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A Book of Shadows
Published: October 31, 2009


You stumble through the undergrowth of the Haunted Woods, far from the path, and far from safety.

How did you manage to lose your friends? You'd all been together on your way to Old Lady Doppel's house, but now...

A shrill scream fills the air, and you tighten your hold on your trick or treat bucket. Up ahead in the distance, you see a house.

Or is it a house? The gothic towers and eerie green glow send shivers down your spine. Behind you there is a howl, and your feet are moving before you know it. You knock on the door madly, too afraid to look back in case what you see confirms your fears.

An old lady answers the door, a green Zafara dressed all in black.

"What do you want?" she asks cruelly.

In a mixture of fear and exhaustion, you blurt out, "Trick or Treat?"

The old lady smiles and stands aside.

"Come in, dear, we have lots of candy inside."

You can barely contain your grin as you follow her into the tower. Things are looking up after all. There seem to be other old ladies inside, all smiling.

Suddenly, behind you, the door is slammed shut. The old Zafara bars the door with a plank of wood.

"Trick!" she proclaims, advancing on you.

The bucket falls to the floor...


Gather 'round the cauldron,
Light a candle or two.
Tonight Neopia's Witches,
Have an editorial just for you.

Hey JN! Are you the mystery guest editor, Edna? If so, may I know if the gifts you give out in your Spooky Surprise daily are totally random for everyone? I think it was really nice of you to give out free stuff until November. ~ zackytacky
Edna: Nice? Nice!? I must have forgotten to put the part on the sign that said they were all cursed items. Been having more headaches lately? Your foot a bit itchy? Been visited by Adee the Chia a lot? Not so nice anymore, am I? The items are random no matter which candy bowl you click on. Random, but cursed.

Never judge things by their appearance... even Halloween Skull Decorations. I'm sure I never do.

It has been awhile since TNT has released any information on Petpetpet Habitats and I was wondering if any of the JN staff that are beta testers for it know anything new about it? ~ karatekidsmom
Kau Fortune Teller: I see in my crystal ball that Petpetpet Habitats has now been completely removed from the site. The Premium Neoboard and beta links relating to it have all vanished. To all intents and purposes, Petpetpet Habitats seems to have been effectively cancelled.

Psst, if you want to see what the Habitats game looked like, wander over here.

What is the maximum number of site event trophies a user can have (as of now)? And is there a list to see all of them? Thanks! ~ 9kas
Sophie: As far as I can work out, the maximum at the moment is 22 (though 1 can only be obtained by TNT members). Certain puzzle plots that awarded trophies (such as the Volcano Mystery Plot) are not counted as site event trophies and show up in the regular game trophies section. One of Jellyneo's affiliates, Neotrophies, has a complete listing of site event trophies. You can find it here.

Is the Candy Corn Cupcake the only edible item you get from the NC Mall? ~ banana_monkey19
Roberta: You just ignore Edna... we're not all like her. Anyway, about your question...not at all! You can find all of the currently released food items in the Mall using this search in Jellyneo's Item Database. You can get to the special food shop by going to the Mall, hovering over the "Neopet" link and then selecting "Food."

Just look at them all bounce... it's a wonder Neopets can keep hold of them long enough to eat them.

What do Meepits like to eat? ~ Cissy
Edna: Children. *cackle*

You know, I've always wanted a child. And now I think I'll have one... on toast!

Which Goodie Bags or Trick or Treat Bags should I open, and which should stay closed? It's obvious the Bags worth 100,000+ NP should stay closed, but what about the others? ~ Ziggo001
Kauvara: Ah economics, the greatest of all evils. In general, if you are looking for profit, all bags should stay closed. While certain goodie bags have the chance to give out items that are worth more moo-lah than the bags themselves, the probability of it happening is quite small. Goodie bags, like many things in Neopia, were made to tempt the gambler in each of us.

Is it possible to change the location of your Neohome 2.0 once you pick a location? Thank you! ~ Fairygirl__101
Morguss: No, once you create your Neohome 2.0, there is no way to delete it or change the location (for now, anyway). But that shouldn't matter, dear, because you picked the Darigan Citadel, didn't you? Didn't you?

