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Ian's (no, Iggy's...no, Ian's!) Editorial of Awesomesauce!
Published: September 5, 2009

Well, I'm not sure how many of you know me all that well, unless you spend a decent amount of time in the shoutbox on the forums, then you might, just might know me. I'm hoping that you find this editorial enlightening, educational, yet funny. If not... well, then... I've failed you! So then, without further ado... let's get on with this editorial!

And by the way, you all get a picture of Rylon to tide you over for the time being. *pokes him with a stick*

Hey Ian, I noticed that a lot of Jellyneo staff members have pirate themed icons for their staff listing profiles. Why is that? ~ banana_monkey19
Well, other than September 19th being my birthday, it's also International Talk Like a Pirate Day! Then again, my impression of a pirate is just too horrible, so I just tend to celebrate my birthday instead.

At the beginning of every month, the theme for the icons will change, so stay tuned for October's!

For the 100th Editorial, if you all live in different countries, the how did you do the audio recording? ~ Pottingmix
Everyone got on Skype and said what they were supposed to say for the editorial. Nynex recorded everything, and after that was all done, Dave got the recording, snipped and edited it down to a reasonable amount of time (cutting out all of the hilarious parts of course, minus Suzuka's singing), and posted it.

Are you allowed to have a guild wishlist? It just lists the items that members want. It doesn't mean members have to give the items. It's just like a regular wishlist, but many complied together. Thank you if you answer my question! ~ karentimesthree
After many long, tiring hours of deliberation consulting past case logs, Lawyerbot has decided that since it is just a large group wishlist, it is perfectly fine. It would probably be helpful, though, if you found a way to point out which members want which items, just to make sure everything is clear.

I was in the Battledome and I was doing a one player fight and I kept loosing health, so I left and went to Healing Springs. The faerie said I could not have my pet healed while it was in a Battledome fight! How do I get back to my fight? ~ Kasharahlyn
I actually used to battle quite a bit in my younger days! These days...*hears back crack* Ouch! ...Rylon (and a lot of you out there) probably do think that 23 is old.

Anyways, Neopets does not provide a convenient way to let you back into a fight. If you pull up your Internet history, you can retrieve the URL to your fight and resume that way (most browsers have a menu option or button labeled "History"). The URL to your fight should look something like this:

http://www.neopets.com/battledome/fight.phtml?fightid=[random numbers]&pet1_name=[your pet's name]

If you cannot find it, then your other option is to withdraw from the fight by visiting the Status page of the Battledome. When you withdraw, your opponent will go back up to max. health again, so heal your pet and make sure they have plenty of weapons before you start a new one player fight.

In the Book of Ages, it said in the entry for 'Rohanes Father':
"Whilst this sword ('Father's Sword' which is the first weapon Rohane wields) was useless for much of the adventure, during the final fight with King Terask, the spirit of Rohane's Father possessed the sword, and turned it into the most powerful blade in the game!"
Is this really true in NQ II? I have not been able to try it out myself yet. ~ zackytacky

I have heard through the grapevine that you're absolutely right. Although, there there have been rumors that it will affect the quality of the prize you receive upon beating Neoquest II. Those rumors have not been properly investigated, though. If you just want to do it for research to see if the rumors are true, I am sure it would make Terask a good deal easier. I would not know, since I am not huge on Neoquest.

Wow, who knew, eh?

Why can't I move some of my stuff from my inventory to my closet? ~ gaomon02
I suppose it depends on what you are trying to move into your closet. You can only put items marked as "wearable" in there. In addition, it does not matter if the items are wearable by your specific pet or not, just as long as they are marked wearable. In your inventory, wearable items are labeled as such in bold blue font that says "(wearable)."

You can double check using our Item Database to see if something's truly wearable.

So, I guess William Tell is out then!

Hi Jellyneo! So, today my friend got a Grey Jetsam in the pound. Later, a person neomailed saying that it was his and that he wanted back. My friend tried to send it to him but he already traded this month. What should he do? Thanks! ~ Panini_puff
That sure is nice of your friend to do that! To be honest, you really have no way of telling if the pet was originally that guy's or not, so he may be trying to scam your friend out of that pet. If your friend really feels sorry for this person though, their only way to get the pet to that owner is to wait until next month when they can trade again (don't risk putting the Jetsam into the pound!). Just keep in mind that the Jetsam is officially your friend's, and they are under no obligation to return the pet.

If your friend decides not to give the Jetsam back and is still being harassed by that person, then the appropriate action is to send a report to TNT (do not retaliate).

For the Dailies Do-er, I have the Lunar Temple listed. I use your Lunar Temple Guide to the moon phases, and I wanted to put it on my dailies, so I don't have to find it every day. But it said only neopets.com links. Will you ever change this? ~ kzplatypus
You can already see that. In the Do-er, scroll down to where you see the Lunar Temple. You see the little Kacheek head sitting next to the time interval? That is a direct link to the Lunar Temple guide. If there is a Kacheek head next to any of the time intervals of the dailies, just click on it and it will take you to the corresponding guide.

Hey there, TJNT! I accidentally donated my Usul Transmogrification Potion. Do you know how to get it back? Thanks. ~ shell_head
Once you donate a non-wearable item, it immediately goes to the Money Tree (wearables to go the Neopian Second-Hand Shoppe). Since your item wasn't completely worthless, like a Palm Fan or a jar of Pickled Olives or something, you are out of luck since someone more than likely snatched it up within seconds of you donating it. So always be careful when moving around inventory items or using quick stock! Sorry! I wish I had better news than that!

