'? First of all, since you're under 13, you'll need to have a Parental Permission Form submitted and approved by them nice TNT folks before you can freely communicate with other users.

Second, this here's a touchy subject so y'all have to be careful now! Ever since them kind TNT folks made those nifty NC Gift Boxes, it's been very easy to break the rules they've laid down.


These things are okay:
Trading an NC item for an NC item.
Trading multiple NC items for an NC item.
Gifting an NC item as long as you don't accept a "thank you" gift in return that is not an NC item.

These things aren't okay:
Trading an NC item for an NP item / Neopet / some other service.
Agreeing to trade items and then running off with an item without completing the trade.

So if ya do find your way to the Neoboards, there's usually a topic in the NC Mall chat that's titled "People without access to NC: Post your wishlists!"--feel free to request the items ya want there. If ya find some other way to contact other users, you're allowed to ask them, but please be polite; don't harass or offer NP/non-NC items in return. Stick to those rules, darlin', and ya should be fine.

Rosie: 0Rosie:26

Hey Rosie! I was looking to see if a pet name was available and found a pet owned by the famous pound_release. I love the pet's name, but is there any way to find out when that pet will be put in the Pound? Is it completely random and I have to check single day? Thanks! ~ pirate_fanatic_1

Rosie: Sorry, no matter how hard you wish, no matter how much you lurk, no matter how hard you stare at the screen and try to mentally teleport the pet to the Pound, it's not gonna work. As I'm sure you already know, the Pound was down for maintenance for about a year, and during that time, TNT created pound_release to capture and store all those poor abandoned pets. Now that the Pound is back up, it slowly puts those pets back up for adoption, but there is no way of predicting when a specific pet will be released, so I'm afraid you'll have to check periodically.

Rosie: 32Rosie:26

When we translate the word "Shenkuu" from Portuguese to English using online translators, why does it turn into "Faellie"? Both are Neopian words and do not exist in normal English and Portuguese. ~ paulakotouc

Rosie: That's really freaky!
Rosie: I'd love to know what you'd consider to be normal.

Rosie: Haha, you used Google translate or a translator powered by Google, right? They allow user contributions, so in some cases, the translation isn't accurate at all. ;) I tried some other major and minor translators and didn't get that result.

Rosie: 54Rosie:26

I went to Mystery Island and then to the beach and there was an S in the sand. I thought it was weird, so I refreshed the page and there was a Y in the sand. So far, I found F, K, H, L, B, Y, another Y, S, and A. What are they? Are they from past plots? ~ awsome_kougra_luver
Rosie: Very good! It was a part of the Mystery Island Volcano Plot! The beach was also used in the Hunt for the Crown event. But I've been using it as a nice lil' Negg Hiding Spot.

Rosie: 54Rosie:43

Is it against the rules to have 3 omelettes of the same kind and have your pet eat 1 bite of one omelette, 2 bites of another, and leave the last one whole to make them 3 different items for the pack rat avatar? I have heard that it is against the rules. ~ the_trumpet_player_

Rosie: Nope! They are legitimate items and you obtain them in an entirely legal way. It would be similar to opening a Halloween Trick or Treat Bag and receiving 4 or 5 items for 1!

Rosie:You can use pizza in the same way, darlin'! You'll get 6 items this way!

Rosie: 64Rosie:68

Rosie: What? How come she got points for that, too?!
Rosie: *Giggle*

My Aisha's extra ears have disappeared. This happened after I took off her Giant Moach Costume. Customization, oh customization. Any reasons why? Thanks Rosie! ~ khirstal123

Rosie: *Giggle*

Rosie: If you're talking about the Alien Aisha Ears wearable item, they are in one of the Giant Moach Costume's restricted zones (in this case, the Hat zone). When you add the costume, the Alien Aisha Ears get taken off. If you save the changes, the Ears will be placed back into your closet.

If you mean that your pet Aisha is painted Alien and its extra ears disappeared, those things happen because of zone restrictions and the way items and body parts are layered. In fact, it doesn't matter what colour your Aisha is, its ears will always disappear when you put the costume on (the Moach already has "ears," after all, so just imagine that your Aisha's ears are squished within the costume). Kyriis, Usuls, Eyries, and Ogrins have similar peculiarities with other wearables. However, once you take off the offending item, your pet should look normal again, unless there is some lag with loading the flash files. You could always try pressing "Revert" or choosing a Preset if you have one.

If the change appears to be permanent, no matter how many times you try on/take off other wearables and save the changes, then the best course of action is to send in a bug report to TNT.

Rosie: *SNORT*
Rosie: What is so funny?!
Rosie: *Giggle* I can't wait for the next question!

Rosie: 92Rosie:68

Rosie, I am so jealous of all your sweet moves! Your robot dance is pretty amazing. What is your favourite dance? ~ shroommi

Rosie: DANCING!!!

Rosie: THANK YA DARLIN'! *GIGGLE* My favourite dance is the one I like to call Negg Basket Pickin'. I do this all the time when I'm out hiding Neggs for y'all.