Let's say I'm transferring a pet, but I misspell the username I'm tranferring the pet to. If they don't accept and the pet is returned to me, will I still have my transfer for the month? ~ pauraque
Lisha: Sadly, that uses up your transfer for the month. The nice thing about months, though, is that as soon as one ends, another begins, so you don't have that long to wait before you can try again!

I've wanted to be published in the Neopian Times for a long time, and I was happy when my submission was recently held over. However, in a moment of temporary insanity, I self-froze my account for a few days before applying to get it reactivated. When it was reactivated, I noticed that I had received a Neomail from TNT during the time I was frozen saying that my article had gotten into the NT and a shiny new trophy would appear on my lookup. Needless to say, I was extremely upset to find that I had no trophy! Will my article still be published or should I resubmit it? ~ username removed
Jerdana: Since you got that congratulatory Neomail, it could just be a delay in the system (sometimes trophies are given out a short time after you see your winning entry on the Neopets site). I see that you've earned many NT trophies now, but if you hadn't gotten that Neomail or received your trophy after waiting awhile, you could've tried resubmitting it, adding a little note to the top of the article explaining the situation to the editor.

When you use the "Report" link on the Neoboards, it has the user's username in the URL. I once used this as a quick way to report something, removing the post and changing things like that, but the URL still had the user's name in it (note that I wasn't reporting that user)! Is this a problem, or is it okay? Thanks! ~ username removed
Kayla: If you are reporting a post on the Neoboards, it is best to use the link that's provided in that specific post, since URLs will differ. Things get complicated if you start manipulating URLs, because there are topic IDs, post IDs, comments, etc. to edit out. If you changed everything in the URL except the username, and did not check the "no user" box, the form would have submitted their name, giving the appearance that you were reporting them. This could get confusing for the monitors, so I wouldn't risk tampering with the URL at all. When reporting something that doesn't have a specific user involved, you can use this form. You'll find it linked on the main Neoboards page, above the list of boards. If you bookmark it, you'll always have a quick way of reporting something!

So, do you remember the Neopets movie? It was going to be titled "The Lost Tomb: A Neopets Adventure" or something. Its release date was said to be April 20th, 2009. That date is long past, with no news about the progress of the movie. Stranger yet, the Wikipedia and IMDB pages for the film seem to have disappeared. Was the movie cancelled? Was it a fake? Was the release date pushed back? And no, I'm not talking about the fake thing mentioned on the Jelly Blobs of Doom page. The thing I am wondering about is the movie that was actually said to be in production. ~ justin1276536
Sophie: *cackle* Films are planned and announced every day, but only a small portion of them ever make it to the big screen. There has been a Neopets movie in development for ages, and The Lost Tomb was just the latest title they gave to it. Back in 2007, they had a director, producer, writer and composer for it, but no further information has been released since then. Given that its IMDB page is gone, I think it's safe to say that it has been dropped.

The chances of a Neopets movie ever being made are melting! Melting!

I know real world topics are against the rules, but if I wanted to create a story with "Neogods" in it, would it be okay? It would be similar to King Altador and the other rulers of Altador, where I had Neopets that "ruled" over different things as gods and goddesses. I would not relate it to a specific religion. What do you think? ~ Imstumped
Grimelda: Gods and goddesses in relation to mythology is acceptable on Neopets, as long as it doesn't cross over into religion (see: this NT answer). TNT themselves make quite a number of references to Greek and Egyptian mythology.

