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ACXII JN Staff Tourney - Teams

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Who exactly is representing your favourite team? Catch a glimpse of them here!


Altador  Ducky
Ducky is playing for Altador in our competition!


Brightvale  Skylar
Skylar is playing for Brightvale in our competition!

Darigan Citadel

Darigan Citadel  Monica
Monica is playing for Darigan Citadel in our competition!


Faerieland  Michelle
Michelle is playing for Faerieland in our competition!

Haunted Woods

Haunted Woods  Herdy
Herdy is playing for Haunted Woods in our competition!

Kiko Lake

Kiko Lake  Sweep
Sweep is playing for Kiko Lake in our competition!

Krawk Island

Krawk Island  Leaf
Leaf is playing for Krawk Island in our competition!


Kreludor  Steve
Steve is playing for Kreludor in our competition!

Lost Desert

Lost Desert  Ummy
Ummy is playing for Lost Desert in our competition!


Maraqua  Rylon
Rylon is playing for Maraqua in our competition!


Meridell  Amanda
Amanda is playing for Meridell in our competition!


Moltara  Aurora
Aurora is playing for Moltara in our competition!

Mystery Island

Mystery Island  Jen
Jen is playing for Mystery Island in our competition!

Roo Island

Roo Island  Rosiethorns88
Rosiethorns88 is playing for Roo Island in our competition!


Shenkuu  Chesu
Chesu is playing for Shenkuu in our competition!

Terror Mountain

Terror Mountain  Perry
Perry is playing for Terror Mountain in our competition!


Tyrannia  Kait
Kait is playing for Tyrannia in our competition!


Virtupets  Pizza
Pizza is playing for Virtupets in our competition!