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Starry, Starry Night Edition
Published: September 26, 2009

Starry, starry night.
Paint your palette blue and grey,
Look out on a summer's day,
With eyes that know the darkness in my soul.
Shadows on the hills,
Sketch the trees and the daffodils,
Catch the breeze and the winter chills,
In colors on the snowy linen land.

Don McLean - Vincent

Is it possible to get one of those starter cardboard petpets through the Petpet Lab Ray? ~ sandquail

Cardboard petpets are normally given out in newbie packs (the free items you get when you create a Neopets account). They include the Ditsy, Frogler, Liobits, and Weeble. You cannot sell them.

Don't forget all the restrictions associated with the Petpet Lab Ray, which you can read about in our guide.

How can I get the "Robo" avatar if I can't put robotic items in my new 2.0 Neohome? I don't have an "old" home and from now on, we can't create "old" Neohomes. So, what can I do? ~ Kavalheiru26
You actually can still build an old Neohome. These are now called "Classic Neohomes," and a link to them can be found on the main Neohomes page. If you do not currently have one, it gives you the option to "Build a Classic Neohome."

I have an account that's four months old, but I still can't create a Hissi. What's up with that? ~ tomzde
The Hissi is a limited edition pet. If your account is less than 4 months old, you will not be able to adopt or transfer limited edition pets. You can, however, create them, but the process is not the same as creating a normal pet.

For limited edition pets, you have to use the Lab Ray, or a morphing potion, or a transmogrification potion, or a magical plushie, or some other complicated procedure in order to be able to create one. The cheapest way, though, is to wait for the pet's special day (in your case, Hissi Day, May 4th), when small batches of that species will be available to create at random times during the day.

Related guide: Special Pet Secrets

Do you know why the volcano in Tyrannia was removed? What kind of shops were there? ~ kkkkte
Here's the old (and I mean really old) volcano map:


I have no idea why they removed it. Perhaps they were planning a plot about the volcano, but the idea got thrown out. Or, they decided the Tyrannian jungle and plateau could contain everything and there was no need for an additional map.

I don't remember playing a game called Scorchio Den, either, but it looks like it could've been the primitive version of Volcano Run.

Interesting fact: There's a mention of a Scorchio den in Cliffhanger.

Why do the Battledome and the Usukiland advertisements have Japanese characters in them? Are they of Japanese origin, did TNT learn Japanese, or is it just in Japanese language? ~ pikapika_2_2_2
It's not real Japanese in both of those advertisements, it's just gibberish characters that TNT made up.

When they made those ads, they were showing their humourous sides. Back in those days, Neopets had a more spunky feel to it. There were lots of pop culture references, lots of creative freedom. During 1999-2001, certain Japanese anime shows became popular in the West, and Japanese culture got more attention. If you think about Usukis and the Battledome, I think it makes sense that TNT decided to do parodies of Japanese ad elements. They're highly entertaining!

Usukiland Advert | Battledome Trailer

Where can I see my pet's intelligence if it's too low to be shown in the stats (I mean the numerical value, normally appearing in brackets, not "brilliant" or so)? ~ anirac_7
Go to your pet's page. If they still have the default template for the page, then the numerical value stats should be displayed. If not, you can make it appear by editing the page and putting in #LEVEL, #STRENGTH, #MOVE, #DEFENCE, #MAX_HP, and/or #INTELLIGENCE.

Someone in my guild recently got an increase of 5 points for one session at the training school. What is the highest "super bonus" your pet can receive at the training schools? Is it different for each academy? ~ jordans_sa
You can get super bonuses at the Mystery Island Training School, the Secret Ninja Training School (only available for level 250+ pets), and the Swashbuckling Academy, but it is a rare occurrence. A super bonus is when your pet completes their training and gets an extra stat increase; so instead of getting +1 level, they get +2, +3, etc. level.

The maximum bonus so far is 6 points.

Why can you only see 5 online Neofriends at a time? It just doesn't make sense to me! ~ maddixian12
Five is a good number, not too big and not too small. If there was no limit and tons of your Neofriends were online, then the page would be stretched and you'd have to scroll down a lot in order to get to the bottom of the page. Limiting it to five also leaves room for TNT to add other modules to the left sidebar in the future.

Why aren't we allowed to Neomail ourselves? Also, are we allowed to have shields that are not Neopets-related on our user lookups? ~ Kikuji22
You have your own Neopets diary, where you can input little notes or messages, so there's no need to mail yourself...? You also cannot add yourself as your Neofriend (awww).

And yes, you are allowed to cover up your user lookup shield with another image, even if it's not Neopets-related. Please remember that your lookup theme should be appropriate for children. Your shield can even say "forever," "a long long time," or some other custom text.

What you can't do is cover up your shield with another official Neopets shield, or replace the text of your shield with official-looking text (for example, your shield can't say "36 months" if it's actually only a week old).

I just joined a month ago. I was wondering what the old Neopets site looked like. ~ kzplatypus
There are a number of different screenshots on this Wikipedia page, spanning from 2005 to 2008. The oldest layout was certainly very squished compared to the one we see today (remember when 800x600 was the most common computer monitor size?).