What is the purpose of the Petpet Battledome? Or rather, what is the purpose of petpets having levels? Can higher level petpets do anything special? ~ neoneon3836
Sophie: When the level system for petpets was first introduced, they would randomly appear during normal Battledome fights to give your Neopet a helping hand. The higher the level, the more help they would be (but using Normal/Fierce/Beserk Attack was still better than using your petpet). So the Petpet Battledome was a way for your petpet to train for that. Unfortunately, the feature was quickly retired, and now having a high level petpet has no effect on regular Battledome fights...though it has made my Meowclops quite resistant to potions. *pets him*

I was wondering if there was a Petpetpet Lab Ray because there's one for your pet and your petpet. If there isn't, do you know if there was any mention of it in the past? Will something like this ever be created? ~ graff
Lisha: I doubt there ever will be one of those, because unlike the Neopet and Petpet Lab Rays, there would be no way to reverse the effects of the zap. You can paint or morph your Neopet back to what it was, and removing your Petpet will reset it. However, if you removed your Petpetpet, it would disappear completely. Plus, it seems really strange to zap something that's the size of a flea.

Is the Kelp avatar no longer available? I've tried several times to get it but I can't click on any of the items on the menu. ~ a120375dragon9
Morguss: Currently, Kelp isn't working the way it should be, and it's hardly surprising. Who builds a restaurant under water, anyway? That's foreigners for you. In order to select items from the menu, you have to right click on the name of the dish and open it in a new tab or window. This should take you to the confirmation page. The avatar is still available; the Citadel's spies inform me that the Jellyneo staffer Weepit gained it only a few months ago.

Related guide: Kelp Restaurant

Now make a wish, and take a bite.

About Petpet Park, my new obsession: Is there a certain level or such you need to reach before you can create a new petpet? Or is this just a feature not yet open to owners? ~ darkfall13
Grimelda: It might happen in the future, but at the moment, there is no way to have more than one petpet in Petpet Park. A good thing, too, or there'd be hundreds of extra helpful creatures running around doing good deeds for people. It's sickening.

...I suppose if you were really truly desperate to have another petpet, you could play on your side account and make a new petpet that way. You can do that, you know, but you are still limited to a maximum of 5 Petpet Park and Neopets accounts.

As you all know, there's an old Gnorbu in the game Shenkuu River Rush. Do you have any idea who he is? And, what will happen if we crash into him? I tried to once but I couldn't catch him. ~ xenia_tang119
Edna: Pah! Who cares about his name? He runs the Lunar Temple up in Shenkuu, and was recently seen cavorting about with that deeply annoying adventurer, Roxton Colchester. I bet they're up to no good.

I have been trying to get Count Von Roo as a Battledome challenger for a while with no luck. When I refresh for the random event, can I do it anywhere in the Haunted Woods or is there a location that'll give me better results? What about the Deserted Fairgrounds? Also, is there a time that might work better? Like refreshing at night versus the day? ~ PrincessS121212
Quizara: TNT stated quite recently that there has probably been an issue with Von Roo, as no one was getting him as a challenger. As for when they are going to get around to fixing him...well, that's a whole different question, one that I am not able to answer.

Do you guys have an alert if Punchbag Sid is in the Battledome? ~ mr_burns82
Morguss: At the moment, there is no sidebar alert for Sid, there are only alerts for the Snowager, Turmaculus, and Count Von Roo. Sid appears in the Battledome at irregular intervals (i.e., whenever TNT feels like making him available). If that news poster, Nynex, hears anything about it, though, I'm sure there'll be a notice or alert added to the front page as if by magic. She'll also tell a little bird about it. I wouldn't get your hopes up for another visit from Sid soon, though. He just appeared on Wednesday, October 28th, and normally TNT only activate him once per year, for around 15 minutes, then *poof* he's gone again.

Hey, Witches. I've heard rumours that if you're getting a lot of Faerie Quests in a short period of time, you're getting close to getting a Fountain Faerie Quest. Is this true? Thanks! ~ memorysoul
Sophie: Not at all. That Fountain Faerie is very elusive, and plain stupid, too, if you ask me. She lives on a cloud but doesn't have any wings--that's Faeries for you! Her quests, like all Faerie quests, are completely random. If you are getting a lot of quests in a short time frame, then your chances of getting one from the Fountain Faerie are increased, but it is by no means a guarantee.

A witch who dares to say I'm wrong, will not be with us... VERY LONG!

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