Oh TJNT, I have a burning question! I know that the Faerie Paint Brush was for sale at the Hidden Tower a long time ago, but what I don't know is the amount at which it was priced. Do you know? ~ 101monica101
I scoured the deepest recesses of my brain for clues since yes, I have been a member on Neopets for that long, and I am pretty confident when I tell you it was 1,750,000 NP when it was in the Hidden Tower.

Editor's Note: When the Faerie Paint Brush was first added to the Tower, it was priced at 200,000 NP, but then later on, this was changed to 1,750,000 NP. ;)

Wow, look how cheap I was!

I was searching for petpets, when I thought I saw a Faerie Faellie (what I really saw was a Faerie Feepit). When I checked on the Faellie page, there was no Faerie colour option. So I submitted a bug report. Will I get frozen, when it was an honest mistake? Can I withdraw it? I really need your help! Thanks! ~ theshadowbrae
Well, it looks like you are in luck, because TNT does not mind those types of reports. They will check them to be sure, but if they discover that the report is incorrect, it is just water under the bridge. So you are safe. Do not worry.

When does the new day actually begin? Because of players in Australia and other places, does it start the day before? For example, will Usukicon start whenever it's midnight for me or when it's midnight NST? ~ Shermanpeople
The new day starts right at midnight NST for everyone. For example, if you live in Chicago, Illinois, the new Neopian day starts at 2:00 AM (in Chicago time). If you lived in London, England, the new day starts at 8:00 AM (in London time). One more for good measure, if you live in Sydney, Australia, then the new Neopian day starts at 5:00 PM (in Sydney time).

You can calculate time differences between your time zone and NST by checking the clock that's in the top right corner of almost every Neopets page and comparing it to the time displayed on a clock you have at home or on your computer. Sorting out this kind of stuff can get confusing, we know. :P

Whoosh, I'm so confused...

Where was Brightvale when Meridell was being attacked twice? Nobody ever mentions Brightvale. ~ reader8
Uh...maybe Kings Skarl and Hagan were having a fight? I'll bet Skarl called Hagan a fussy know-it-all, and Hagan called Skarl a tubby layabout and refused to help him when Lord Darigan attacked. Plus he didn't really have to, did he? Jeran, Lisha and her friends, and even Illusen and Psellia were there to help!

I know that the Mysterious Swirly Potion will turn your pet into a random LE pet, but can you get Krawks, Draiks or Lutaris from the potion? ~ _miusette_
Draiks, Grundos, Krawks, and Lutaris are considered to be restricted pets, so no, you cannot get one from using a Mysterious Swirly Potion. You can, however, get a Limited Edition pet (a Chomby, Cybunny, Hissi, Jetsam, Kiko, Koi, Poogle, or Tonu).

It's true, mateys! I'm that special!

Let's say that I stroll over to Tyrannia one day and, thanks to my incredible luck, I find a Krawk petpet in the petpet shop. Now, I'm well aware that they cost like 20 bajillion NP on the TP, but how much would they cost in the petpet shop in Tyrannia? ~ lol_moment
I, in all of my RS'ing glory (as I like to think), have never been lucky enough to see a Krawk stock. I've seen plenty of other R99 Petpets stock, though. Krawk petpets restock at around 35,000-50,000 NP (but you should have way more than that amount on hand, like 100,000 NP or 200,000 NP if you also want to restock Draik Potions). All I can do is wish you the best of luck if you are going to sit there and wait since there aren't that many items that stock as rarely as Krawks do.

Let's say I turn in two Purple Neggs to the Negg Faerie for four tokens. With those four tokens, I decide to buy a Happy Negg, but then I decide I that I don't want or need it anymore. Can I return the Negg to the Negg Faerie for four tokens? ~ shayn_xd
Once you buy a negg from the Negg Faerie, you cannot exchange it for tokens again. If you want to get rid of it, you will have to donate, discard, or sell it. Incidentally, you would have gotten more money from selling the two Purple Neggs.

I guess I don't make people that happy anymore. :(

My question is about the Job Coupons. I have seen them everywhere in stores for about 99,000 NP. I understand that, but why can't I get them elsewhere at a cheaper price? And can I get one if I do enough basic jobs? ~ kzplatypus
You can get the Brightvale Job Coupons from the Wheel of Knowledge, and the original Job Coupons can be received via random events. Both of these outcomes are quite rare, which explains why the coupons are quite expensive.

You used to get the original Job Coupons for free by signing up with sponsor offers, back in the early days. ;D

Are there really only 30 Golden Bikes in existence on Neopets? ~ cocopuff09120
Nah, of course not. If you search the Trading Post and user galleries, you'll see that there are more than 30. There are also many more than 15 Red Bikes as well.

We're really much more common than you might think!

Is there a way to delete my whole inventory in one click? Thanks! ~ Johnstags
Of course, just click the Quick Stock link. You'll then be able to pick which items you want to stock in your shop, deposit in your SDB, donate to the Money Tree, throw away, put in your Gallery, Closet, or Shed.

But be careful when throwing huge quantities of stuff away all at once! Make sure all the rare, valuable items are tucked away somewhere safe first.

Hey, Paragon of Mysteriousness. What's your favorite thing about working as part of the JN staff?
P.S. I hope you got enough bids in the auctions ;) ~ zadorvp

Zador, you know I have to say that working with Dave is the best part! How else will I get him to lose my nickname!? All kidding aside, I really enjoy being able to help out the users of Neopets. If something I write or say can help them and make their day a bit brighter, then I've done my job well. Cheesy, I know, but it is still the truth!

P.S. You know very well that my time is totally worth more Joodles than what is in the entire economy!

That does it! You'll remain Iggy for an eternity! Muahahahaha!

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