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Altador Cup IX

TNT Staff Tournament

Beginning June 6th, 2014, you will be able to create your own TNT staff "dream team." Build your team by selecting two forward players, two defenders and one goalie. At the end of each week, each player's points will be added up, Neopoint prizes will be given out, and you will be able to select a team for the following week.

The Players

You can pick from your favourite teams, favourite staffers, or whomever you think will rack up the most amount of points for your dream team. Displayed below is a list of the players, the teams they are representing, and the position they play. (You can also see how well some of the staffers played in last year's competition.)

Team: Tyrannia
Strength: Lightning Fast
Weakness: Distracted by puppies
DJ Skellington
DJ Skellington
Team: Haunted Woods
Strength: SPF1000
Weakness: Running out of SPF1000
Team: Terror Mountain
Strength: Keyboard Smashing
Weakness: Short attention sp--
Team: Brightvale
Strength: El Pickelsaur poems
Weakness: Usukicon exclusives
Team: Mystery Island
Strength: Ninja skills
Weakness: Puppies
Team: Moltara
Strength: Hair volume
Weakness: Humidity
Team: Krawk Island
Strength: Pointy Sword
Weakness: Scurvy
Bancha Ninja
Bancha Ninja
Team: Shenkuu
Strength: Offensive defense
Weakness: Over-speeding
Team: Roo Island
Strength: Blinding typing speed
Weakness: A nice cup of tea
El Picklesaur
El Picklesaur
Team: Altador
Strength: Solar Power
Weakness: Edge Enhancement
Marketing Maggie
Marketing Maggie
Team: Faerieland
Strength: Sparkling style
Weakness: Easily Distracted
Mr. Insane
Mr. Insane
Team: Kiko Lake
Strength: Immune to bananas
Weakness: Can't digest bananas
The Anvil
The Anvil
Team: Lost Desert
Strength: Dirty Play
Weakness: Office Bagels
Team: Kreludor
Strength: Tomfoolery
Weakness: Common Decency
Team: Meridell
Strength: Consistency
Weakness: Versatility
Team: Darigan Citadel
Strength: Unlimited Ice Cream
Weakness: Fishing Programs
Jimmy James
Jimmy James
Team: Maraqua
Strength: Crafty Athleticism
Weakness: Meepit Manipulation
Team: Virtupets
Strength: Astrophysics
Weakness: Vacuums (all kinds)


Changes can be made to your dream team at any time during each week until midnight (12:00am NST) Friday. The results for each round will be announced on Friday afternoons.

Round Team Choosing Results On
Round One 6th June 13th June
Round Two 13th June 20th June
Round Three 20th June 27th June

Round Scores and Results

At the end of each round, each player's total scores are added up. The total is then divided by 2, and that is how much NP you are awarded. At the end of the last round, you'll be able to cash in your points for items. Below is a table of each staffer's scores for each round.

Results - Forwards
Staffer Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Total
Blitzkrieg 636 795 969 2400
DJ Skellington 1260 1250 1271 3781
Dragona 1568 1216 1347 4131
Lawyerbot 1195 1298 1143 3636
Ninjakins 635 1040 1355 3030
Senor Malo 1345 1430 1420 4195
Viola 682 791 976 2449
Results - Defenders
Staffer Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Total
Bancha Ninja 1485 1480 1510 4475
Droplet 862 1198 1360 3420
El Picklesaur 1210 1030 1042 3282
Marketing Maggie 476 794 743 2013
Mr. Insane 1063 1167 1233 3463
The Anvil 1235 1940 1910 5085
V-Man 538 898 628 2064
Results - Goalies
Staffer Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Total
Breik 1152 1275 1185 3612
Comastar 1437 1731 1699 4867
Jimmy James 1077 905 1119 3101
Snarkie 1640 1435 1503 4578


You can spend any points you earned at the prize shop.

Final Prizes
Altador Cup Staff Tournament

Altador Cup Staff Tournament / Guide

Submit a vote in the yearly TNT AC Staff Tournament. (See: old image.)

Released: June 10, 2010