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A Walk in the Park...
- Petpet Park Edition -

Published: October 3, 2009

Dodger Well, hello there! Welcome to the special Petpet Park Editorial!

We sure hope that you've all been enjoying the Park as much as we have! Hopefully, you have also been enjoying our Guide to Petpet Park. We try our best to keep things easy and helpful, but just in case you have further questions, we decided to do a special PPP Editorial!

We, the PPP Crew (Ally, Jordan and Andrea), have opened our mail bag and reviewed all of the questions that you sent in this past week on the Park. We narrowed them down to the ones that we felt would be the most helpful! So, what are you waiting for? Scroll down and check them out!

Look, it's the JN PPP Crew chillin' in the Park together!

Is there a limit to how many Park Points we can earn in one day? It seems that even though good scores are obtained, sometimes, I just get no Points out of a game that I've played. ~ plopper_cloud
Andrea: Yes, there is a limit of 1,200 PP per day but, unlike Neopets, there is no limit on how many times you can send your score for each game, so you can get all your daily points from only one game if you want.

Editor's Note: The limit has now been increased to 6,000 PP per day!

Are the Petpet Park limited edition wearables that you can get in a certain amount of time (e.g., during load tests) only for the Park, or can your Neopets wear them as well? ~ Kaide8888
Ally: Yes, these limited edition items (some of which are shown below) were all given out during different load tests at the Park. These items are only available at the Park, and could only be bought at that particular time. You won't find these items on Neopets; only at Petpet Park.

We hope you were able to retrieve us during the load tests!

Andrea: If you meant limited edition NC Mall items, such as the Paw Print Ferris Wheel and Paw Print String Lights, which were available until August 10, 2009 in the Neopets NC mall, these can only be worn by your Neopets. Please keep in mind that even though there is no difference between the Neocash you use in the Park Mall and the Neopets Mall, the items are designed for different places.

Editor's Note: For the month of October in 2009, there will be a special item on sale for 1 PP every weekday between 4:00-5:00PM NST. These items are not limited edition and should not be confused with load test items; these items will still be in the shop after the hour is up, but they will be back at normal price.

Every time I do a quest or job, I always forget what they ask and sometimes they never tell me...and it's not in the guide you guys have. Is there a place where I can see what they asked? Thanks! ~ Alice123
Ally: Ahhh yes! Let me now lead you to the ever-so-helpful Jobs section of our Guide! :)

All you need to do is click on the Job that you are currently working on, and a full walkthrough on that Job will be shown. Scroll down to find the part that you are at, or to locate a part that you missed. Everything is there, from the dialogue to the exact prizes given out! The Jobs section is actually my favourite part of our Guide. :D

Andrea: Keep in mind that some of the job guides, such as water change, have two or more parts, so if you can't find the part of the job that you are at, make sure to scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the button that takes you to the next part.

Is there a specified amount of Park Points you receive after completing a job, or is it simply random? Thanks. ~ lil_grape_arborz
Jordan: Yep! Most of the jobs you complete give you 100 Park Points (or PP). There are a few, however, that only give you 50 PP. If you want to know how many PP a particular job gives you, hover over the PP icon on any of the jobs at the Jobs Section.

I need some help with Petpet Park. For some reason, I can't figure out how to put clothes on my Petpet, which stinks because I have an awesome outfit idea. Help! ~ tabbycat720
Andrea: Click on the Wardrobe Icon (Dressing room icon) down at the bottom of the screen. This will take you to your dressing room, where you can try on any piece of clothing or item that you have bought (or won from completing jobs).

Wow that's a lot of papers :o! Wowo, more paper!
I won't ever forget anything with this outfit!

Can you tell me, please, if we are allowed to go on Petpet Park with our side accounts as well? You can't link your Petpet Park accounts like you can on Neopets. Thanks! ~ ettevy_tnecniv
Ally: Back when Petpet Park was in Closed Beta, I remember that they only allowed one account per tester. Now, however, you are allowed a maximum of five accounts (just like on Neopets). As stated in the Park Account FAQ (click on Account Info):

Can I create more than one account?
You are allowed a maximum of five accounts, which work on both Petpetpark.com and Neopets.com. Please do not create any more than that.

