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Neopets Chat Acronyms

Ever wonder what in Neopia a ZDAP is? Or what is a ITTPD? You've come to the right place. This is a guide to many of the commonly used Neopets acronyms (this list does not include general chatspeak acronyms). If there is a missing acronym, click Report An Error at the bottom of the page. Click the names of any items to get more information about that item.

Acronyms Alphabetically
1P/2POne Player/Two Player
AASAlien Aisha Scrambler
ACAvatar/NeoSignatures Chat or Altador Cup
AFCAir Faerie Crown
AHAuction House
APAttack Pea
AoTAmulet of Thilg
AoTAAtlas of The Ancients
BCBeauty Contest or Beauty Contest Chat
BDBattledome, or a pet with high stats that can do well in the Battledome
BDCBattledome Chat
BFBent Fork
BFCBlack Frost Cannon
BGCBony Grarrl Club
BNBadly Named Pet (lots of random letters/numbers)
BTYBetter Than You
BoDBow of Destiny
BoHDBag of Healing Dust
CBTCrisp Blue Tunic
CollatCollateral (The amount of NP or an item that you need to give to someone, so that you have to return it to get this back.)
CustomSomething that can be custom made to user preference (in NC trading, it means the person can buy anything you want from the Mall within a certain NC limit; in pet trading, it means a species/colour combination that you can specify)
DCDarigan Citadel
DDDaily Dare
DNDecently Named Pet
DSoDDarigan Sword of Death
DoNDefenders of Neopia
ECAEverlasting Crystal Apple
EMSEvil Things And Monster Sightings Chat
ETSEasy To Sell
FCFriend Code
FC or FCWFaerie Crossword
FFQFountain Faerie Quest
FPFace Paint
FPotFreezing Potion
FQDFaerie Queen Doll
GBCGift Box Mystery Capsule (Neocash item)
GFDGlittery Faerie Dust
GMCGames Master Challenge
H4KH4000 Helmet
HATICHannah And The Ice Caves
HATPCHannah And The Pirate Caves
HCHelp Chat
HPHoney Potion or Hit/Health points
HTSHard To Sell
HWHaunted Woods or chatspeak for Homework
ISIcy Snowflake
ITTPDI Taunt The Pant Devil (avatar)
KIKrawk Island
KLKiko Lake
KLPKacheek Life Potion
KQKey Quest
KR or KDKreludor
LCLenny Conundrum
LDLost Desert
LDPLost Desert Plot
LELimited Edition
LEVLeaded Elemental Vial
LSLeaf Shield
MCMystery Capsule
MIMystery Island
MMEMysterious Morphing Experiment
MMoMMagical Marbles Of Mystery
MPMorphing Potion or Mystery Pic Contest
MSNMake Some Noise (Altador Cup game)
MSPPMalevolent Sentient Poogle Plushie
MoCMask of Coltzan
NFSNot For Sale
NFTNot For Trade
NGCNew Game Challenge
NPNeopoints or Neopets
NQ/NQ2NeoQuest/NeoQuest II
NSTNeopian Standard Time
NTNeopian Times
OBOOr Best Offer
OOCOut of Character
PCCPirate Captains Cutlass
PCHPirate Captains Hat
PPLPetpet Protection League or chatspeak for People
PPPPetpet Park
PPPB or PPBPetpet Paint Brush
PPotPrickly Potion
PTPractice Team
RB or RGRoyal Boy or Royal Girl
RERandom Event
RIRoo Island
RICRare Item Code (from real life Neopets merchandise)
RMBRuned Maractite Bow
RWReal Word (dictionary word or derivative; can be a word from another language)
RoTLRing of the Lost
SAPSeasonal Attack Pea
SDBSafety Deposit Box
SF CodeSpace Faerie Code (from real life Neopets merchandise)
SGelSloth Approved Hair Gel
SHHSomething Has Happened!
SOSD or SHSHShootout Showdown (Altador Cup game)
SSSlushie Slinger (Altador Cup game), or Scorchstone
SSWSuper Shop Wizard (Premium feature)
SSYTShort Sleeved Yellow Tunic
SWShop Wizard
SoSSword Of Skardsen
SuAPSuper Attack Pea
TCGTrading Card Game
TDMBGPOPThe Discarded Magical Blue Grundo Plushie of Prosperity
TLTrade List
TMTerror Mountain
TNTThe Neopets Team (The people that run Neopets)
TOWTale Of Woe (Plot in Fall 2006)
TPTrading Post
TPOSGThe Phantom Orange Shirt Guy (The guy in the orange T-shirt that appears in several games)
TT or TTearThyoras Tear
ToTTrick or Treat
UBUnbuyable (item worth more than 99,999 Neopoints)
UCUnconverted Pet (pet drawn in the old art style, from before Customise Your Pet was introduced to Neopets in 2007)
UFAUp For Adoption
UFTUp For Trade
ULUser Lookup
VWNVery Well Named Pet (no numbers or underscores, proper capitalisation, pronounceable)
WLWish List
WNWell Named Pet (might have an underscore or lowercase first letter, but pretty good name overall)
WoEWheel Of Excitement
WoMWheel Of Monotony
WoRWand of Reality
ZDAPZafara Double Agent Plushie
kThousand (as in Neopoints)
m/mil/millMillion (as in Neopoints)

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