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Altador Cup III

Jellyneo's Altador Cup III 2008 Coverage
Game Information

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- Make Some Noise
- Slushie Slinger

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- Altador Cup Prizes/Trophies
Altador Cup - 2008
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Sneak Peeks!

Here's a sneak peek at Altador Cup 3! (It's small but it's something!)

Yooyuball Game Buttons:

Possible Prize?
A new colored Yooyu petpet has been uncovered!

Fire Yooyu

An avatar for participants?
On May 28th, a new avatar was found with the file name altadorcupplayer.gif. This could be a part of the prizes that participants in this year's Cup will receive!

Altador Cup Player

Altador Cup Player

Achieve rank one in the yearly Altador Cup.

Kiko Lake out... Kreludor back in!
If you get out your magnifying glasses and take a peek at this AC3 Neoboard icon, you can see that Kiko Lake's colors have been swapped out for Kreludor! This means that Kreludor will be back in this year's competition!


Now, compare it to the first Altador Cup's icon, and you can clearly see that Kiko Lake's green and brown previously adorned the top left corner of the AC logo.

Slushie Slinger and Make Some Noise In AC3!
Look closely. What's that? An extra "I"? Yes! It is! And oh, look, Kreludor's flag! It's true! Slushie Slinger and Make Some Noise are coming back to this year's Altador Cup!