Can you fish in Petpet Park? Somebody told me you can fish if you buy a fishing pole. ~ imadudett
Jordan: Yes, you can! You can buy a fishing pole (e.g., Angler Fishing Rod) at the Petpet Emporium in Market Lane. To equip the fishing rod, go to your closet and click and drag it onto your petpet. Once you have that done, you're ready to fish! Head over to the fishing holes in Park Station or Pirate Alley and catch some fish! For more fishing spots, you can check out our Activities Page!

Ally: I'm still keeping my fingers crossed for a Pink Fishing Pole.

Use me...
to catch me... ...and me!
Hahaha.. you can't eat us yet!

Do you know if TNT plans on releasing Petpet Park in languages other than English? Is it likely to happen? ~ madtamahatta
Andrea: The Park is still in beta, which means they are trying new things and making sure everything works properly. I am sure that in the future, once it is out of beta, they will be adding new languages, just like on Neopets. :) I'm impatiently waiting for Spanish. ;)

How do you raise or lower the mood of your petpet in Petpet Park? ~ Petpet moods
Ally: To keep your petpet happy, you need to play different games and keep him or her well fed! Your petpet's mood will decrease or lower if it becomes bored, or if you don't keep it well fed. You can check the mood of your petpet by visiting its profile. To do this, click on this icon: Click me to check your stats which is located at the bottom of the screen.

Do Petpet Park items work on Neopets? ~ tse404
Jordan: Sadly, no. None of the items you receive on Petpet Park have anything to do with your Neopets account. It'd be cool if it did, though. My Neopets would be rockin' some of those outfits!

Why is there a Petpet Park neoboard when you can't play Petpet Park on Neopets? ~ jodanshairishawt
Ally: Well, because even though Petpet Park has its own website and does its own thing, it is still a part of Neopets. There isn't any type of forum or board on the actual PPP site (yet...it's "coming soon"), so in the meantime, Neopets probably thought it would be a good idea to give you a Neoboard to discuss PPP related things...or to meet up with fellow Park enthusiasts. :)

How do you get your petpets to learn more tricks? I am especially curious about the Frat Boy Dance. ~ Illy
Andrea: Right now, petpets cannot learn all the tricks that are shown faded out when you click the "Tricks" button. :( Once games start increasing your petpet's stats, if your petpet has enough charm, intelligence and agility for each trick, then they will be able to learn and perform them.

Besides the colour guide, what other things do you plan on adding to the Petpet Park guide in the future? ~ Not Illy
Ally: xD Well...I would tell you, but then I would have to kill you. :x We actually are getting ready to release a new feature here pretty soon, and there's been talk about setting up a page with animations of each of the different petpet tricks. Aside from working on the colour guide, we've also got something big up our sleeves, and we feel that it's going to be a huge user pleaser. So stay tuned for that! :D

I know your petpets can get different moods (e.g., amused, silly), but does this happen randomly, and do you just receive a random mood? Does your petpet physically change to match its mood or is it only displayed on its profile? ~ Still Not Illy
Jordan: Good question! We're still not entirely sure about how to get all of the moods, but here's what we do know: If you feed your petpet, you usually get a new mood. If you go awhile without feeding your petpet anything, its mood changes to so-so. This means your petpet's mood changes when you feed or don't feed them.

Cute and Healthy!
I'm not only tasty, I can improve your petpet's mood too!

I received the Patchwork Hat on Petpet Park and according to your page, you got it from signing in before a certain date during the beta phase. However, I have none of the other beta items. Why is this? ~ lil_cherry_blossom24
Ally: The Patchwork Hat was available to beta testers who logged in to Petpet Park before June 1st, 2009. The other items, such as the Park Badge T-Shirt, were given out during load tests. The beta tester suit was given out as a gift to all of the beta testers that logged in during the last weekend of closed beta.

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