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The Editorial, By Tom
Published: October 10, 2009

Hey JN, why is Omelette Defender no longer in the Game Graveyard? Also, why isn't Meriball there? It's no longer playable. Did TNT just forget about it? ~ magicalhat1
Omelette Defender may have been removed from the Game Graveyard because it was difficult to play with the glitches.

As for Meriball, it was probably just scrapped altogether like some other games. Not all games are added to the Graveyard; the ones that are shown there are mostly just the popular ones and old versions of current games. Examples of games removed completely from the site include The Last Smiley and Skarl's Scramble.

Remember me? *evil laughter*

Can I be frozen for selling stuff that has just randomly appeared in my inventory with no explanation? I've been getting stuff that's priced around 110,000NP and I'm not sure why. I figure that, in a way, it's sort of taking advantage of a glitch. ~ arjay_
Looks like you stumbled upon a random event or received prizes from various dailies/giveaways, or possibly even games. I wouldn't be worried about items randomly appearing in your inventory unless you're getting something like a Darigan Sword of Death. :P

I own you all.

So, I was making a new Neoboard signature for myself when I looked at the URL. It said: http://www.neopets.com/neoboards/preferences.phtml?setpen=0
Being me, I changed it to: http://www.neopets.com/neoboards/preferences.phtml?setpen=1
The page looked almost the same, except there was a picture of a notebook and a box that said "Pen Name." I typed in "Bleh," which was the avatar I was using at the time. It led to a page that said, "You haven't found this avatar on the site yet, so using it would be cheating. Go back and pick another one." I tried various other random words and avatar names, but nothing worked. Am I totally missing something? ~ The master of Froggieness shall not reveal her true name.

Looks like you attempted to set a second Neoboard preference. :) If you have not bought a Green Neoboard Pen from the NC Mall, then you will not be able to have additional sets of preferences. The error message you got was basically TNT's way to let you know you can't do that.

I have the Lab Ray on my side account, but not on my main account right now. Can I log onto my side to zap my pets every day? ~ Camelopardais
As long as you earned all the pieces of the Secret Laboratory Map on your main account, or received map pieces as random events on your side, then you can use the Lab Ray every day on your side account. Yay!

I was planning on putting a Halloween Ruki into the pound, and I wanted to keep the bandages, so my question is, will I lose the bandages if they are not on him when I pound him? ~ HEYNOOOOOOOW!
Any paint brush clothing you remove from a pet will not go with them when they are placed in the pound (it's different for pet transfers). Also, if a pet is wearing paint brush clothing that is not from its current colour, the clothing will be removed during the pounding process and sent to your closet.

♪♫ Over and over, she burns my circuits... ♪♫

Is there a limit on how many posts a guild can have? Also, how come some guilds' posts go back to 0? ~ dolphin_lover00
Theoretically there's no limit on the number of posts a guild board can have. However, posts will be automatically purged from the site after a couple weeks.

Council members who have moderating powers may also delete messages at their discretion.

Let's say my main account is acct1 and my side is acct2. What if acct1 stayed in a guild and made their own guild on acct2, and then quit the guild on her main to join the one on her side. Then, acct2 would give acct1 the leadership of the guild. Is this against the rules? ~ koolkid89w20
It shouldn't be, as you're allowed to be in a guild on each of your accounts... I don't see why you wouldn't just create the guild on your main though, but whatever floats your boat.

Water, apparently.

At Krawk Island Nippers, do you have to have the exact amount of dubloons or do you get change back? If so, do you have to be close to the right amount or is there a limit to how much change you can get? Thanks. ~ burntcookies1
Because I'm too lazy to ask another staffer if they know the answer, I decided to go buy a petpet. Looks like you don't need the exact amount of dubloons to buy a petpet as you will get change back. :)

You also don't have to be close to the right amount; you could use a Five Hundred Dubloon Coin to buy a Snarhook (which only costs 3 dubloons) and still get change back, so there is no limit. And don't worry, if you overpay by a lot, you won't end up with a gazillion One Dubloon Coins; the change you receive is optimal, just like in real life.

This is my new Bilguss.
His name is Blob.
Say hello, Blob.

Boochi shot my Kougra and now he is a baby. I'm fine with it because I was thinking about painting him like that anyway, but it would be different if it had happened to my Lupe because I have other plans for him. And so I wonder, is this change permanent? If I used a Blue Paint Brush on him, would he become a baby blue pet or a normal blue pet? Or nothing at all and it would just stay as Boochi left him? ~ Liigie
Nope, you are able to revert your pet back to the "grown up" version by painting them a different colour. So if you used a Blue Paint Brush, your Kougra would be a normal Blue Kougra. Baby is a colour your pet can be painted (like Fire or Pirate), and doesn't really affect the pet's "age."

This might be a weird question, but is "crap" considered a swear word on Neopets? I don't think it is, but a one month old account neomailed me to tell me that my Jetsam has a swear word in her name. I told her it wasn't, but now I'm not sure. Should I re-abandon her? Thanks! ~ furubafan74
Crap isn't defined as an inappropriate word by TNT, so technically it's fine. It is a little mean to create a pet with a name like that, though. :P

Will a Mutant Yooyuball ever be like a Clockwork? I've only ever seen it act like a Fire/Normal/Snow/Darigan/Faerie one. ~ Happiness~Joy
No, it will not act like a Clockwork Yooyu. Ever. I don't think Mr. Yooyu would be too happy with being blown to bits. :P

All that remains of Mr. Yooyu...

