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Editorial 100: Birthday Podcast Edition
Published: August 29, 2009

Once again, we've decided to celebrate a milestone edition of the JN Editorial with a special audio version! :D Running time is about 13 minutes, so take a listen! You'll get to hear Suzuka, Nynex, Dave, Rylon and Kata answer your own questions about Jellyneo over the past 5 years.

And now, without further adieu, the transcript! ~ The JN Staff

Suzuka: Hey everybody and welcome to JN's special podcast edition editorial. This is our 100th issue and, we're using it as a special occasion to cap off our week of birthday celebrations. We're glad you've all joined us today and we hope you enjoy the editorial. I'm Suzuka...

Nynex: ... Nynex...

Dave: ... I'm Dave...

Kata: ... I'm Kata...

Rylon: ... and I'm Rylon.

Suzuka: Alrighty. Alright our first question comes from Dude__32, on the history page, it says "Jellyneo was restarted by Dave, former Admin of the old JN". Why does it say restarted? Who was the old owner? Happy birthday, by the way!

Dave: Well, JN used to be run by another group of people of which I was a part of, but I was just an admin there, I didn't actually own and run the site. The old owner was named Brian and he shut down the site in 2003. Coincidentally while I was on vacation, I came back and found that the site was just gone with no explanation. And then I reopened it in 2004 and we've been going strong ever since.

Suzuka: Five more years, yay! *claps*


Rylon: *mumbled acknowledgement of previous humour that none of us could make out* Our second question comes from the user Allyru, since the beginning of Jellyneo to now, what do you notice has changed, in your opinion, to the better?

Suzuka: I think the best change has been that we've grown to a much larger size, both staff and information wise. Back when Dave started the site there were only about 5 guides and some news here and there. Since then we've been able to bring you guys a ton more Neopets information on basically anything you've ever wanted. From items, to characters and game guides, to articles and, of course, in-depth plot information.

Dave: And of course we've just opened our newest section, a Petpet Park guide, run by Jordan, Ally and Andrea, so you should check that out if you can.

Suzuka: Our third question comes from JohnPaul, he says Hey JN! I just wanted to say thanks for 5 years worth of awesomeness. Here's my question: how many staffers have there been since JN started? Happy Birthday JN!

Kata: So we have 35 staffers now; since the beginning of JN we've had about 100 different people helping out with all sorts of things, from content to the item database. And most recently we've grabbed a couple of programmers. Okay, this next question is from z_star_kox, and it is: hey Jellyneo staff members, happy 5th Birthday Jellyneo! Okay, so the item database was down for a few days. What happened?

Dave: Well we actually had some faulty coding in the search algorithm and a hacker found out a way to exploit it and brought the database down. It's back to normal now and no damage was done, because we caught it before he actually did anything, he was just testing. Actually, for all the technical folks out there, he used a sleep query to sleep ten seconds after finding each row. And he basically ran this query that was going to go on for about 4 days before stopping, and that just brought everything down and was very messy. But we got it all sorted out and everything is a-okay now.

Suzuka: I'm nodding as if I understood that.

Dave: Sorry.

Suzuka: If anybody, like me, who doesn't understand big words, will understand there was a problem and you know exactly what happened and it's safe now.

Dave: Well I started off by saying "for the technical folks out there."

Suzuka: Oh I know you did, that was very good. I'm just teasing you because I'm obviously not one of them. Even though I'm a tech major.

Dave: Well you at least know what query means, right?

Suzuka: Yeah.

Dave: Okay good.

Suzuka: I think everybody does. Well, not my mother...

Kata: Thanks to sci-fi movies.


Nynex: Our next question is from cheiro_de_queijo, how did Neocash change Jellyneo?

Suzuka: As a whole, I don't really think it did that much. Some things it did affect were the item database, which has to keep Neocash and Neopoints separate, and the news pas... bleh, the newspastors.


Nynex: Alright, finally got a blooper!

Suzuka: Hi Nynex, you're now a pastor, did you know? Okay sorry, let's try that again, where you're not a pastor.

*laughter continues*

Suzuka: I'm sorry *regains composure* As a whole, I don't really think it did that much. Some things is did affect were the item database, which has to keep Neocash and Neopoints separate. And our news posters who had to add whole new sections to search, so they can discover things like the mystery capsules Nynex posted last week.

Dave: Bravo.

Rylon: Very nice. Those two capsules are pretty awesome, though.

Suzuka: They are awesome, I just wanna, I just want the capsules to be cheap.

Rylon: Are they actually world of Neopia things? Or is it just like compasses and stuff that are over them?

Nynex: I'm really not sure.

Dave: Question six!

Kata: Okay, so this question is from Solsticesprite, and it's what was your favorite Jellyneo event to put on? Which took the most work?

Rylon: The answer for these two questions is one and the same, by majority concensus - the Jellyneo Negg Hunt '09! Rosie started working on it immediately after finishing our Christmas flash, all the way back in December!

Suzuka: That was a big project.

Rylon: That thing was mahoosive.

Suzuka: *questioning* Mahoosive?

Rylon: Yes *giggles*

Nynex: It was fun for all of us.

Suzuka: Do you actually say "mahoosive" on a regular basis?

Rylon: It's not a word I would normally use, admittedly.


Dave: Our seventh question is from crazywatermelonh, they write: I must say, Jellyneo has changed over the years. You guys are doing an amazing job. What is it that keeps the whole staff so motivated?

