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NeoHomes 2.0: Image Marking & More NCMall Furniture
  • Posted by Terry
  • Posted on July 30, 2008, 12:27 am NST

NCMall Furniture Shop Header:

Thanks to hoeiva, one of our IDBers (and a jnForums member) and his friend for tipping us off!

There are two things that we have found about NeoHomes 2.0. The first thing is the new image marking on NeoHome 2.0-able items. If you have had furniture in your inventory today, most likely, you will have seen the NeoHomes 2.0 logo in the bottom-right corner of the item image. (If you haven't, look at the image below... and read the caption, just to make me happy. :D)

EDIT: You can now view the NCmall furniture shop, and view the prices.

Come on over to my NeoHome! I'd love to teach them about Randy Pausch's Last Lecture!

Currently, all the items that are NeoHomes 2.0-able are tagged with this image.

Click For Larger Image

Next up is... the super NCMall Furniture items! There are furniture items for every land. But... we do have a problem. There are too many images for this small, tiny newspost. So, we've decided to throw up a NCMall NeoHomes 2.0 Preview page. It's not the prettiest thing, but it'll do. ;D (Thanks to Nynex and Mike for helping out! :D)

To make it easier for everyone to see ALL the NeoHome 2.0 exclusive items, we've created a NeoHomes 2.0 Special Category. (I love our ItemDB team. <3)

Well, that's it. Have a great morning. Or evening. Dr. Horrible FTW!
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New Caption - Caption 931
  • Posted by Nynex
  • Posted on July 30, 2008, 2:31 pm NST

When is it my turn? ;-;

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Key Quest: New Config, New Chance For Testing!
  • Posted by Terry
  • Posted on July 31, 2008, 11:27 am NST

Quite a short newspost, but... Key Quest is back open for you guys to test!

Feel free to leave your comments (and questions) in our Neopets Key Quest forum on the jnForums! (You do need a jnForums account though.) If you have found any bugs while testing, please leave them in this topic. Thanks!

By the way, Key Quest is AWESOME. :D

Also, if you get a white screen on Key Quest, update your Flash. Thanks. :)

jNews - Key Quest Open Beta! | jNews - Key Quest Prizes Out!
jNews - Can't Get Into Key Quest? Here's Why.

Also, new Twin Skies Help Newsposts! (With some news on Ollie, who some of you might know as TPOSG.)
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August Freebies
  • Posted by Nynex
  • Posted on July 31, 2008, 11:57 pm NST

August is here, and it is time to head on over and grab yourself some free foods and NP. The high score tables have also been reset with the first of the month, so go earn yourself a shiny new game trophy.

Our Modeling Coordinators are currently looking for some talented pets to show off items. Head on over to the We Need You forum to sign your pet up for a modeling career. (You need a forum account, so sign up for one today!)

Have questions or comments about the latest Key Quest Beta? Join in the Key Quest discussion on the forums and let others know what you think, or organize a group to play a few games with. Thanks to Snarkie for dropping by to check up on some of our members bugs and questions regarding the beta testing.

Also check out Twin Skies Help and keep up to date with the games progress and development, and hear from the developers in their video blogs.

EDIT: We've put up some more newsposts on TwinSkiesHelp.net! You should take a look at them... and also join the tshForums!

Now I'm going to head back to finishing up this weeks editorial. If you have questions, send them in. (:

EDIT 2: Sorry to all our Neopets visitors, but here's another Twin Skies Help update. It appears as if the Twin Skies Forums (on the Twin Skies site) will open today! Click here to check out the news story!
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