If you're curious about very old Neopets, items, and maps, then Neopets Archaeology is a terrific resource.

My friend already has 5 accounts: one main and 4 sides. But, she recently became a guild leader and got a guild account. Is she allowed to have the 4 sides, one main and a guild account, or must she delete one of the accounts? ~ meercatristonhopets3
Your friend cannot create another account, because that'd be having 6 accounts when the maximum is 5. If she has already done this, then deleting/self-freezing it is a good idea.

A guild can only have one guild account, and it can only be owned by the guild leader. The Terms and Conditions also states:

"If you are the head of a guild, you may use one of your five accounts as a guild account and it should be named as such (for example, Abandoned Computer Chips Orphanage guild account). In addition to your main account, a guild account can have a store but cannot earn Neopoints in any manner other than through the store, auctions and trades (and anything that happens on that account could impact your other accounts). If you maintain a guild account, you will be held responsible for that account."

Can I ask my Neofriend to draw me a picture for the art gallery competition and take credit if they let me? ~ tonks

This is another one of those "think about the 'spirit' of the game" scenarios. The Art Gallery (or any other Neopets competition) is meant to reward a user for their hard work. If your friend let you take credit, you wouldn't have done any work, it wouldn't be your drawing, and you would be risking your account by submitting it, because you would be lying to TNT. I don't think it's worth all the consequences.

Everyone has their own style of creating art...it doesn't have to be a drawing or a painting...clay sculptures have also made it into the gallery. If you gather your art supplies, come up with a creative idea, and spend some time on it, I think you'll have a good chance of getting in. You'll have fun making it, and if you do win, it'll feel even more amazing. :)

What is the most popular game guide so far? ~ pikaluv
In the past month, it was the Faerie Crossword answers (that's pretty obvious), followed by the Carnival Of Terror guide (because of the avatar that was released).

The most popular JN game guide of all time is the one for Wingoball. Coconut Shy is runner-up.

Do you know why there are so many with with Usukicon Y9 Gift Bag and why it is still relatively cheap? Do they still sell it in the shops or something? ~ Dark
The Y9 bag is retired, so it is not sold in main shops. The Trading Post price is hovering around 200,000NP right now and you're right, that is relatively cheap when you compare it to the prices of other Gift Bags. There are a couple of reasons for this:

Originally, the Y9 bag was r70, so it was often stocked in toy shop. It was also given out as a prize for winning Gormball (I think you can still win one). It's supposedly an uncommon prize, but many users got one in 2008. Furthermore, it stocked in the Igloo Garage Sale before retiring.

The Y10 and Y11 bags were also initially around r70, and there's a chance you'll get them through Gormball (maybe even the Garage Sale for the Y11 bags, since they haven't been retired yet), but it's rarer in comparison to getting the Y9 bag a few years ago.

So now, the market has lots of Y9 bags, and these kinds of items are historically harder to sell as time goes on, thus prices drop. Ah, economics...

Am I allowed to trade my two pets for another user's pet? Like, trade my Blue Kau and my Purple Grundo for a Christmas Gelert? Thanks. ~ britney_spears_4ever
No! As TNT stated, that is not allowed!

When trading pets, only 1-to-1 exchanges are allowed. You are allowed to do another 1-to-1 trade with the same person later on (if both of you consider it to be a fair trade), but you can't do a 2-for-1 trade or a 2-for-2 trade.

You're also not allowed to trade your pet for the purpose of getting someone else to zap it using the Lab Ray and then having them return the pet to you.

Pet trading seems to be a popular subject, because there are a lot of editorial questions about it!

For more clarification, please refer to the following Editorial Database answers:

Issue: 363, Question #15 | Issue: 363, Question #17 | Issue: 371, Question #4 | Issue: 391, Question #2

Is it possible to have Turmaculus eat your zapped petpet? I've been trying forever with my Pile of Soot and nothing! ~ lightjediknight750
Turmaculus has been known to eat zapped petpets. He doesn't care what they look like, just that they're small and tasty!

Whether or not your petpet gets eaten depends on your luck, really. I've been trying to get the avatar for four years, casually visiting him whenever I could, and I finally got it this summer. However, he ended up eating my most expensive petpet: an unzapped, normal Trumpadon. So keep trying!

Note: JN displays a Turmaculus alert on the front page when he's awake. Very useful if you don't know or want to do the time predictions yourself.

I was wondering, does Jellyneo use a dedicated server? Thanks! ~ inethic
JN uses a virtual private server. ;)

Is it possible to change your JN user name? If it's not, will it ever be? Much thanks. ~ muffie
It is not possible to change your jnAccount user name. The admins just can't and they won't be able to for the foreseeable future--sorry! We also don't want people creating multiple jnAccounts, so before you sign up, make sure the user name you choose is the one you'll want to have forever.