Suzuka: I can't answer for everyone else, but for me it's the knowledge that so many Neopians look to us for the help they need on a daily basis. Knowing that our work is really DOING something is a pretty amazing feeling!

Nynex: I think we've spent a lot of time working with each other and we have lots of great ideas. We just like to be able to work with it.

Rylon: Yeah and I think the whole, sort of, the events we put on; being able to work for something FOR the people that we're here to help. It's really nice for us to have something to really get involved in as staff members and put a smile on people's faces for the end result.

Suzuka: Our next question comes from MemorySoul, hey JN! I have a random question, on what day did you guys get 1,000,000 hits? Thanks!

Rylon: We got 1,000,000 hits on April 14, 2005. If you are looking at the transcript of this editorial you should see the screenshot below.

1,000,000 hits!

Nynex: Our tenth question is from Max. Congrats on your 5th Birthday JN! You are now the same age of my little sister. Who was the first staffer including Dave? -- Excluding Dave!

Rylon: Excluding!

Nynex: Darnit!

Suzuka: *laughter* Oh my gosh that is amazing!

Dave: Right, so if now we're the same age as his little sister, haven't we always been the same age?

Suzuka: Yeah.

Dave: Technically humans don't age faster than websites.

Kata: It could be a different day of the year, so that only part of the time, they're both 5?

Dave: So still, we've been the same age at another point.

Nynex: So his sister was born the same day JN was born.

Rylon: I'm sure someone was born on the same day as this site.

Dave: Uh, our first staff member was named Keen, and he was an old Admin from Jellyneo when we first started out, and he was basically my right-hand man until around 2005 when he retired and moved on from Neopets. And then around that time I hired Stephen and Terry to be Admins, and Terry's been with us ever since, but Stephen retired last summer, I believe. And then we hired Suzuka to be Admin, and most recently Nynex has become Admin.

Suzuka: Our next question comes from Pottingmix. *overzealous singing* Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birth-- oh wait, that's the wrong one!


Rylon: Excellent! Please keep that in!

Nynex: Get carried away?

Dave: Alright, just read it one more time. You can sing it if you like.

Suzuka: Our next question comes from Pottingmix. *singing* Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you, you smell like a Mynci, and you look like one too! Okay that was me being really weird, somebody else should read this question.

Dave: No, that's why I put you down for that one.

Rylon: Yeah, your singing makes it fun.

Suzuka: It's so weird!

Dave: I knew you'd sing it.

Suzuka: *completing the question* Have you ever had to go to another country because of JN?

Rylon: As much fun as that would be, the answer, unfortunately, is no. We have staff situated all over the world, and while many of have taken trips to other countries, nothing has ever happened for the sole purpose of JN.

Dave: Do you want to say where everyone's been? Or at least the people here, do you want to go round and say 'hey, I've been here and here'? Has anyone actually been anywhere?

Suzuka: Ow!

Nynex: I've been to the East Coast, which is not ---

Rylon: I've been to Florida, and to Spain, and to places in Europe.

Suzuka: I've been to Iceland, and to France and Germany.

Dave: You've been to Iceland?

Suzuka: Yes, I have been to Iceland.

Dave: Why'd you go there?

Suzuka: Because I took Iceland Air and they switched planes in Iceland. I didn't get out of the Airport, but I was in Iceland. I did not walk on Icelandic soil, but I got Icelandic stamps on my Passport, and I got Icelandic money.

Dave: Oooh.

Rylon: Why did you have Icelandic money if you weren't getting off the plane?

Suzuka: I didn't get out of the airport.

Rylon: Oh, okay, sorry.

Suzuka: We switched planes.

Kata: Alright, this next question is from Tom. And its: What is the craziest idea the admins have come up with for JN? A Dungary? Perhaps a Vending Machine?

Suzuka: Well, unfortunately, most of the crazy ideas don't come to fruition. One idea that I'm so very fond of keeps getting rejected by Dave for being just a little 'too insane', he says. I mean I think it's perfectly reasonable - all I want is a salary!

Dave: Aww, boo-hoo! Alright, question thirteen!

Rylon: Over the course of the five -- *interrupted* -- thanks! Over the course of the five years that JN has been around, what would you consider to be it's biggest accomplishment for the site overall (in YOUR opinions as Staffers) and which would you say was the biggest "member pleaser" thus far? This question is from Ally, our staff member.

Nynex: Our Item Database is definitely a member pleaser, as people can make wishlists, and look up items they want to collect, and they would know what prices they are.

Rylon: Yeah, I use it, since I'm a restocker, I use it almost on a daily basis and just look up everything; it's just so, so useful to have all that knowledge in one place.

Kata: I actually thought the Book Of Ages was pretty useful. I don't really like having to go through the Neopedia, it's kind of a pain, and not nearly as complete.

Suzuka: I love the BOA. It's my home-dawg. *laughter* I'm so ghetto!

Dave: Accomplishments, coding-wise, is something that we're still working on, and we haven't, we're not ready for it yet, but it's pretty cool and it will be coming soon, so look out for it.

Nynex: I can't wait for that.

Suzuka: Okay. Well that's our editorial! Thank you all for joining us today on our fantabulous 100th edition. We hope you enjoyed all our Birthday festivities that we held this past week, and we look forward to bringing you another great year of JN content. Bye!

Group: Bye!