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Pierates O' Th' Caribbean: Dead Man's Jest
Published: September 19, 2009

To the mast nail our flag it is dark as the grave,
Or the death which it bears while it sweeps o'er the wave;
Let our deck clear for action, our guns be prepared;
Be the boarding-axe sharpened, the scimetar bared:
Set the canisters ready, and then bring to me,
For the last of my duties, the pie-room key.

Hi TJNT! Is there such thing as a Neocash Bank (like the Neopoints Bank)? ~ nehalvpatel
Shiver me timbers, no! Arrr!

When you click to edit your shop and choose a location, why does it only show "Neopia Central," "Mystery Island," and "Haunted Woods"? ~ tamagotchi_trixy
Because them three places be havin' marketplaces. If yer shop be large enough, it be listed in one o' them markets.

The Neopian Marketplace | Mystery Island Marketplace | Haunted Marketplace

If your pet's level drops because of Count Von Roo, do they also lose the faerie abilities they had gained? Thanks! ~ charumati
Yer pet must be a certain level in order t' get certain abilities, but once they gain them, a decrease in level will not cause them t' lose the'r existin' abilities.

Related guide: Faerie Abilities

How many tournaments of Round Table Poker must you play for the runner-up medal? ~ yaksrcewl
Ye receive the medal after ye win the fifth round (tournament level 5).

Do restock bans also prevent you from purchasing items at the Igloo Garage Sale in Terror Mountain? ~ jenlin_25
If ye be restock banned, ye can still buy things from the Igloo Garage Sale. However, 'tis also possible t' be banned from the Sale if ye attempt t' grab too many items (the maximum be 10 items per day, an' aim fer about one item per restock).

Fer them who dasn't know, a restock ban be when all the Neopian shops appear t' be empty, a consequence o' refreshin' the page too much. The quickest way t' be seein' if ye're banned be t' visit the Tiki Tack shop...'t shouldn't be empty.

The number of items in my inventory went over 50 one time. What would happen to my account, since 50 is the limit of items in the inventory right? If there is something that's going to happen, is it already safe if I decrease the number of items in my inventory? ~ dog84elaine
Ye can carry more than 50 items, but if ye do, ye will nay be able t' buy items from shops or receive items from other users.

So 'tis up t' ye if ye want t' be havin' all them things lyin' around. Nothin' will explode an' nothin' "bad" will happen, unless ye get a terrible random event. We prefer t' keep our booty safe an' allow room fer more plunderin', so we use Quick Stock.

Can your petpet still catch petpetpets if it has one attached? I wanted to know this before I splurge on a Mootix. ~ teddy_girl95
Sadly, nay. Ye can only be havin' one petpet per pet an' one petpetpet per petpet.

We be waitin' fer th' introduction o' petpetpetpets. ;)

If you delete a user from your NeoFriends list, does it also remove your name from theirs? Or must you use the "block" option to do this? Please answer this question and put my mind at ease. ~ riddlemethis77
If ye delete a NeoFriend from yer list, yer name will also be removed on theirs. 'Tis a sad tide when shipmates break apart!

Is it possible to get both the Magical Kauvara avatar and the Mutant Jubjub avatar when I use a transmogrification potion on my pet? Or do I have to buy two separate potions for the avatars? ~ judy_da_dude
Ye can only get the Magical Kauvara avatar by usin' a morphin' potion on yer pet--transmogrification potions dasn't work. So ye need two different potions t' get the two different avatars!

I was wondering if you have ever heard of someone guessing the correct weight of the Marrow? ~ missgabibelly
Yes, 't be a wonderful day when Gimpy McGee won at Guess th' Weight o' th' Marrow. He won a marrow-related item an' thar be much drinkin' an' pie-eatin'. 'Tis a bit o' a blur after that, tho.

Related guide: Guess the Weight of the Marrow

I recently had a Fountain Faerie Quest, but I made a stupid mistake by making my Acara purple instead of my other pets (the ones I wanted to be more expensive). Is there any way to go back and change it? ~ siamesegirl8
We feel bad fer ye, but unfortunately, nay, thar be nay way t' change it. Once ye paint yer pet at the Fountain, 'tis done, an' ye will be havin' t' wait fer another quest before ye be havin' access t' the Fountain again.

Is it true that if I have all the beads to Lutari talisman, I will be able to go to Lutari Island and adopt a Lutari? ~ _magdi_
Arr, 'tis false! Who keeps spreadin' these weird rumours?!

However, at the moment, Lutari Isle seems t' be undergoin' some sort o' change. Hmmm, we'd best be keepin' an eye on the seas!

