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The Advent Calendar is here for all of December!
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Advent Calendar

2020 Advent Calendar Prizes

This is a listing of the daily gifts from the Advent Calendar in 2020.

Did you miss an animation? View the archives.

The bonus prizes also return this year. But instead of hidden Santa Hats, there are Snowglobes!

The Advent Calendar has given out 2,858 NP over 4 days this year!

December 1st

December 1, 2020

You also received the following avatar if you didn't have it previously:

Plastic Fir

Plastic Fir / Guide

Collect from the Advent Calendar on December 1st.

This avatar is obtainable from the 2019 Charity Corner perk, In a New Avatar.

Released: December 1, 2004

Hidden Bonus Item: Click the Snowglobe on the bookshelf.

December 2nd

December 2, 2020

Hidden Bonus Item: Click the Snowglobe on the rock wall.

December 3rd

December 3, 2020

Hidden Bonus Item: Click the Snowglobe behind the coffin.

December 4th

December 4, 2020

Hidden Bonus Item: Click the Snowglobe on the tree branch.

Hidden Snowglobe Prizes

For the ninth year, each Advent animation has a clickable Snowglobe on each day. Clicking on these Snowglobes will award you a random Neopoint item once per day.

If you miss a day, just like the Advent itself, you may not go back to claim your missed prize.

A full list of possible prizes is below:

Hidden Snowglobe Prizes

A Christmas Quiggle Carol

A Grundo Christmas

A Pail of Snow

Abominable Snowball Borovan

Advent Calendar Snowglobe

Angry Meekins Holiday Wreath

Basket of Yarn

Blue Bruce Christmas Cracker

Brightly Wrapped Presents

Christmas Brucicle

Christmas Buzz Plushie

Christmas Chia Hand Puppet

Christmas Chomby Pull Along

Christmas Quiggle Toothpaste

Christmas Tree Negg

Christmas Tree Rice Dumplings

Christmas Tree Shampoo

Christmas Von Roo Plushie

Colorful Holiday Ornament Garland

Festive Emergency Water Bucket

Festive Haunted Woods Cider

Festive Holiday Scroll

Festive Holiday Toothbrush

Festive Mirror

Festive Ornament

Festive Petpet Appreciation Cupcake

Festive Shenkuu Lantern Garland

Frosty Snowman Stamp

Holiday Bruce Glitter Ornament

Holiday Decorated Money Tree

Holiday Giftwrap Background

Holiday Hanso Plushie

Holiday Slushie

Iced Chomby Biscuit

Jewel Encrusted Christmas Ornament

Merry Christmas Quiguki

Money Tree Stamp

Pirate Ship Holiday Cake

Seasonal Steel Drums

Shiny Christmas Ornament

Simple Christmas Meal

Snorkle Vegan Platter

Snorkle in a Blanket

Snow Bowling Set

Snow Covered Altador Painting

Snow Faerie Stamp

Snow Laden Foreground

Snow Wars Catapult Stamp

Snowball Fortress Foreground

Snowed In - errr - Out Background

Snowfall in the Night Background

Snowflake Bread

Spiced Pumpkin Coffee

Stealing Through the Holidays

Taelia Ball

Taelia Lamp

The Book of Ice

Vampiric Christmas Cookies

Wind Up Snowbunny
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