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Issue Eleventh
Published: October 8, 2007

We thought we'd switch it up this week. Instead of calling it the Eleventh Issue, we called it the Issue Eleventh! Genius, eh? Makes for good variety.

Why is it that every time Neopets releases a new item, it won't show up in searches for about a month after it's releasement? (like new stamps and stuff) ~ sonictheonlyhedgehog
Neopets has to add the item into its database along with the many parts of an item. They have to come up with a nice name and a witty item description, as well as make it so that it doesn't throw off the Neopets Economy very much. (And they also have to make it so that the items go into your Stamp Album or whatnot after you have used them, as well as make them disappear after you have used them.)

If your pet is a lab pet and changes very often, can the directory keep up with it? ~ Lavaguy443377
Well, yes and no. It doesn't change automagically when the lab pet changes. However, if you submit a Out Of Date report, we'll change your pet ASAP. :)

What would happen if I went through the IDb and priced all of the items using my pwnful skillz? Also, why a fish negg plushie? It is so random. ~ S_DK
I would be very happy. In fact, very happy. And a Fish Negg Plushie because I like the image. It's very Fish Neggy.

It's also because I look very blue. :D

I was wondering if neopets will officially ever put the jelly area on the world map?I mean it is an intresting place.An area full of edible jelly. ~ froggy007q

Jelly is not seen.
Explored it should not be.
What are you dreaming?
Neopets will never put it on the world map because it doesn't exist. ;)
(Of course, we ALL kn... AHHHHHHHHHH!)


Does the neopets mobile cost money to download? ~ galaxy_95
Why, yes, yes it does. I would guess that the amount to get Neopets Mobile depends on your cell carrier as well as your data pricing plan. *nod* I apologize if this isn't the best answer, since nobody on the staff plays Neopets Mobile.

But you do get a bead to put on me if you sign up for Neopets Mobile!

You lied. :(. In the news post of the first editorial, you said that Dave would be posting in the third person again: well, he didn't. Why must you lie to us, JN? *sobs* ~ swmmrdevil74
We said he would do it again. But we never said when. ;)

On the random events page in the good section, the ones that say something about going to the support center, why does the page not show up? Was the link removed from Neopets? Thanks. ~ uppy18
The Support Center Random Events were for the Curse of Maraqua plot. (The random events gave Supporters (people who didn't fight in the Battledome) tokens to get plot points.)

We're not obtainable anymore :(

Hola! I have a bit of a tricky question for you guys. I completed the altador plot on my old account, but then I decided that I wanted to make this account my new main. I no longer collect my prizes from the council chamber on my old account, (obviously!) so would I be able to do the plot again? It's cool if you have no idea :} ~ fancifully
I actually have no idea. :P I think this is a good question to send over to Neopets' Editorial (although if you're sending it over here, perhaps it's because you haven't gotten a reply yet :P). Try sending a message to them through the Contact Us forms.

Is there any way to watch a battledome contest without participating? I wonder about the hows and the like but do not intend to have my pets fight. ~ JoyLeaf41
Unfortunately, you can't. (But in a way, you can by clicking here!If you want to ask some Battledome questions, check out the Battledome Chat in the NeoBoards or ask somebody in the Jellyneo Forums!

If you use a morphing potion on your pet, can you paint it? ~ doggy_world_822
Yes, you can paint your pet after you use a morphing potion or a transmogrification potion. *nod*

Is there anything that currently restocks at the smugglers cove? If so what restocks there sine I know there can only be 120 smugglers cove items at a time... ~ slander44
Unfortunately, there is nothing stocking in the Smugglers Cove at this time. However, you can check out our Smugglers Cove guide to see all the items sold in the past!

You can't buy me anymore :(

What happened to all those banners on each page of the original Neopets site? Have they been trashed completely? Have they been ripped pixel by pixel into total oblivion?!? By the way, I luv your site! JN rulez!!! ~ godofwar765
The banners from Neopets 1.0 have all been removed from Neopets since they didn't fit in with the new Neopets 2.0. (And you have to admit, Neopets 2.0 is better than Neopets 1.0. :P) They still exist on the Neopets servers but just aren't used. *nod*

Hey, I now that the lab ray can change your pet's species, but i was wondering if it can change pets to any species whatsoever e.g. krawk and draik? And yes, jellyneo is the bees-knees! ~ momo4russia
The Lab Ray can change your pet to any species and any gender. (Well, you only have Male and Female pets. :P) It can increase/decrease stats except for HP, which can only go up. It also can change your pet to any colour except for Baby, Pirate, Plushie, Quiguki, Royal and Usuki.

Hiya (: ilu Jellyneo ^^ Now. Is it just me, or did neopets not have a April Fool's Prank in 2007. Would any of you know why? Or is the not-having-a-prank the actual prank? Hmmm... ~ albhed_swirls
It's just you. :P Their prank in 2007 was removing the Battledome from Neopets (and all Battledome-related things...). You can click here to read up on it!

um, you know how in the Lost Desert Plot, there were scrolls that were given out to 'impersonate' real players? well, what did they impersonate and how did real people get those scrolls, because i've seen them on the trading post at times. ~ animelover00004
The scroll-possessing users were members of The Neopets Team and were used to basically create (I don't know of a good word, it's too early... controversy?) as well as lead people to believe that the scrolls actually were part of the plot other than scroll-coordinate finding or whatnot. *nod* I hope that made sense.