Say you have a NeoFriend-only auction, and one of your friends bids on it. If you were to remove them from your list after they bid on it, would their bid remain in the auction, or would it be removed? ~ The Queen of Pie
Yarr, thinkin' o' swipin' th' item ou' from under the'r noses?

If ye remove them as a matey or friend, the'r bid would still stay in th' auction. If ye dasn't want them t' be havin' th' item, ye'd better hope someone outbids them!

After browsing through the Book of Ages, I remembered the Altador Cup Staff Tournament (TNT's, not Jellyneo's!). I remember Ollie coming in first and Snarkie in second. Who came third and is the page still up? ~ Max
We cannot find the page...'t be o'er three years ago. But DJ Skellington got third place an' El Picklesaur came in at fourth place.

They seem t' be goin' from tallest t' shortest...coincidence? We think nay!

I was just wondering about the Shop of Mystery. If you buy a bag for 1,000NP, would you get a better item than buying one at 100NP, or does it not matter how much you spend? Also, are all the prizes from the bag random? ~ horizongreen
The prices appear t' be random. Ye can spend o'er 2,000NP an' get a Pile o' Dung, or ye can spend under 1,000NP an' get a Fir.

Tarla likes t' stock a certain set o' items. Visit JN's guide t' be seein'.

Can you get the Lucky Space Faerie Charm from having the trial version of Neopets premium? ~ Th3_maj0r_
The Lucky Space Faerie Charm be a referral award given t' premium members who successfully refer two people. The Charm be displayed on yer user lookup. Both ye an' the person ye refer must have completed the trial offer an' paid money in order fer it t' count. So 'tis not possible t' get the Charm while undergoin' the trial offer.

If ye cancel the Premium service, ye will lose the Charm.

What is the name of the food store in Sakhmet? On the Sakhmet map, it says "Food Stall," but then if you click it and go to the actual shop, it says "Lost Desert Foods." What is the true name of this store? ~ jenlin_25
'Tis Lost Desert Foods, landlubber!

I have just started playing in the Battledome and doing Defenders of Neopia Series 1 and 2, but the opponents don't show up in the Battledome. What's wrong? Can you not do them at the same time? ~ osjfapgu
Ye must get the villains t' challenge ye in the Battledome before ye can pummel them! The Series 1 and Series 2 guides will help ye in findin' them. Be patient while refreshin' the page, 't could take a while before some o' them pop up!

I have some questions regarding the Ol' Fishing Hole. Is what I catch completely random? Or does it depend on your Neopet's fishing level? (I already know that you can catch the Titantic Giant Squid around level 80, though.) Thanks a bunch, you guys are awesome! ~ sparkila
Certain items can only be caught after yer pet reaches a certain fishin' level. Fer example, ye can get an Irritable Genie-in-a-Bottle when fishin' level be 70 or higher.

Thar be still a random element, tho, on accoun' o' e'en if th' fishin' level be 100, yer pet can still catch a level 1 item (such as a Butterfish).

Related guide: Underwater Fishing Prizes

I have a question that has been bothering me for some time. How do you transform items? ~ starsky1333

Th' closest thing we can think o' t' "transforming" items be Cookin' Pot items.

Ye can also zap petpets, buy morphin' experiments from th' NC Mall, be havin' partial omelettes, jellies, pizzas, etc. by feedin' them t' yer pet, create red codestones, fix broken items, an' open items.

I've been fishing at the Underwater Fishing, and I want the Mysterious Swirly Potion. Is it possible for me to get one if my fishing skill is high? Thanks! ~ ramie_frost
Ye be able t' get 't wi' a fishin' level o' 80 or higher.

The Kaleideonegg seems like a weird negg but it says it can change your pet's color, species, etc. Is this true? Because I don't want to waste tokens for a negg that doesn't work. ~ hinata1234578
Aye, 'tis true. Think o' the Kaleideonegg as a miniature lab ray, but..."milder." We tested some on our shipmates an' look what happened:

Both times, th' result be +1 hit point an' a colour change t' yellow. Don't go wastin' yer NP on a bunch o' these neggs thinkin' that ye'll get a rare pet or a rare colour. We think 'tis best if ye saved yer treasure an' yer negg tokens fer somethin' else.

