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There are several hundred secret avatars that you can obtain and proudly show off on the Neoboards. Each avatar has a unique method for obtaining, and we've outlined them all in this section. Once you obtain an avatar, you can change it on the Neoboard Preferences page. If you can't find an avatar, try asking the little Arkmite to the right!

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Infirmary Infirmary - [Related Guide] - [Fonts]
Use all 10 different potions to cure the patients at the Infirmary during the Wraith Resurgence event.
Released on February 9, 2018
Beauty Contest Beauty Contest - [Related Guide] - [Fonts]
Place 1st, 2nd or 3rd overall or in species in a round of the Beauty Contest.
Released on November 12, 2014
Beware the Neggbreaker Beware the Neggbreaker - [Related Guide] - [Fonts]
Awarded randomly after completing the Negg Cave puzzle. Previously obtained from the Mysterious Negg quest during the 2012 Festival of Neggs.
Released on April 23, 2012
Forgotten Shore Forgotten Shore - [Related Guide] - [Fonts]
Random when collecting a daily prize at the Forgotten Shore.
Released on September 2, 2011
Imposter Apple Imposter Apple - [Related Guide] - [Fonts]
Randomly awarded when obtaining an Imposter Apple while Apple Bobbing. Also awarded if you lose an Imposter Apple while bobbing.
Released on December 9, 2010
Wishing Well Wishing Well - [Related Guide] - [Fonts]
Donate 48673 NP at the Wishing Well with one of your daily 7 wishes. What you wish for doesn't matter.
Released on June 10, 2010
Grundo - Discarded Plushie Grundo - Discarded Plushie - [Related Guide] - [Fonts]
Random when collecting a daily prize at The Discarded Magical Blue Grundo Plushie of Prosperity.
Released on September 25, 2009
Goggles [Does not count in collection] Goggles [Does not count in collection] - [Fonts]
Try clothing on in the NC Mall. You do NOT get a random event and you do NOT need to pay for the avatar.
Released on July 16, 2007
A Day At The Beach A Day At The Beach - [Related Guide] - [Fonts]
Go on a Tiki Tour with one of your pets.
Released on June 26, 2007
Lenny - Finneus Lenny - Finneus - [Related Guide] - [Fonts]
Visit King Altador after completing the Altador Mini-plot and after receiving your first prizes. (You receive this by going back approximately 6-12 hours later.)
Released on September 16, 2006
Nimmo - Emote Nimmo - Emote - [Fonts]
Make a topic or post in the Avatar/Neosignatures board with :)*angry*:( as your only message. Your signature and neoHTML might also need to be clear if you cannot get it.
Released on June 15, 2006
Yes Boy Ice-Cream Yes Boy Ice-Cream - [Related Guide] - [Fonts]
See a Yes Boy Ice-Cream concert in the Tyrannian Concert Hall. Visit the Ticket Booth in Tyrannia to buy a ticket. You can also buy tickets from other users.
Released on April 3, 2006
Jub Zambra Jub Zambra - [Related Guide] - [Fonts]
See a Jub Zambra concert in the Tyrannian Concert Hall. Visit the Ticket Booth in Tyrannia to buy a ticket. You can also buy tickets from other users.
Released on March 23, 2006
Buzz - Maraquan Buzz - Maraquan - [Fonts]
Click here, right click and view the source. Search for "buzz1". Find the URL. Tack it onto http://www.neopets.com and it should look something like this: http://www.neopets.com/games/caption/caption_archive.phtml?buzz1=xxxx&place=664
Please note that this works in English only.
Released on January 11, 2006
Symol Symol - [Related Guide] - [Fonts]
Random whilst diving into the Symol Hole.
Released on October 21, 2005
Petpet Laboratory Petpet Laboratory - [Related Guide] - [Fonts]
Have your petpet zapped into a Pile of Soot by the Petpet Lab Ray.
Released on August 3, 2005
Kiko - Rock! Kiko - Rock! - [Fonts]
At the Music Page, right click, click View Source, press Ctrl+F, search for "secretavatar" and you should find a link. This is your own unique link for the avatar.
Released on July 15, 2005
Geraptiku - Deserted Tomb Geraptiku - Deserted Tomb - [Related Guide] - [Fonts]
Random when you win an item from the Deserted Tomb.
Released on July 15, 2005
Premium Space Faerie Premium Space Faerie - [Fonts]
You must refer a certain amount of paying people to Premium Neopets. As of 2012, this avatar is automatically awarded to those with Premium service. (Once received, this counts as a default avatar. It does not count for your avatar count, and technically isn't a secret avatar.) Quitting Neopets Premium will cause this avatar to disappear; it will reappear if you sign up again.
Released on June 29, 2005
Fishing - Titanic Squid Fishing - Titanic Squid - [Related Guide] - [Fonts]
Catch a Titanic Giant Squid in the Underwater Fishing Cavern.
