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The Dancer
  • Posted by Jibbles
  • Posted on April 5, 2006, 6:02 pm NST

A new club has been released... the Dance Club.
"Join the Dance Club! Learn to glide across the dance floor and impress all your friends with your funky style!""Maybe now I'll get some people to join my club!" He looks at you as you enter. "You again?! I don't want the likes of you in my club!"Oh dear! Despite the flyer, it seems that the Dance Club isn't accepting new members at the moment.
Clicking the highlighted dot reveals a new pattern.
There seems to be a regular pattern of lights reflecting off the disco ball...
Now go and visit the Archivist.
The archivist says, "Ah, another clue? Right here in our very own Archives? And in some kind of underground dancing establishment operating on the premises?! Who authorised that? Go, find that constellation, I've got to deal with these hooligans."
You should now get your coordinates again and then plot them (alternatively just go here to be told the co-ordinates). You should then mount your telescope.Full details in our walkthrough.More information will be added to this news post as soon as we have it.
Marak, The Wave -- Part Five
  • Posted by Terry
  • Posted on April 7, 2006, 2:54 pm NST

Well, it's out! You should go to The Docks.

These docks are the basis of Altador's mighty shipping industry.

There, you should click on one of the waves on the right hand side.

The spray on the waves seems to have formed itself into an unlikely pattern...

You should then get your coordinates, find your points on a star chart and then find them on your telescope!

The constellation looks like this:

After you have found your constellation, you should go to the Astronomy Club.

There, the Wocky says "We just wanted to say that we appreciate all the great work you're doing for the Astronomy Club. Finding those constellations has really made everyone impressed with us! So, because of that, we got together -- except for Mr. Pouty over there --" She glares at the club president. "--and got you this!"

Broken Astrolabe

"The Wocky continues, "Sorry it's broken, but we don't have a lot of money. In fact, we found it in the storage closet here... But it's still a cool little item, isn't it?""

You should then head to the Toy Repair Shop and fix your astrolabe.

Shiny Astrolabe

You can then head to the Lenny Archivist and read the long speech he gives you. :P

You can also head to the Janitor and read this.

"The janitor says, "Ah, you lit up the gems above Marak, the Wave. It's so soothing going down to the seaside and watching the ocean. Just the thing I need when I descend into uncontrollable rage.""
You should now be updated on the plot!

ALSO: You can discuss the plot on our Forums! We have a FABULOUS community there and we hope you'll join us! A template has been posted there for the Boomspeed site. You'll need to be a member though.

Also, please do not send in a bug report asking for help with the plot. This annoys Dave, and then he gets into an uncontrollable rage. And that just isn't good. :sad: Anyway... To get some help, just post in our forums in the Altador forum! There's a whole community there waiting to help you.


I just want to note that if you lost your Astronomy Club Membership Badge AND your Shiny Astrolabe, you can't get it back as of now. Sorry. :sad:

The only way to protect them is to put them in your SDB (Safety Deposit Box).

Astronomy Club Membership Badge

Shiny Astrolabe

Update: Our walkthrough and super-quick walkthrough are now updated.
New Captions
  • Posted by aznmiguel
  • Posted on April 7, 2006, 8:24 pm NST

TNT has changed up Monday's caption to a Tyrannian theme. We also have a Cybunny caption for Cybunny Day later this month (April 27th).

Easter Cybunny
  • Posted by Dave
  • Posted on April 8, 2006, 6:26 am NST

The Easter Cybunny has come a bit early this year. :wink: For today only, the above avatar is available by sending this Neogreeting to anyone you like. So get it today before you have to wait a whole year!

Oops! We lied. You can still get the avatar today, April 9th. :wink:
New Caption and Neogreeting
  • Posted by Dave
  • Posted on April 10, 2006, 4:58 pm NST

This new caption features the Defenders of Neopia. It also has a matching greeting.

Click to preview
Sad Plot News
  • Posted by Terry
  • Posted on April 10, 2006, 7:50 pm NST

Unfortunately, the newest constellation has been postponed to tomorrow.

Off goes my letter to tell the archivist that I can't work today!

Looks like we'll have to wait another day. We will have the latest plot news tomorrow, since we know TNT isn't going to postpone until later. :tongue:
The Colosseum Constellation Otherwise Known As The Gladiator
  • Posted by Terry
  • Posted on April 11, 2006, 3:31 pm NST

Well, next plot step is out!

Go to the colosseum.