I really don't like the new Neopets and all the pet poses and customising. Is there ever going to be a way to have, say, a different "skin" for Neopets? Or simply an option to just get the old pet poses back? Thank you so much! :D ~ clubmudkip
Probably (okay, definitely) not. Having an option to change back to the old site layout would be impractical as it would make all sorts of things look wonky. Also, TNT has stated that they will not allow pets to be reverted back to the old poses.

Change is inevitable. Reminiscing about the past fine and dandy, but at the end of the day, it's still the past.

Ewwww, the new pets are so ugly!
Wait... that's the old pet.

I am a beginner when it comes to the World Challenges. I was wondering, on the Crisis Courier game page, there is a WC icon below, but when I clicked it, it said it wasn't a game in the WC. Why is that? Why is there even a WC icon if it's not a game there? ~ kenaji06
They haven't released a World Challenge section or map for Altador yet. The WC icon is there ahead of time so when Altador challenges are released, it'll work. ;P

In the Editorial 98, you claimed that the Ogrin Master in the game Top Chop was the first Ogrin to appear in a mainstream game. In actuality, at least one Ogrin was released in a game prior to that, namely the Princess of Shenkuu, in the game Shenkuu Warrior. I also have an question related to the Top Chop game. How does one get the Black Belt item? Thank you. ~ paroni_dante
Actually, the Princess of Shenkuu is a Gnorbu. :)

As for the Black Belt, it has been added to the Neopets database, but it isn't being released from the game. It's missing in action, sort of stuck in limbo.

♪♫ One of these days letters are gonna fall from the sky
telling us all to go free... ♪♫

I have this "site" on Neopets called the Second Hand Closet. It's located on one of my Neopets' pet pages. The Closet is just a database of spare paint brush clothing donated by generous users. I was on the Help boards one day, and made a board asking people if they had any spare clothing that I could add to the Closet. I specifically called this "donating clothes" on my site. Somebody neomailed me the other day stating my whole site was against the rules, because I was "asking" for donations. Is this really against the rules, and can I be frozen for this? Thanks! ~ percussion_queen
I'm assuming your pet page just lists users that are willing to give their clothing to those who want it, and you aren't actually taking the clothing for yourself? This is perfectly fine, as long as those users say they are willing to have their names listed and give away their extra clothing.

Does a Lutari Pop change your Lutari to a different colour, like with Magical Chia Pops? ~ Shermanpeople
Sadly, no. Lutari Pops are just regular food items and will not change your Lutari's colour.

I wanted to know why, while Baby Lupes got their bandanas back, people who already have Baby Lupes, from the pound or otherwise, don't get one. I really was excited when the bandanas were back. I wanted one for my Baby Lupe. It's not fair to people who already have Baby Lupes. ~ puppylove199924
Hrm, good question. The pound one is easy--the bandana wouldn't come with the pet in the first place, so you will not get reimbursed in that case. As for people who painted/morphed their Lupes prior to the bandanas being released... perhaps TNT isn't easily able to see who those people are? It's also the weekend, so TNT could resolve it when they come back on Monday. If this isn't solved in a week's time, you could always try sending in a bug report and see if they can put one in your closet. :)

Hey! In getting the Bonju avatar, you have to make the Mad About Orange avatar your active one, right? How exactly do you do that? I can't use the Neoboards yet. ~ hasertuyo934
You change your avatar by going to the Neoboard Preferences page. If you are under 13 and cannot view it, then your best option is to fax a Parental Consent Form to TNT.

This problem is on TNT's "to do" list and they said they would try to tackle it soon...but that was back in 2007. If anything changes, it will be announced in the news!

In the meantime, if you don't already have the Mad About Orange avatar, you can obtain it by having eight different items in your inventory that have the word "orange" in their names.

Also, keep in mind that the Bonju avatar is only available during the month of August.

Don't you just want to cuddle me forever? :D

Is there a way to add pages to your guild? I'm sure they have this question somewhere, but I can't seem to find it. Thanks! ~ megan6405w
Nope. When you create a guild, all the pages for it already exist. You can, however, create guild "web sites" on your pet pages. :) A lot of guilds do this to provide more information to guild members, such as rank promotion applications and weekly activities.

My friend and I play Key Quest a lot. However, when we were playing separate games, and we were playing a mini-game, at the end, the score of the user suddenly doubles, leaving them winning when we were only, say, a point ahead. Is this a glitch, some type of malicious software, or other? ~ smart_and_sassy
We've experienced that, too! It's possible that when a mini-game ends, all the information "catches up" and you see points that you actually did earn... darn, that sounds confusing, and I wrote it. xD

Here's an example:
Some of you may notice that while playing the Poogle Carnival Racing mini-game that not all your darts will be thrown when you actually throw them. Instead, you may get a large clump of darts every few seconds. It's just a bit of lag, so when the game ends the lag ends and you get all the points you earned.

neoHTML is the extent of my coding knowledge! :D

Hello, Tom. How is it that you managed to escape from our clutches once again? ~ Sunshine the Meepit
Well. Um. I'll just... hop into that bag over there.

Adieu mes amis, until I escape again!
Help meeeeee!