If you're talking about your JN forum name, then it's still not possible to change the name you log in with, but it is possible to change your display name (the name that's shown in the online list or when you make a post/topic). You get a free name change every year under the "My Controls" link, but if you don't want to wait that long, you can also buy and use a Jumbleberry Potion from the Joodle Mart or from other shops. Please read the Joodle FAQ if you're confused about it. Joodles is the currency that we use on the forums, and only there. It has nothing to do with Neopoints or the Neopets site. Having multiple accounts on the forums is also not allowed.

With the Altador plot, I keep trying to take care of the Vaeolus, checking in on it every minute and doing the right thing, and I do this more than 10 times, yet nothing happens. I have the bandages and medicine. What am I doing wrong? ~ loveandhope505
You need 3 things before you can tend to the Vaeolus: the healing potion, the pie, and the bandages. Check our guide to see if you've missed any steps. Also, make sure you study the pictures of the Vaeolus so you recognize exactly what it needs.

When you're checking in on the petpet, you do not have to do it right at :00 (the top of the minute). You can do it a little after. "Check in once every minute" does not mean you have to do it every 60 seconds (in fact, you shouldn't do it that way). You can check in at, say, 3:33:10 and then again at 3:34:40.

The whole thing should take no more than 10 minutes.

If you are still having trouble with this, we do have an Altador Plot Help topic on the forums.

My question may require some interrogation from Fyora. If she's so kind and all, how come she always says, "You could never afford any of these!" whenever I visit the Hidden Tower? I can afford three and a half items in there! Thanks! ~ peabigmane
When there are no cameras or photographers around, Fyora can be a bit of a snob, even to the rich folks...but you didn't hear it from me! If you refresh the page, though, she'll say something...less mean.

Hi! I saw in your last editorial a question about the Lucky Space Faerie Charm that you get from Neopets Premium. What is it and what does it do? It doesn't show up in the Item Database! Thanks a lot! ~ fashiongirl25
You get the Lucky Space Faerie Charm by successfully referring two people to Premium (this means they have to actually pay for the service, it can't be two people doing the trial offer). It's not an item, it's a trophy that shows up on your user lookup. Here's what it looks like:

If you cancel the Premium service, your Charm will disappear. But if you decide to get Premium again after that, your Charm will show up again (because you were already awarded it).

What does it do? It randomly doubles your NP payout from flash games (if it happens on a featured game, your maximum payout becomes 4,000 instead of 2,000NP). Also, there's a possibility it could increase your chance of getting a random event.

Am I hallucinating or did the Soup Faerie used to feed even the pets of millionaires on Faerie day? Last year, I thought I might have gotten the timing and/or day wrong, but this time, I knew it was Sunday, so I made sure my pets were as close to hungry as possible to increase my chances of getting the Soup Faerie avatar. In the morning, I was told I was too rich, but figured it might not be ready yet, since the Faerie Festival daily activity was still yesterday's, but once I noticed it had updated, I went again and still got told off. Does that still work, or did it ever work? ~ Ron Nohn
Back in 2004, on the day of the Faerie Festival, everyone could visit and be fed by the Soup Kitchen. But it seems to be a one time only thing, since it hasn't been mentioned in the news after that.

I wish to apply to be a Content Writer on Jellyneo. However, I am under 13 years of age. But, I was able to get my parents' permission, so I can now access every part of Neopets (except "gambling" games, some unimportant email preferences, and my "hobbies" on my lookup). Would it be okay if I applied? Thanks! ~ albrechte
Sorry, but the word from Dave is that we will not be hiring anyone who is under 13, even if they have parental permission on Neopets. On the upside, though, it'll only be a year before you can apply! :)

Why can't I see the banners from sponsor quests? And in the Apple Jacks 2Gether 4Ever event, what are the locations of the apples (or banners)? I don't remember finding a guide about that! ~ kittyye
We have a whole topic about it on our forums. Basically, the locations are:

Clue #1: Wise Old King (or Brightvale)
Clue #2: Lunar Temple (or Shenkuu)
Clue #3: Haiku Generator (or Mystery Island)
Clue #4: Coltzan's Shrine (or Lost Desert)
Clue #5: Buried Treasure (or Krawk Island)
Clue #6: Tyrannia (or Tyrannian Plateau)

Once the last two clues are revealed, the locations will be posted on the forums.

If you have Premium, the ads won't show up at all. If you have done any kind of Neopets ad-blocking procedure, you will have to completely reverse it in order to see the banners (for example, if you have the AdBlock add-on, you'll have to temporarily disable it, and if you have custom stylesheets, you'll have to remove the CSS coding). JavaScript should also be enabled.

When you go to a location, you will most likely not see the banner right away. You have to keep refreshing until the banner appears...this could take hours (seriously). If one location doesn't seem to be working, try the alternative one listed.

Ultimately, it is a lot of hassle, and the reward is only 200NP per clue solved, so it's your choice whether you want to do it or not.

Check out A Lonely Soul
This issue brought to you by:
A Lonely Soul

Abandoned by my owner and deserted by fate, I've had plenty of time to look up at the night sky. How I long to be a star--admired and loved, shining brightly alongside my kin. Thousands come to visit me every day, but they poke and prod at my ragged body, taking my gifts without a word. They all leave me, and I remain...alone...