You then have to click on every door on the first and second levels (except for the main entrance.) If you choose the right door, go to the next step. ;o

""Psst... hey, you. You look like someone who'd be interested in joining..." He glances around furtively and whispers. "Punch Club. And before you do, you have to remember that the first rule of Punch Club is that you don't talk about Punch Club... unless someone asks, then you can talk about it. Just don't bring it up. Unless you overhear someone else talking about it, because, like, they clearly already know about it." He nods, agreeing with himself. You get the impression that this Grarrl is not entirely stable."

Note He moves around ever so often, so you might have to look for him again.

Then click on the button to go to the Punch Club.

There, you should click on a punch bowl.

"Would you like some punch?"

What a refreshing drink of punch.

You should drink until you can click on the Golden Goblet between the second and third punch bowls. If you get bounced back, go back, look for the Grarrl again and start over.

If you can't get in, you should use this table listing the different combinations you can use.

111 - 112 - 113
121 - 122 - 123
131 - 132 - 133

211 - 212 - 213
221 - 222 - 223
231 - 232 - 233

311 - 312 - 313
321 - 322 - 323
331 - 332 - 333

I'd recommend a combination with all three numbers first. (Numbers meaning the placement of the punch bowl from left to right.)

Then you should click on the star.

You should then visit the archivist so that your co-ordinates are updated. Then Get Your Coordinates, Find Your Stars OR Have Your Constellations Found FOR YOU. Then Find Them On Your Telescope.

The constellation looks like this:

Little Tidbits:

The Janitor says, "The janitor shouts, "Punch Club?! You went to Punch Club without me?! RAARGHHR! I LOVE PUNCH!! I WISH I HAD SOME RIGHT NOW!!!" He foams at the mouth and growls incoherently."

The Archivist says, "Now, this is very important, so pay attention. I've delved even deeper into the magics that have stolen our history, and I've realised that they seem very familiar. I can't quite put my finger on it, but I've definitely seen magic like this before. The problem is that what the magics most remind me of are... well... I don't know who, specifically, but I believe they are similar to magics wielded by one of the Heroes of Altador. I don't know who, though; all of the Heroes use magic to some degree or other, and I don't know if I can identify who, precisely, might have created the magic in question here."

He sighs. "The problem, of course, is that if one of the Heroes is responsible for the magics that have stolen our history... well, that would be a great tragedy. Imagine! Another betrayer among the ranks of the Heroes! But who could it be?""

At the Astronomy Club, "
A couple of the other club members--the Wocky and the Korbat--come over to you. They motion you over to a corner of the room. "Listen, we're all pretty unhappy with how the club president is running this place. I mean, we can do what we want, mostly, but he's just really grouchy and being a jerk lately. We just wanted to let you know that, um..." She glances around furtively. "He may not be the club president for much longer, if you know what I mean." She winks meaningfully at you, then goes back to her star charts."

The Book of Ages has also been updated.

You should now be updated.

Update: Our Plot Guide and SuperQuick Walkthrough are now updated.

We'll update this newspost as we find more information.

Edit: Please do NOT email the staff regarding the plot. You can leave a message on the Altador Plot Discussions and we will read and answer. Alternatively, you can post a comment. Also, please do NOT post links here. It stretches out the comments. Thanks!

In Addition, your comments will be deleted every 75 comments or more. This is to keep the comments from being clogged up.
DoN II Challenger -- Mr. Chuckles
  • Posted by Terry
  • Posted on April 11, 2006, 4:42 pm NST


Mr. Chuckles will be waiting for you in the BATTLEDOME!!!

Mr. Chuckles used to work as an entertainer before the Theme Parks left town, now he sits practicing his tricks, waiting for his audience to return.

To get Mr. Chuckles, go to the Haunted Woods Scratchcards and hover your cursor over Sydney for two seconds. Then, you should head to Test Your Strength and hover your cursor over Arnold for two seconds. Then head to Coconut Shy and refresh. You'll then get the new battledome challenger.

You can either do that or just head straight to Coconut Shy and refresh there.

Once you beat Mr. Chuckles, head to the new Defenders of Neopia Series 2 pages to get your new trophy.

Defender of
Neopia Series 2
(Mission 1)
Sketch Lenny
  • Posted by Dave
  • Posted on April 11, 2006, 6:08 pm NST

This lovely sketch lenny has popped up.

Krawk Day
  • Posted by Dave
  • Posted on April 11, 2006, 6:15 pm NST

Krawk Day is this Sunday, and a background has been found for the festivities.