Hey! I recently saw your post about the new Premium Collectible Cards, and it got me thinking, do you guys have like a page with all of the cards? Or are they only compiled in news posts drifting around the archives? ~ Crisis_courier
Ye can be seein' fer yersef by changin' th' image URL, but we're feelin' helpful 'cause we're full o' pie, so here be a list:

2006: Jun | Jul | Aug | Sept | Oct | Nov | Dec
2007: Jan | Feb | Mar | Apr | May | Jun | Jul | Aug | Sept | Oct | Nov | Dec
2008: Jan | Feb | Mar | Apr | May | Jun | Jul | Aug | Sept | Oct | Nov | Dec
2009: Jan | Feb | Mar | Apr | May | Jun | Jul | Aug | Sept
Anniversary cards: Year 1 | Year 2 | Year 3 | Year 4 | Year 5

Why can't you have more than one pet named Faerie? Or at least, allow one pet of each species to have the name Faerie? Won't Neopets run out of names eventually? Thanks. ~ theshadowbrae
But then what'll happen t' pet lookup URLs? How will they award trophies an' keep track o' Beauty Contest contestants? 't would require major database changes an' we like that pet names be unique. Thar be loads o' names t' choose from when creatin' a pet, an' if ye're really stuck, ye can always add an underscore or more letters/numbers t' make 't more creative.

I know this must have been asked, but after searching, I can't seem to find a definite answer. What were the dates when the pound went under maintenance, and when it finally reopened? ~ xx_neomania
It be under maintenance from April 28, 2007 to April 29th 2008 ('twas supposed to be reopened on the 28th, but thar be bugs t' be fixed).

Is it against the rules to join the Neopets Premium trial for the sole purpose of getting the Neomail Addict Avatar? I know I can get that randomly when sending and receiving Neomails, but it's been like years and still no luck! I heard that people get iced when joining the Premium trial and not continuing to be a full-fledged Premium member. Is this true? ~ Auron
If a landlubber be frozen fer signin' up wi' th' premium trial, we think 't be on accoun' o' they be takin' the trial multiple times, wi' multiple accounts or fake information, jus' so they could always get th' benefits o' premium without actually payin'.

'Tis not against th' rules t' do th' trial t' get th' avatar, as long as 'tis a one-time-only thing. As long as yer not abusin' th' trial offer system, 'tis okay.

Let's say you enter the Beauty Contest, and half way through the week, you get suspended. Would you be able to advertise this entry on a side or would this be against the rules? ~ zomgitsemma
Sorry, but ye can only advertise Beauty Contest entries from th' account on which ye entered. E'en if ye be frozen or suspended, please do not start advertisin' on side accounts. This be on accoun' o' monitors gettin' suspicious when they be seein' someone other than th' owner o' th' pet askin' fer votes. Puttin' notices t' TNT that say, "this be me side account" on lookups or on th' Neoboards dasn't make 't alright. (Refer t' this editorial answer.)

Hey there! I was just wondering, are we allowed to have guild accounts? I mean like accounts that only the councils can share? Please answer, thanks! ~ xhubobogum
You can be havin' a guild account, but 't can only be owned by the guild leader. Account sharin', e'en among guild council members, is not allowed. (Refer t' this editorial answer.)

Is it okay to advertise your Beauty Contest entry even if you're not on the Beauty Contest board? For example: "Avatar Chat! Spare a Draik Vote"? ~ komo95
So many swabbies do this...

Sorry, but 'tis considered spammin' an' be not allowed. If ye be havin' done this in th' past, be sure nay t' do 't again. (Refer t' this and this editorial answer.)


During the Altador Cup, do you have to play Yooyuball in order to get to the next rank? Or can you play the other cup games? ~ jankiapatel95
Ye can play th' other games, such as Slushie Slinger an' Make Some Noise, but these games be worth less, so 't will take a considerable number o' plays fer ye t' advance t' th' next rank (we're talkin' about buckets o' plays). Neopets changes these amounts every year, so we'll be seein' what happens in Altador Cup V!

Someone asked for my password a few months ago. I recently reported this, and I know that you can get frozen if you do this. Is there a chance that I can get frozen? Thanks! ~ Panini_puff
Nay, you shan't be frozen fer reportin' someone, unless ye be purposely creatin' false reports. In yer case, that horn swogglin' scurvy dog broke th' rules by tryin' t' get yer account, so ye did nothin' wrong by reportin' them!

My question concerns the Hidden Tower. With the revamp of Faerieland, where did it go? Thank you! ~ Aniqaz
Fyora, ya lily livered swabbie! Always hidin' yer tower!

Anyway, 'tis located in Faerie City between th' two tall pink monstrosities an' t' th' left o' Faerie Bubbles:

Check out Smuggler's Cove
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