What font does Neopets use for their banners & the Neopets logo? I can'r find the answer anywhere else on the net :( ~ jester_ash
The Neopets Logo uses Heffaklump, as did the banners for Neopets 1.0. Neopets 2.0 uses Myriad (and some other big, main font) as the font for basically all new graphics. (The games page fonts keep changing so that they relate to the theme. :P)

well... jellyneo doesn't show shields which show my neo account age after 6 years.... why? they can't find players playing neo for more than 6 years?? ~ sandyliz2002
Neopets hasn't created shields for users with accounts that have an age of six years and above. (I certainly hope they do, since my account will be that old in a few months... *hint hint TNT Graphics People* :P)


Hi there guys. Thanks for a great site. "You deserve a big cheers". I was in your IDB Cracker Prize when i saw the "red and green paper crown", geeh and it worth 7MIL, got lucky i said because i have one. Is that its real price? what does it do anyway? ~ gieopetzkyi
Sadly, the price has gone down to 18,000NP at time of writing. Besides it being a Cracker Prize, it does absolutely nothing. (Unless cheering up your pet counts...)

I'm worth nothing now. NOTHINGGGG!

Are you still going to make the customisation poser for the updated pets? 'Cause TNT won't HURRY UP!! ~ Pyr0mag3
Patience, grasshopper, is the key self-happiness. At least be patient till Monday/Tuesday-ish. :P

Is the lost isle (like the plot) gonna open soon or not ? did TNT plan to do it ? ~ zen_wav
If you're talking about the rumoured Part Two of the Journey to the Lost Isle Plot, I'd guess it'll start soon. If you're talking about the Lost Isle itself, it should open at the end of Part Two or whenever they decide to have Neopets start a new city or whatnot there. :P Based on the ending of the final comic in the Journey to the Lost Isle Plot, I'd say Neopets planned to do a Part Two of the plot.

on the 9th editorial, you said u could remove items from ze closet to ur inventory.How??this question has been haunting 4 quite a while now. ~ riuchi
First, go to Your Inventory. You will see a link that says Closet. Click on it. Then, find your item, fill in how many to remove and click Move Selected Items. *nod*

You can't see me!

How do you donate to the Thrift shoppe? ~ leanne32
You just donate an item either through Quickstock or by clicking on the item and selecting "Donate" from the dropdown. It gets automagically sent to the Thrift Shoppe (of DOOOOOM! *thunder* *lightning*) instead of the Money Tree.

What dose Flask of Rainbow Fountain Water do or actualy could explain the entire under water fishing other section uses? ~ hawk400206
The Flask of Rainbow Fountain Water changes your pet to a random colour! (You can check out Bae's Petpage for a Flask of Rainbow Fountain Water guide. It's pretty neat!)

Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na FlaskOfRainbowFountainWater!

I saw some1 on 1 of the AC chat groups got suspended for saying "damn" then i said it then I suspended! IF ITS NOT ALLOWED THEN WHY ISN'T IT BLOCKED!??!? (sorry) why do you think TNT is becoming like this? (besides viacom of course T__T*****) ~ steven2005382
It should be filtered with the next NeoBoards update, which should be coming soon, along with our next plot! (Since they have to change the Altador Cup forum to the Plot X forum. :P) And TNT suspended you because you broke a rule. (You used profanity. :P Check out Issue 309 of the Neopian Times Editorial.)

You know all those clothes that you can buy.. like t shirts, sweaters, scarves, etc.. is there are an actual use for these? Or are they just there to make your inventory look pretty? ~ zeiihypnoa
As most of us know, with Neopets 2.0 came Customisation. That's what the clothes will eventually be used for. Your pets will no longer be naked! (Of course, Neopets can only do so much at a time. So with the 1676 articles of clothing out and with 1402 being wearable, there are still... 274 that are not wearable. With about one converted to a wearable item every week, it should take 274 weeks to have every non-wearable become wearable. (That's about 6.52 years.) *nod*

With luck, I'll be the next Wearable Item! (Although you might not be able to buy me!)

In plushie tycoon, if you start a game and do nothing, will you still win? Because you do have 50,000 neopoints... ~ Wolf199596
You have to have 50,001 Neopoints in order to get the avatar and a trophy.

You can't get me by doing nothing!

Hmmm rocks aren't big enough... *Throws a Boulder* Anyway, will there ever be any Uni, Kacheek, Aisha, Shoyru(or any of the other 14 pets)-only wearables coming out this year? Or do I have to wait for 2008 for all my pets to have awesome new clothes? ~ unimia
Unfortunately, pet-specific clothes usually only come out during their Pet Days. (So for some of you, this means waiting until next year.) Of course, unless TNT does something this year with the Advent Calendar that gives out pet-specific wearables. ;)

How likely is someone able to get a fountain faerie quest? If the person does the get the quest, what is the average price range of the item that she would request? ~ diannaxu
I got a Faerie Fountain Quest when my account was 35 months old. I've heard of accounts that are 40+ months without getting a Faerie Fountain Quest. There are also some people that have accounts less than six months that have gotten them. It depends on your luck. :P As for the price range, it depends on your luck. You can get one for something less than 100k or get something that's outrageous. Again, depends on your luck.

I don't like asking people for things. But when I do and you give it to me, I'll give you a beautiful colour in return!

How are the new items that show up on the frontpage released into the neopets economy? are they given to random users or given as prizes for quests? ~ silver_star156
These items are released into the economy through the Neopets Shops (for example, the Tiki Tack Shop). From there, they land in the Trading Post, Galleries of Users, the Auction House or User Shops. Then they start deflating as supply increases. *nod*