Rosie: Is this question the only reason you wanted to do this whole thing...?

Rosie: I'm sure y'all've seen it. Just cross your hand over to your basket in your other hand, pick a negg and toss it in the air! Remember to keep your index finger straight out now! And again! And two, and three...

Rosie: 92Rosie:116

Rosie: You have got to be kidding if she gets credit for that.

Does the Fountain Faerie ever give out cheap quests? When I got one, it was a 500,000 NP item, so I stupidly cancelled the quest so I could use the shop wizard. ~ Sparrow44124

Rosie: The Fountain Faerie will request items that are fairly high in rarity, but that doesn't mean that they will always be expensive. For example, she could ask for a Mynci Suit, which is rarity 95, but the cheapest one of those right now is 25,000 NP (very affordable!). For future reference, I recommend using our handy-dandy Item Database if you need to look up the specifics of the item. It has quick links to check the Trading Post and Auction House. I would also direct you to the Quest Neoboard if you ever need someone to look up the item via the Shop Wizard.

...I love answering questions about how the Fountain Faerie inconveniences other users, because it justifies the contempt I have for her.

Rosie: You called?
Rosie: My EYES!

Rosie: 82Rosie:138

Does the Dr. Sloth random event still work? I really want a Draik Transmogrification Potion. ~ Frostcalibur
Rosie: Of course, darlin'! That nice Mr. Sloth is still wanderin' around handin' them out. But you have to take in t' account that his random event is very rare when it's stacked up against them other events. And then landin' with the right transmogrification potion is even rarer.

Rosie: Transmogrification potion...Could this be the origin of Rosie?

Rosie: What now?!

Rosie: 84Rosie:168

I was cleaning out my inventory the other day, and I found a scratchcard (Race to Riches). I scratched it and I got three spaces with "2500" and three with snowballs on them. But when I got my prize, I only got two snowballs instead one snowball and 2500 NP. What gives? ~ spongeyboy730

Rosie: Well, darlin', I can't be completely sure how this here formula works, because I'm afraid you didn't mention which set of 3 you scratched off first. It's very likely that you can only receive one of them prizes (either the first one you finish scratching, or the second one). So you received the snowball prize (that usually will award 2-3 snowballs), which overruled the Neopoint prize. Tough break, darlin'! :(

Rosie: 84Rosie:185

Before the Fish Negg became retired, how did you get one? ~ musicfan13579
Rosie: Hot Negg, I love this story! The Fish Negg has a real special history. It was originally created as the HollyNoel Ring in a time when users were allowed to name their own items. The ring was changed to the Fish Negg in July of 2000 and given its nifty makeover several months later.

Rosie: You didn't even answer their question... After the ring was changed to the Negg, it was possible to get the item from Esophagor quests.

Rosie: 84Rosie:205

On the Neopets Popularity page, it only lists the pets that were created, not morphed or zapped, correct? So, why does it say, for example, that there are 15,108 Draiks out of 15,000? Where'd that extra 108 come from? And also, for the Hissi, it says there are 264,957 out of 265,000. Where did those 42 go? ~ dalmation_puppy_123
Rosie: I swear now, those sweet lil' Shoyrus deserve their place as the most popular pet. But as for them limited edition pets, well, that's a different story. That there number, (out of 15,000), represents the number of pets that were officially released by them kind TNT folks. But Draiks can also be created from hatching Draik Eggs, which is why the actual population is higher. As for the other limited edition pets, the way I hear it, it's possible that they're purged when them old frozen accounts are cleared out.

Rosie: 84Rosie:228

So, what do you think the Meepits did with my Darigan Grarrl's horns? Were they eaten, pulled off, or did they disappear with one of Edna's spells? And, I wish the answer to this could just be that it's a glitch, but I've contacted Neopets and they say all has been fixed. Then, I noticed that all Darigan Grarrls were hornless. Any idea why? ~ sporty_courtney_12

Rosie: Dear me, I'm sure glad they did! Them TNT folks probably thought the horns might get in the way of certain wearables, so they took them off when they launched Customization. If it were lil' ol' me, my poor lil' dresses would probably get all torn up trying to get 'em on!

Rosie: Like this?

Rosie: 216Rosie:188

What's that island to the south of Terror Mountain, between Shenkuu and Tyrannia? Why can't we click on it? Does it at least have a name? Do we do something there in the future? ~ paulakotouc

Rosie: TNT planned ahead and gave themselves an ample amount of space to add in new worlds when and if they need to, so right now, some areas of the map are unclickable. There has been a lot of speculation about these areas and future plots, but nothing has been confirmed, so it's all still a big mystery at this point. They lucked out earlier because at one point, we could only see one side of Neopia. So they had a whole other half of a world to use when they added in new places such as Shenkuu, Altador, and Lutari Island. Frankly, I'm more interested in this island here:

Rosie: 247Rosie:188

Rosie: Alright, last question...

Hi Rosie! It's been over a year...when's the next RS Machine comic coming out? Or have you given up on it? :( ~ il_est_tres_silly

Rosie: 130Rosie:188