Released on June 20, 2005
Bon Appétit Bon Appétit - [Related Guide] - [Fonts]
Awarded when you take your pet for a meal at the Kelp Restaurant and receive leftovers to take home.
Released on April 21, 2005
Lever of Doom Lever of Doom - [Related Guide] - [Fonts]
Random when having 100 NP stolen by the Lever of Doom.
Released on February 8, 2005
Jazzmosis Elephante Jazzmosis Elephante - [Related Guide] - [Fonts]
See a Jazzmosis concert in the Tyrannian Concert Hall. Visit the Ticket Booth in Tyrannia to buy a ticket. You can also buy tickets from other users.
Released on January 17, 2005
I ♥ Happiness I ♥ Happiness - [Fonts]
Have your avatar set to the I *heart* Sloth avatar, and visit this page.
Released on January 14, 2005
Taelia the Snow Faerie Taelia the Snow Faerie - [Related Guide] - [Fonts]
Complete one of Taelia's quests.
Released on December 22, 2004
Snowager - Rawr! Snowager - Rawr! - [Related Guide] - [Fonts]
Random when getting blasted by the Snowager.
Released on December 8, 2004
Random Contest Winner Random Contest Winner - [Related Guide] - [Fonts]
Win the Random Contest. (The contest was on hiatus from November 3, 2014 through January 23, 2018.)
Released on November 2, 2004
Cap'n Threelegs Cap'n Threelegs - [Related Guide] - [Fonts]
Complete a course at The Academy.
Released on October 8, 2004
Island Mystic Island Mystic - [Related Guide] - [Fonts]
Go to the Island Mystic and receive a fortune with the word "kyrii" in it.
Released on August 27, 2004
Neopian Times Star Neopian Times Star - [Related Guide] - [Fonts]
Get into the Neopian Times 10+ times. (Editorial Questions do not count).
Released on July 23, 2004
Neomail Addict Neomail Addict - [Fonts]
Randomly awarded when sending a Neomail. Was previously awarded when you signed up for the 15-day Premium Neopets trial. This trial is no longer available.
Released on June 25, 2004
Pwned by the Lab Pwned by the Lab - [Related Guide] - [Fonts]
Get your pet's species changed via the Lab Ray.
Released on June 23, 2004
Turmaculus Turmaculus - [Related Guide] - [Fonts]
Get your petpet eaten by Turmaculus.
Released on June 10, 2004
Caption Contest - Funny Caption Contest - Funny - [Related Guide] - [Fonts]
Win one of the tenth Caption Contests. (1410th, 1420th, 1430th, etc. - starting from contest 1400)
Released on April 14, 2004
Groovy Chomby Groovy Chomby - [Related Guide] - [Fonts]
See a Chomby and the Fungus Balls concert in the Tyrannian Concert Hall. Visit the Ticket Booth in Tyrannia to buy a ticket. You can also buy tickets from other users.
Released on March 23, 2004
Uni Faboo Uni Faboo - [Related Guide] - [Fonts]
Restock a rarity 80+ item at the Clothes Shop.
Released on March 2, 2004
Buzzin Buzzin - [Related Guide] - [Fonts]
Complete a quest for the Fountain Faerie and paint your Buzz any color at the Rainbow Fountain.
Released on January 9, 2004
I Love My Rock I Love My Rock - [Related Guide] - [Fonts]
See a Sticks N Stones concert in the Tyrannian Concert Hall. Visit the Ticket Booth in Tyrannia to buy a ticket. You can also buy tickets from other users.
Released on December 16, 2003
Avatar Collector Avatar Collector - [Fonts]
Be ranked in the Top 50 for avatar collectors. This is usually easiest on the first day of the month before the top collectors reset their avatar count. You can reset your avatar count by gaining a new avatar; it is easiest to do this by losing and then regaining the Emo Usuki avatar.
Released on October 29, 2003
Edna - Cackle! Edna - Cackle! - [Related Guide] - [Fonts]
Awarded when you complete one of Edna's Quests. (Note: In Editorial 603, TNT suggests that quests where "a few items" are asked for is important. A number of people have reported receiving this avatar after completing a quest where she asks for three items.)
Released on October 28, 2003
Plushie Eyrie Plushie Eyrie - [Fonts]
Go to the Neoboards, pick a topic, and post "squawk" (without the quotation marks). If you do not receive it, try setting your avatar to the default one.)
Released on October 10, 2003
Chocolate! Chocolate! - [Related Guide] - [Fonts]
Buy any item with a rarity of 90 or above from the Chocolate Factory.
Released on September 15, 2003
Sloth! Sloth! - [Fonts]
Awarded via a Random Event.
Released on August 11, 2003
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